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A New Bougie Bossanova Playlist

The Skinny Confidential Bougie Bossanova Playlist 2


So step into my world: a brand new, very Skinny Confidential playlist.

Really though, this is the actual playlist I listen to when lifting weights, squatting, driving, working, sipping Pinot Noir, relaxing, reading, ETC.

It’s a plethora of songs.

You should know though: it’s a real medley.

Like, this isn’t a themed genre playlist.

The Skinny Confidential Bougie Bossanova Playlist 1

A lot of you guys have asked me: “what’s that music in the background of your Snapchat?”

WELLLL, IT’S RANDOM…& it’s Bossanova. Which is what they play at places like The Beverly Hills Hotel…& retirement homes. Google says it’s “a style of Brazilian music derived from samba but placing more emphasis on melody and less on percussion.”


And it’s been my favorite music for as long as I can remember. The vibe is just so ON. Trust me, once you listen to Bossanova you will understand my obsession. I hope?


Regardless, I asked you guys if you wanted it added & a bunch of you said YES. SO, there are six songs to start. The rest of the playlist is new age songs I’m absolutely loving.

OF COURSE, I have a bunch of other fun, sassy playlists too!!

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Anyway, I definitely added a few of my favorite Bossanova songs to this playlist along with some hipper, more with it, less retirement-ish songs. So think of it as a medley.

Please let me know your thoughts! Any additions? So easy to add songs to this playlist so the more recommendations the better.

Listen to The Skinny Confidential Bougie Bossanova Playlist here.

The new playlist is ideal for a workout…OR just for having a glass of champagne & lighting some candles. Enjoy!

– lauryn x

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  1. so SO excited for this! literally just played the VIBEZ playlist at our engagement party last weekend. can’t wait to play this on repeat. MUAH :*

  2. You are seriously the only person I know of that likes bossa nova. I am Brasilian and most Brasilians cant believe I listen to bossa nova instead of the popular sertenejo or funke music.

    Well I am very glad I am NOT the only one that LOVES bossa!


  3. Yes! Love it! Listening to this at work today (though I wish I was with some champagne under the candlelight) – love how chill it is with a pop of tropical house vibes! Thanks for sharing!! x Shannon

  4. Oh my gosh! I am so excited to bust out these Playlist jams! Thank you sooo much!! You have the most kick ass taste! Feeling the good vibes!!

  5. What about a wedding playlist. I’m getting married in September, we’ve been together over 10 years and we don’t have “a song”. Help! Also, trying to find a father/daughter song too. I’ve looked everywhere and I’m not impressed.

  6. It’s on repeat on my office… such good working music. Definitely need more good-vibe playlists like this in my life.

  7. I have been in kind of a music rut and this playlist is so chill and fun! Inspired me to finally revisit my favorite music podcasts.

    1. It’s kind of a joke. Bougie means “aspiring to be a higher class than one is.” I’m being sarcastic! xx

  8. OH HI this will be our honeymoon playlist. Leaving in 3 weeks and this is ALL OF THE chill vibes needed for the trip. Thanks woman!! xoxo

  9. Oh my gosh I loved this playlist! Just listened to the whole thing wile I worked. So many new faves! Thanks Lauryn x

  10. Great playlist, just subscribed! 🙂 Gives me something else to listen to other than Sorry by Bieber on repeat 😀

  11. I’m SO late on reading this post and leaving this comment, but everything happens for a reason…including me being late. I’ve been totally TOTALLY bored with my normal favorite music lately and haven’t been able to find anything to fix my boredom. So I was like ok why not try Lauryn’s Bossanova…LOVE it. Thanks for putting this together.


  12. Thank you for sharing your bougie bossanova playlist Lauryn! I’ve been playing it on repeat for about a week now. It’s perfect for when getting ready in the morning, cooking or working on my blog! Geneviève xo

  13. Hey Lauryn,

    I’m Mari Waters, an independent singer-songwriter and I just released my first single called “SUN KISSED”. This original song has chill vibes, mixing indie pop and bossa nova influences that will make you travel in time to your best summer memories.

    I would like to invite you to listen and share your thoughts with me 🙂

    Link Spotify:
    Link YouTube:

  14. Fascinating post. I Have Been pondering about this issue, so a debt of gratitude is in order for posting. Really cool post.It ‘s truly exceptionally pleasant and Useful post.Thanks

  15. Liiiiive for your playlists- I play them all the time in my boutiques and get compliments all the time, and don’t worry, I throw them
    Your name 😉

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