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The Skinny Confidential Champagne/Dance Party Playlist

Jordan & I have created another sexy, little workout playlist! This list of tunes can be used while you’re working out, partying, or both ( …because hey! Dancing while you’re holding a champs glass is technically working out. )!

To become a subscriber to ‘TSC’s Champagne Dance Party Playlist’ click here or find me under ‘Lauryn Evarts’ on Spotify [ other sassy fitness playlists can be found here & here & here & here ]. Oh! & for anyone who can’t access Spotify, you can find a visual of the list here ; ).

Any songs that I need to add ASAP?



(( P.S. my pink party dress can be found here )).

  1. Great Playlist! The link to the dress you added on Urban is sold out! Too bad the is too perfect!

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