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JUST BLOWN AWAY. 350 badass women showed up for The Skinny Confidential San Diego Meet-Up.

AND BOY OH BOY was it fun! There was 50 goodie bags ( each girl got a pink token if they were the first fifty in line ), 3 x $1000 dollar giveaways, a keynote ( you can see a sneak peek in the video ), & SO MANY INCREDIBLE WOMEN doing BOOZY YOGA!

Together we collected 200 toys for The Toy Drive. You guys blew me away. It was so nice to meet so many of you- you’re all so cool. Really, really amazing group of women. I talked to so many of you who are bloggers, hustlers, moms, fitness lovers. You should know, I am so grateful for TSC Community & plan on doing many more boozy meet-ups.

Where should we do the next meet-up? Taking notes so let me know.

For those of you who don’t live in San Diego: WE MISSED YOU. Maybe TSC retreats are in my future? Could be cool to get a bunch of women together from all over the world, right?

I’m just on a high about the whole thing, you know. I LOVE YOU GUYS. See how fun?


With that, I’m going to break down the event & shoutout all the amazing people & brands who made the whole day possible.

So many badass brands came together to make the meet-up special. A lot of them are small business owners soooo it’s very important to me to give them a shoutout!

Along with the brands- there were ALSO so many people who helped out ( although Taylor AKA The Bare Naked Cucumber did fuck up the mic but that’s a different story- HA! ).

ANYWAY let’s get to the breakdown, shall we?

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡



PACIFICA DEL MAR: We had the event at Pacifica Del Mar, the buzzy ocean view eatery on top of Del Mar Plaza ( super cute place to brunch with friends…& the sunset is UNREAL- trust me ). It’s by far one of the best views in San Diego ( & they have FROSÉ & bottomless mimosas during brunch! ). Huge thanks to Jeena, who’s a TSC reader, for coordinating everything. She was beyond helpful- Jeena: you rocked it ( thank you to your parents too- what cool people! ).

PHOTO BOOTH: The Photobarr

THE PHOTOBARR: I LOVED THIS. BASICALLY IT IS A SOCIAL EXPERIENCE FOR THE DIGITAL AGE. THE PHOTO BARR SERVES UP THE CLASSIC FUN OF A PHOTOBOOTH IN SLEEK MODERN FORM. They got my logo around the photos & Sabrina, the owner, was a DELIGHT. The filters are the best- it’s like a one-stop FaceTune shop. We did the black & white filter & I’m kind of obsessed. Sabrina has offered all TSC readers $100 off a 2018 rental when booked before 2/1. All you have to do is include the promo code “TheSkinnyConfidential” on their contact form here. Just in time for prom, graduation, & wedding season. & of course, do a cute border!


Kopari Beauty: ahhh Kopari is one of my favorites! Their coconut cleansing oil is FAB. You have to try their mini oil pullers too. So efficient. They gave so many goodies for the swag bags. Hope whoever came grabbed a lip gloss!

Tavi Noir: my friend, Charlotte, is the founder of this company AND GUYS, they make the cutest socks. They’re like these sassy, PINK knee-high barre socks with the stickies on them. You can wear them to Pilates…or the bar- like the actual bar. They’re THAT amazing.

WOO Love Oil: UM EXCUSE ME? COCONUT LUBE? YES PLEASE. I will do a full post on why I’m OBSESSED with this coconut oil-based lube soon. In the meantime, check them out here.

DryBar Del Mar: shoutout to Marie of DryBar Del Mar who hooked it up with some bomb-ass travel shampoos & conditioners plus a big gift card for the BIG $3,000 dollar giveaway. Nothing better than a blowout- ask for Shawn if you go to the one in Del Mar.

Katherine Cosmetics in Flower Hill: huge thanks to Katherine Cosmetics. She filled the goodie bags with so many fun makeup products. Next time you’re in Flower Hill go say hi ( her branding is so fun ). I heard she even has wine at her store. Wine & makeup? YES PLEASE. Oh, all her makeup is natural AKA no animal testing, parabens, or gluten.

