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Skinny Grocery Essentials That Should be In Everyone’s Cupboard

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Hi, hi, hi!

After reading this article by The Everyday Girl, I compiled my skinny pantry essentials that every bad ass chick should always have in their fridge.

And I made sure to keep it clear & simple- ignorance isn’t bliss, peeps. Know what the hell you’re putting in your mouth.


>> Oils/Vings/Sauces:

Apple Cider Vinegar ( organic, raw, & unfiltered ): more details here.

Arrabbiata Sauce: see my favorite spaghetti squash recipe here.

Balsamic Vinegar ( make sure it’s high quality ): fabulous for a light salad dressing.

Coconut Oil: more details here.

Country Dijon Mustard: perfect for turkey roll-ups.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: see my favorite, super low calorie dressing recipe here.

Free Range Chicken Broth: great for soup.

Liquid Aminos: the perfect soy sauce replacement. Benefits found here.

Pinot Grigio: a light crisp, white wine. More tips found here.

Pinot Noir: super light & amazing for cooking.

Red Wine Vinegar: see my favorite, super low calorie dressing recipe here.

Sesame Oil: amazing for stir fries, soups, or drizzled on top of veggies.

>> Dried Herbs:

Apple Pie Spice Mix: quite possibly the most delicious coffee addition. Made with cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, ginger, & cardamom.

Basil: use fresh if available, however keep this on hand just in case.

Bay Leaf: amazing in any slow cooked meals ( the flavor’s slow to release, so the longer the cooking process the better ).

Cayenne: my favorite juice addition. Simply sprinkle it over any fresh pressed juice. Cayenne is known to speed the metabolism.

Celery Seed: popular on fish, poultry, homemade bread, &/or on pickles.

Cinnamon: perf for a coffee sweetener. I also love this cinnamon pudding recipe.

Ground Black Pepper: add ground pepper to soup, salads, &/or any type of meat.

Oregano: my favorite herb to add to homemade pesto!

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt: a substitute for table salt. Check out it’s amazing benefits here.

Pumpkin Pie Spice Mix: another great coffee sweetener! A mixture of ground cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, & cloves.

Red Pepper Flakes: my absolute favorite spice. I like this on pasta, pizza, spaghetti squash, veggies, &/or in soup.

Rosemary: add this herb to chicken, olive oil, &…wait for it…cocktails! Check out my favorite recipe here.

Nutmeg: my favorite to add to dessert. I also love sprinkling nutmeg on berries!

Thyme: helps clear congestion & provides significant antioxidant protection. Delish on Cajun food, risotto, &/or in pasta sauces.

>> Baked Goods:

Baking Soda ( organic ): check out my favorite uses here.

Baking Powder ( organic ): a staple in any baker’s pantry.

Buckwheat Flour: say buh-bye to white flour & hello to buckwheat flour! YUM.

Extra Dark Chocolate Chips: my favorite way to eat these bad boys can be found here.

Light Brown Sugar ( organic ): the best choice of brown sugar for baking.

Powdered Sugar ( organic ): great for a homemade frosting recipe.

Raw Honey: I add this to my tea regularly because it’s anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, & anti-fungal. Just make sure it’s pure, raw, & unfiltered.

Stevia: sugar rots teeth. Stevia doesn’t. Annnnd it’s derived from a plant & doesn’t contain aritifical shit.

Unbleached Whole Cane Sugar: a must have for bakers.

Vanilla Extract ( pure & organic ): helps with nausea, aids in weight loss, reduces anxiety & stress, heals wounds, & regulate menstruation. Plus it’s amaze in baked goods.

>> Perishables:

Brown Eggs ( organic/farmer’s market eggs ): make sure they’re cage, organic, & free range. They’re a great source of protein!

Garlic: I eat this raw. Ya, I pop cloves in my mouth likes it going out of style. Why? It clears acne, prevents colds, aids in weight loss, & reduces any swelling.

Ghee Butter: throw your butter away & buy this. Trust me.

Fruits: fill your fridge with fruit; it’s easy to grab & fab for snacking.

Meyer Lemons: the best of the best of the best. Meyer lemons are my true love.

Red Onions: I eat onions like apples. Weird? Don’t care. They fight diseases, possess cancer fighting properties, & help reduce stomach cancer.

