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The Skinny Confidential Cribs Edition: LA Condo

{ living room }

Let’s talk cribs.

As you guys know, I have been commuting from San Diego to LA for the last 2.5 years because of work. We were spending so much money on hotels that we decided to just get a one bedroom condo in West Hollywood.

With that came a whole different condo design.

In San Diego our place was very light, bright & white ( stalk our SD home here & here ). We wanted to make this place in LA very masculine. I have masculine energy & obviously Michael is a guy, so we wanted it a lot heavier & edgier. Almost like a cocktail hour vibe. Midweek we were always back in San Diego so we had that balance & contrast of the two homes.

{ custom made sign }

{ 1970s Yamaha }

I’ve been wanting to show you guys this condo for a LONG TIME. We’ve had it for 2.5 years & it was featured on Apartment Therapy ( read more here ). I thought now would be the perfect time to share it on the blog because we’ve recently moved up to LA full-time because of work.

Just be clear, THIS IS NOT the house we just moved into. You guys may have seen on my Stories that we were recently moving, which is true. We decided to move out of San Diego & get a more spacious place in LA ( tour to come when decorating is finished )…. but we decided to still keep this condo.

Anyways, moving on…

The commute was really getting to us. The last 2.5 years has involved a lot of commuting, & a lot of transitioning. ( A post on transition is coming soon because I feel like a lot of people can relate & I have A LOT to say on the subject. )

There were some pros to the commute though- we listened to a lot of podcasts, or books on tape, & just really expanded our knowledge in that sense. But after 2.5 years, we were getting over it. ( Michael even has arthritis in his knee from driving – I’m the devil for always making him drive. )

To be fully based in LA feels really liberating & freeing now. We’re so happy we made the decision.

{ full stocked bar… always }

Ok, ok on to the condo…

This condo is a treasured gem to us. It’s really fun, it’s really masculine, & I want to take you guys inside & share all the details.

The building deceives you cause it’s a little bit older, but then you walk into our condo it’s very swanky & there’s a huge bar. It has every single liquor you can imagine with cocktail glasses ready to go, an ice chest, wine fridge & a huge white marble bar top – you know I love white marble ( actually that’s so ‘basic bitch’ of me- you know I love black marble too ).

Everything is super functional. The shades are all electronic, and we found these really cool TV stands that hide your TV. We have one in the living room & one in the bedroom. It’s nice because you don’t have to see the TVs all the time. They just rise up when you want them too.

The dogs love to lay outside on the little patio, there’s a huge motorcycle on the wall ( I told Michael it was fine with me if he got a motorcycle but it had to stay on the wall- HA! ), the art is very black & white, there’s a huge neon sign that we had custom made. It says “yes but no but yes” because I always say that to Michael.

{ chic kitchen }

{ rock & roll guest bathroom }

The guest bathroom has rock & roll shit everywhere- like there’s a guitar hanging off the wall. Our bathroom is filled with tons of products that I try out for the blog. Space was really running out & I have so many things I want to try for you guys so it’s nice to have everything laid out so I can see it all. The bathroom is spacious & perfect for taking pics too. There’s a huge bathtub & a heated toilet seat which we love, but my favorite thing is the towel heater. It’s so nice to have a hot towel after a hot/cold shower ( I love it for lymphatic drainage ).

Everything is minimalistic, super simple, there’s not a lot of fixtures & the kitchen is chic. We didn’t want a lot of clutter. The person who designed the house made sure all the appliances were hidden. There was something really comforting to me about going from San Diego, where all my stuff is, to going to our LA condo & not having deal with a ton of shit. Everything in this condo is just simple & clean. I could come in, get my work done, then go back to San Diego.

{ master bathroom }
{ master bedroom }

A lot of the stuff in our house was custom designed or is no longer available because it’s from 2.5 years ago. But I’ve stalked out similar items online so that you can get this heavier, more masculine look too.

With that, let’s get into some items to help you get The Skinny Confidential LA Condo Crib Feel:


white faux fur rug

faux fur blanket ( comes in black )

glass vase

black leather chair

black sofa

marble side table

black velvet armchair

motorcycle art

♡ portrait art

♡ black picture frames

♡ coffee table ( love this one too )

♡ decorative tray

cool neon sign

♡ coffee table books here & here

♡ black marble & white marble bookends


♡ lucite bar stools

♡ white marble work top

♡ black champagne glasses

♡ rocks glasses ( also here )

♡ moscow mule mugs

♡  gold-rimmed martini glasses

♡ shot glasses

♡ highball glasses

♡ martini pitcher & spoon

♡ skull cocktail shaker ( classic one here )

♡ cocktail tools

♡ ice bucket

♡ wine rack ( this one is bomb too )


♡ black table & chairs

metal shelves

motorcycle print

♡ light fixture ( this one is cool too )

Jonathan Adler jar

lucite paper towel holder

♡ chic salt & pepper shakers

white tray

Essential Classics of Italian Cooking

electric kettle

knife block with knives


guitar decor

light fixtures

♡ art here & here

hand towels

♡ mirror

counter accessories

favorite soap right


ceiling light fixture

wall light fixture ( loving this floor lamp too )

white linens

accent pillow

black headboard

nighstand ( also here )

white bath towels

towel warmer

heated toilet seat

bathtub pillow

Like I said, a lot of the stuff in this condo was custom made or gems that we found 2.5 years ago. All the items listed above have a similar vibe though.

We’re so flattered that Apartment Therapy featured our condo on their page. If you’re up to it, be sure to check out the first apartment I had on my own. It’s a fun little TBT for ya. It was kinda bohemian & filled with my favorite details. Julie helped me get it just how I wanted it. I really got the femininity out of my system before moving in with a man. ( You can read why I didn’t move in with Michael until we got engaged here ).

Hope you guys had the best holiday season & New Years. I feel COMPLETELY rejuvenated & ready to work. I took like 10 days off & it’s been such a good kickstart. I’m ready to work & rock 2019 with you all.

Let me know if you have any questions below & I’ll see you tomorrow.

x, lauryn

( pics )

+ featured on Apartment Therapy here & here.

++ Amazon page dedicated to HOME here.

  1. So exciting about the permanent move to WeHo! That’s where I’m at as well! Loving the sexy masculine vibe to this condo and SOOOO excited for the reveal for the new one! <3

  2. Love this post, Lauryn! Because of work, a baby, etc. I can’t tune in every day to your stories, and I was a little confused on what was up with San Diego/LA! I loved getting the scoop. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. Oh man I love that neon sign…it’s so Vicky from Little Britain, one of my favorite shows!

  4. Ah, this is goals! I’m re-doing my condo right now, and I’m also trying to incorporate a more masculine style like this. Keep up the great work <3.

  5. Hi Lauryn,
    Everything seems very pretty. I love Guitar and liked your guest bathroom very much for the rock & roll vibe.

  6. Hey Lauryn, Great article! Loved all the pictures and especially I liked the neon signs ” yes but no but yes”. Thanks for sharing this useful article and I really appreciate your efforts on this post. Keep Posting Similar articles.

  7. Who is the photographer of the behind cool black and white photo with the girl in the car in what looks like Utah? Is that a wolf in it too? Desperately want to find this!
    Thank you!!

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