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The Skinny Confidential Book Giveaway { + Victoria’s Secret Goodies }

Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, and healthy cooking.Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, and healthy cooking.

Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, and healthy cooking.


I’m so excited to do a book giveaway…major goosebumps!

Not only will the winner(s) get The Skinny Confidential Book, but they’ll also receive a basket that’s filled with tons of beauty products x mini trinkets.

& since you guys are so badass, I decided to give away two goodie baskets instead of one.

Fun, right?

Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, and healthy cooking.

Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, and healthy cooking.

Ok, so here’s what the two lucky ladies will win: 

♡ A lime scented candle that smells so damn yummy
♡ Some pretty, girly pens
♡A gold notebook
♡ My absolute favorite jelly lace Victoria’s Secret makeup bag
‘Bombshells in Bloom’ Eau De Parfum
Periwinkle nail polish
♡ My favorite minty lipgloss
♡ Pixy straws
♡ The cutest teal file folder
♡ A personalized signed copy of The Skinny Confidential Book

Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, and healthy cooking.

To win, make sure you: 

+ Follow @theskinnyconfidential on Instagram

+ Follow The Skinny Confidential on Bloglovin’

+ Leave a comment below stating why you should absolutely, without a doubt have to win!

Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, and healthy cooking.

Lauryn Evarts talks diet, fitness, and healthy cooking.

 Good luck!! Don’t forget you’re all invited to TSC book launch!! More deets here.

Happy Thursday guys, xx. L

* { Giveaway winner will be announced next Tuesday, March 25, 2014 // everyone & anyone is eligible to enter }.

  1. I would lobe very much to win this so I could give it to my sister that was just diagnosed with ovarian cancer for the second time in her life.She could use a gift like this to pamper herself at this difficult time..Fingers are crossed that I win for her..

  2. I have to win because I love your taste so I know the gift basket will rock and I love your blog so I neeed to know what you have in your book

  3. I would love to win this gift basket! I follow your blog daily and look forward to all your new tips and tricks. I have been trying to live an overall healthier lifestyle for the past year. You encourage me to put myself first and find time to be healthy; which can be difficult because I attend school full time (almost done!!!) and work full time. This basket would be the perfect thing for me because it will make me feel pampered and help keep me inspired!!

  4. I think I should win the giveaway because I am having a horrible Winter and I think this is what would make my year better.

    Also, you are a very big inspiration and I hope to some day be able to blog like you.

    Thank you!

  5. I want to win the book because I LOVE to read about healthy and lifestyles! I love you too!

  6. I think that I should win because I would really like to read your book. Your blog is inspirational and I totally appreciate someone that shares their true opinions, thoughts, and ideas without worrying about what others think. Thank you, its truly refreshing.

  7. I would love to win this giveaway but don’t be fooled I had your book preordered through BN and have read it. I want to share this awesome book with a friend because well I’m not ready to share mine. 😉 also I’d love to win the extras and seriously love your blog plain and simple!! Please pick me and the lucky friend I’m going to get hooked on a healthy lifestyle through your book. <3

    1. I would love to win this giveaway to get a chance to read your book and see what your favorite goodies are!

    2. I want to give the copy that I already have(& looooveeeee) to my mom because I know she’d die over the drink recipes and everything else! I’m a college student in a crappy town who REALLY needs the nail polish, candle, lip gloss and the adorbs makeup bag! The notebook, file, and pens would be put to amazing use in my dorm room (:

    3. I am actually new to the skinny Confidential. I found your blog while searching through other blogs one day and I have been hooked ever since! I have gone back and read all of your posts. I have been so inspired by you and your life style. I have taken your advice and follow most of it everyday. I feel that I am happier and healthier because of it. I believe I should win because in such a short amount of time I have learned so much from you. So by having your book I would be able to learn even more from you! I find you inspiring and motivational and all I want is to be healthy. I know by living a healthy lifestyle it will make me happy. I want to thank you for all of your great blog posts and it would be an honor to win.

  8. I absolutely have to win because your blog is amazinggggg. I had been reading for a while but never really acted on your advice. Started small in January 2014 by incorporating you “detox tea” recipe, which has been life changing…as in down 10 pounds life changing. I love your writing style and obsessively check Bloglovin’ for new blog entries!

    1. Hi lovely lady. I would so love to win this gorge little bundle. As a pregnant mummy to my 2nd little bundle of joy , this pampering pack would come in so wonderful also your book sounds totally up my street. with lots of love and light. ps. sooo glad I have found your site it looks amaze!

  9. I totes would love to win because I need some TLC from all the hectic day to day life stress, wanna have a nice day to paint my nails pretty, read your book & and have some time for me 🙂 plus I’ve been needing a journal and am dying to hear the tips in your chic new book!

  10. I would LOVE to win this book and package, I would love to help and inspire others the way you do through my clothing line and through empowering women. This would just be a dream for me, a wonderful kick off to the launch of my new healthy, fitness, and inspiring lifestyle. <3 – danielle

  11. I’m skinny fat and need help 😉 Have taken some of your advice and trying eat cleaner and organic, with your book I think I could take it to the next level!!



  12. I would love to read your book! I wouldn’t be opposed to any of the other fun things in the basket either!

  13. Hi! I would love to win. I am so excited for TSC book and having a signed copy plus all of those lovely goodies would be so freaking awesome. I have learned so many great tips about health, beauty, and fitness from your blog. Keep up the great work and congratulations on all of your success Lauren! ♥♥♥♥

  14. Love love love the blog. A hard copy at home will be an excellent reminder every day to live a healthier lifestyle!

    1. would love to cope up with the negativity in life to make myself a strong person. faced enough dumps and putting downs in my personal life need a morale boost to pep me up back on my toes

  15. OMFG – Lauryn this would totally make my life!!! Been so excited for your book but devastatingly it’s not out in Australia yet, would love a copy in this amazeballs prize pack and personalised would keep me smiling for weeks! Will be keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed! 😉 xo

  16. I absolutely without a doubt would love to win the SC prize pack because your blog has been such an upbeat inspiration to me as a blogger baby! From your photos to your content to your overall image, SC is a blog that I really admire, both professionally and personally! I hope to take the big step up and make blogging a career, and what better way to fuel the fire than your gorgeous book!


  17. Reasons why I should win:
    1. Your book looks absolutely amazing (I will probably order it before you pick the winners though, so if I win, the copy I bought would have to go to a friend-I simply can’t wait to read it)!!!
    2. It’s my birthday (no joke).
    3. Those goodies though! I’ve been dying to try that lip gloss, you can never have enough candles or adorable notebooks, and pixie straws are so freaking cute! Everything in that basket would go to great use-lets take a second to appreciate that makeup bag-gorgeous right?!

  18. I am obsessed with you and your blog! I read it everyday. Your blog has inspired me to change my life 🙂

  19. your blog is 100% kickass, and you are my inspiration!… as i sit in bed reading your blog… help. i need your book! (and that lilac nail polish 😉 yum.

  20. I love your blog! I love how all the advice and tips you give and you really inspire me to try and get healthy and fit! Thanks! 🙂

  21. Hey Lauryn! I think I should win this fabulous prize because everything about it embodies what I want to be and what I’m striving to be; which is to be confident, be fit to my own expectations, happy, healthy, and just all around one with myself. Ever since discovering your blog you’ve inspired me to live a much more better and cleaner lifestyle. So thank you for motivating me to be a healthier me.

  22. I would la la loveee to win this sweet giveaway! You’re my favorite blogger and I love the approach you take on all aspects of life, from health, to decor, to your style of writing! You’re an inspiration and I’d love to win your giveaway and read what I’m sure is a fab book! ;] Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  23. I would love to win your book and the other goodies because your blog has inspired me to change the way i live life – what am i putting IN my body and IN my life, not just ‘0 calorie foods’ or annoying mean friends just because other people like them. I’ve learned from you to love my body and take really good care of it, and I think winning the book could give me more inspiration! I love you and your blog a lot! Thank you so so much, for everything.

  24. Can’t think of a better way to kick off Spring and new better-for-me habits! I’m a big fan from bloglovin’!

  25. Must must must must win! I love the blog, I’ve been following forever. I’m in love with all things skinny confidential!

  26. I love your blog! You inspire me so much to be healthy while still looking cute, and you motivate me in my own blog excursions! But I’ve not got the money to do quite as much as you do…

  27. I’d love to win because I’m trying to live healthier and I love all the information you share on your blog. I know your book is equally as amazing. Plus I’m old fashioned and I still love having a physical book to refer back to whenever I want. Everything else in the prize pack is a super plus!

  28. I would absolutely love the new book. I find your positivity inspiring, and after such a harsh winter I’m in desperate need of some mind, body, and soul makeover. Knowing your blog, I think that your new book and the gift basket goodies would do just that!

  29. I would love to be the winner of you The Skinny Confidential giveaway as I would love to have a copy of your new book and try out some of the goodies that you are also sending with 🙂
    Yours is the first lifestyle blog that I came across and have been following ever since. I look forward to reading your book and I will ( with yummy recipes) continue to make positive and healthy lifestyle choices.
    Your blog is so inspiring!
    Also, that VS makeup bag is too cute!

  30. I absolutely have to win because the past 2 years I have done very little for myself because I spend all of my time and money on my precious triplets! I’d like to win something for myself and feel pampered:-)

  31. I would love to win the skinny confidential giveaway, because after three 12-hr shifts in a row this is the first thing I do. (Is sign-up for a free giveaway,which I never do). I am a waitress paying for college and had the worst 3 days ever ending with crying in my car after my last 12-hour shift because two ladies were mad that I didn’t “check on them” enough while they ate?!

  32. I’m a new follower of your blog but I’m absolutely LOVING it and I would be so happy to win a copy of your book as well as all the other goodies you’re giving away. I’m all about living a healthy, balanced life and your book seems like the perfect guide to do so. Thanks for the opportunity to win. xoxo

  33. I would love to win! I’ve been a loyal reader for over a year now and love all the products you recommend! I also tried your homemade juice cleanse and it is my go-to! Love it!

  34. omg for that nail polish color! I LOVE IT! so springy without being obnoxious!! also for the book of course!

  35. I would love to get a signed book from you and all the goodies that come with dont hurt! I love learning as much as possible about health, exercise, and besuty and I think your blog provides such great advice and information. I think you are an inspiration for girls and women! Thank you for being you!

  36. I really really want to win bc you are awesome and your book looks like the best skinny book ever!!!

  37. I love your posts and am sure that I would love your book as well! All of the other goodies included would make for a perfectly relaxing at home spa day!

  38. First I want to say I am so proud of you for creating this book I have been following your blog for a while now. Me winning this giveaway would make my decade. You one of my main reasons I started blogging. If I win this I will use the notebook and pens for my blog post ideas. I will use the makeup bag to of course hold my makeup specifically the lip-gloss and nail polish. I will use the file folder for school because college is all about organization. I will have to save the candle for summer because no candle allowed in the dorm. I will use the perfume everyday. Last but not least I will read you amazing book.
    Lots of love from Just506

  39. I would love to win the fabulous goodies, especially the book – such a great basket and giveaway!

  40. This is an absolutely amazing give away. The reason I absolutely and positively think I should win (and want to win 😉 ) is because I’m working on myself inside and out to look and feel as beautiful as I absolutely can. I follow your blog as it gives me inspiration on ways I can live my life and be as happy as possible. I won’t give my sob story, but long story short I lost my confidence in a bad period of my life and I’m slowly and surely working on getting it back. I’d love to be able to have your book (and the lovely goodies) to be able to flip through whenever I need an inspirational uplifting. 🙂

  41. I need to win because I need all of that in my life. Especially your book, I’m seeing it everywhere and I’m feeling super jealous of all those who already have copies!

  42. I would LOVE to win!!! <3 I absolutely love reading your blog and getting a signed copy of your book would be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Hi! I would love it if I won TSC book plus all the cute trinkets you’ve included! I’ve learned south after following your blog for a few months and after following your tips, I feel so healthy and vibrant! I always look forward to your blogs about health, beauty, and life. Keep up the good work!! 🙂

  44. You always show coolest things out there. Also tell about interesting alternatives to try. I love reading what you have to say. I never win anything. Lol.

  45. I would love to win this because I absolutely love Victoria secret products and am so encouraged by everything the skinny confidential.
    It’d be a great pamper tool!

  46. Would love to win your tab giveaway as a perfect kit for relaxing, planning and getting fit for my wedding!

  47. I love The Skinny Confidential! Can’t wait to buy the book (or hopefully win!) and share all your great info with my friends and family! Yay Skinny Confidential!

  48. Such an awesome giveaway! I would love to win so that I could do a fresh start to my health and fitness. A go-to guide is just what I need!

  49. I am always looking to try new products and new brands to explore. As a new blogger, I would like to connect with other, more established bloggers like you and have products to blog about and share. This would be a great opportunity for me to expand and diversify myself as a blogger.

  50. Hey L! I love your book. I’ve been searching a really long time for some kind of guidance and knowledge on living a healthier lifestyle. When I came across your blog I couldn’t be any more excited. I feel like we have a lot in common so it’s pretty easy to stay up until 2 in the am reading your blog. Thank you and congratulations ! I hope you pick me 🙂

  51. I absolutely positively without a doubt have to win because not only is my birthday coming up but I’m starting my life completely over! I have moved to a new city and I am trying to become my absolute best self by changing my way of life. I can take all the motivation I can get!! Your book will keep me motivated to eat right, stay active and be my creative, unique self.
    I hope I win!! Even if I don’t I will definitely pick up your book when I have some extra money. 🙂

  52. Lauryn! I have expressed my appreciation for your blog numerous times! Thank you for being such an inspiration! Your blog is a one stop shop for my every day life. Covering everything from nutrition to beauty to fashion and beyond. I have officially turned all of my coworkers on to your blog and continue to spread the word about the nasty shit in processed foods to all! I would love love love to win a copy of a signed book and all these fun goodies! I will always be your biggest east coast supporter. (Or at least I think so)

    Cant wait to see what is next for you and your brand!

    P.S. I hope you loved the Instagram video! Follow me @whatdaniwore

  53. I would love to win this because thanks to you & your blog I did a 3-day juice cleanse (which I never thought possible!) and I didn’t even cheat! Woohoo! I would love to find out even more ways to het healthier & happier!

  54. I was so excited when I learned that you were launching a book! After my friend P turned me onto your blog two years ago, it instantly became a daily read! As a newbie blogger, your personal branding and biz that you have built for yourself is inspiring, taking a passion and a hobby and turning it into The Skinny. I love how honest and straightforward you are in your posts! It’s like a one-on-one personal convo with you, just like I have with my friends. I’d love to win and congratulations on your success!

  55. I absolutely love your blog! I am a nurse and work long night shifts so any extra tips on how to be healthy and happy ill take! I’m also in grad school and get minimal spare time, so the spare time I do have I would love to fill reading a kickass book like yours!! This would be a much deserved relaxing treat!

  56. First I wanted to congratulate you on your book! I have been following your blog for some time now and you totally deserved this opportunity!!
    I think I should win this book because I am just finishing up my first year of grad school and I would LOVE to read something other than a textbook! I also love all the tips and tricks from your blog so I know I would find some more to implement in my life from your book! You have truly inspired me to live a healthier life through exercise, intuitive eating with the 80/20 method!!
    Thank you for sharing your story, blog and now book with all of us! 🙂

  57. I have been following your blog for a couple years now pretty religiously. I literally check it first thing when i get up in the morning. I love the way that you talk about health and fitness and make it light and funny but you also back up what your saying with real facts! I also love the no bullshit hard working attitude that you have and inspire through the blog. I am absolutely dying to get your book but I am in college, about to graduate, and absolutely cant afford anything more than the bare necessities right now. You’ve promised bigger and better things in the book so i cant even imagine how much more amaze the books information is than your blog. Also its a pretty adorbs coffee table stacker and i wouldnt mind showing that baby off as a little home decor.

  58. Love your blog and would most certainly love you book! Like most graduate students, I am broke and could really use a treat! 🙂

  59. Hi love!! Of course I would love to win this because I already bought the book and love it so much that I would love to get this one just to give it out to one of my friends! ;)) LOVE THE BOOK! And you! I’ve been following you since day 1!! XXX

    Michelle Hays

  60. Hi love!! Of course I would love to win this because I already bought the book and love it so much that I would love to get this one just to give it out to one of my friends! ) LOVE THE BOOK! And you! I’ve been following you since day 1!! XXX

    Michelle Hays

  61. I need your book and gift basket because I am in desperate need for some inspiration! After having my baby I have forgotten about my appearance ( I swore I wouldn’t ). Most days my toddler dresses better than me. Things need to change.

