The Skinny Confidential Champagne/Dance Party Playlist

Jordan & I have created another sexy, little workout playlist! This list of tunes can be used while you’re working out, partying, or both ( …because hey! Dancing while you’re holding a champs glass is technically working out. )!

To become a subscriber to ‘TSC’s Champagne Dance Party Playlist’ click here or find me under ‘Lauryn Evarts’ on Spotify [ other sassy fitness playlists can be found here & here & here & here ]. Oh! & for anyone who can’t access Spotify, you can find a visual of the list here ; ).

Any songs that I need to add ASAP?



(( P.S. my pink party dress can be found here )).


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10 replies to “The Skinny Confidential Champagne/Dance Party Playlist”

  1. Great Playlist! The link to the dress you added on Urban is sold out! Too bad the is too perfect!