BodyRok Encinitas: just my favorite Pilates joint in San Diego. I’ve been doing this kind of Pilates forever & I swear EVERY girl that goes there is long, lean, & strong! I’m about it. Stephanie runs the studio & it’s bright, light…oh, the workout is effective too. Try a class & lemme know what you think! ( My trainer, Kim Kelly, teaches Wednesday! ).

Yoga Six: the studio offers a variety of fitness classes from hot yoga, vinyasa, and boot camp to flow yoga, power yoga, & deep stretch! YOGA= ANXIETY relief for me. It’s so helpful in clearing out my mind. Like NAMASTE all day.

Lucy & Co Beauty: AMAZING LIP PLUMPER. This gloss is clinically tested to get fuller lips instantly. You feel this magical, tingly sensation that plumps the pout. I’m about it.

Blush Tan: their airbrush tans offer beautiful, long-lasting tanning treatments. Did I mention the store is SOOO INSTAGRAMMY & their spray is ORGANIC.

Fit Culture Activewear: this new pop-up shop offers every HOT, new fitness brand. After BodyRok, I love to go next door to stalk all their latest styles. Be prepared to fall in LOVE with all their fitness brands. I am literally the Emoji that drools when I shop there.

Lalicious: I CANNOT EVEN TELL YOU HOW MUCH I LOVE THEIR BROWN SUGAR VANILLA SCRUB. I use it every time I shower. You know if you watch my IG LIVES. But really, it’s such a good product. And it smells INSANE. 

Van De Vort: by far my favorite boutique in San Diego. Andrea, the owner, is a friend & she has a FREAKING knack for style. She just gets it, you know? Stop in & say hi or shop her vibes online ( her Insta is lit too: @shopvandevort ).

Browtique Spa: if you know, you know. This is where I go to get my brows & dermaplaning done ( what up, Lindsey! ). She is truly an artist. Go in & ask for a ‘double tint.’ Browtique has changed my brow game!

Spa Kingston: Renee at Spa Kingston does my peels & intense facials. She was on TSC Podcast & is a real skin guru. Ask her for the mandelic serum ( it’s my favorite! ).

Tonic Shop: they developed a line of salon quality, environmentally friendly hair care products specifically formulated for those who love being in the outdoors. Their packaging is badass too- how TSC?!

El Camino SD: JUSSSTTTT my favorite for chips & salsa. They make a mean skinny margarita & have this cheese sauce that should be illegal. Once I start with the chip situation, I can’t stop. The decor is PERFECTION too. Go for a margarita…& cheese sauce & you’ll see!

blog-doo: my company that I co-founded with Erica of FashionLush. It’s by bloggers, for bloggers. Your one-stop-shop for blog design. Stalk our site.

Lefty’s Barbershop: I am always wearing a Lefty’s hat ( sun protection! ). They’re a barbershop in SD & honestly provide the COOLEST men’s haircuts. Send your husbands or boys to Felipe.

Libbey Lazarus: a TSC reader who founded Kiss & Makeup Now. She’s a professional makeup artist & esthetician. Libbey does bridal makeup & airbrush makeup for all media formats. TOTAL girl boss.

Lemonbug jewelry: another TSC reader, Gerly Noland! Her jewelry line specializes in unique, meaningful personalized & everyday jewelry. It’s handmade in the USA.

Chiltonic: just my favorite spot in San Diego to freeze my ass off. You know how much I love cryotheraphy. It’s AMAZING FOR YOU. Don’t believe me? Read this post & prepare to be obsessed. If you want to try a $30 session of cryotherapy, head into Chiltonic in Hillcrest, California & use the code: ‘The Skinny Confidential CHILLS’ for the discount.