  62. I would love to win a copy of your book! I just got off some medication and it attributed to a 75 lb weight gain. I do hair,so feielng beautiful is a major part of my job! I want to get motivated, get fit, and movtivate my clients to ensure they know they can feel bautiful too. I loooooove what youre doing here and I will continue to share your advice and blog with everyone who asks my advice!
    Thank you for doing you!

    1. Feeling * and motivate* and beautiful*

      I got too excited and forgot how to type!

  63. I would love to win this book and giveaway! I actually already have the book but love your blog and I’ve been going through lots of changes recently and your ideas have been helping immensely. Thank you so much!

  64. Even though I just bought your book , if I got a second copy I’d give it to my BFF and I love your blog and look forward to reading it 🙂

  65. I’m really excited by the life you’ve created and share. I’d love to read your book and have it as a foundation in my day to day.

  66. This sounds wonderful – I can’t wait to read your tips and hear all the words of wisdom in the book! 🙂

  67. Hi!! I was introduced to your blog by one of my more inspirational friends and have seen how amazingly inspiring you are as well! Having recently gone through a mental overhaul and realized how fantastic I feel since doing that I’d love to get some more tips and tricks from your book! Hey, a few extra goodies wouldn’t be bad either!!

  68. I HAVE to have your book! You are hilarious, informative, and your blog is amaze balls. 🙂

  69. I would love to win this goddy basket! I have been following your blog forever & love it!!! I have been trying to live an overall healthier lifestyle this past year. I love reading all your tips & tricks. You have inspired me to take time to focus on me & living healthy; which can be hard while attending school full time & working full time. This basket will giving me the insperation I need + a lil’ pampering!!

  70. I would love the book! I follow your blog daily and have used so many of your tips! I actually just went shopping today to fix up my work space after reading your blog entry about decorating your desk! Your posts have inspired me to fall in love with Suja, health & fitness, and introduced me to some serrrrriouusllly dangerous (for my wallet) websites for your adorable clothes! Having your book on my table with the other nick knacks you’ve inspired would definitely be icing on the cake. 🙂

  71. I’ve been following you for about a year or so now and you’re such an inspiration for a healthy lifestyle and I would absolutely LOVE to win so I can read your book for even more inspiration and tips. Love that you always keep it real 🙂 Hope I win!

  72. I would love to win because I have been following your blog for a long time and waiting in excitement for your book to finally come out. I’ve recently fell a little off the wagon when it comes to my health and fitness goals because of school and work stress but lately I’ve been getting back into it and feeling great! This win would definitely motivate me to keep going 🙂

  73. I would love to win! I was just about to buy your book at B&N when I saw this post!! Might as well see if I’m lucky enough to win it. Love your blog, and can’t wait to read the book!

  74. It would be really nice to win this prize,
    But even if I don’t win, I am okay with it.

    I just want you to know, this blog has been the wakeup call that I needed , and has motivated (and still motivates me everyday), to become the healthiest person I’ve ever been. I eat incredibly clean , and I workout on a regular basis. I just to say thank you!



  75. Hey Lauryn!
    I just found your blog a few days ago and it has been so inspiring! I’m a college student in northern california and living up here in the woods, I’ve started to loose my city roots haha. I’ve also been trying to take better care of myself, my physical and emotional health matters most! I would love to have your book to help me on my path to better eating and more positive, happy lifestyle!

  76. WOW I want to win this gift basket so bad!! I get to enjoy your blog posts but it would be awesome to have your book…and the goodies to go with sound so cute and fun. Pick me!! Pick me!!

  77. Your book sounds like an awesome read! And the fun trinkets to go along with it? Amaze!!!! Congrats on your success, and much more to come! 🙂 Your book is so fun to read, and helps to put a little sunshine in a grey day <3

  78. I have just discovered your blog recently but I love your posts and would love to order your book but haven’t been able to. Your posts are always on point and you have a lot of good tips that have really motivated me to get fit and live a healthier life. I would really like to be able t be more healthy like you. I really hope I win so I can read your book!

  79. I would love to win this contest, because your blog (and book) have changed my life and lifestyle. You have taught me how to remember to take care of myself, and that the things I put in my body are critical to my health and happiness. I appreciate the way you share you tricks to help us all live fully. Whether I win or not, thank you so much!!

  80. I would love to win because I absolutely love you and your blog. You inspire me to be the best version of me. You have taught me health and fitness the right way. Health is wealth baby!! The skinny confidential is real BA!! it would make me so happy to win and i would cherish everything that is included.

  81. Reasons why I should win this plentiful package? 1- Your blog is both SUPER information and PERFECTLY entertaining to read. I would luv to have your book at my fingertips for future reference 2- I’m writing ALLL the way from Chicago… u may have heard we have suffered quite a nasty winter this season 🙁 and this giveaway would be a great pick-me-up as I desperately look forward to spring! 3- The obvious, because who doesn’t love to be chosen for a free gift?!?! 🙂

  82. I absolutely, without a doubt have to win, because waiting 3-5 weeks for your book here in Canada is pure torture!

  83. I would love to win this amazing book and basket of goodies! I think you are so amazing and generous to be giving away 2 of these baskets! I follow your blog (obviously) & Love it! I plan on purchasing your book… that is, if I don’t win it 😉

  84. Reasons why I should win this plentiful package? 1- Your blog is both SUPER information and PERFECTLY entertaining to read. I would luv to have your book at my fingertips for future reference 2- I’m writing ALLL the way from Chicago… u may have heard we have suffered quite a nasty winter this season and this giveaway would be a great pick-me-up as I desperately look forward to spring! 3- The obvious, because who doesn’t love to be chosen for a free gift?!

  85. *Correction- your blog is SUPER INFORMATIVE (I mean it’s super information too, but that’s not what I meant to write… haha)

  86. I don’t instagram or do bloglovin’ but I love to check your blog every day for inspiration to stay fit and healthy. I can only imagine how awesome your book is!! I need all the inspiration I can get being a new mommy and still trying to keep it sexy! Even if I don’t get the book and goodies, thanks for being so committed to your blog. I truly love it! 🙂

  87. I have been dying to read this book! Your blog has been so inspiring and I hope to win the package to pass the book on to few family members!

  88. Lauryn,
    I’ve been following your blog since day 1!!! I also own your poncho that you posted on Tradesy! Ha! But no, you’re awesome and having all this awesomeness would bless me IMMENSELY!!! You’ve helped introduce me to clean livin’ and I really appreciate you. =) I have a ton of health issues and a lot of your tips and info that you post has really helped me to feel better. Thanks so much!!!

  89. Please, I already followed you on Bloglovin AND Instagram, but haven’t gotten a chance to read your book yet. I share your blog with friends all the time, but would love to share what else you’ve been writing!


  90. I’m a fellow healthy lifestyle blogger who keeps up with your posts more than any other blog that I follow!

    I love your style, your knowledge, your affinity for natural food/products. You and I have a lot in common.

    I would absolutely love to win this giveaway!!

  91. You are such a role model for plenty of 20 some year olds like me ! Love to read the blog and all the healthy new tips and tricks to try !

  92. Hi Lauryn!

    I would love to win because I am dying to read your book, and share it with all of my friends 🙂 I love your blog, and your style is amazing as well… checking in on your blog is now a part of my daily routine 😀 You have inspired me to lead a healthier lifestyle- thanks for being an inspiration to me!

    Thanks for making such an amazing blog!

  93. Hiiiii Lauryn,

    So i’ve just recently started following a few blogs, but find it difficult to keep up if i’m not super interested…..that is DEFINITELY NOT an issue when reading the TSC!! I’m confident that I live a healthy lifestyle and try not to feel down on myself about too toooo much and you make it that much easier. Your blog keeps me excited about working toward my goals and overall just making sure I stay the happy and healthy individual that I am. Judging by the fact that the TSC is the bomb dignity, there’s no doubt in my mind that your book will be that, and if not more! I’m a true book girl at heart so would luvvvv the chance to win your new book, along with the other goodies (because what girl doesn’t love some cuteee swag) !

    Mucho luv xx


  94. Hi Lauryn !

    So I’ve been following your blog for over 2 years now because its absolutely phenom. Its bookmarked on my mac and usually check it everyday for updates or recipes or if anything a laugh. You are such an inspiration, and i have emailed you a few times about the juice cleanse and you have always emailed back which shows a lot of dedication and respect for your fans. I went to Chapters the day you said your book was avail in all bookstores but the one by me didnt have it yet ! anyways. I would totes love to win because I’ve been around for awhile and plan to stick around. You are great and i love this blog !

    xoxo kristen

  95. Hi Lauryn! Although I have only been following your blog for about 2 days, I have to say that I should absolutely, without a doubt have to win because I’m obsessed with your posts and your style! Last night, I seriously could not get enough of learning about everything I could within health and fitness. I stayed up hours trying to be caught up in all the secrets you’ve leased for your viewers and boy, there is a ton of information on this blog. All your goodies are so cute and pretty; they look like a bundle of inspiration (w/o a doubt your book would be). I’d also love to win because if I received this package full of goodies, I’d give whatever that is beauty related product of interest to my mom so she’d be happier. Then I’d gift the rest (whichever is beneficial to their life) to my friends because my friends have always been there for me and I think this would be a fantastic treat to them. Lauryn, you’re such a great inspiration and you’ve got things going so well in your life, I hope that continues!! Thanks for this opportunity 🙂

  96. You had me at “personalized signed copy.” I need that in my life or I might just die.

    I am OBSESSED with your blog. I just might check it more than facebook. And let’s not mention how I fangirled out when you replied to a comment I made on a previous post.

    How embarassing is that? Don’t care. No shame.

    Plus, I must have pretty fem pens and chic notebook to plan my days of green juicing, oil pulling, dry brushing, cardio doing, ta-ta perking, sex kitten awesomeness.


  97. I’d love to win your book because your blog is a daily reminder of why I must maintain the healthiest and happiest lifestyle that I can in order to maintain my sanity from the craziness that is my life. You are an inspiration! 🙂

  98. I already own a copy of your amazing book but I would looooove to own a signed copy! None of my books are signed by the author, and it would just be so cool to me to have a signed copy of the book!

  99. Oh how I would love to win this great giveaway!!! And you are my inspiration. 20 months pp and I have let myself go!!! I want my body and beauty back!!! And I know you can help me get there!

  100. I only started reading your blog a couple months ago but i absolutely love it!! Every post are right up my alley should it be health/beauty/life!!! I was looking forward to purchasing your book, however receiving this wonderful basket would make me ecstatic! 🙂

  101. I absolutely adore your blog and am constantly inspired by the things you write about. I have been poor and freelancing for a couple months now, living the charming life of a starving artist who loves what she is doing, but it doesn’t leave much extra cash for pretty treats like nail polish and yummy candles! Thank you so much for this giveaway and I cannot wait to read your book!

  102. I would absolutely love to win your new book (plus the other goodies, too!) because I currently am in Russia on an expat assignment and it’s awfully hard stay fit here! Speaking English in a foreign country makes it difficult to order the healthy options at most restaurants. It’s just easier to point at a cupcake! Am I right?!

    Your blog is definitely a huge inspiration (fitspiration?) that I turn to daily and a ray of sunshine to brighten these cold, Russian winters! Even if I don’t win, I’ll definitely have the book waiting for me when I get to Houston in May!


  103. OMG Id love LOVE to win! ahhh already love your blog so Id die just to win the book alone, and all the other little goodies are such a treat. plus I love anything gold…and stripes! so these things are RIGHT up my ally. I absolutely, without a doubt have to win! 😉 <3

  104. I have to win cause after traveling the world for 4 months I need some tlc. I’ve been counting down the days till I’m home and can get back to a healthier lifestyle. Your blog inspires me everyday to share my knowledge of health & fitness with those around the world.

  105. I’ve Just turned 33, have 2 kids under age 3, a stay-at-home mom & business partner with my hubs, a blogger on hiatus & am in desperate need of some ‘me’ time to resurrect my creativity!

  106. I wan to win because I love everything you love. Thanks for reminding me of all the beauty in the details!

  107. I want to win this book, to have the best advices from you to live my life in the best way as possible <3

  108. I am beginning a new journey in life to a path of all around wellness. I would love to win your package to learn more about well-rounded health, food, and fitness. I need the inspiration!

  109. Your blog is bookmarked on my computer, and I get so excited every time there is a new post! I would love to have your book, because I am in need of some inspiration for healthy recipes and new exercises! Thank you so much Lauryn fort this awesome giveaway, AND for spending so much time and energy into making this book. I cannot wait to get my hands on it:)

  110. i just adore your blog and you! i have been following you for ages now and you are always my go to girl for all things health related! i am expecting my first in April and lets just say this book and your help will be greatly appreciated! 🙂 crossing my fingers…this momma needs to get her bod back!

  111. I just recently stumbled upon your blog and I am absolutely in love with it. I heard that your book is amazing and I really want to read it because I have been stuck in a rut of workouts and same receipes! And that basket doesn’t look bad as well 😉

  112. I would love to win so I can keep learning your great tips. I would also love for it to be on my coffee table!

  113. I sooo could use this fabulous basket of sunshine! I live in Erie, PA, the #1 SNOWIEST CITY in the US, and could use some much needed pampering and happiness while buried under all this snow. 🙂

    Adore you!

  114. Hi Lauryn,
    There are obviously many individuals responding to this post that would be more than appreciative of receiving one of these giveaways and all would be psyched to have the opportunity to enjoy the goodies and read your book. I admire your efforts and bravery in publishing your own book and look forward to the opportunity to read it one way or another. As a recent college athlete graduate, a health food book fanatic, and about a year and a half long blog follower (yours being one of the first 2 I started following, how exciting almost 2 years later!), I would of course enjoy the opportunity to receive your book and the giveaway. I have been in the process of putting together a new heathy lifestyle outside of college athletics that includes marathons and learning new ways to cook for myself, and it would be a wonderful addition to my life. Either way, congrats to the individuals that win…and more importantly, congrats to you on your book!

  115. I would love to win! Been reading your blog from the very beginning. Your tips have changed my life and I would like to learn more.

  116. Well first I’d like to say congrats on your book! how awesome! I would love to win this give away for many reasons! I am a college student who has been following your blog ever since my friend told me about TSC! I was inspired by your fun personality and your girly spin on a healthy life style! I educated myself through your blog and have been doing my best to maintain a healthy lifestyle while in college! ( chocolate gets me every time! haha). I haven’t been able to purchase your book yet due to school funds, saving for my 21st birthday, as well as paying for my own groceries even though i live at home, I choose to eat differently from my family! I would love to have a copy of your book to read and to place in my room for motivation to get up and do something when I fell lazy! I would love the additional items as well of course! especially the gold notebook! I’m an aspiring teacher and that notebook screams Haley hahahah.

    Ps thank you for always returning your emails! I follow other bloggers who never respond! so annoying. So thankkkkkk you! Your advice/opinion is appreciated.

  117. Absolutely love your blog and am so excited to read your book!! The gift package is adorable and I am in dyer need of a new make-up bag! Plus who doesn’t love fun straws like that?

  118. I would love to win this giveaway because I’m so stressed with the semester ending and it would be a great (and much needed) distraction. Plus, I love your blog!

  119. I believe I should win this because I LOVE YOUR BOOK and I bought it all the way from Australia (where, btw we do not have Victoria’s Secret without huge amounts of shipping costs…boo). I want to gift the second copy of my book to a friend in need. She needs an injection of Lauren and your epic, infectious attitude.

  120. Hello!
    I obvi absolutely must win because all of the amazing awesomeness in the giveaway (especially your book which I am dying to get my hands on) could only elevate the lifestyle you have inspired. After finding your blog it gave me inspiration to get my shit together and be more amazing every day. It would only be fitting keep the inspiration going and to be able to have your book! Thanks for the inspiration and so excited for the opportunity!

  121. I just found your site and so far I love it so I would love to hear what you have to say in your book! Plus I’m a VS junkie and really want that floral bag. 🙂

  122. I need to win your book because of obvious reasons. You are adorable!!!! I have watched your blog start out a few times here and there a month into a full time blog for you and I am so proud! You really inspired me to start my own blog about what I am passionate about and it’s hard to find that quality in people. 🙂

  123. I would LOVE to win this TSC giveaway because I absolutely adore you and your website has inspired me to clean up my lifestyle but keep my sassy style over the years! I look forward to all of your posts and have become a better person because of them. Plus who wouldn’t want a yummy lime scented candle?

