snapchat q & a 3 | by the skinny confidential
{ marble case found here }

Who’s on Snapchat???

Apparently it’s the place to be.

I love it because it’s a real peek BTS.

Pretty committed to the whole platform right now.

Anyway, if you follow along, you know a couple weeks ago I asked you guys to ‘Snap me’ any questions for a little Q & A.

So ta-da, I picked a couple to share on TSC YouTube channel— & well, here’s the video:


AND CAN WE JUST TALK about how I’m getting the kid question a lot lately?

Here’s the thing: I’m not a girl, not yet a woman……..

…when it comes to kids. Probably going to do the whole marriage thing first & then we’ll play it by ear. Who knows.

Ok so if you guys like this Q & A, I’ll do them more often?

Products talked about in video:

Favorite gold choker
Forever21 choker
♡ ARE YOU AM I choker
Favorite Murad product
Favorite bareMinerals product
Seaworth Coffee ( OBSESSED )

Alright well I’m STUFFED from lemon-y kale salad, mahi mahi tacos, too much avocado, & raspberries  X dark chocolate chips…so I think it’s time to shut down my computer & read.

Oh, & make sure to come hang out on Snapchat, it’s easy, fun, & unfiltered.

Plus I’ll be sharing A LOT of beauty hauls, makeup tutorials, easy recipes, workout tips, & a lot of behind the scenes LOL-ers. Username: @laurynevarts.
Leave your username below so I can stalk your Snap too. Fully curious.

See ya tomorrow, lauryn x

+ shop the post: white top | white skirt | marble iPad case

{ videovia }

snapchat @laurynevarts | by the skinny confidential



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  1. AvatarAlice

    love your snapchat always leave your story till last because its my fave!

    Mine is @alicepearce

  2. Avatarkerri @ cheshire kat

    i’m loving snapchat lately too – and love following you and michael! you’re both so hilarious. i think it inspires me to be even more real and unfiltered – also bc why not?! my snap name is: cheshirekat1022 – follow me 🙂 oh and where is that iPad case from?! need!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. AvatarT

    TRUTH. I get the kids question all the time too… Christmas with the in-laws has become an annual what’s up with my uterus Q&A. Arg. It peeves me off. Just because we’ve been married for 5 yrs doesn’t mean we ‘should have kids.’ In their minds, the only thing women were put on this earth to do is reproduce. My hubs and I both work at full time and I’m in graduate school! I’m totally in the same boat, giving my all to other things right now, so I feel like it’d be doing a disservice to the kiddos if I wasn’t giving them my all. I love the way you put that. Keep on rocking. We’ve started saying completely inappropriate things when people ask about kids. It’s a good form of entertainment 🙂

  4. AvatarCourtney

    Loved the video! It’s always a good day (and start to the weekend) when I wake up to your smiling face… And I’ve got to second what everybody else is asking me above in the comments – where did you find that white marble iPhone case?! Because it’s freaking cute, that’s why.

  5. AvatarJENIBRI

    OMG Lauryn! Thanks for answering my question, your advice was great! I also wanted to thank you for being so interactive with your audience. I love how you want to genuinely get to know us, and I really feel like I can relate to you! If you wanna stalk my snap, the username is: jenibri19. Have a wonderful day, love! -xox Jeni

    1. AvatarLauryn Post author

      YES! Isn’t it fun? So different from anything. I love it. It’s so fresh.

      Thanks for reading Hayley : )

  6. AvatarShannon

    I love, love, love your focus on a little bit everyday and staying consistent. As a follower of yours since 2013, I just love how real you are and I find that is truly the biggest key! It never gets old to keep hearing you say to chip a little bit every day. I think you are 100% right. Each post / photo is key to improve and slowly discover your voice and niche. Slow & steady & staying true to yourself always wins! ALSO, THAT IPAD CASE is phenomenallllllllll! Thanks for a fantastic Q&A – I need to get to Phuket ASAP & I’m totally pumped for Cabo! x Shannon
    Shannon recently posted..{ #JAM }: Erotic City [Scotty Boy Remix] – Prince 👾My Profile

  7. AvatarKate


    You KNOW I am reading daily. Love when you do Q&A’s!
    I’m heading to Phuket in September. When you said that was your favorite place to travel I almost died.
    Can’t wait for allll the sticky rice, that will be sticking straight to my ass.

  8. AvatarMonica Russell

    Obsessed with your snaps! I love all your health tips- my morning routine totally includes my acv drink. Super therapeutic 🙂
    Snapchat: mon-ster87

  9. AvatarJean Ahn

    I love love love your snaps! Look forward to you and Michael’s. I am always screen shotting your snaps! Thanks for always creating such funny and awesome content. My snapchat un is jeanahn