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Latest Obsession: Skinny GG Bran Crackers

gg crackers | by the skinny confidential 3
gg crackers | by the skinny confidential

Have you heard?

GG Crackers are all the rage!

There are so many reasons why, I feel like I don’t even know where to begin.

Hmm let’s see where can we start?

Well gee, let me tell you about all the girls in France. The majority of the girls there are thin…not overly thin- they’re thin in the way where they have plump skin ( healthy fats here! Olive oil! Avocado! Butter ) but in a way where their bodies are insane. So there I am at breakfast, lunch, & dinner like side-eyeing these hot French girls. Sort of like WHAT ARE YOU EATING?? They eat a lot of fresh fish, veggies, & fruits…with a daily side of wine. YES- I like it. Besides this, I noticed so many of the girls in St. Tropez were eating these special crackers.

Obviously I pulled out my fucking magnifying glass & did what I do best: INVESTIGATED.


Now full transparency here guys, these crackers are bland. They’re not the most colorful cracker in the world. It’s not a Pringle, you know. Once you pop, the fun stops. They’re straight to the point. Bland, plain, but still good. Nothing special! But they’re great if you want to feel like you’re getting something extra with your protein.

Like if you’re in a pinch & want to cut carbs, THESE CRACKERS ARE IT.

They’re known as the ‘appetite control cracker.’

The description is: “The Appetite control cracker GG Scandinavian bran crispbread has the highest dietary fiber and is an all natural traditionally baked Scandinavian crispbread. At just 12 calories a slice and 2g net carbs, GG is ideal for those who are trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy body weight.”

If you want the background, you know I have that for you.

They very much fill you up. The REASON behind this is because they’re FULL of fiber. 4 grams per cracker to be exact. Carbs are low at 6 grams. To get the net carb here, you simply minus the fiber from the carbs which equals a measly 2 grams of carbs a cracker. Great when you’re trying to cut back a bit. Also 12 calories per cracker ( they’re pretty big- this isn’t like a normal small cracker, it’s pretty big ). They also make you…have to go to the bathroom…in a good way.

…Also IDEAL if just stuffed your face with bread, pasta, & pizza for a month straight ( HELLO ME! ).

The ingredients are minimal- nothing crazy here. Just: wheat bran, whole grain rye flour, & salt.

( Supposedly they’re making gluten-free ones soon ).

Oh & two things: 1.) I asked Be Well By Kelly about them & she said they’re a great fiber source! And 2.) if you want to REALLY dive into the whole importance of fiber & learn even more about the crackers, read the book The F Factor Diet by Tanya Zuckerbrot. It’s a GREAT READ.

ANYWAY welcome to the FAM, GG Crackers. To get specific, these are the ones I found on Amazon.

You should know they have them in other flavors. My personal favorite is raisin & honey. YES RAISIN & HONEY!! Can you just taste it now? Raw almond butter with a little honey & a dash of cinnamon? So perfect. I’m for real hungry typing this out. If you’re into basic bitch pumpkin flavor, I have you covered. BECAUSE the crackers also come in pumpkin!! Be self-aware here, if you’re one of those girls who’s in line at Starbucks the second their pumpkin spiced latté hits, you probably should start out with the pumpkin flavor, K?

Ok back to the plain flavor- what do you eat these with, you might ask?

Well…I get SUPER creative here.

You can do a French toast moment: I will share the exact recipe on IG Stories BUT it’s pretty simple: just do this recipe, but substitute the toast with these GG Crackers. Just use TSC 5 second syrup & you’re golden.

( You could even grind them up & make pancakes- more on this to come, need to experiment ).

Or you could go old school & do a PB & J. I use raw almond butter & mash up raspberries ( hello TSC 5 second chia seed jam!! ) to make a super delicious, healthy sandwich.

These crackers are a great vehicle for turkey or ham- you can get creative here with mustards, cornichons, hummus, or spicy sauce.

gg crackers | by the skinny confidential 2

Switching gears, there’s always avocado. Avocado is fab because it’s a healthy fat. Lately I’ve done 1/2 avocado on 4 crackers with lemon, chili flakes, & my favorite sea salt. Add a little pepper & it’s just so good.

Another idea is chicken or tuna salad. I make mine with bougie cornishon pickles, spicy mustard, a little avocado oil mayo, & sea salt! YUM. Option to nix the chicken or tuna, & do THE NANZ’ EGG SALAD. YUMMMM.

Ok, ok I do have one more idea. A little cream cheese with lox, capers, red onions, Meyer lemon, & tomato? SOOOOOO GOOD.

Another thing: I just bought the GG Sprinkles & I plan on using them as granola with fruit & as cereal with almond milk & berries. YUM.

The options are endless here.

One thing is for sure: fiber x protein is KEY when you’re trying to tighten up. The medley really helps drop pounds. I’m telling you. There’s something about the mixture that works ( which side note: is why I ALWAYS add organic chia seeds ( FIBER! ) to my daily protein shake ). Fiber with protein works. & it works WONDERS.

You can imagine that they’re in my car, purse, & travel bag. They’re kind of everywhere right now. Especially because I’m really paying attention to my food consumption right now.

If you have other ideas for how to use GG Crackers, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Open to mixing it up.