  124. I have been reading your blog FOR-EVER now and I got so freaking excited when said you were coming out with a book! It looks like the most amazing thing ever. You are literally my inspiration and I absolutely love your blog! I love how you aren’t afraid to say things that others would be scared to say! Like I said, my inspiration! I really want to win because I have been wanted to get this ever since it came out!!

  125. Lauryn I am dying to read your book because I know how hilarious and you are and I know that your book is full of awesome tips!

  126. I absolutely NEED to win because you changed my life. Haha a little over dramatic I know! But seriously! You’ve changed the way I think about eating and always inspire me when it comes to fashion and decorating!! Your blog is seriously my bible your style is to die! I need some more inspiration in the form of your amazing book. I can’t wait to read it!!!

  127. I would love, love, love to win an autographed copy of your book! I’ve been so inspired by you to live a happier and healthier lifestyle! With the added goodies I can journal with the notebook and relax in the bath with the lime candle burning! This giveaway is amazing!!

  128. Even though I already have a copy of the book, I want to win so I can share the love and gift the book to a friend of mine who wants to steal my copy already! I love your blog and read it like it’s my guide to life and speaking of which, I currently have the Amazon Clay mask you raved about plastered to my face to tighten it up 😀

  129. I would love to win the TSC book because lately I have been a bit down on myself and the lifestyle I am living and would love a fresh start, which I believe the TSC book could give me. I have always been in shape and lately I have gotten way off track and am very frustrated with my cray life I have right now, and need major motivation to turn things around.

  130. I’d like to win your book because I love your blog and I’m trying to improve my health and lifestyle! =)

  131. Already bought the book and LOVE reading the blog daily, but would be thrilled to share your knowledge and wit with a second copy of the book for a friend! XOL

  132. I’d love to win because of your refreshingly honest take on nutrition, fashion, and life. Reading your blog gives me so many great ideas for my everyday life!

  133. I would love to win because I am a big fan of your blog (I make sure to check new posts every morning!) and I am currently on my own healthy living journey and would love to be able to reference your book in those areas. Good Luck to everyone who has entered 🙂

  134. I would LOVE to win this goodie basket !! I check your blog a billion times a day and I’ve been known to go back and read archived posts, I’m obsessed! I would LOVE a personalized copy of your book (to accompany the one I pre-ordered and read through daily) as well as all the cute and fun other items. Thanks for being my favorite blogger and keep up the good work….. and when is TSC’s second book coming out again..? 😉

  135. I used to be in shape and hot the gym everyday. I read your site religiously and used many diet/fitness tips. Then, I had a baby. While my little girl is the love of my life, I’m now struggling with being the fit, put together girl I use to be. I need some glam back in my life (my poor husband comes home to a disheveled mess with spit up on her shirt), not to mention some new diet/fitness tips to get back to that sex kitten I once was!!

  136. Because I have been reading your blog on the daily for YEARS and am such a big fan. You’re a total inspiration to me! So happy you’ve found such immense success 🙂

  137. It’s my birthday on March 20th!!! I would LOVE to get this gift and learn more about you, I am starting a “how to blog” blog in May when I go travel Europe and would love to get some great tips from your book that can inspire me! 🙂

  138. I would love to win this book! I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and I’m completely obsessed! 🙂

  139. I would love it if I won this give away!! I love your blog it’s amazing, I’ve have been following you on pinterest for a while now, and I really love the advice you share! You got me to try my first juice cleanse, and now I absolutely love SUJA! Too be honest I will probably order your book before you pick the winners, but I thought I would still try. I am really looking forward to your book, and I really hope you pick me!!

  140. I would love love love to win this giveaway! I am obbbsessed with TSConf & am dying to read Lauryn’s book. This goodie basket sounds like a dream! <3

  141. Hi! I’d really like to win this giveaway because I think your book will help me on my journey to have a better and healthier lifestyle and because I just love your blog lol! :3

  142. I would absolutely love love love to win this! Love your blog and style, definitely motivation to work on aspects of my own life <3

  143. Hello,

    I would love to win because it has been a tough year so far. I am just starting to get on track again with my health and would love TSC book to help out. xoxo


  144. The book, the book!!! Finally Lauryn!! I have read your blog everyday for quite a while now and you are AMAZING lady! I absolutely cannot wait to read it!

  145. Hi! I would absolutely love to win, because I don’t have a chance to buy your book here in Sweden were O am from. And I would really like to have your book. I have followed your blog for so long I can’t remember when I started. But I would be grateful if you would consider to let me win.
    // Erika Lyrén 18, Sweden

  146. Hi Lauren! I absolutely must win your basket because… well… it is filled with ah-mazing stuff, I can’t WAIT to read your new book, and honestly, the last couple months have been kinda crap-tastic for me, and I could use a pick-me-up… umm kay? But really, (cue tiny violin) my cat ran away and I have been dealing with some other personal ish, and… blah, blah. I love TSC and have been a follower on bloglovin and insta for a while now, and it would just be awesome to win! xo

  147. Lauryn!
    I would love to win this giveaway! Everything looks amazing- especially your book. I would love to read it as I am starting my first job as a registered nurse and I know your healthy tips and tricks will go a long way. I trust you completely when it comes to health and fitness. I have done your three day juice cleanse twice with amazing results and love your yummy healthy desserts (chocolate soufflé outs.. Yes please! Even my boyfriend loves this one!)
    Anyway, I would be ecstatic to win a signed copy of your book, along with the other fun girl treats you’re spoiling us with!

    Jaimie Cordeiro

  148. The reason why I want to win this because I want a fresh start. I have Asthma since I was a kid and the only sport I knew back then is Chess. Heck, I was even in the Chess Varsity Team. Winning your book + goodies will help me to inspire that I’m bigger than my Asthma. I started running this year (5Km is my farthest) and signed up for an all-ladies boot camp!

    I’m all about #GirlPower and your blog screams all about how to be one!

    I hope (and pray) that you’ll pick me! 🙂

    All the best!!

  149. Hi Lauryn!
    I am so stoked that you’re doing a book giveaway because I’ve been dying to read it ever since you brought up the idea months ago 🙂 I live in San Diego, and know you’re so close but I haven’t been able to meet you yet! Anyways I’m obsessed with your blog, and love reading your posts EVERYDAY! I am going to get your book regardless, but it would be totes amazing if I won cuz then I’d be reading it that way sooner! 🙂 p.s. you’re seriously a doll xxx

  150. man oh man would i love this! not only would i love a hard copy of the book (got it the day it came out on my ipad) but id love to try some of your favorite goodies! love your blog and LOVE the book!


  151. I absolutely love your blog, even if I just found it some weeks ago I think that what you write is awesome! I would so so much love to win because I’ve been so stressed out lately applying to colleges and getting good grades that I think your giveaway would give me that extra boost that I really need right now. And I have an obsession with scented candles… haha! Keep on going, you’re so inspirational!

  152. I would really love to win a copy of your book. I’m on a bit of a journey right now to making myself fitter and healthier and have been eyeing your book since its release x

  153. I would really love to win your book because im not able to order it in switzerland. And the other Thing would be a nice extra

  154. Why should I absolutely, without a doubt win? Well I found your blog just a couple a weeks ago and fell in love. I’ve tried looking for your book, but since I live in Sweden the only option for me is to order it from the states which ends up being quite expensive with shipping unfortunately.
    And I’ve just began my journey towards a healthier, fitter body and really need all the inspiration I need.
    Thanks for a great blog.

    Oh, and I tried to oil pulling, Already loving it and noticing a difference. Perfect. =)

  155. I have discovered the blog just a month ago and i think this is very unique, stylish and professional looking. I have just started on learning how to use wordpress and do some blogging, social media. I am exploring and wanting to learn more. I am also fashion and shopping big fan and have my eyes opened on good style and ideas. I would love to get & read a book to learn to explore all of this.

  156. Ahhh I would LOVE to win your book!! The rest is just extra’s! I love to read all of your advice and tips! ♥

  157. Hi Lauryn!

    First of all, I LOVE your blog! It’s so inspiring, fun to read, positive, I can go on forever.

    During the past couple of years I’ve been strugglning with my weight. The trouble isn’t loosing weight, but keeping that weight. When I finally hit my goal weight I sort of loose my motivation to keep working out and I almost directly fall back into my bad habits again. I really think that your book could help me. I’ve heard a bit about it, how you helped people like me to stay healthy and motivated. I would buy it myself if it wasn’t for my current economi.. As a student I struggle with keeping up with my studies and doesn’t really have time for a part time job, never the less to work out as much as I want to.

    I truly believe that this gift basket could be that extra motivation I need. It would sort of be an extra motivation just getting it from you. If you believe in me so much you would send it to me, a person you don’t even know, I have to prove that I’m worth it! The tips you have in your book would of course also help to get me on the right track again!

    Wow.. I almost wrote a novell here haha.. But if you had time to read it all, THANK YOU in advance for just hearing my story!

    Lots of love,

  158. I would love to win this! I think it’s amazing to see the amount of people that take inspiration from your blog, and the huge amount of influence you have! You’ve inspired me to want to make a difference, and to win this prize would be the absolute icing on the cake! It’s an amazing giveaway, and I would love to win to learn more about the skinny confidential, and grow my inspiration to inspire others! Thank you for all of the motivation! Eloise 🙂 xx

  159. A french girl who loves your blog would like read your book because i need your advices and it seems amazing!!!
    It’s not available yet in France so…I’d like to have it so much :).

  160. I absolutely have to win because discovering your blog have me the push I needed to finally make my dream of blogging a reality. While my site is still under wraps for the time being (I’m waiting to launch it until after my wedding on May 17!) being able to being to blog has been such a dream come true for me. Winning this basket would just be that cherry on top of the perfect reality. 🙂

  161. I should win without a doubt because The Skinny Confidential is a life guide now, checking on this blog turned into an everyday thing. I don’t go to sleep without checking for new post about lifestyle. I am obsessed with living, and ways and hows to live. I take on a lot of information everyday about health/fashion/food/beauty, it’s very knowledgeable. I’ve been following for some time now, and I don’t go on here because I envy her life, I go on here as if it’s my personal newspaper/magazine that I’ll read for personal development. I should win because I’m not a waste of time, I use my time on this blog because I feel like I need to. It opens my eyes, open my conscious, and open more ideas.

  162. I would love to win this give away because your blog is so inspiring to me, so I can only imagine the book will be the same way. I love how you encourage self-love and taking care of your body, and for that you are one of the people I inspire to be like. I’m in college studying nutrition right now and can only hope to be as inspirational to other women on their health journey as you are 🙂 xo

  163. Hi! I first noticed your blog two weeks from now, and I think there is a lot of blogs out there that sucks, but absolutely not this one!! I have to say, I’m HOOKED !! I have even been reading a lot of your old posts and I do love them all! I really LOVE your blog and your consept, and I would do anything to get my hands on your book that I dream of big times !! But with all my bills unpaid, I sadly can’t buy it in a while. And the goodie bag from VS.. WOAH! I’d love to get my hands on all of it ! And because I would litterally be the most lucky, exited and happy soul in the world to win I actually think I deserve this one! <3 OTR: I just L.O.V.E. what you do, your advices and your whole blog! <3 Keep doing what you do, and I will always follow! ;D

  164. I’m soooo excited that your book is finally out and I’d just love a copy of it and since I live in Sweden it’s kinda hard to get one cuz they don’t sell it over here. I’m so excited to se what is in it (and since your blog is great so must be the case for the book) and I could definitely use som new healthy recipes and workout and lifestyle tips. Your book seems to have it all!

  165. Hi Lauryn,
    Love your blog! I have tried many of your health and beauty tips and many of them have stayed with me ever since. For ex. I’m using Wen to wash my hair, I drink warm lemon water every morning, I use coconut oil all the time … the list goes on! I’m also very excited to get to travel to Cali next summer with my family, so all the tips on restaurants and things to do I’m writing down. I would love to win your book to get even more tips from you in your personal and funny way! 🙂

  166. Love your blog. Keeps me motivated through the longest, coldest winter ever! ❄️ Thanks so much!

  167. I’ve only discovered your blog about three days ago and have since spent silly amounts of time reading it, I might have a little crush! Also, it’s still really cold here on the East Coast and I’m so so ready for a good book, some fun nail polish and sunshine!

  168. I have been following the blog for quite some time, I always get excited when I see on my bloglovin feed that the skinny confidential has done a new post as I know i will love it, the tips, the interviews, the advice, recommendatiosns are all so special yet its all very down to earth and approachable, you can just pop into your kitchen cupboard and grab whatever ingredients and do the mask youve shown or whatever which i really appreciate. The aesthetics are also really cute and so well thought out. It all pays off 🙂

    (therefor i reaaaaaally would love to get these goodies, especially the book which looks as good as the blog (plus you get to keep it physically and read from it which book worms like me love haha)

    fiona xx

  169. i’ve read your blog since Christmas 2011 (i still remember making your skinny pumpkin rolllll) and ever since i’ve been totally hooked! i live almost 6000 miles away from San Diego in beautiful but also cold Finland. i love warm weather and your blog is like sunshine to me especially at times when we have polar nights. getting your book would be a bomb and mean the world to me! ! !

  170. You’r such an inspiration to me and with the book it would double because I would have th bst advice just beside me ! Is not really good time in my life so it would be a good kick to start over everything , like a new start 🙂 Thank You for everything :]

  171. I’m from Sweden, so I don’t know if it’s even possible for me to win, haha. But I have to win because I’ve read your blog for a couple of years and I totally love it! Ever since you announced that you were giving out a book in March, I HAD to have it! Problem thou: the eu amazon site doesn’t release the paperback until June, which sucks! Because I really want it in my hands and not only on my computer!
    So it would be so fun to win to have it before the summer!

  172. I’m currently serving in the Air Force overseas stationed in Korea. I’m having a hard time and am dealing with body image issues and low self esteem… Without my family and friends. This would do so much to make me feel better…. I miss being girly so bad! I need this basket… 🙂

  173. Have wanted to order the book for the while!! I can’t wait to get my hands on it, and I love all of the other goodies!!! Little things that represent u it seems like…LOVE!!

  174. I am currently coming out the other side of some serious nasty stuff and really need some TLC, this book would make my, me time very special

  175. I really, really, really would LOVE to win this…for so many reasons!! As a mom of 3 year old twin boys I’m trying to get my skinny back ON and I could use all the extra inspiration I can get!!

  176. Not only did I create an instagram account and a Bloglovin’ account just so I could simply follow you on them to enter this competition I also did so trying to dodge my schools filters which blocks like every single social media site ever. I am crazy in love with this blog, it is the only blog I read and it has genuinely helped me realise I need a change in lifestyle, and I have begun one by using every single piece of advice you put up on here to help me and either way I’m getting your book whether I have to buy it or win this, but these little bag of goodies are just too much to resist! 😉

  177. After being inspired to start looking after the body I was given, I played a fortune to start my gym so I would meet other people in the fitness community. Being a student, after paying my monthly gym membership fee, there’s very little I can do with no money in order to treat myself for the hard work in getting good grades at college along with sticking to this new lifestyle. I’ve wanted the TSCONF book for a while now, and every time I get any money, it has to go to the gym or on college stuff….plz help, would love the chance to win something xoxo

  178. I love reading your blog. I just recently stumbled upon it, but I love how honest you are in each post. Your voice can be heard in every thing you post which is exactly what I look for in a blog. It’s apparent that fitness and health is something that is near and dear to your heart and it is inspiring.

    I think it would be amazing to win this giveaway because…
    1. I have never won a giveaway before and I think it would be amazing to say that my very first giveaway win was dedicated to taking caring of myself to be a better me.
    2. Your book is absolutely adorable! I love the color combinations of your pastels on your blog and your book!
    3. Not gonna lie. I got really exited when I read “the cutest teal file folder”… I love office/school accessories!

    Pick me and you could hand deliver it to me in Hawaii!!! (Good excuse to come to Hawaii, right?!)

  179. I absolutely love your blog! You are totally inspirational from your clean eating tips to your beauty tips! I get on your blog every morning to read your recent posts…. let’s just say I’m addicted!!!! 🙂

  180. Im a new fan of your and have recently started following. I would love to have your book on my bookshelf or maybe even to use as a coffetable version. We dont have Victorias Secret in Denmark and I would be thrilled to experience the luxury of this basket! Fingers crossed 🙂

  181. I think I should win because I absolutely love your blog. I get updates most days via email and I’m always excited to see what you have to say. I never win anything so I would super appreciate it! Everything in that basket suits me down to a tee (I’m a girly girl for sure). I follow quite a lot of blogs and yours is by far at the top of my list!!

