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Skip the Escalator- Take the Stairs

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger and health blogger talks tips on how to motivate yourself to workout.

[ A staircase @ the Louvre ]

Why in the heck would you not take the stairs?! Granted, if you’re carrying a million groceries or injured, that’s understandable. But other than that, there’s absolutely no reason to take the escalator &/or elevator. When I was on vacation, I absolutely [ 100 pound luggage & all ] used the stairs. Since I was away from the gym, it was the perfect mini exercise. Plus everyone takes the easy route- the stairs are less crowded. Dr. Oz says this: “if there are less than three flights of stairs to get to your destination, take them. Walking a flight of stairs is one of the best exercises you can do. It builds muscle mass, since you’re fighting gravity, and it burns calories.

It sounds petty/stupid, but it’s lazy using the elevator/escalator. Using the stairs improves circulation + reduces fat + helps you live longer. Check out the campaign: Take the Stairs for more reasons.

Move your body ; )! Stairs > escalator.


  1. I’m greatly enjoying the Road Trip so far. I’ve been visiting 3 or 4 ‘A to Z’ posts each night. In this way, I don’t rush through any of them.

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