Skinny Treats

April 28, 2016

Best weight loss blogger female

[ Mini treats for the sweet tooth ]

Recently I read a magazine article that claimed to “reduce your chances of getting spooked by the scale.” I decided to recreate it but display my Halloween picks that are low sugar & under 150 calories. These treats still allow participation in the age-old tradition of consuming mass amounts of delicious candy. My favorite? The watermelon Dum Dum Pops [ I also love the dark chocolate peanut M&M’s ].

Calorie List from Shape Magazine:

6 Dum Dum Pops: 150 cals

3 mini Nerds: 150 cals

3 mini Twix: 150 cals

10 Dark Chocolate Peanut M&M’s: 130 cals

6 mini Musketeers: 146 cals

6 Smarties rolls: 150 cals

6 mini Snickers: 150 cals

3 mini Laffy Taffy: 146 cals

3 mini packages of SweeTarts: 140 cals

Best weight loss blogger female

[ Grape & strawberry Nerds ]

Best weight loss blogger female

[ Mini Twix & 3 Musketeers ]

Best weight loss blogger female

[ Smarties are perfect for the “hand to mouth” rule ]

Best weight loss blogger female

[ Childhood favorite: Dum Dums Pops ]

Best weight loss blogger female

[ Halloween treats ]




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