The Skinny Confidential lookbook.

The Skinny Confidential lookbook.

Not going to lie, I’m VERY VERY VERY excited about this one…

For the last six months I’ve been keeping a journal.

A journal of GIFTS & NYE outfits.

No, no not for me ( well maybe one list is )…for unique PRESENTS for other people!

Everything, like everything-everything I thought was cute/fun/thoughtful/pretty, I added to my journal until it was a full blown TSC magazine.


The Skinny Confidential Lookbook for The Holidays & NYE has launched!!!

I’m sooooo excited because not only is this project a lookbook, it’s also an online magazine ( press ‘download PDF’ to get the whole experience on this page ) …AND when you click the picture of the gift it takes you straight to the source.

You guys have been asking me for specific gift guides for specific people lately a lot, so now it’s all in one spot. Easyyyyyyy right?

Plus 99% of the guide is under $250. #YES

The Skinny Confidential gift guide.

The Skinny Confidential lookbook.

Since I wanted to guide to feel holiday-esque, I went to New York City to have the pictures done to make them feel super festive-y.

It was F-ING FREEZINGGGGGGG but beauty is pain, so I sucked it up to get this lookbook to you guys in time for the holidays/NYE.

Some of pages you’ll find? Here’s a couple of options:

♡ Shopping for the jet setter/black lover/fashionista 

♡ The boyfriend guide ( Michael totally weighed in )

♡ What to get the parents

♡ Presents for the fur baby ( << the tipi is to die )

♡ Beauty gifts

♡ WTF to get a blogger

♡ My Christmas list ( hint, hint babe )

♡ Stocking stuffers under $25

♡ What to buy a foodie

♡ Full New Year’s Eve gift guide

…& tons more!!

& lucky you, MOST RETAILERS ARE OFFERING FREE SHIPPING FROM DECEMBER 18TH TO DECEMBER 20TH!! : ))) Also, there’s about a week to ship before Christmas. If you know me I’m the ultimate procrastinator, so nothing new here!

The Skinny Confidential lookbook.

The Skinny Confidential gift guide.

I’ve literally poured myself in to this project soooooo I really hope you like the online magazine!! Any suggestions are welcome!!

I think I’m going to go shower/crash/die now because I’m not looking so hot…I’ve probably gotten about three hours of sleep & I really, seriously fell asleep at the computer the last couple nights ( like, at the actual desktop though…so chic ).

Let’s just say, if you saw me currently, you’d see a strong resemblance to Sloth from “The Goonies.”

Ok, enjoy & SHOP your little heart out!

– Lauryn xx

+ Full outfit details in TSC Holiday & NYE Guide/Lookbook.

++ pictures by: Jeff Thibodeau || makeup by: Ariel Tejada


Navy 1.4

Magazine created with love by: The Skinny Confidential

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  1. AvatarGennah Rodriguez

    This is uh-mazing! Your last couple of posts, including the blogger facade, have really hit home. Sometimes you work day and night, giving up sleep and the outside world only to still miss deadlines. Not very many people are aware how much work goes into creating something that helps others feel inspired. Your passion for TSC shines through in your work, keep your top knot strong girl! We all appreciate it! xoxo
    Gennah Rodriguez recently posted..Attitude Of Gratitude Lifestyle ChallengeMy Profile

  2. AvatarMariel

    So many cute items 🙂 Lovely pictures of you and your man, too. The link to the dry-brush brush is incorrect and the link for the wine-stained lipstick didn’t work for me 🙁 Just FYI!

  3. AvatarClarissa

    This is so amazing! I can’t imagine how much time must have gone into this! I was just in NY and it’s freezing. Props to you, beautiful, for braving the cold with your hotness!

    Loving all the gifts! Sending the link to my love for gift ideas!


  4. AvatarElle

    HI! Thank you soooo much for all your posts and publications. It’s very inspiring and always coming from dedication and hard work. Keep going, you are a beautiful person! 🙂

  5. AvatarStefana

    I can’t even imagine how much work you put into that!! It looks so great! I hope Michael gets everything off your list for you. Now take some time off and rest!

  6. AvatarSarah

    As a marketing professional and an avid blog reader, I think this is BRILLIANT, and I would not be surprised if a bunch of copy cats came along! It’s so well put together, easy to navigate and aesthetically beautiful. The gifts are unique and at great price points (usually I just roll my eyes at these blogger $1000 gift guides). Bravo! A total game-changer. 🙂

    1. AvatarLauryn Post author

      WOW! Thank you for the compliment : ). You’re so sweet. A $1000 gift guide?!…OMG no. HA! Glad you like it babe.

  7. AvatarCourtney Bentley

    What a neat post! I loved the layout and can tell you really picked out every single piece and did not just put stuff in there to fill pages! I loved all of the photos and loved seeing you and your love together!!! Thanks for the ideas xo C
    Courtney Bentley recently posted..Natural Energy BoostersMy Profile

  8. AvatarEmily N.

    Love the gift guide!! It was so fun to browse through. I definitely got a couple of ideas from it. Thanks for all your hard work Lauryn!

  9. AvatarShannon

    Umm, seriously?! AMAZING and a total gamechanger in the blogging universe. You f’ing rock, Lauryn, this is incredible. #killinit

  10. AvatarLaura

    Move over, Oprah! We’ve got a new and BETTER “Favorite Things” list this year! Amazing job, Lauryn! Your hard work definitely shows.

  11. AvatarJude

    This is exactly what I needed – I pride myself on my ability to give thoughtful amazing gifts but have been so uninspired this year – also a gift guide where things don’t cost $500+ (who spends that much money on ONE person at Christmas?!) Thank you so much! I hope you get everything on your wishlist xx