  182. I would love to win your book because I have always loved your blog since the first time I saw it. I really appreciate what you do and would love to read your book.

  183. I would love to win your book for three reasons :
    1.I would put your book in front of the fridge as a reminder as to why I should not eating that chocolate bar.
    2. I would move my ass to the gym everytime I’ll read one piece of your book because too much good vibes lead to good work out.
    3. I don’t want to end up my life without reading it, sounds a good reason as to win this give away?


  184. i wish you the very best for your book and your life. we all know, you’re gonna rock it
    i always wanted to write a book and i’m always happy for others who are reaching their goals

  185. I would like to win because I need a lot of help as I don’t have much confidence.

  186. I would love the book soooo much!!! just to get some advice and tips 🙂
    I live in Scotland out in the country without much proper advice! this would be a huge treat!!
    Thanks for the chance
    and good luck all

  187. Hey Lauryn,
    I would absolutely love to win your book. I ve been seeing pcitures of your friends about it in on intstagram and it just looks incerdibly amazing. The thing is that i live in Vienna, Austria and it would be really expensive for me to ship it (student and on a budget) and the electronic version is just not the same :/. The other goodies wouldn’t hurt either. VS unfortunatelly also not available here either yet.
    I’ve been reading your blog for almost two years now and i find it lifechanging. From all the super interior tipps, to the smart workout, lifestyle and nutrion advices ( my favourite ones are where you post these motivational quotes about productivity and motivation and how you manage to overcome your bad mood, they helped me out of my couchpotato state quite often actually 😛 )
    P.S : I would love to see a post about pixy, you mention her so often and she looks just super cute!
    Keep up your gorgeous work!
    xx Anastasia

  188. Went to B&N to check out your book, and they were sold out! In Charlotte, NC! Would love this giveaway!

  189. You’re such an inspiration to women. I would love to spread the love in the Midwest. I’m running the Paris Marathon on Aparil 6th so some of these goodies would be great for traveling. Happy Friday! 🙂 stay true to yourself. <3

  190. I would absolutely love to win! Not only do I NEVER win anything lol but lately my life has changed and I haven’t had time to pamper or spoil myself. I haven’t been able to afford pretty or girly things and places like your blog have been an escape for me! I would love to sit down with your book and light the candle the paint my nails! I also just want to thank you for you blog, it’s so helpful in my journey to become healthier!

  191. I should totally win this giveaway because I could use a dose of fabulousness!!! I live in a third-world country and need extra sources of inspiration and glamour!

  192. I would love to win all these goodies! I work 100+ hours a week on salary and need some ‘me time’. Reading your book would be a good way to decompress and all those fun prizes as well!

  193. I would LOVE to win this giveaway! Seriously feel like it could help me destress and really get some great new habits going! Avid follower and adore your content, and message 🙂

  194. I would love to win your prize due to the fact that i love, love, LOVE your blog and because im stuck in Scotland and cant get your book until JUNE!!!! I have it pre ordered but i just cantttttt wait that long!!! I adore everything about your lifestyle and funky ideas and would love to find out more from your book! xxxx

  195. Oh I just mentioned the other day about how I never win anything. And this looks like the best prize to win if my luck were to change! I am inspired by your blog and fab style/tips/general gorgeousness 🙂 But fear not – I’ll be getting your book anyway if I don’t win! xo

  196. Hey! I would just looooove to win because I love your blog and all of your healthy tips and tricks, and am dying to read the book! I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, I love it! I tell other people about it like you’re my friend.. lol.. “So I was reading Lauren’s blog today, and she was talking about dry brushing… ”
    Plus, I always try to win giveaways and never do! Haha!

  197. Love your blog – would LOVE to have a signed copy of your book…plus I’m thinking I need a lime candle in my life.

  198. I’d love to win because I adore your insights, thoughts and if course, taste! Winning goodies and your book would be better than anything!

  199. I have been over weight all my life, and have never felt truly healthy. So I am on a journey not only to lose weight, but simply to live a healthier life. I love reading books about living a more healthier lifestyle, and would love to read your book. I already love your blog, and would love to read your book as well, it’s awesome seeing watching someone do something so amazing with their blog, and then to see that lead to becoming a published author is truly great!

  200. I would love to win this goodie basket to share with my friends! Obvs the book is for myself but some of these items would make great gifts for no reason and to share with my friends why TSC is so amazing! Plus that notebook would be great for whipping out when inspiration hits for my own blog!


  201. I just happened to stumble onto your blog today through Bloglovin. I am going to follow now!

    Great giveaway! I’d love to get more familiar with your book!

  202. I would love to win the book to gain inspiration to live healthy and get over my eating disorder.

  203. Hi! I would be thrilled to win you book and the other amazing goodies. Work has been stressing me out lately and it has taken a toll on my personal life and health. I could use the pick me up! Regardless of winning, I will be buying a copy of your book and awaiting the day it arrives!

  204. I would love to win this. I’ve never won anything and I’m not that young so have had plenty of time to have a bit of luck! This hamper would be the perfect way to unwind after a stressfull week, working full time, running a home, children, pets (a dog and a cat) and trying to loose weight and stay fit. Go on take pity on me. Love the blog btw xx

  205. i would love to win your book because i need some major inspiration to lead a healthier lifestyle! i love all your tips you give on your blog so naturally i need to read your tips in your book too! congrats by the way!!! 🙂

  206. Love the blog….started following after I subscribed to FabFitFun!! The book would be a nice addition to my coffee table and something to share with my friends at “Chicks and Vino” night!!

  207. I’ve really enjoyed the blog since I discovered it, and the book doesn’t seem to have reached UK shores yet, so this would be a fabulous win!!

  208. I need to win this as I am dying to read your book and I desperately need to get a new make up bag after an explosion ruined my current one!


  209. I would love to win! I am a huge fan of your blog. We have such similar taste in styles and our view of life. The biggest difference is that I have 5 kids. So with all the love and time I give them, your blog is a great way to keep myself up on trends and try new things to make me healthier. And I love your sense of humor. 🙂 My favorite item in the basket is your book! I can’t wait to get a copy and then share it with my friends.

  210. What an amazing giveaway! I’d LOVE to win, your book sounds so good. I’ve lost over 40lbs in the past year and I’m still getting used to this new lifestyle, your blog is a massive help <3

  211. I actually already bought the book but would love to win and being able to give one to my sister!! Back home in sweden!

    You are amazing- keep up the good work!

  212. I’m a big fan of your blog and would love to read your book! Always looking for new tips and tricks.

  213. I started reading your blog this past summer and love hearing about your lifestyle and choices you make when it comes to fitness, eating, and enjoying yourself! I would love to win the book to hear more about this and to see what I missed out on from your posts before I started become a daily reader!

  214. I would LOVE to win this prize pack! I find you so inspiring and can’t wait to crack into your book and learn more about you! 🙂 All those extra items are adorable!! 🙂 Thanks for this giveaway oppourtunity!! xoxo

  215. I should totally win because like you I’m a witty, sarcastic fun little ball of sass. When I read your blog I feel like we could be sitting over coffee or martinis. It’s like talking to a real person & I love that. I’d love to add your book to my collection of inspo & let’s not kind ourselves, pamper myself in this awesome VS goodies. Thanks for considering. Cheers!

  216. I would love to win this basket. Not as much for the goodies (except for the candle which I absolutly need in my room) as for the book which I really really want to read. I have a very important interview one month from now and I feel like this book would really give me the extra confidence I need.
    Anyway, I wish you all a very good day!

  217. I love your blog and I actually went to B&N the other day to scan through your book. You’re amazing, and I love it! I hope I win!

  218. I can’t wait until June to get my hand on this book!! I need to get my sister to send it over from the US for me 🙂

  219. Lauryn! They don’t have your book in my small town 🙁 tears! I! I love your blog and how it inspires me. Everything you do is amaze! Therefore, a book ALL ABOUT YOU and your stuff is going to change my life. Have a lovely weekend and book launch party!!

  220. I would love to wine this! I LOVE your blog and can’t wait to read your book. Congrats on everything 🙂

  221. I think I should win because I absolutely adore your blog. I’ve learned so much from it and I’ve been looking forward to your book for ages! I love the way you speak to your readers and I love seeing all of the new product recommendations and interviews. You’ve inspired me to continue writing and maybe start up a blog of my own someday. Thank you for TSC! <3

  222. I read every one of your posts and find them fun and knowledgeable. You are obviously are doing something right if you have been so successful so far. Why wouldn’t I want to have the guide to this life? I am all about living a healthy and fulfilling life, this is a must have for me!

  223. Hey Guys!!!
    So heres a little story about me, / why your blog is so inspiring to me!!!
    I dated this guy for 4 years, moved to a different province with him left my job family basically thought we were the real deal. During those 4 years I obtained what I would like to call “relationship gut”. After our inevitable split and moving back in with my parents…. (ugh). I realized that I needed to go something about my weight and overall health. Don’t get my wrong I wasn’t obese just not where I would have liked to be. I stumbled across your blog and absolutely feel head over heals in love! You guys are too cute/fashionable/relatable! I have s once then shared your blog with every aspiring health freak friend i have ( there are a few ;))! I have yet to order your book but am DYING to read it!! A great success story for woman everywhere!

    Congrats on your growing business!
    xx Charlie

  224. Winning the giveaway would be wonderful, because frankly the state of Louisiana is not known for its clean eating and healthy lifestyle… there is seriously nothing but fatty fried foods and white rice and gumbo for days… I actually just got my copy of the book yesterday and literally screamed so loud when I saw it on the porch my neighbor walked out her front door to check on me. I’d really like to win the book for my sister. She has struggled with her weight/ eaten crappy, since we were kids and I think she would benefit from reading it. I absolutely LOVE the book (I’m literally already done reading it) and would love to share it with her so we can both brake the chain of living unhealthy in a state that loves frying pig skin for fun… (seriously, “cracklins” are disgusting, Google this shit!!!)!!! LOVE TSC!

  225. I think I should win because otherwise I have to wait till the end of June *sob sob* for your book to be realised in the UK 😉 xx

  226. I absolutely should win because I want to keep this book in my kitchen to use the recipes everyday! I’ve already read it on iBooks and loving the tips and recipes to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Congrats on the book and you rock!

  227. I’d love to win because I definitely need a pick-me-up right now after a crappy few months of health issues. This would be motivating!

  228. I think I should win as otherwise Id have to wait till the end of June *sob sob* to get your book in the UK 😉 xxx

  229. I would love to win this because you are the Seriously, you are super duper inspiring! I love your blog and I wish I could go to your launch party…sadly I live in NorCal. XOXO and congrats on all your success!

  230. I would love to win because I love and apprciate beautiful things! I love reading your tips on beauty. I love coconut oil now! Also, it is great to see that women out there can be ambitious and still care about fitness and appearance.

  231. I have to win because I absolutely love your blog, your attitude towards life and your unique style! I visit your blog every morning as part of my daily routine and can’t wait to get my hands on your book!


  232. I would love to win your book! I absolutely love your website! I would also like to learn more about the lifestyle!!

  233. Lauryn,

    I absolutely love reading health and fitness blogs and yours is without a doubt my FAVORITE! You include both sides of fitness and health… with a side of humor and attitude. I LOVE it. You are so motivational and reading your posts helps get me to the gym. I love trying all of your recipes (especially your dessert and smoothie ones). You make fitness and living a healthy lifestyle fun. Your blog inspires me to create more posts on my own blog when I’m lagging in mine and I look forward to every new post. Keep doing what your doing because this blog is awesome! I would really love to win this book because although I love looking at your website every day, I would love to have all of your recipes and advice in my hands so I can easily flip through it. Thanks for doing this giveaway, it’s awesome!

    <3 Jill

  234. I love the skinny confidential – so inspiring and helpful!
    Here’s to being healthy and smiling every single day!

  235. I think I should win because I absolutely LOVE your book! I already bought it for myself, but I would re-gift this one to my bestie 🙂 I think this book definitely deserves to be shared! Thanks!!

  236. It’s marathon training season and I would love something extra to pamper myself after these long runs! I also love being able to read books published by some of my favorite bloggers and yours is on the list.

  237. I ABSOLUTELY NEED to win this giveaway because I have found some incredibly useful tips and loads of inspiration from your blog and I live so far away (:() but I’d loooove to have this beautiful book to keep me inspired and motivated all the time!! Plus I could definitely use some more girly items in my beauty arsenal!

    All the best!

  238. I would be blown away to win the signed book and the goodies that come along with it!
    I full on love your blog it has inspired/given me the courage to start writing again! I have bought a few of the products you suggested and loved them!

    Anyways… I’m a huge fan keep up the good work 🙂

    ps. Loving oil pulling! xo

  239. I love your blog! I’d love to win the book as I am traveling to Hawaii in April and will need some reading material for the airplane and while I’m laying on the beach drinking skinny cocktails 🙂

  240. Hi Lauryn!!

    First of all, let me start off by saying, congratulations!! Writing and having a book published is hard work and not many people can say they’ve done it, so good for you!! I would LOVE to win your book! I’m currently in the process of changing everything about my life. Trying to be the best that I can be. Your blog is the kind of lifestyle that I want to attain. Your book would help me out tremendously. So pleeease pick ME!!! 🙂

  241. I’ve been following your blog for a while now and continually love your posts, tips & tricks! Would be so happy to get the book as I’m trying to eat more organically and be more conscious of how I treat my body. Plussss, I really want to get my friends on the health bandwagon so your book & blog are basically the most chic way to convince these ladies 😉 lol Thanks doll!

  242. I would DIE over all of this stuff…I’ve actually been wanting to buy your book, especially since I’m GETTING MARRIED in June and this would be such a nice gift to spoil myself with…candles to calm myself down because hey….planning a wedding is STRESSFUL! So much fun, but lets not kid ourselves…it takes a heck of a lot of work. I love your blog, so buying your book will be a must if I don’t win this giveaway. But I’m dying over the pens, notebook, candle, book…everything is just so darn cute! And your book would be the perfect table topper for when my future hubby and I get our first home together! And it’s just the best inspiration to get healthy! Please pick me! Eek!

  243. I just discovered your blog in the past few weeks and I am flat out OBSESSED! I’m a total health nut with a passion for working out, vintage clothes, DIY projects, and anything organic! I would absolutely love to win your book!

  244. I would absolutely die if I was the winner of the cutest gift basket ever! I am so so excited about your book coming out. I have already bought it, but I would love love love to have a copy to give to a girlfriend of mine! I absolutely love your blog and love how inspiring you are. My favorite part about the blog and book is how you promote good health and inspire women to be healthy not stick thin! When I was trying to lose weight for my wedding your blog would inspire me to make healthy decisions to reach my goal weight and I did! Thank you for everything you have done for me 🙂

  245. I would love to win this book and goodies! I am currently pregnant and already thinking about my post-prego body! And new toenail polish never hurt 😉

  246. Hi!!! I would love to win this give away for a million reasons!!! TSC has totally changed my life(whoa dramatic right?!)! It’s true, you have opened my eyes to eating/living cleaner and I have never felt better!! So happy for you and all of your success, you are a doll. AND I am a former Aztec myself 🙂 way before you were there, but ha ha we have that in common!

  247. Hi Lauryn,

    I have been a religious follower of your blog/lifestyle for about a year now. I was immediately drawn to how funny you are, #1 and #2, I felt like I had a lot in common with you- so becomming a reader was easy and enjoyable. But most important, #3, that I still learn things from you. My nutrition education has expanded 10 fold with a lot of your tips, tricks, and recipies. You introduced me to Suja- which is probably my favorite thing in thee entire world (Suja cocktails, too!) . It would be a dream to work for them one day! I find a lot of inspiration in your posts- home decor, clothing, and an all around “Skinny Conf Look and Lifestyle.” I really look up to how you carry yourself and present yourself to others. I live in the midwest and have my whole life- so you bring a little West Coast love and stlye into my every day. Thank you for blogging 🙂 I would be happy to win.


  248. I would love to win because this is my first time finding your amazing blog and I can’t get enough of it. I need the book to feed my thirst!