SECCO WINE CLUB: delicious, bold, & vibrant ORGANIC WINE. AND 0 added sugar, 0 chemicals, non-GMO, vegan, & lab tested. They’re a subscription-based wine company that does all the annoying work for you- they make sure your wine isn’t filled with shit. Most wines contain 40 to 100 grams of sugar. Their wine has ZERO added sugar…which equals NO hangover. No really, a bottle of their wine won’t get you hungover. It’s nuts!

FRENCH AF ROSÉ: French AF was started by two childhood best friends ( Anthony & A.J. ). They’re both 26 & they have COMPLETELY SOLD OUT OF WINE. Have no fear though, more wine is coming in 2018. Their wine is from a 7th generation family-owned vineyard in Languedoc-Roussillon in Southern France. The goal is to deliver a wine that doesn’t have a confusing, foreign label & to disrupt a rather pretentious industry. The rosé, a 100% Syrah, is dry & full-bodied.  Since it’s French AF, you really need to let it breathe and open up. Stay tuned; I have a feeling you’re going to hear A LOT more from this company. Killing it.


SUJA JUICE: we did watermelon & probiotic-filled mimosas. Be sure to check out Suja’s NEW PROBIOTIC MEDLEY. It’s REAL good & full of good bacteria. My favorite flavor? The Pineapple Lemon Cayenne, duh! Spicy AND good for the gut. I’m in.

SPINDRIFT: if you follow me on IG Stories or Snap you know I DRINK GRAPEFRUIT SPINDRIFT A LOT. It’s so good with fresh basil & lemon. YUMMMMM. Plus their branding is on point, you know?

REBBL: so delicious in an AM smoothie. Try their chocolate protein & thank me later. I do it with added protein & chia seeds over ice & it’s kind of the best smoothie EVER!

BODY ARMOR: keep us hydrated while we sweat. The waters are filled with electrolytes…which is exactly what we needed after the champagne. LOL.


OTTOPILOT THE BAND: my cousin’s band!! So proud of Chad & Brandon & their partner, Aaron. They’re CRUSHING it. They launched in 2009, as a rock-based acoustic brother duo & let me tell you their dynamic, acoustic, pop-rock feel, sets them apart from the typical band. They play at all my private events ( remember TSC book launch? ) & THEY’RE DAMN GOOD. Follow along on Insta: @ottopilottheband for show dates.


KIM KELLY: WHOLE BODY HEALTH personal/group exercise trainer who I LOVE SO MUCH. So much actually, she’s going to be the featured trainer on TSC BODY GUIDE. Our collaboration launches in January so keep your eyes peeled. We’ve been REALLY refining this guide. It’s my exact workouts I’ve been doing with Kim for the past year & a half. She’s CHANGED the game when it comes to my fitness.

At the meet-up Kim taught yoga to over 300 women while we drank pink lemonade SPARK…& maybe some of us were also buzzed off Suja Juice mimosas? Watermelon, to get specific. Kim led the meet-up with AMAZING energy & it was SO hard. More meet-ups with Kim to come. She’s been on the podcast too & has the best advice about health, fitness, & diet. Listen here.

Also, check her out at BodyRok Encinitas or hit her up on Instagram: @kimkellyfit.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone who came out! If you were there & didn’t get a TSC Meal Plan, e-mail me: MORE TO COME. Hopefully next time we can do 100 goodie bags.

Again, I am SO very grateful. You guys are the best. For those of you who were unable to attend, there’s a BIG Moon Juice giveaway happening right now. Like SO many Moon Juice potions plus along with the giveaway I am donating $500 to a charity of YOUR choice. To win simply: tell me on my latest Instagram what your charity of choice is & why and tag two friends. Good luck!

So many juicy posts coming in 2018- we just did the content calendar today.

Ok chat tomorrow, x lauryn

+ P.S. HUGE SHOUTOUT TO: Emily, Julia, MacKenzie, Julie, Jeena, Mimi, Kelsey, Laren, Kim, Annslie, Deb, & Jackie for all your help leading up to the event AND the day of ; ). So lucky to be surrounded by SUCH incredible women.

++ shop my MEET UP OUTFIT: crop top | flannel | leggings | sneakers

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