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Snacks To Throw In Your Purse When You’re Running Out The Door Like A Lunatic

snacks to throw in your purse 17 | by the skinny confidential

snacks to throw in your purse 13 | by the skinny confidential

If you know me you know I’m always running out the door in a pure, utter panic.


Sparkling water, keys, laptop, iPhone in one hand & an oversized handbag, packed with way too many things, in the other.

Since I’m flying out the door like a lunatic, it’s difficult to prepare, food-wise.

Like, I’m definitely not one of those people who meal preps for a week in advance ( props if you do this, teach me your ways )— there’s no 4 ounce chicken with a side of sweet potatoes & grilled zucchini laying perfectly in a casual Tupperware in my fridge. OH NO…So clearly, I have to get creative.

And by creative I mean SNACKS. In my bag. At all times. ALWAYS AND FOREVER.

Because without snacks I would die of hunger, mid-freeway, on the way to Pilates.

snacks to throw in your purse 3 | by the skinny confidential

snacks to throw in your purse 7 | by the skinny confidential

So let’s dissect those snacks along with the rest of the stuff in my bag, shall we?

* Please do not mind the contents of my purse, I know— there’s a hell of a lot stuffed in my everyday handbag =).

Ok, so snacks first, rest of the stuff second:

Homemade trail mix: this is my version of meal prep guys. Basically I’m sick of store bought trail mix being BLAH. So I made my own with goji berries, sliced almonds, chia seeds, cacao nibs, unsweetened toasted coconut flakes, & whatever else looks fun in my pantry. Throw it in a bag & you’re golden.

Berries: easy, quick, organic, you get it. The reason I bring berries is to throw in my yogurt. Sometimes I’ll eat them with cacao nibs too for a little extra sweetness. Berries are FILLLLLED with antioxidants & make a great snack. Grapes are fun too if they’re in season.

snacks to throw in your purse 12 | by the skinny confidential

snacks to throw in your purse | by the skinny confidential

Chobani Simply 100 yogurt: yogurt is a must for me because it has protein. I tend to feel fuller after protein SO yogurt is a great ‘throw in your purse & go snack’. Chobani Simply 100 has NO artificial ingredients, made with real fruit, & it’s packed with fiber and protein so it’s the perfect snack. I’m also a fan of the newest flavor Strawberry Banana. There’s Mixed Red Berry too. Nothing better than adding my homemade trail mix to the yogurt & topped with berries.

Banana: no brainer. Easy to carry. Sometimes I’ll bring a side of raw almond butter to dip my banana in. YUM.

Unsalted pistachios or raw almonds: again, quick & easy is kind of my thing. Nuts are an awesome source of protein. If Michael’s in the car with me he usually eats them all ( which is great because his hypoglycemia is at a full time HIGH whenever we’re in the car ).

Ok now, here are the other goodies:

2016 Day Planner + white pen: my day planner is my bible. If I leave it at home, I use my Google calendar instead. I am HUGE calendar person. Like it’s annoying. The calendar struggle is real. I strive to be better each day.

TSC Bombshell Body Guide: a girl’s gotta workout & I use TSC guide everywhere. I know that sounds weird but it’s easier to follow a workout by myself if I have a visual.

snacks to throw in your purse 11 | by the skinny confidential

White Mophie X 8 ( yes, 8. Told you I was nuts ): THAT’S RIGHT, THERE’S EIGHT CHARGERS. Don’t pretend like you’re not curious. The second someone’s phone dies, I’m their best friend. Why? Because I have 8 chargers in my purse. My phone is constantly plugged into my handbag like a dork but who cares at least my phone isn’t dead. For phone cases, I’m loving this one & this one lately. Very Beverly Hills hotel, if you will.

Sunglasses: must have, need I say more? These ones are badass & simple. LOVE.

Grapefruit lip balm: by far my favorite lip balm because of its hint of rosy pink. The smell is the best ever too.