  249. I’d love to win because as a student abroad it’ll be really nice to have girly dorm room nights~~ <3

  250. I would love to win the TSC book! I am so amazed by Lauryn and her consistently positive attitude. I could just imagine how reading this book could bring a ray of light into mine (or anyones) day. Lauryn always has the best advice to share and I constantly find myself checking her blog for a healthy and yummy recipe or fun, creative project idea! Im also obsessed with her fashion sense! Lauryn is a true inspiration for every girl to be her best self at all times!

  251. I don’t just WANT to win, I have to! I have adored your blog for so long it’s ridiculous. You’ve inspired my wardrobe and dorm room! I’m so obsessed with your style it’s not even funny. You are my fav blogger, you post the best mix of interviewing other fab ladies, tips, style, recipes, everything! I’m going into my first year of college and know your book would help me in every aspect! Congratulations on the book being here, I’ve been a long time reader and couldn’t be happier for you!

  252. I would ADORE winning this book because your website has changed my life! I’ve learned to shift my consciousness to not only fitness and aesthetics, but overall health and wellness. I now pick up a bag/jar/box and read all ingredients before purchasing. I now stay away from big brand supplements and shakes and bars that I use to waste my money on that promised results but are really only filled with nasty chemicals that our body is not meant to ingest. Winning this book would be such an honor and undoubtedly help me continue developing my newfound healthy lifestyle. And your pretty amazeballs, too.

  253. I would love to read this book for some great tips and advice, thank you so much!

  254. This is a super awesome giveaway!!! I’d LOVE to get a copy of the book 🙂 This whole prize back would be a really amazing goody to have for spring–I’m not so sure I “deserve” to win, but it sure would be a nice treat to have to counter all of the stress that I’ve endured during the Crossfit Open. Candles and nail polish cure lots of things 😉

  255. I would love to win because I seriously need some awesome inspiration to begin a healthy lifestyle, and I feel like your book can help me put my best foot forward :)!

  256. Hi!
    I would love to win you’re book and the goodie basket!!! Everything in the basket is adorable not to mention my favorite color is pink and I love anything from Vicky’s. I read you’re post everyday and you are a great inspiration to staying healthy and loving yourself. Also love the DIY posts. We’ve had an extremely cold winter where I live and you’re basket would be a great spring pick me up! Pick me please!!!

  257. I totally heart your blog. Your tips, your recipes, your posts are everything!
    You’ve inspired me to start up my own blog.
    I just completed my first cleanse ever due to your helpful posts!
    So thank you! You’re fab!! xx

  258. First off, congrats on your book that is such a major accomplishment. I remember reading, I believe it was on Fashionlush, how you always have been a great writer. You truly voice yourself and personality through your blog so well. I began my blog a few months ago and after reading yours faithfully, I also was able to find my voice. It felt so freeing and I am just thankful I stumbled across your blog since it has inspired me with mine. I would love the chance to read your book and learn more if possible. Hope you have a happy Friday and once again much congrats! Hope your launch party was all you could ask for and more.

  259. I’d love to win the book/basket…if I do, I’ll take it as a sign to buy a lotto ticket! I like your blog, it doesn’t come off as fake/puppies and rainbows like the other ones that I read when I get bored at work 🙂

  260. I have to win this giveaway since I have vowed to write more which I could do with the pretty pens in the gold notebook with my freshly painted periwinkle nail polish that I keep in my lace jelly makeup bag that also holds my minty lipgloss that won’t smudge while drinking from the pixy straw after I have lit my lime candle while I write down my favorite tips from the TSC book. So you can obviously see I need all of it in my life to have the complete experience 🙂

  261. I remember following you when you first started out- congratulations for making it this far! I cannot wait to see what more you can do in the future. 🙂

  262. While its always great to win a freebie ~ genuinely enjoy your site & your blog. Its no-nonsense & straight forward and I can appreciate that. Great tips, ideas and even things to think about. Yes people, if you don’t get off your ass and move it, you will lose it. You have to put forth the effort. Thanks!

  263. I’m officially obsessed with your blog and just told one of my friends about it. Also own your book and as I’m not ready to share yet, I have a friend that would totally adore a a copy. Did I mention that I love all things girly and it’s also my b day this month. Who wouldn’t love a basket of goodies from you on their birthday? Thanks fire everything you share. You’re wonderful.

    Xx C

  264. I would love to win this because I love the book! I have it on my Kindle but this way the format would be better (the pictures are wonky on the kindle) and I could share it with my friends and loved ones! Not to mention all of the other gifts look absolutely amazing and wonderful and super pretty. I could gift some to my other friends and spread the love all around 🙂 Plus lime candles sound amazing for spring. I really want to adopt The Skinny Confidential way of life!

  265. I should win this giveaway because you are my favorite blog to ever exist…but seriously. You are such a strong inspiring woman that kicks ass and I strive to be like that every day. I have been following your blog for months and I don’t know what I did before it! If I were to win this and receive your book I would be so happy because if your blog is so amazing I can only imagine how great your book is. All the goodies that come with this giveaway are so adorable and I love anything Victoria’s Secret, of course! <3

  266. I would love to win this giveaway just because its not only about the feeling of enjoying reading this website and following the skinny confidential , its mostly and furthermore important about making this a real thing! I want to have it in my hands !!! I promise to show all these items off with amazing class and make everyone sooo jealous that they will head over knees for your blog lol. I will rock them!

  267. I would LOVE the book! I religiously read your posts.

    PS- Did you notice how after you and FashionLush started talking about oil pulling it became like the most popular search on yahoo? I giggled a little.

    xox Lauren

  268. I would love to win this giveaway as I’m a student to have little money to spend on things to treat myself like the goodies in this box, I’m also eagerly waiting to be able to get a copy of your book. I would so crazily happy if I was the winner of vibe of the two giveaway hampers.

  269. I would love love love to receive this awesome package of goodies to share with all my roommates! I am a huge fan and read your blog as my bible ((obvi)) so you already know I have picked up a copy of your book on Amazon but I would absolutely love to add a copy to our house bookshelf (inspired by your Mini Delites postings) since my copy is already the center piece of my room’s coffee table book collection. Plus a girl can never have enough nail polish, lip gloss or candles, so I it would be totes amaze if you pick me! Thanks and keep the healthy tips coming, you inspire me everyday! xx

  270. I’d love to win because I’ve been reading your blog forever and can’t get enough of all your amazing fitness, health and lifestyle tips! Def my favorite blog 🙂 Plus I’m getting married in two months and would love to read through your book and use your wisdom to look and feel my best in May!

  271. This year I’m going to NYC and I could really use some confidential tips so I can walk the streets there like I’m a queen. I think your book and some of your giveaways would do perfect for that.

  272. I am OBSESSED with TSC! I am originally from California but I go to college in the middle of nowhere Indiana, so TSC is my way of staying close to my California roots. I am a Pi Beta Phi and I’ve gotten a ton of my sorority sisters hooked on the Skinny Confidential blog. We love trying out your recipes and always talk about your amazing style. If I were to win this giveaway, rest assured your book would be put to good use. ALL of my friends want to read it! Please consider me! <3

  273. Hi,I’m Elisa from Italy and I really,really,really LOVE your blog. In Italy there aren’t blog about health and fitness so when I have to look up to someone about fitness/healthy stuff I always visit your website (it’s even in the trademarks of my computer :D) I really hope I win it cause I really need a book that I can bring around,wherever I go,to consult .
    I’m also very curios about all the other things (unfortunately there’s not VS in Italy D;)
    Thank you very much

  274. I would love to win a copy of your book and the pretty little extras. I have been on and off the health wagon for a while now. I want to make it a lifestyle change instead of a phase. I love your writing voice. It’s without boundaries and to the point. No sugar coating. I would love to have your book to read but also to have as a coffee table book. It would be an extra reminder to get moving and not put disgusting nonsense in my body no matter how tempting. Lots of love from the east coast <3, Nikki

  275. I would love to win your book because I am a longtime reader and find your blog to be so inspiring.

  276. I die over your blog. Have been waiting for your book release since you first hinted at it. I will be getting married in the summer and could totally use these gorg products to get sexy and beautiful leading up to the big day! I have your book preordered of course, but would love to give copies to my beautiful bridesmaids as gifts. 🙂

  277. I would really love to read your book. I actually need a lot of help in losing weight due to the amount of fast food restaurant that are located everywhere. So I’m always tempted. LOL I hope to be the lucky winner. This is exciting. 😀 I can just imagine how it would feel to win something like this in my life. Would be the luckiest person ever. Thank you for the opportunity Lauryn! ^^

  278. I stumbled upon this blog after seeing one of it’s pictures trending! I am obsessed with living a healthy and fit life..while looking fabulous while doing it! I work in an industry dominated by men and I’d love to pull my girly ways back into my everyday look! After reading the sample of this book… I was HOOKED! I hope I win!!


  279. I read your blog everyday and I love health and fitness. I work out at least 5 days a week but I have difficulty adding some pretty to my life because I am so busy all the time! I love everything about your blog, but especially the little things you do to make a fit life a girly, pretty life too… I could really use more of that right now.

  280. I would love to win because your blog has completely inspired me. I recently found you and have been hooked on reading everything you have to offer. I have been inspired to live a more healthy lifestyle, as well as start creating my own blog as well to share with the world my weight loss journey. Thanks! 🙂

  281. I would love to win this giveaway because I come to the blog everyday to check updates and to hear how to make my every day to day life better! I know brush my lips, drink Kombucha and use the amazing portion sized dishes you love. I need to know more!! I live all the way in New York and am still so dedicated, despite the horrible difference in weather! I need a good new read!

  282. Love your fabulous blog! If I won, I would share all the goodies with the girls in my office. We just love ‘pick me ups’ when the stress of work gets us down!

  283. I have been following your blog for years and have been waiting for your book. It is finally here! This gal needs to win the book for your fav lifestyle tips!

  284. I LOVE your blog and all the fitness and health advice you give! It inspires me to try new things and to be more conscious of what I am putting in my body!

  285. Dying to read your book! And I neverrrrrr win blog giveaways so I would do a jig of joy if I won!

  286. I would love to snag your book! I think it’s great that you’re sharing healthy living tips but also sharing your hilarious personality at the same time! Rock on!

  287. I should win because I absolutely love both the content and aesthetic of your blog and I would love to see more of it in your book! I’m a sucker for gorgeous books filled with goodies and I know that yours will deliver. I want to know so much more about the lifestyle tips you have to offer. I’m committed to eating clean, getting sweaty, and looking good and winning this would help me do that even more!!

  288. I absolutley must win because I adore your blog endlessly and I want to buy my own version of TSC and give another to my best friend to help inspire her to live healthfully and tastefully as well <3

  289. I would love, love, love to win this because I am addicted to your blog and would love to read your book to understand your ideas and aesthetics in a deeper way. I am a spiritual, health conscious girl who is trying to stay on the clean and wholesome path health-wise. Your recipes always inspire me to eat better. I also love your design tips!

  290. Lauryn!

    I follow your pinterest and instagram! Your posts and your pins inspire and keep me motivated to stay on this lifestyle change journey! Being young and independent has left me ballin’ on a budget, so not much extra cash for fun finds such as books and other goodies! Please pick me, I need all the help and inspiration I can get!

    Wishing you all the best!

  291. Because your book is only, like, the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. xoxo

  292. not only do i love your writing style and sense of humor, but i love your advice! i need your book on my bedside table for daily inspiration. and plus the extra goodies, to die–i love me some adorable stationary! xo

  293. I would love to win because I just found your blog and am in love with your style + tips. Would love to get to know more about TSC!

  294. I NEED to win because it’s my birthday next week, and that looks like a pretty awesome girly basket of birthday gifts. 😀

  295. I would love to win because I’m 23 years old & I need help figuring out what I want out of my life. I think your book will give me the guidance & motivation that I need. I love all your recipes & advice. I think your book is the *perfect* push for me! (:
    Love, Jess.

  296. Your blog is one of the BIGGEST highlights of my day! LOVE your posts, your incredible sense of style, and the commitment you have to living a joyous, healthy life! A beautiful inspiration to SO MANY around the world! I would absolutely love to receive this giveaway! What a blessing it would be!

  297. Everything in this basket is to die for!!! Can’t wait to read TSC book! Congratulations on its release : )

  298. Why should I win? Because I NEED to read your book!!! The other goodies are a bad-ass bonus, but I would really LOVE a copy of your book. I’m inspired by your blog to make my entire life healthy– not just stay thin. Send me a copy of TSC Bible!! xoxo

  299. I absolutely have to win, cause i love your blog and i really want this book but it’s not avaible in my country! This book will be my treasure

  300. As someone who has always struggled with body image, what to eat/what not to eat and what is healthy/what is sickie— this blog has become my healthy obsession. We are only given one body and everyone should strive to treat it as the temple it really is. Lauryn, you not only give us great advice on all topics we as women care about, but you do it in a hilarious-stop-making-excuses-about-everything way. I love it 🙂 Thanks girl. I would be honored to be considered for this giveaway because I have been so inspired by you and each morning the first thing I do (while oil-pulling duh) is read your blog and try not to spit out the coconut oil every time I laugh!! 😉 You say what we are all thinking and it’s a kick-ass motivator for my day before heading to work. If I win, the goodies will be shared with my girlfriends who also love your blog. If I don’t win I will be purchasing your book anyway (my first copy I gave as a birthday gift to a friend), but I just thought I would take a shot. Thank you again!!

    1. Hi! – I’m the same Jessica as above. Just realized that since Bloglovin is connected to FB this email ( is the one used. My other one is— i use both


  301. I would DIE to win because I’ve been obsessed with your blog since I was in college at SDSU. I’ve also been having total anxiety/a minor crisis debating whether to buy your book in print since it’s so cute or to buy it on my iPad so I can access it whenever I’m having a fashion/fitness/healthy food dilemma on the go. Help! Also- Suja rocks my world. xoxox

  302. I would love to win this book because I am trying to get ready for my upcoming wedding in July. I have been a follower for awhile and love your blog. Xoxo

  303. I would love to win because I absolutely love your blog. I love how you’re unfiltered and unapologetically yourself. Definitely need to read your book because if it’s anything like your blog, I know I’ll love it!

  304. I’m pumped to read the book and it will look so purty on my nightstand under the lime candle.

  305. I would love to win your book because I love your blog and find everything you write super helpful & fun. I love that you have a healthy, and natural way to beauty, food, and fashion!

  306. I would love to win this because I want to start getting healthy and fit. I absolutely love your blog and I would love to read your book! And I would also live to win the goodies. Would love to win! Xxxx 🙂

  307. Love your blog! Read it errrr day! Please pick me, not only because I love your blog, but I’m also in the middle of applying to Master’s programs and need a little pampering! Cannot wait to read your book!

    P.S.Made your raspberry and chocolate chip dessert last night, and all I can say is yummmmm.

  308. I would LOVE to win this prize so so so much! I love your blog and if the book is half as good it will be really kick ass! No doubt it is 😉 I have also believe it or not owned ANYTHING from Victoria Secret and it’s about time right!

    P.S couldn’t follow you on instagram since I haven’t got it. I will do as soon as I get myself a proper phone! Pinky swear!

    P.S 2 I do follow you on twitter. Brownie points? *puppy dog eyes*


  309. Lauryn! I would absolutely love to win the SC prize giveway because the signed book would look great with the postcard you sent me! I am in LOVE with your blog and you have inspired me so much. I read your blog daily and there’s so much I have learned! I’m moving in the next couple weeks and the candles would smell so good in my new place and I’d be able to pamper myself with the other gifts and relax! xoxo

  310. You are extremely inspiring and motivational! Your blog, Instagram & book are AMAZING! I love your tone and attitude in how you approach fitness, healthy and beauty. It’s obvious you are an extremely down to earth, fun & outgoing girl! It’s refreshing to see someone who is not only gorgeous, but smart and NICE! I emailed you twice with questions regarding juicing and how you started blogging and you have always responded. I have been following you since June 2012 and it’s amazing to see how much you have grown & developed and how successful you are becoming! Keep up the great work and I look forward to everything in store for you and your future!!!

  311. I have been following your blog for over a year now and I was ecstatic when your book came out! I pre-ordered the Kindle version on Amazon and am on my second time reading through it! I would love a hard copy as well! I am getting married in Hawaii to the most incredible man and your book is the perfect guide to prep for the wedding! The goodies in the giveaway would also be fabulous additions to my wedding day essentials! Thanks for all your amazing advice!

