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The Skinny Confidential Manifesto

The Skinny Confidential's manifesto.


We needed a Skinny Confidential Manifesto, right?!

Basically, this is a collection of iPhone notes that I’ve collected over the past two years to compile a full on TSC manifesto.

This is like a new age, 2015 updated female manifesto. It’s not over the top, just real deal, honest tips that are reality, ya know? These are things I would tell my daughter ( if I had one ), things that inspire me, or things that speak to me.

Ok, so lemme break the manifesto down for ya:

Duh. If you read the blog, a main priority is balance. You may have a glass of champagne on a Monday, but Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, you’re drinking green juice & walking a little extra.

♡ Eat clean, work hard, enjoy a glass of rose occasionally, & break a sweat daily.
I feel like this is just self explanatory. But ya, these are important daily reminders.

♡ Sweat like a pig to look like a fox.
I break a sweat everyday. You wanna look like a fox? Work for it. Sweat, move, add weights, go a little further. You get my drift.

♡ Be the best version of yourself.
This is basically the overall message of this blog. It’s what the blog is based off & definitely the foundation of TSC. Everyday I work towards this goal: BEING THE BEST VERSION OF ME!!

♡ Green juice, family, friends, bubbly, Pilates, community, love, style, life.
Just the basics guys. Pilates= more donuts. Suit up!

♡ If you chase two rabbits you will only catch one.
Focus on your niche. Your goal. Zoom in on what you’re good at & don’t be all over the place. Find one thing you love & do it fucking well. DON’T CHASE 500 MILLION RABBITS.

♡ Focus on your goal.
See above.

♡ Relax…let go…BE.
I need to remind myself of this daily. I’m learning how to ‘be,’ remember? It’s hard, dude!

Refer to this post for the importance of this word. THIS IS MY WORD. I love it.

♡ Do a little each day to help grow the bigger picture. Move mountains by carrying stones.
So true. Start slow. Little baby steps to make big strides. How are you making small steps daily towards your goal?

♡ Be humble, grateful, & loving.
It’s difficult not to let ego get in the way. Staying humble is so important. No one like an egotistical asshole, right?

♡ Stay sassy, savvy, & chic.
Hell yes. Keep it sassy, BB’s.

♡ Nourish & heal your body from the inside out. Keep it clean.
Instead of worrying about things to put on your body, worry about what you’re putting IN your body. Heal yourself from the inside out. Clean foods, drinks, air, water, etc.

♡ Bitch, I’m fab.
Enough said? Confidence is key.

♡ Stay hungry.
This one is HUGE FOR ME. The second you’re not hungry, you’re bored. Keep yourself hungry to learn, live, & love.

♡ Give back.
How do you give back? Why should I work my ass off if I can’t give back? Giving back to the community in some way is so important. Find a cause you love & stick with it.

♡ Bust ass to achieve your goals.
No one else is going to bust their own ass to achieve YOUR goals. Get to the point where your goals are reality. Work hard, play hard. Hey, girl boss.

♡ I create my own opportunities.
And finally, the most important of the The Skinny Confidential manifesto: YOU CREATE YOUR FUTURE. YOU CREATE YOUR SURROUNDINGS. YOU CREATE YOUR LIFE. Write a good one. No one else is going to do it for you.

How are you creating your own opportunities? Weigh in.

– lauryn, xx

ps. for those of you that I met in Washington, D.C. tonight— you are all awesome. I loved meeting each & every one of you!! xx

  1. I love this Lauryn, you’re my fave girl boss! We have these values inside but sometimes we lose eisght of them, so having something like this handy is a great reminder to stay on track.

    I agree- for me, it’s all about thinking about what I want to achieve in life, and breaking it down into bit sized chunks. Time can be a constraint, but there is always something you can eliminate to get more time!! xx

  2. I love these! Each one is good to remember. It looks like you’re having a blast in D.C.! It’s so fun to follow you in Snapchat!

  3. Literally needed to hear “If you chase two rabbits, you will only catch one,” I’ve been pulling myself in way too many different directions and I need to narrow in and focus myself on my ultimate goals. Stay sassy, savvy, and chic is definitely my modern day mantra, love it!

  4. Love this manifesto & it has the perfect amount of motivation and flare in it. I needed this today. And coffee. But the two went perfectly together!


    Sarah | QueSarahSera

  5. Great post, and very inspiring. This is like a cuter Lululemon bag! Your quotes are great, and I love the balance on it. It is a reminder to work your ass off – professionally, and personally – but be able to balance it out with some of the finer pleasures — like rose or champagne! xx

  6. One of my favorite TSC posts to date! Is there an official hashtag for this? Because if there is, I would love to use it whenever I post anything that is inspired my this amazing manifesto:)


  7. I totally LOVE this and can relate to SO. MANY. THINGS. ON. THIS. LIST.

    love love love – you are such an inspo. I would die if I could interview you on my blog.

    xo Annie

  8. I think I’m going batshit crazy because this honestly like almost brought tears to my eyes! HAHA.

    I love it. It’s so you, perfect and really what everyone loves so much about TSC.

    I’ve never heard ‘chase two rabbits only catch one’ but that shit absolutely speaks to me right now. I am juggling two passions and really know that the prioritization of the two will help me to get to my goal sooner.

    This rules. Hopefully D.C was the best 🙂 loved the pics

    xx Krista

  9. Thanks so much for sharing this! Such a great post! I especially loved: “be the best version of yourself” & “if you chase two rabbits you only catch one.” SO true & going to remember that line 🙂 THANKS for your time & writing! Xo

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