ID holder: not a wallet fan. I’ve never been a wallet fan really. My men’s ID holder just holds my credit card, a couple of TSC cards, & my license. Easy.

snacks to throw in your purse 11 | by the skinny confidential

snacks to throw in your purse 8 | by the skinny confidential

Business cards: yes. TSC & blog-doo cards are always on hand.

White camera x gold chain: this white camera is light, gets the job done, & is great for Instagram. Plus it has a selfie cam so there’s that. And it’s white. Who DOESN’T like a white camera? The gold chain was gifted to me by my friend, Erica. Fun right— it adds a little flair to the camera.

( Also, handbag is sold out, but VERY similar is here for $14.99!!! ).

snacks to throw in your purse 10 | by the skinny confidential

I propose to make it a rule that every girl in the world should carry snacks.

…That way no one will ever get in a fight with their boyfriend because they were HANGRY.

Making worldwide snacking strides in 2016, lauryn x

+ this post is in collaboration with Chobani.
snacks to throw in your purse 15 | by the skinny confidential
snacks to throw in your purse 14 | by the skinny confidential

snacks to throw in your purse

  1. Lmfao I love that you have multiple mophies. I have an Anker portable batter which is like 3yrs old and was the shit before mophie came around and I am everyones best friend when their phone dies. Mine is losing its juice but I never go out all day/night without having it nearly fully charged. I kind of judge any purse carrying girl that doesn’t have one. You mean you’re ok with your phone just dying??

  2. I love trailmix for a snack! It’s perfect. Like you I hate the storebought kind too. My own trailmixs are just so much better! Love your calender btw!

  3. I never leave my house without some kind of nuts in my purse to snack on and my planner. Even in a crazy rush those are must haves!

  4. Thank you for the camera info!! I’ve been wondering what type of camera that you use because I LOVE all of your pictures!! I want to start taking better pictures and this one seems like a great option :-).

  5. I’m so bad at preparing snacks, but these are some great tips. I usually just grab an orange if I can remember to. Oddly enough, I’ve been really good at meal planning lately…I just make a little extra dinner and before I get too excited and gobble it all up, I portion out my lunch bit into tupperware immediately. It’s been working like a charm! Today it’s sweet potato + black bean taco mix (no tortilla).

    xo Annie

  6. Thanks for soooo many favorite posts! (Especially in love with the taboo ones ;))

    I am waiting for your secret on eyebrows. How did you mange to get them like that? I love everything about them haha. I want the arch and and I want them thick and full like yours 🙂 what’s the trick to change them? Or is it a result of your jaw-surgery? Dying to know 🙂
    All the best wishes for you, love checking in to your blog, your universe is fantastic, I love the atmosphere of chic, smart, honest and girly

    1. I will do a tutorial : ) thank you so much for the support! I am so flattered you enjoy The Skinny Confidential. xx

  7. Cocoa dusted almonds and dried cranberries are almost always in my purse. It’s so important to have something to reach for so that I don’t get hangry and eat everything in sight!

  8. Ok seriously this post totally speaks to me. I am ALWAYS hungry and always running out the door like a mad woman. Then of course I am starving after 5 minutes and then eat something bad for me. This is something I need to work on and pack healthy snacks like these… xx

  9. I often grab a baggie of nuts (I measure it out to around 100 calories) when I know I’ll need a snack and am on the go. Great recommendations here too!

    Lifestyle by Joules

  10. Boiled eggs, some almonds, a protein bar, and Greek yogurt are definitely wonderful options! Sometimes I even carry a baked sweet potato!

  11. Hi! do you have any particular brands of cacao nibs and unsweetened toasted coconut flakes? there are so many choices and i think its hard to discern between which ones are the healthiest and which ones are just TRYING to be. any suggestions would be great, thanks!

  12. Love these snack ideas! They are perfect because I too get the same way, I must have snacks.

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