  312. I absolutely admire you and your work. I am new to following you but am happy to say I am so addicted. I work full time and the advice you give on here truly keeps me motivated. Whenever I have a long day at work and feel unmotivated I log onto your blog to kick myself in the ass and get me to the gym. You have helped me with numerous fitness and health tips and I look foward to many more. I have already reccomended my trainer to your website and she loves it. I hope to be able to share more knowledge with fellow fitness freaks and get them hooked on you! Thank you:)

  313. Lauryn, I absolutely love your blog! Such an inspiration for healthy eating/drinking & the latest trends in San Diego! I am dying to read your book and everything in that basket looks so girly and fabulous! I really hope I win!

  314. I am obsessed with your blog.! I am a health guru and just started my own little blog. I would love to get your book, but I am a poor college student without the funds to buy it. Please choose me!

  315. Because you’ve got me oil pulling now, and I’d love to read your book! And cause this mama of two boys needs some girly pampering asap!

  316. So I really think I absolutely positively deserve to win this goodie basket! It’s totes the greatest friggin thing I’ve seen today. I would rock this basket so hard & put it to suuuuuch good use. I mean that candle I was basically made for my bedroom and that nail Polish would just look amazeeee. PLUS THAT MAKEUP BAG, omg. I mean, this stuff was practically made for me haha.

  317. I NEED to win this !!! I already bought your book and i’m amazed at how much I learned even though I religiously read your blog ! I have read the book cover to cover TWICE already and would love to gift it to a good friend of mine 🙂 I also die over anything ‘lime’ or victoria secret. Also anything that can help me keep things organized and is cute i’m buying. I would not mind the pixy straws to drink my kombucha-wine spritzer either 🙂 ! I hope your blog never ceases to be as funny, authentic, interesting and addictive as it is xx

  318. Gosh, your taste is impeccable and I already have your book on my “To-Read” list. I love your blog and I would love to partake more in the “Skinny Confidential” lifestyle with the gift basket! Thanks!

  319. I live on the North Slope of Alaska, in a tiny village of 800 people, working as a school counselor. This past year has been all about ME and taking back control of MY LIFE now that i am finished with college/grad school, i can finally focus on me. TSC has been such an awesome blog and help in pursuing this new healthy lifestyle. i would LOVE to win this gift, because I live in a super remote area. We are not accessible by any road, we actually have to fly in places that seat only 6 passengers (TINY) to a neighboring town where we can catch a jet to Anchorage. Winning this package would be SUCH a treat for me, as i can’t easily go out and buy any of the items listed! or really anything nice for that matter. i mean, a gallon of milk is $12.35. or at least it was. after i paid that much i gave it up!

  320. Such a fun giveaway! I would love to win so I could feed my skinny confidential obsession even more! I am so excited to read your book! Congrats! 🙂

  321. I have always wanted to be in shape and live a healthy life. I’m “skinny fat” and need all the help and advice getting fit and tone. I love healthy recipes and new exercise tips. I also love finding beauty tips, I didn’t have an older sister growing up to pass those tips on to me.
    This book is just what I’m looking for and would help me live the healthy, beautiful lifestyle that I’ve always wanted. You are very inspirational and I love the advice you give! Winning this gift package would mean the absolute world to me!! Like I’ve mentioned before, it would help me live healthier and help me become the woman I’ve always wanted to be! <3

  322. I should win because this is the best giveaway ever. Its genuine unlike lots of bloggers, you rock. And if I don’t get that book or candle I’ll be pretty upset. I def need your book, because why? You can never know enough about takin care of your bod.

  323. I would love to win!!! 🙂 I am finally getting my life back on track – exercising and eating healthy. I am constantly looking for motivation to keep me inspired and commit to a complete lifestyle change. Winning would help motivate me to continue on my own journey and help me inspire others as well!

  324. i should absolutely, without a doubt have to win, because i LOVE! your blog. It would be so freaking awesome and exited if i won the basket, with the skinny confidental book, plus some delecious stuff from victoria secret.
    Were i live and come from i don’t have the ability to buy the book!.. we even don’t have a victoria secret shop!!
    so it would be so cool if i won.
    – And by the way, this is a super awesome giveaway!!! <3<3

  325. Hey!! I would love love LOVE to win this book!! If I don’t win it I’m planning on buying it!! You are super duper inspiring!! I have my own health blog and honestly yours was one of the blogs I had been reading before I created mine! So yeah, I find you VERY inspiring!! I love how pretty and fun your blog is!! 🙂 I submitted my entry to try to win… and I clicked that I followed you on Instagram bcuz I had to to enter, but I didn’t… only because I don’t have one! Otherwise I totally would! I followed you on blog lovin! Thanks for the chance to maybe win! I really hope I do!! 🙂 Thanks again for your inspiration! 🙂

  326. I mean, I don’t even think an explanation is necessary. I’m pretty sure I want to replicate evvvvverything on your blog, so it goes without saying that I need everything in that adorable basket (and obv the book). Grac!

  327. I should win because I love your blog and agree with pretty much everything you share …. so I feel it’s only right to continue agreeing via your book!!

    Plus it’s almost my birthday.

  328. Because I am absolutely and utterly obsessed with every little thing listed and can’t wait to read the book (not available in S.A. yet!) and pass it on to my soul sisters. The blog is just the perfect combo of sass and class. Crossing finger for this one!!

    PC. Xx

  329. I absolutely must win because im in love with your blog and posts!! i really badly want to read that book!!!
    if i dont win ill buy it anyway because i have to read it and im obsessed with books and all things healthy.

  330. I would love love love to win this basket!! I can’t wait to read your book-ever since I found your website I have just been so inspired by you! You truly make me want to strive to live a healthier life, and I am sure the book will do the same!

  331. I absolutely have to win this challenge because I find myself reading your blog at least 3 times a day! On those days that you don’t have a new post, I sit anxiously waiting for it! I seek advice and fascinating ideas for my life from this website and it is helping me so much! I’m starting my FIRST EVER juice cleanse next Monday because of reading your blog <3 Finding this blog is a life changer for me 😀 You inspired me to pursuer a healthier and happier life!

  332. I would love to win this! I love reading your blog daily to inspire my outlook on healthy living. You make living a heathy lifestyle seem so simple and fun, which is how it should be seen! I love your simplistic and optimistic style and would love to have your book to keep me motivated and inspired, along with the beautiful products in this giveaway! I’m a closet beauty junky so I love trying new things all the time 🙂

  333. Hello! I have recently moved to San Diego and found your blog! I am also a health nut, I run a website and blog for a natural supplement company. I love reading about all your cute ideas! I am a proud freckle-faced redhead who is style and health obsessed, and I would love to win because I am dying to read your book and a few extra goodies never hurt anyone! I have never tried for any of these contest so I thought why not! If nothing else you know that you have gained an avid reader!

  334. Why I should win:

    1. You are awesome!
    2. I am awesome!
    3. I would LOVE to read your book!
    4. All the goodies are so cute and I would LOVE to have them!


  335. I am expecting my second little one in a few weeks and would LOVE to win this. I could really use the pretty things you added to the basket and would LOVE the book. Thanks for such a great opportunity to win!

  336. I would love to win your book because I am working on living a healthier, more balanced life!! : )

  337. So not only would I just die over winning your book but… call me crazy because I’m in love the pixy straws, pens and gold notebook too! So much fun in one giveaway! I just moved into my condo and new some new girly stuff…including your book on my coffee table! If I don’t win, I’m debating on whether I should order it or pick it up in the store…it looks like you use cute wrapping to send them!

  338. I would love to win this book! I found your blog right before going to training to be a Pure Barre instructor after searching the internet for whatever I could find about the process! Finding this blog came not long after discovering around 20 food allergies a few years ago (and quickly becoming disgusted with the ingredients in my food after having to read each label carefully for allergens!), it was perfect timing. It encouraged me to care more about what I was putting in (and on!) my body on days when I was struggling with the transition, and the drink tips have saved me from many a hangover. I want to win this book because I can’t wait to see what other tips I’ll soon not be able to live without! Either way, love this blog, love your style, & please keep it up!! 🙂

  339. Because you’re an inspiration to me, because I think you’re absolutely fabulous and because you motivate me to make the right and healthy choices everyday. So for that I’d like to say thank you.

  340. I’m a college freshman originally from Hawaii who just survived her first winter on the East Coast! Thanks to your blog, you helped me get through it with a sunny attitude and healthy tips! This basket would be great incentive!

  341. I deserve to win because it would be the cherry on top of my new journey into a healthier lifestyle. 2014 is the year I turn things around, the year I gain confidence and self Love and self worth. I am a young mom who has been through so much and I just completely let myself go and then one day I realized it was time to take my life back. I am taking it back with full force. Eating right, and exercise are going to be my new biggest hobbies. I am enamored with Healthy life styles and woman who inspire them like you. Please choose me, I would LOVE to get this and I would LOVE to share with everyone the treat you gave me. I have over came and will continue to show the world just how much I shine, just how special God made me. Thank you for your consideration. God Bless.

  342. I would love Love LOve LOVe LOVE to win the TSC book and all those goodie-goodie-gumdrops because
    #1 Your blog inspires me 100%! It makes me want to stay healthy and I already know how I’m going to design my future house because of you, hehe.
    #2 I need it desperately. I will DIE without it. A little bit like you with your Peacock Chair. You would die without it and lo and behold- you got it!
    #3 My local bookstore doesn’t stock TSC -sigh, why do I live here and not in the US- and it will take FOREVER for it to come if/when I order it.
    #4 I adore scented candles, seriously I have like twenty in my room alone. Also, you can’t buy those candles here grrrr..
    #5 I have a British accent. (jokes, this isn’t really a reason. But I do have one.)

  343. I would love to win because:

    I was already following you on instagram and bloglovin 🙂 I didn’t need to do that just to enter this giveaway.

    I have looked for your book twice in the past week at my local Barnes & Noble and they did not have it in stock.

    I love reading your blog and love that your writing style is so down to earth and straightforward.

  344. I would LOVE to win this giveaway!
    I’ve been wanting your book & I pinned it to my wish list but haven’t purchased it yet!
    I am a kinesiology student, and just enthralled with overall health, nutrition, and fitness. I’m especially interested in holistic and natural approaches to wellness. I would love to own your book and have all your wonderful tips and recipes and to be able to display it on my coffee table!
    Not to mention I absolutely love VS bombshell perfume, I’m a candle fiend, and I’m always making smoothies and drinks in mason jars (the pixy straws would be perfect for them!). ☼

  345. I would love to win your new book because I have been waiting months for it to come out! I want to read all your health teachings and be inspired to continue down the road of a healthy fulfilling life!!!

  346. Can’t wait to dive into this book to learn more. I get so much great info from this blog. And me and VS are tight! They’re my fav 🙂

  347. The most important reason I should win is because when I started reading your blog I was not entirely happy with myself. The Skinny Confidential has encouraged and inspired me to change myself for the better-I’ve lost 22 pounds using your recipes! I love reading your blog and look forward to reading your book!!! 🙂 XXOOBritt

  348. I just found your blog yesterday and spent about 3 hours reading through your posts and watching your channel on YouTube…I’m in love. You seem so real and aren’t afraid to tell it how it is. I would love to win this giveaway, but I’ll be buying your book for a friend anyway. Thanks for being a REAL blogger. 🙂

  349. First off, thank you for allowing your readers this opportunity to win such a phenomenal gift basket! Second, I’m a big girl (I say I’m “fluffy) and I recently decided to take action and make MANY life changes. I’ve dropped 10 lbs in the last three weeks and am keeping strong! I’ve increased my activity level and drastically changed my eating habits. I didn’t know about your book “The Skinny Confidential: A Babe’s Sexy, Sassy Health and Lifestyle Guide” until this post, but I’m definitely going to check it out. I am constantly looking for tips / tricks on how to get fit and become healthier! I would be honored if I was selected as a recipient in your giveaway and would hopefully be the “proof” that your tips / tricks work! I have a LONG journey to go, but I’m excited about how my life will change once the weight is dropped. Thanks again for the opportunity, girl!

  350. I should win because I NEVER win! Om not even sure if I can win this book since I live in Denmark?

    Anyway, I will keep follow you, because you har so funny and positive in everything you write, and you are actually also a very smart girl! I like your way of thinking! Keep up the good work. Positive thoughts back at your lifestyle and the person you are!

  351. I just found out that I’m preg today!!!!!!!!!!! My husband and I need all the help we can get and I think your book would be an EXCELLENT way to make sure I’m doing whats best for baby and me! I’m a little nervous but also really excited. I love all your recipes, ideas, and cute little DIYs, plush your fashion sense is fresssssshhhh to DEATH!
    Please pick me and make my day even more perffff than it already is!
    baby and me!

  352. Lauryn, I absolutely love your blog. More importantly, I respect you as a writer and a person. It is so inspiring to see your strength and courage. You are unafraid to be yourself and voice your opinions. Even with the success of your blog, you still manage to read and respond to your readers’ emails/comments, which is very rare to find. I really admire what you have accomplished and the example that you set for young women everywhere. I would love to win so that I can share your message of improvement and empowerment with my friends and the other young women around me! All of the other goodies are a great reward and way to unwind after a crazy week (and Midwestern winter!).

  353. This giveaway is AMAZ-BALLZ. Like seriously so cute. Like the pens and note books- too die! You have already got me hooked on Suja. I can’t wait to get hooked on the other products too 😉

  354. hello
    why i would love to win your book…
    im from coventry uk so id have to wait anyhow but i love your blog.its helped me with my anxiety problems as gives me motivation & ideas that i want to try
    ,I choose not to have facebook or twitter etc i just like to be private & think its sad when some people want to tweet every second of the day & it stupid stuff uk its bit superficial & sometimes very cruel method of communicaing

    i adore your lust for life……from food to exercise & the creativity.
    & your just genuinly kwl…..will continue to follow big thanks x x

  355. Hi Lauryn! I stumbled across your blog a little over a year ago, and it changed my life! I have never been more motivated to look good and feel good since I started reading The Skinny Confidential. It has given me so many tools to be proactive about my health and I’m obsessed! I also think your aesthetic is amaze! I’m a 25 year old teacher and I am in the best shape of my life, thanks in part to this blog. I would love to read your book, because I’m already hooked! Keep doing you, because it’s inspiring! xox Jade

  356. Love love love TSC!!! I moved from San Diego to Portland, OR about a year ago and as they say…you gotta make your own sunshine. This blog had been HUGE in keeping me happy & healthy since I moved north. I can’t do much about 165 days of rain, but I can stay healthy & fab. I am dying to see what is in your book! (Pick me pick me!!)

  357. I have always struggled with my weight and I never felt comfortable in my own skin. I am still in the process of getting in shape and changing my lifestyle. I have come accross your blog by complete chance, but I have fallen in love with it. Your blog is quite the inspiration and has helped me feel motivated to be more healthy. I would love to read your book as an aid in my journey. 🙂

  358. I have just started blogging and I must say your page is one to look up to! I would love to win your giveaway just because of the adorable things that are up for grabs! It’s the ultimate girly fantasy and who doesn’t love that! I have followed you on Instgram and your page is unbelievable on there too! I do hope I am in with a chance, it would be a brilliant start to my blogging future! Fingers crossed x

  359. LOVE your blog!!! Brings the California sunshine to London:) Would love to read more on how to stay fit and healthy plus love all your recipes. 🙂

  360. Hiii I really really want your book because it’s not in portugal ughh I wanna read it so bad and it’s not in my country, i’m gonna cryyyyy and If win this contest it will be signed up by you OMG I’D TOTALLY DIE . Besides that all the other things are just fabulastic ( fantastic + fabulous, lol saw what I did there 😉 ? ) I really need it and that victoria’s secret makeup bag o m g i need that in my life please it would be the best day ever please make it happen, continue with the good work I adore your blog, lots of love ♥

  361. I’d love to win your book! I really just discovered your blog and am wondering why I haven’t read it sooner. As a fairly new blogger, you’re an inspiration. Thank you!

  362. i wish to win your book, i’m sure it’s interesting, i really like to read your blog, that’s my inspiration to get fit and healthy…

  363. Hi.. I really would like to win your book, because I really like your way of expressing are down to earth…thanks for this giveaway

  364. Hey Lauren! Love Love your blog! I follow it everyday at work! Can’t wait to try the oil pulling BTW. I would love to win your book for the giveaway. Your daily blogs about of style, fitness and lifestyle get me through a boring 9-5! Thanks so much!!

  365. Hey Lauren,
    Your blog gets me throught a boring 9-5! Love all your style, fitness and lifestyle posts! Would LOVEEEE your new book. I’m sure it has SOOOO many new inspiring articles to try!
    Thanks for making my work day more fun!