Sweet Potatoes: they’re filled with vitamins- B6, C, & D. Sweet potatoes are easily one of my favorite foods- so delicious with Ghee Butter too!

Veggies: because, duh.


Now there’s really no excuse to eat like shit. Do your research before stuffing your face with sick-o chemicals— !!!

Ok. I’m done. Did I miss anything ; )? LMK.


** Not listed but still my favorites: chia seeds, unsalted nuts, flaxseeds, hemp seeds, & bee pollen.

  1. Nuts and I mean the edible kind, I love my nuts and they are so good for you too full of protein, good fats and fiber, just make sure to buy organic and the best types are almonds, cashews and pistachios.

  2. Love this list, great post. Kinda random on the garlic: i love, husband hates, and is grossed out by the smell in the kitchen from it, let alone on me. So if you’re popping cloves, how do you deal with the breath/smell?? any tips? Thx!

    1. Roasting garlic can take away the intensity of it and make it sweeter. Just peel the outer layer of the skin off, cut the top off, wrap in aluminum foil, and bake for 30-40 minutes at 400 degrees.

    2. Cook it! That’s the only way to get rid of the smell and garlic breath. Your body actually metabolizes garlic in such a way that you actually breathe out the scent of garlic – so brushing your teeth won’t help much after eating garlic.

  3. Love love love this post! Thank you SO much for sharing your grocery essentials!! I’m really curious about the Ghee Butter substitute. What makes it a better alternative? I’m just curious. Currently using earth balance light and wondering what benefits I could get from switching. Love your blog so so much! #inspirationfosho

    1. There are so many ways to get good food even if you can’t get it at a local grocery store. Check out . They are an online natural foods store that will deliver to you! They have a membership system like Costco, so you can either pay $50 annually or a $10 trial fee and then you have access to all of the wholesale prices (I made up the $50 fee in my first purchase between the discounts you get on the food and the free shipping you get by being a member). I would definitely recommend it!!

  4. Totally agree! I also like to keep some tomato pate and canned pumpkin in my pantry too… Oh and cannot forget about Stevia! 😀 — I don’t have any baked goods in my kitchen, but I do have some pea and rice bran protein. Oh and I also have coconut aminos. I mix that with soy sauce (also in the pantry, lol) so my soy sauce is a little less salty!! It works like a charm and I am not bloated the next day!

  5. You really should by organic spices, fertilizers and chemicals are used in McCormicks. I highly suggest the book Rich Food Poor Food.

    1. Agreed!! However I’ve only seen apple pie spice by McCormick’s. But any time there’s an option for organic, I always go that route : ). And I’ll check that book out ASAP!

    2. re: spices– at many natural food stores, they have the bulk spices (organic). Re-filling my cinnamon jar is like 90 cents (which is good bc I got that little jar at Fairway when I lived in NYC — very sentimental).
      I also buy empty jars (actually stole from my mom but anyway) and mix up my own mixes– some for meats, some for smoothies, pancakes etc. I am currently digging cinnamon, cardamon, nutmeg, clove for a chai smoothie.

  6. Hold the phone. You pop raw cloves of garlic? I’m a huge garlic fan, but I don’t know if I could do that. Roasted? Of course. Raw? Yikes! I know how amazing garlic is for us, but…really? Kudos to you for being able to stomach that!

    1. Ok, i love garlic but how does your hubs get past the dragon breath?! I make my 1 year old drink raw garlic mixed with honey and lemon choose when he starts coming down with something. Magic!!!! Thank

  7. thank you for this!
    absolute life saver when i’m having a blank moment in wholefoods and just want to grab everything!

  8. Is there a difference between brown and white eggs? I always just thought brown eggs came from brown chickens and white eggs from white chickens.

    You should also try out herbs de provence in soups, on chicken, in pasta, etc. It’s superb. 🙂

    1. It’s the food the chickens get. White egg chickens don’t get all the vitamins & minerals, to make their eggs white. At least that’s what my mom told me when I was younger… We had white chickens in the garden, with brown eggs. But organic is probably the most important with eggs.
      Grass feed chicken have somewhat more omega 3 in their eggs by the way, so that can be a healthy option too.

    2. And when I say white chickens vs. brown chickens, I mean the color of their earlobes (not their feathers). Brown chickens can have white earlobes and vice versa.

  9. Loveee the Pink Himalayan Salt!! Really want to try the Ghee Butter, sounds amaze!


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