Ok so if you’re looking to tighten up: simply add GG’s to your routine. Tag me in your GG concoctions on Instagram: @theskinnyconfidential or use the hashtag #theskinnyconfidential.

With that, it’s time to go to bed. It’s 1 AM & I have to wake up super early tomorrow. A lot going on this week- will update you in the next post.

Hope you all had an amazing Labor Day! We did lots of rosé, oysters, & lox ( & yes, DUH- I brought my GG Crackers in my oversized handbag ) at the cutest French restaurant in SD, Cafe Chloe. Such a chill, fun day. I like Labor Day.

Chat soon, lauryn x

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++ be sure to listen to the latest podcast! We’re talking to the BOSS of influencers, Raina Penchansky, who is the CEO of one of the biggest blogging agencies in the world. Happy listening!

gg crackers | by the skinny confidential 4

Get the Lowdown on GG Crackers:

  1. Been waiting for a post on these!! Cant wait to try them topped with sliced avocado or some raw almond butter! xx

  2. I was waiting for this post!! Ordered them from amazon and can’t wait to try out all of your tips! Perfect for the F Factor Diet! Thanks Lauryn!

    Sara Kohll

  3. GGs are the best- I love them, and have found that they really help you lose weight (but you have to drink a TON OF WATER to get the fiber to pass). I personally love following the suggestions from Healthy with Nedi! Neda is a health coach and #preaches the great word about GGs. Her latest post: has so many topping inspirations!

  4. Such a great find from being an observant traveler! And thank you for sharing with us all, as usual. : )

    Traveling in Italy over the summer I got hooked on this great bean/tuna salad and make it weekly now. Always a bonus to find things that are good for you and can come into your non-vacation life after being away.



  5. These sound seriously amazing – I personally love bland crackers {said no one ever} so I can get creative with the toppings. That’s one of the best part of travels is seeing how the locals do. We just got back from Spain & it totally rocked my world food wise – everything there is SO simple but SO good… in fact, the bread was simply topped with tomatoes, olive oil, & maldon sea salt. That’s it! SO since I’m on that kick in a major way, that’s what I’d be topping these sexy lil crackers with… and maybe some jamón 😉 Can’t wait to try these – I know my bf will be a fan too! x Shannon ||

  6. I’m totally getting these Lauryn! Now I just have to find a vendor that ships to Hong Kong….

    Love your devoted fan who so appreciates all that you share!!

    ;D A x

  7. I WISH Amazon shipped to Australia!! Been trying to find these everywhere but no luck here 🙁 ahh hopefully one day! xx

  8. Try putting marinara sauce and cheese
    GG pizza it’s amazing!
    Or I use vegan kite hill cream cheese topped with lox
    It’s excellent

  9. in LOVEEE with these!! thanks for the reccomendation!! they keep me SOO FULL!!! Going to try fig toast on them!

  10. Officially adding this to the long list of Lauryn Induced Addictions (LIA, it’s a thing). I actually kinda like the way they taste, and with any topping they are amazing!

  11. Just listened to the latest podcast and NEED this in my life! Do you know any stores in SD that sell these or just Amazon?

    Thanks girl!

  12. Just ordered mine. I think I saw you put mozzarella and marinara on one recipe , excited to try it.

  13. I’m a personal chef and one of my clients has me make all these special recipes using these crackers! I pulverize them in a blender and bread eggplant with them to make a low-fat eggplant Parmesan for her. It’s not half bad! These crackers taste exactly like cardboard, but if you turn them into a powder and use that as a replacement for flours and breadings, it’s pretty tasty.

  14. Going to the UK for the holidays tomorrow and just ordered these little treats to help kick off the New Year in a healthy way way when I get back! Can’t wait to try them with avocado and chili flakes!

  15. I’m actually desperate for the gluten free version because I think that Flackers are pretty gross. Anyone know of a better substitute?

  16. Please let us know when the gluten free version comes out! I can’t wait!! All yalls recipes look so good!!

  17. I love mine topped with avocado and Wild Brine Kraut (I get the Arame & Ginger one – soo good and loaded with probiotics!). My husband has started eating them for lunch; he has no idea this is a thing!

  18. any recommendations for crackers similar to this?? can’t find these anywhere and amazon is sold out

  19. I tried these thanks to you. They are fabulous for their usage. They do have TWENTY CALORIES per a slice FYI but maybe you were referencing 12 after the fiber calculations… Either way I haven’t found anything that is as dense with fiber for such low calories. Wish they had gluten free. Is there a high fiber cereal you like? Thank you!

  20. Thanks for the great ideas, Lauryn! I am obsessed with these crackers. Trust me…it wasn’t love at first bite (of course I tried them dry first – no bueno).

    Just had a few sunflower seed ones with organic provolone cheese slightly melted, topped with a vine ripe tomato slice w/sea salt and pepper. YUMMMY!!!!

  21. To reach the ideal amount of protein, you only have to include a ration of some protein food in each of the main meals of the day, although you must adapt the proportion to the energy needs of each person. The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is a medical protocol designed that contains 2 main components: weight loss and education in a healthy lifestyle to help in maintaining the results after the diet.

  22. These sound like a perfect staple for quarantine food ! I can’t wait to make a healthy, fab pizza with vegan cheese on this diner powerhouses! #shiticookedinquarantine

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