  366. I would absolutely love to win this book! I think you are so funny! I love reading your blog! I love the organization advice you give! I think you are totally fashionable-which is great- plus it inspires me! I love all the easy healthy recipes you write on here! Even if i dont win, i still look forward to reading your blog! I love reading about the models and other totally gorgeous ladies you post on here! I love having a variety of advice on how people stay healthy since we’re all different- a variety of different fashion advice! AND MOST OF ALL I LOVE READING ALL THE FITNESS ADVICE! i love how you’re always “sorry, but not sorry” this had become my most used phrase lately! love this blog! love it all!

  367. First off I LOVE your blog!!! and love wining things (wait who doesn’t) It’s also perfect timing as I need a new read and yours would great! Lastly who would not want to win something titled “Bombshells”…..Cause we are all bombshells right?

  368. I thnk I deserve to win because it’s my 30th bday in the next couple weeks and I’m rly not doing anything special bcuz all my friends and dam live really far away… It’s just me and my two babies and my hubby who is broke bc I’m not working… Oh the joys,,, 🙂 I also rly want to read your book!

  369. I would love love love to win this because I absolutely adore TSC. I have been following your blog for close to 2 years now and have learned so much it’s amazing. You keep me up to speed with all things nutrition and fitness and I’m an avid TSC follower/ student/ worshipper! If I win, your book is going on my coffee table for life! XO!

  370. I’ve been dying to buy your book but have been tight on money lately so i’ve been trying to practice some discipline 🙂 I would love to win it and the other goodies! Your blog is my fave-it’s the first one i check everyday 🙂

  371. I absolutely la la love your blog. It’s my go to. Even if I don’t win your book, which I already know will be amazee, I’m going to buy it this weekend anyways! And if I do win, I’ll give the second copy to one of my besties! And who doesn’t love hot pink things? xxoo *hopeful*

  372. Hi Lauren!! I absolutely fell in love with your blog when I found it a couple of months ago! Your attitude to food, fitness and life in general has shown me how to be healthy without being obsessive-a really important life skill for all women. I can’t wait to read your book to see all your tips, old and new, in one place. Plus, it looks like a gorgeous coffee table book! Will definitely buy if I don’t win! X

  373. I would love to win this book for my sister! I have become a juice junky because of you and believe me my life has turned for the better, I’m healthy, active, enjoying my life again for the first time and its wonderful. Now I want my sister to share this with me and I’ve read this book and I know what it can do for a person, from my own experience! She really needs this turn around and to learn to “fake it to make it” haha best line, please let me win and help me out with my sister!

  374. I am a new follower to your philosophy and lifestyle! I am a marathon runner and had the worst health related year of my life with battling struggles with food/nutrition. I got injured in October and have not been able to run since. I found your blog and it helped me immensely with my views on food and ways to fuel my body. I am training to qualify for the Boston Marathon (with a healthy mentality) and you have been such an amazing influence and helped me come to terms with nutrients instead of insane restrictions on caloric intake. Thank you for this opportunity and contest and for being such a positive (and realistic) role model .
    Ps. I already have your book ordered but would LOVE a personalized copy, so exciting!

    xx Cait

  375. I would love, love, love to win this book because as a college student trying to change my lifestyle to one of health and beauty I think this book would be nothing but outstandingly influential in helping me get on the right track

  376. I would love to win the skinny confidential book giveaway because I would love to learn all the tricks you have to staying and living a healthy life! Plus I could share all the things I learn with my sister 🙂

  377. I have been following your blog since the start and I absolutely LOVE it and am such a fan of yours!!! I am dying for your book to learn more lifestyle tips and tricks. I need to win!!

  378. I would love to win this! Having a rough time both physically and mentally lately, would be a nice little surprise!

  379. I would love to win this giveaway because of many reasons. I have yet to read your book but I have wanted to for a really, really long time! I have been on the lookout for the book but I cannot find it anywhere to buy it in person, unfortunately. And I am absolutely in love with all of the goodies you have included in the giveaway. I will be the happiest, most grateful person in the entire world if I won. Please choose me because I really, really, really want to read your book! It looks amazing! Thank you so much for doing this giveaway, it’s extremely generous! Good luck everyone :)) x

  380. I would love to win this giveaway because your adorable blog posts always brighten my day, and being able to win a copy of your book would be an extra amazing ray of sunshine in my life! Plus that gorgeous nail color would be THE BEST bit of pampering after all my stressful finals are finished next week, I’m all about the little things 🙂

  381. I’m currently on a 100 day shopping ban, so winning some goodies would be a great way to get some of the mail I’ve been missing! 🙂

  382. I deserve this because I stalk your blog every single day to read all of the updates. I refer your blog to every single person I know, I take everything you say like its in a girl bible.
    Every product on your list in this basket would be a dream as would finally owning your book, which I have been looking to buy since i found out about it.
    I would be solo honored to win this basket! I think you are an amazing role model!!

  383. I absolutely have to win because I want to use your book as a guide. I stumbled upon your blog a couple days ago and it’s pretty much been the only thing I’ve looked at online since. I’m in the process of revamping my lifestyle and unhealthy habits. I heard about oil pulling and after reading your blog entry about it, well I started oil pulling this morning. I just bought a natural bristle brush today and am going to start body brushing as well. Also, I’m doing the 3 day juice cleanse starting Monday and have already printed out a bunch of your recipes to continue with clean eating afterwards! I plan on documenting my journey throughout the process and definitely will be sharing your website (and hopefully your book too if I win) with my friends and family and everyone! I’m excited to start my new journey and I will be that much more excited with your book in hand!!

  384. I love the Skinny Confidential!! I work 60-70 hours a week and your blog keeps me motivated to eat healthy, exercise and look cute even though I am usually too tired to care!

  385. I would love to win because I’m a med student who doesn’t get to feel girly and fun very often. This would help 😉

  386. Just started following your blog and I love it! You’re an inspiration. And I need to win this goodie bag because I am in desperate need of some pampering.

  387. Hi, I just found your blog through Fashionlush and have been reading your blog the last few days just gleaning all this awesome info. I’m impressed at the way it seems like you do your research and you’ve definitely inspired me. I have never been very interested in organic/natural and all that to be honest, but I’ve been wanting to get healthy for a long time. When I was 18, I had a kidney transplant and have been through a lot heath-wise in the last 10 years, including weight gain and acne on and off…the most of course at my wedding almost a year ago! Anyway, I am ready to make a life change and have been oil pulling for almost a week and started all these oils and I’m so excited to start all your little tips and tricks. You’ve even inspired me to start running…and that is a feat! All in all I am grateful I found your blog and intend to check it daily for new things and would love to get your book! Thanks!

  388. I need to win because I just found you and your blog and I’m obsessed!! New lifestyle has begun and I need the gems that are n your book to keep it going!

  389. Because who doesn’t want to win all sorts of great tips from a sex kitten like you? …And your blog inspired me to start my own furniture company …And it is taking off! Thanks 🙂

  390. Because who wouldn’t want to win great tips from a style kitten like you? …And your blog inspired me to start my furniture company..And it is taking off! Thanks!! : )

  391. Well, not only do I LOVE your Blog, but you have inspired me to make lifestyle changes with my diet and exercise habits. I need this book because if your blog is awesome, I know this book is freakin’ awesome, AND who doesn’t want this basket of awesome looking goodies?! I have waited for your book to come out, but sadly am on a tight budget and haven’t purchased it yet. I’m trying to be good with my shopping addictions ;-). Winning this basket would be the ultimate WIN!!

  392. I work at a juice bar and I absolutely want to share this book with my coworkers and regular customers. I also can’t wait to read about how to whip the BF into shape…love chub anyone?? 😉 I love, love, love this blog, so I know i’ll love the book!!

  393. I have to win this because I absolutely love love love your blog! I literally check it everyday..even multiple times a day 😉 you inspire me to be more natural and ditch all the crappy foods that I unfortunately used to eat. Love your blog, cannot wait to read your book!

  394. healthy noms, sparkles, juice, color, hippies and feathers make me happy.. I think your book looks like sunshine. can’t wait to see it!

  395. Hey! I have to win because I never win and therefore the forces of the world…good juju…karma..all that good stuff swishing around…chipped nails crossed…eyes needing to read your book, crossed….dude my nostrils which want to sniff that candle are even crossed. Ok, I’ll stop. Hope I win! ❤ ✌

  396. I would love to win this because as a freshman in college…well we all know those two words. Yikes! Save me from the freshman fifteen, please!!!

  397. I would love to win for more education. I was just diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia. I cannot have any sugar and need more ideas and lifestyle changes.

  398. I would love to win your book because your health tips you share on the blog are so easy to incorporate into one’s busy daily life…I would like to discover what other healthy lifestyle tips you have!

  399. Ahhhh I’d love to win simply because I’d love to share these with my two college girl friends 😀

  400. I can’t wait to read your book because you keep everything real, no vague BS, so I know it will be full of awesome practical advice!! I will buy it anyways even if I don’t win the contest, but hey, every $$ counts, right? So if I *do* win the contest, that means I can put the money towards buying a new bikini for the season, and then scour the pages of your book over and over so I can look amazing in it!!!! (I like to bribe myself with cute clothes — enable me!! :D) Your blog has been such an inspiration, ty for being so honest and helpful. It’s hard to think of one specific reason of why I want your book (why *wouldn’t* anyone want it? Lol).

  401. You are such an inspiration. I have achieved a lot of goals due to your website, the recipes you post. I would die if I win your book. After I am done with reading I will make sure I pass it on all those who will for sure gain an advantage by reading your work. I am proud of you. Keep the great work going on and keep inspiring people and oh yeah the gift basket will be an added advantage;)

  402. I have been following your website for years, I desperately want to change my life and lifestyle, but somehow I still can’t find the motivation to do it! This year so far has been an unlucky year, please send some of your good vibes (and goodies) down under! It would mean the world to me!


  403. I need to win this book because I’m obsessed with you Lauryn and I want you on my coffee table for all my friends to see and be obsessed as well

  404. I would love to have the chance to read your book and the goodies with it are not to shabby either!

  405. As a busy nurse in school, I would LOVE this lifestyle how-to. Sometimes I have to be reminded to take care of me!

  406. I’d love to win because I’ve been a reader of your blog for a while and I just love it! I’m excited to see what is in your book and It is on my must read list! The goodies included in your giveaway are also lovely. I don’t think there’s anyone that wouldn’t want to win this!

  407. I would love this book because I’m currently going through my weight loss journey. I love the skinny confidential’s tips and sassy attitude!

  408. I would really like to win because I visit your blog everyday and learn so many good things from you, specially about working out. beside I live in Iran and I can’t buy your book from internet or from any other sources because of sanctions. But I really love to have your book.

  409. I absolutely 110 persent need this because I ma just starting out a healthy regime to clear up me skin and tone my body and I am really needing the motivation and the information on how to do it. I absolutely love the salads that you make and I would love to have the book! xx

  410. I would love the chance to win this prize, I am a huge fan of your blog & would love to feature some of the items on my brand new blog.

    Your book looks amazing, I would love to read it.
    I hope I win!!!!
    Lots of love Sophie xxx

  411. It would be so fantastic to win this give away! It would be the perfect opportunity for me to read your book – and OMG those goodies look totally TO DIE FOR..

  412. I HAVE to win this because you are my spirit animal! I come to your website for all things: sexy workout gear, amazing recipes, top-notch fashion. You give the best advice that I follow religiously; you have even inspired me to start my own blog! You are a fashionable force of nature, and I only hope to one day be as fabulous as you, Lauryn!

  413. I went to the bookstore last week in my town and they didn’t have it. I would love to win the book, so I can read up and put to use your great tips!

  414. I’d love to get your book because you are an inspiration and I love reading your blog. Just startd folling you on Instagram:)

  415. I love this blog and your style ideas are great – would love to curl up with that book! 🙂

  416. I would love to win this giveaway because I have been following your blog for a few years now. It’s exciting to see how it has grown. Also, I think you’re a pretty kick-ass blog writer and I would just looooove to see how the book turned out.

  417. I need your book! (and this giveaway, because I’m a nurse and have been working so much, I feel like I need a little bit of cute stuff in my life). I can’t get it anywhere in my city, so I need to order it off Amazon and was just about to when I saw your post pop up in my daily feed for Bloglovin. I love love love your posts, and Instagram – I’m arulaar on there – and you really inspire me to eat healthy, dress fashionably, and have great hair and makeup. Love your stuff! You are gorgeous 🙂 Thanks for being such a babe! xxx and I hope I win!

  418. I need to win this!well I would certainly really love to win this!omg!i love your blog!and this giveaway is amazing!i just need it!;)thanks!x

    1. i dont know what happened that its all crossed :O here without, sorry :

      I’ve seen the little sneak peaks and promotions from your friends on intagram about your book and i just desperately in love with this treasure!!!. The problem is that I’m living in Vienna, Austria and it would be really expensive to ship it here :/ (student and on a budget). I read your blog like bible, honestly. Personally you inspire me the most with your motivational posts, they rescued me so often when i was thinking about beeing a couch potato and insted mooved my a** and went to the gym and worked on myself. All this mini advices that you give simple can make someones day, I hope you know this! Keep up the gorgeous work! 😀
      P.S : I would love to read about Pixy, I mean she’s like the most adorable creature on earth (these eyes !!)
      xx Anastasia

  419. I absolutely adore your blog and check it regularly for updates. It has the best life style advice and most gorgeous pics!! Most recently, I tried oil pulling recommended by you in yet another top notch post. My teeth and gums thank you 🙂 I’d die if I was picked to win the giveaway…everything I love is in it… Especially your book!!! I can’t wait to read it!!! Keep up the great work. XX

  420. I would loveeee to win because I have been following your blog for a while and it’s one of my favorites!! The book is in my cart on Amazon but I just haven’t gotten around to purchasing it. Can’t wait to read more tips and tricks that haven’t been mentioned on your blog! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  421. Hi! I would love to win because I seldom have the opportunity to pamper myself or have something good to read because I am a mommy to 2 young children. Those goodies would be a nice treat and your book looks amazing and a fun way to unwind after a crazy day (I plan to buy it if I don’t win)!


  422. I graduated just a couple of months ago and am now working as a tennis instructor. I’m constantly around kids and adults but always have to have a firm yet encouraging attitude. I feel very much like an adult but sometimes it feels great to feel like a princess. VS always make me feel like a hot princess and I would love to win this!

  423. I absolutely have to win becaaauuuusssee I’m getting married in May and all these little goodies would be such a fun treat for myself! The pens, notebook, file holder… all things I’d love to work into my space when I move!

  424. I would absolutely love to win because you are such and inspiration to me! I love everything you post and would love to learn more of your amazing tips and tricks!
    Thank you!! Xoxo

  425. I would love to win all those goodies and the book to get more great tips since I love your blog and it has already given me so much inspiration!

  426. This book is amazing! A woman’s must-have! After reading my copy, I placed it on my cookbook stand next to my stove as a constant reminder to always be the best version of myself EVERYDAY. I would love to win this give away so I can have the chance to pay it forward and pass on this amazing book!!!!

  427. I should win because I worked my butt off this week at my internship and deserve a little something nice!

  428. I would absolutly love to be the one you choose to win your book! I have been following your blog ever since you interviewed weslie C. I love all the advice you give and you are freakin hilarious too! Can’t wait for your book!
    -Stacy E

  429. OMG! I would absolutely LOVE to win this, especially your book! I’ve been reading your blog for about 2-3 years and I’ve emailed you a bunch of times asking you questions and you have always been sooooo sweet answering them. Your book seems amazing! Good luck with everything, not that you need it! XO

  430. I would absolutely LOVE to win this giveaway because I have been following your blog for over a year now (check every single day) and you have been such an inspiration for me in all aspects. Exercise, food, home decor, fashion, everything! I have become aware of nasty chemicals because of you, I have been introduced to SUJA because of you, and overall healthy clean eating. I have been so excited about your book so it would be amazing to win it!!!

  431. i would love to get your book because i have so much to learn and i think you have a special way of sharing all your info!

  432. I would love to win because I really want to take a look inside of your book. Your blog is absolutely amazing, so I can imagine the awesomeness that your book is sure to contain.

  433. I would love to win because I love your blog and you give amazing tips and advice. They really help when I want to give up. So I really want to read your book and those other things looks so lovely! Thanks! 🙂

  434. I would LOVEEE to win the signed copy of your book!! I’ve already bought the iPad version of the book, but wasn’t able to go to the book signing in LA living in Texas, so I’d love to get a signed one from you!! I’ve also been following your blog from the very beginning and it’s made such a huge impact on my day to day life! Love you L!

  435. I feel this book would help me immensely, I need some good tips! plus everything else looks absolutely gorgeous!

  436. I feel this book would help me immensely, I need some good tips! plus everything else looks absolutely gorgeous!

  437. I want to win this amaze giveaway for three reasons: (1) You were the first blog I ever followed. Yes, ever. i check in on your page every day and am truly inspired by your gorge lifestyle. (2) I want to read you book AND show it to my mom and meme (grandma) so they can see how fun life can be when you’re trying to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. and (3) the items in this giveaway are so useful and I’ll be able to bring a little west coast livin’ to oklahoma:) Thnx for creating a TSC book and congrats! xx, jamie

  438. I would love to win. I check your blog many times a day to see if you posted anything new! ^^

  439. I think I should win the book because I just started a healthy lifestyle and it would help me a lot to get ideas and motivation, plus I ADORE your blog so I’m sure I’ll love the book just as much,

  440. Your blog inspires young women like myself to blog with a purpose. It gives us hope that we too can build an online community and share our passions with the world. Your super inspiring girl! You’ve worked your ass off to create a masterpiece and it shows. Imma buy your book if I don’t win 😉

  441. First of all, CONGRATS Lauryn!!
    Turning your blog into a book is an amazing accomplishment. I can’t even begin to tell you how much your success motivates me. My dream is to one day do exactly what you are doing- blogging, writing a book, and living a fab life! My B&N doesn’t have your book yet or else I would have read it at least 4 times (a day) by now. That basket of goodies is adorbs and my broke college student brains says “let me in on that action!” haha. While winning would be amazing, the most important thing is that your book looks incredible. I hope I can get a copy soon. Congratulations again! 🙂

  442. Because it’s a great selection of prizes and some of them are on my wishlist for so long ! Thank you !

  443. Well I would be honoured to win because seriously? I never win! I’m forever the loser! And I can’t afforded to actually buy a copy because I’ve maxed out my card with all the other cute lil recommendations on your blog! I’ve been reading your blog religiously, and so to actually have a copy of the book would be like my new bible! And the other lil bits and bobs are toooo sweet! I’m 100% lushing and going all jelly knees over the thought of winning this adorable bundle of goodness! It’s unrealistic ally badass to be giving 2 away, so maybe I’ll be lucky this time! pretty please with a cherry on top pick me?

  444. I would love to win your book because you have fab ideas! I check you blog everyday for updates!

  445. I love you blog and healthy tips and tricks. It’s really helped me get back on track!!

  446. I would love, love, LOVE to win! I want the book and those pretty goodies so much but as a starving college student I really can’t afford to splurge (as much as I want to buy it)! Winning this would be so perfect!

  447. Hello gorgeous lady! Here are a few of the reasons why I am dyinnnngggg to win your book and fabulous goody bag!
    1. Since discovering your blog about a year and a half ago, every aspect of my life has improved! You inspired me to get off my ass and not make excuses! I started my blog, my design business, and completely changed by lifestyle habits. Growing up in the south, the only “refreshment” drink i knew of was soda (ick, right?!), and the food I ate was god awful! Your down to earth, in your face approach to helping people be conscious of WTF they are putting into their bodies truly was an eye opener, and I can proudly say that I now only put healthy, wholeful, things into my body 95% of the time, with the other 5% being a cookie I sneak in because I can’t stop my sweet tooth, and I’m not that sorry because of how well I take care of myself the other 95% of the time.
    2. Your juice cleanse was phenomenal, and your quick, personal response to me when I asked for the cleanse made me feel like we are already pals, which I think we would be if I could make it out to California for your book launch party, but I’m living in England at the moment, so sadly I can’t make it, which brings me to point 3…
    3. My hubby brought me over to England to live for a few years for his job, and while I am SOO thankful for the opportunity, life without Target is a pretty tough 🙁 . I can’t get my hands on cute stuff like whats in your goody bag all the time! (PS- i have an American address that I can receive the goodies at if I happened to win)
    4. OIL PULLING & Apple Cider Vinegar. My group of girlfriends at our weekly bachelor viewing nights thought I was sooo gross for taking shots of apple cider vinegar and swishing coconut oil around in my mouth for 20 minutes every day. I sent them links to your blog posts and now they are hooked on both.
    5. I’m patiently waiting for my copy of your book that I pre-ordered on Amazon to make its way to me, but as I’ll probably constantly be referencing that book, I’ll need another copy to pass your wisdom along to my gfs!
    6. I will review your book on my blog and pin the link to buy it like crazzyyy on pinterest because the world needs to read it.
    7. You’re a badass, and I really need to know all of your lifestyle secrets. Every day that I check my PO box and my book isn’t in there, I die a little.

    I’d love to win, but either way, I can’t wait to get my hands on that book! Heart you, and your blog!

  448. I have to win because I neeeeddddd the book, and, I’ve love loveeee Victorias secrets!!!!!!! Please pick me!!!!! Xoxox

  449. Hi there! I am new reading blogs (late to the party, I know…), but I LOVE your blog and all of the blogs you have designed on Your style, honesty, and drive have really motivated me to try new things and be my best self. You’ve even inspired me to maybe even start my own blog! Keep on rockin’ lady, you’re great!

  450. Hiii Lauryn! I would love to win TSC book and goodie box to read further in depth your tips, tricks, and healthy lifestyle mantras you have so graciously offered up. I have recently discovered your blog and I find your approach to a healthy lifestyle very doable so if I were to win this book, I know I would actually incorporate your advice into my every day life (because I already do it with your blog). As a fellow 20-something I know how easy it is to feel pressure from society and media to look your best, dress your best, cook a certain way, lead a certain lifestyle etc. And let me just say, it is insane! I find your website to be one that I not only admire, BUT one whose advice I actually apply to my own life. If I were to win your book, it would be SO much more than a coffee table decoration 😉 😀

  451. You are so amaze! You’ve inspired me to live a healthier lifestyle and I thank you for that. I always wake up in the morning looking forward to reading your blog. Keep up the great work!


  452. I just adore you and your blog and would love to read your book! Not to mention this prize pack is kind of bad ass 😉

  453. I’d love to win this because I’ve just committed myself to a healthier lifestyle, and need a bit of help. Your book would be perfect for me to jump start my new life since the words on your blog have already inspired me. The extras in the basket are just a cherry on top, and would be lovely for those days when I deserve to treat myself after making it through another day in my journey to a healthier life.

  454. I would absolutely love to win your giveaway. Your website is wonderful, and I cannot wait to read your book. The goodies that you selected for the giveaway are amazing!

  455. Reading The Skinny Confidential is an integral part of my morning routine! I love your sassy, honest voice and you inspire me to focus on a healthy lifestyle without missing out on the fun. I can’t wait to read your book!

  456. I would absolutely love to win your giveaway because I am dying to read your new book! You have the only blog I check in on a regular basis…so yeah I basically adore you and your doggie. And I’m a VS perfume whore so yeah…

  457. O my! I just found The Skinny Confidential! I am so excited about this blog! I would love to win this give away because I feel like it would be a great reward for me! I have recently quit taking my chronic pain medication (Cymbalta) with very heavy nasty withdrawals, started zumba class and learning to eat healthier!

  458. I believe I should definitely win the book because it could improve my life. Through your life changing tips, I could use them to finally achieve the abs I want. My diet could be centred around delicious, clean eating. I could learn the beauty tips that make you a sex kitten (: I tried to buy the book at my local big book store, but they all sold out. I would appreciate it so much if I could win this book!

  459. I want to win because the basket looks amazing and I could never muster up such a collection of amazing goodies all on my lonesome… surely that’s reason enough 😉

  460. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win your book! I just found you about 10 minutes ago and I am hooked! I love your site and can’t wait to read your book. Plus, the other goodies (OMG that notebook and pens…divine) would totally make me happy!

  461. I have never been overweight, but I have also never had a positive image of myself, leading to many problems, and this blog has been helping my slow journey back on track to a healthy/safer lifestyle and helping me to learn to like myself.

  462. Well.. because obviously I need to read your book! (Whether I win this or not, I promise I’ll read it haha 😉 ) You are such a wonderful person! Thank you for doing this. Wish I could be at the party.. Sending you lots of love from New York City! xxx

  463. Well.. I obviously need to read your book!! (I promise to read it whether I win this or not ;)). You are such a wonderful person. Thank you for doing this. Wish I could be at the party.. but sending you lots of love & health from New York City!! xoxoxo

  464. I would love to win the TSConf Book! I started following about 6 months ago and I have been obsessed ever since….So inspiring!

  465. I would love to win your book and basket of goodies because I have been following your blog for quite a while and I enjoy reading all your ideas and tips on beauty, nutrition and fitness. I have already ordered your book and haven’t received it yet, but I would really like to give my Mom a copy of your book and share the basket of goodies with her 🙂 We both read and love your blog!

  466. You have the style. I love it. Thanks for pouring yourself into your fans and always learning new things to share. I love your book, and I’ve loved your style. Plan and simple. I would love to win this giveaway, it would absolutely make my year! 🙂 You are wonderful and I hope that this continues to grow, and that you will be continually blessed!

  467. I want to win your book because your site has already helped me eat cleaner and get back on track! I’m newly married and was so scared I was going to gain that “love fluff.” Your site has the best quick and easy ways to clean up your diet and get your ass moving! Plus the timing couldn’t be more perfect with bikini season just around the corner!!!!! xoxoxo

  468. I am actually new to the skinny Confidential. I found your blog while searching through other blogs one day and I have been hooked ever since! I have gone back and read all of your posts. I have been so inspired by you and your life style. I have taken your advice and follow most of it everyday. I feel that I am happier and healthier because of it. I believe I should win because in such a short amount of time I have learned so much from you. So by having your book I would be able to learn even more from you! I find you inspiring and motivational and all I want is to be healthy. I know by living a healthy lifestyle it will make me happy. I want to thank you for all of your great blog posts and it would be an honor to win.

  469. I love life and strive to be healthy, and that lifestyle and attitude keeps me active and fit. Despite that, I still struggle, as many women do, to embrace myself as a sexy, beautiful woman. I love blogs like this that inspire others to enjoy being women and to love ourselves and our femininity. I have found love again (at almost 40…hang in there single girls – it will happen!), and it has given me extra motivation to live every moment and be the best person I can be. And amazing how a sexy, strong man can make a grown woman act so girly!!!! Have fun with your contest. I hope I win, but if not, I’ll still check out your book!

  470. I would love to win this giveaway because i want to balance my life and with your book i can do that and i just love all the girly stuff that came with it!!!

  471. I would love to win the book as I have realized I need to work on my lifestyle and become a healthy person. Any advice or tips are well needed!

  472. I would love to win the giveaway to give as a gift to my bestie for her birthday coming up. I already ordered your book on amazon presale, and want to give the signed copy for the gift. Since we are both so obsessed with your blog and your message.

  473. I love your style and your look – my new years resolution was to be more fit and work hard on my fashion sense/style – you have been such an inspiration!! I have been doing great on getting fit, been working out and have been dedicated to my diet and you have been help with fashion and style! Thank you <3 🙂

  474. I have been such an avid reader of TSC for a long time! I love your tips and tricks for clean eating and working out. Your blog has inspired me to be more confident in my healthy lifestyle and has given me strength to defend myself with my family and friends! So, thank you! I’d love this book for a myriad of reasons!

  475. I love that you do giveaways like this Lauren! It brings the cool products you enjoy to your readers. As a young woman who is currently going through chemo for breast cancer, I honestly smiled when I saw all of the wonderful girly things in this basket!! I’ve lost my hair, and my eyebrows/eyelashes are on their way….so I cling to anything that nakes me feel like a girl still when I feel not so girly and attractive. Not at all playing the C Carrd BTW, all girls deserve to feel good and be girly if it makes them happy. Anyways, just saying thanks for doign this!! xoxo

  476. I would absolutely LOVE to win the book! I have been following The Skinny Confidential for a year now, and my life and health have changed so much because of it.

  477. I love, love, love your blog. Totally great for inspiration for clean living, clean eating, fashion, and design! Would love to win your book- I’ve been dying to read it!

  478. Would love to be able to win this amazing giveaway! I have truly worked hard my entire life at eating right and working out five days a week with no excuses. Many people say to me “oh you’re so lucky, it comes so easy to you!” My response to them is always the same “I have a slower metabolism than most, so I have always had to work my butt off every single day for what I have achieved. And although I love it, it can be very difficult at times, but I never waiver. No excuses, it’s only up to me everyday I wake up in the morning.” My sister is very into the fitness and nutrition industry and has recently started her on site and nutritional analyses. I am now helping her with posting my own blogs on there and partnering. I love your blog and insight on everything. There are many fitness/nutrition sites out there, but they aren’t interesting or valid. Yours has really caught my eye, I love it! Please pick me as your winner, I really represent everything you stand for each and everyday and I take pride in that. It’s not easy, it’s hard work and dedication each and everyday, but I truly love everything about it! Pretty please with a cherry on top!!

  479. I would love to win this gift basket because since reading your blog I have changed my lifestyle, I have lost 23 pounds so far. I know that your book will help me even more.

  480. I would love to win this without a doubt! I have been a loyal reader since day 1 and have lost weight and gained so much self confidence from reading. You are such a great role model and winning would be the icing on my cake. <3

  481. I love your post and everything in the basket looks great! I’m really excited to check out your book! Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put into inspiring so many!

  482. I recently discovered that the work in my life did not need to be done on my LinkedIn, rocky relationships, or apartment. It needs to be done within. So I’ve really been focused on self-love and treating myself like the goddess that I am! I’d love to win this so that I can continue applying healthy and positive habits to my day to day life. Your blog has reminded me that we all deserve a little pampering sometimes! And I am also dying to read your book! I’m sending good vibes out there and hopefully I win!

  483. I would be THRILLED to win your giveaway because I am a new reader and already hugely affected by your page every day! I am currently a nineteen year old college student (soon to be twenty!) have been blogging and doing webdesign for 6 years now. I have officially decided that I’m going to “go for it” in the blogging world and transition to a more professional, polished platform rather than my “freestyle” blogging that I’ve become so familiar with! Although I have a large readership on another social media platform, your page has inspired me to have the courage to embrace my own blog (I’ve been extremely shy about it in the past) and in turn embrace myself. I plan to double major in computer science and journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and hope to have my blogger-powered site ( up and running within the next month or two. Thank you for inspiring me and giving me the motivation and confidence to go out and seek what I really want! 🙂

  484. I would love to win! I grew up with five boys, so, with the help of your blog, I am finally figuring out how to do make up and hair- at 21… You are such and inspiration and I look forward to your beauty tips and tricks each day as well as your posts on health and fitness (I would kill to have them in book form! Well, not kill, but maybe do 500 burpees!). I am a yoga junkie graduate student just trying to figure out my life, thank you so much for the daily guidance.


  485. Trying my luck at the giveaway ! It would be awesome to bring home all your goodies ! Have been following your instagram and blog for a while now and always love all your blog post and pics, Please choose me for the win ! Could use all your products to put in the new apartment, and bring with me on my european journey this April 😀

    Xo, Lauren

  486. I love that you cater to women because we are so freakin important in this world, and sometimes we don’t get the props that we deserve! You are a true inspiration to all women, and to me and my love of blogging! I would love to be able to host you as a guest and show off how amazingly talented you are to a new brand of followers…plus who doesn’t want to smell delicious candles, paint some fab nails, spritz perfume, and read your new book with a glass of bubbles?! I would love to be so worthy of this!

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  488. I was recently diagnosed with a syndrome (CVS) that is triggered by certain foods (most of them sweets and junk food) and I think your book could really help me transition to the healthier lifestyle I need to maintain in order to avoid being sick as frequently. I love your blog and your joyful spirit is truly refreshing!

  489. I would love to win because I’ve gone back to school and am still working as a trainer and lifting and hoping to someday be as inspiring as you. But through all of this change I have lost time for pamper myself and look like a girl in the gym and through the day. I want to inspire women like you do, not just to get the sexy bodies they want, but to look like a poise and sexy women, in the gym and out of the gym!

  490. I would love to win this book, so I could write a review in Portuguese and English on my blog. It would be much more interesting to get it with your autograph than to buy. My readers would love that! I hope I win!! <3

  491. I would love love love to win your book. I am in need of a lifestyle change and I am so excited for your book. I am a recent follower and I find your blog very inspiring so I can only imagine what your book holds!!

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