The Skinny Confidential Book Basket Giveaway

The Skinny Confidential book giveaway.

The Skinny Confidential book giveaway.

The Skinny Confidential book giveaway.

Remember that one time when TSC hosted that huge-ass book giveaway?

Whelp, it’s going down again.

…another huge-ass book giveaway.

This is definitely one of my favorite giveaways ( EVER!! ) because it’s a real mixture of goodies.

( like, I might enter myself— I kid, I kid ).

So let’s get down to business.

The Skinny Confidential book giveaway.

The Skinny Confidential book giveaway.

The Skinny Confidential book giveaway.

The lovely winners ( there’s two!!) will each receive a big, pink pretty basket with some major swag.

I hand picked everything in the basket especially for you guys & definitely included some of my beauty/office/kitchen must-haves( I’m OBSESSED with Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker…probably not the best ingredients, but you can’t win ’em all ).

And obviously you’ll snag a personalized signed copy of The Skinny Confidential Book & much, much more:

The Skinny Confidential book giveaway.

Fun, right?

Kinda reminds me of Easter in October.

Ok, so what’s in the basket? Ahem:

♡ A lime scented candle that smells so damn yummy

♡ Some pretty, glittery pencils

♡ A teal notepad

♡ A little jelly Victoria’s Secret makeup bag

‘Tease’ perfume by Victoria’s Secret

‘Fearless’ perfume by Victoria’s Secret

♡ My favorite Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker

♡ Pixy straws

♡ The cutest teal file folder

♡ Two Beauty Rush lip glosses

Beauty Rush flavored lip scrub

Colourpop eye shadow

♡ An all-natural lemon lavender cookie from Kuba Kreations

Dry shampoo or body spray lotion

Gorjana long gold necklace

Victoria’s Secret tanning cream

♡ A personalized signed copy of The Skinny Confidential Book with a cutie bookmark

++ Each basket totals to= $500 dollars each (!!!)

The Skinny Confidential book giveaway.

To win, make sure you: 

+ Follow @theskinnyconfidential on Instagram

+ Follow The Skinny Confidential on Bloglovin’

+ Leave a comment below stating why you should absolutely, without a doubt have to win!

The Skinny Confidential book giveaway.

The Skinny Confidential book giveaway.

The Skinny Confidential book giveaway.

* { Giveaway winner will be announced Wednesday, October 1, 2014 // everyone & anyone is eligible to enter }.


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2,028 replies to “The Skinny Confidential Book Basket Giveaway”

  1. I love pretty, fun smelling, and cute things…. and that basket is full of fun stuff!! that’s why I want to win it!!

  2. So many gorgeous, yummy smelling treats! As a mom to 3 kiddos who just returned to school, it’s like back to school supplies but for Mom! Any woman would be stoked to receive such an awesome basket, but pick me please!!!

  3. I should absolutely win because I love everything in the giveaway basket and I have never won anything before!!! And I’m dying to read the book!!

  4. I absolutely freaking HAVE to win because I’m obsessed with literally everything in this basket. Especially that book! I’d love to share it with all my friends in my dorm, while smelling like Dr. Pepper chapstick of course. <3

  5. Your blog And winning free stuff is so freakin awesome. Thanks for all the healpful hints!!

  6. I freaking HAVE TO win because I’m dying to read the book! I’d love to show it to the girls in my dorm, and obviously I’m obsessed with all the other goodies (I mean, VS perfume? duh.)

  7. Reading The skinny confidential is seriously my meditation/me time. My favorite time to read it is early in the morning before i start my day, as it motivates me and inspires me to continue a similar lifestyle as TSC. Many people are quick to pass judgment on skinny girls who love being healthy and appreciate a mocktail instead of a cocktail! from your clothes to your home décor, i would love a taste of the REAL skinny girl life by winning one of these baskets!! #pickme!

  8. I absolutely need to win because I am need of some serious pampering after going through intensive treatment for Dermatomyositis. Thank You!

  9. You are amazing and the products you love are amazing! I cannot wait to get my hands on your book! I am imagining it is heaven! I simply adore you!

  10. I absolutely love your blogs and cannot wait to read your book!! Following your blog has changed the way I look at myself as a woman. Being a single mom and working full time didn’t leave much time for me to spend on myself. After stumbling across your blog I realized that it didn’t take as much as I thought to set free my inner goddess! Thank you so much for bringing that out in me.

  11. I read your book already and would love the signed copy for my coffee table! I’m also obsessed with VS Tease and am almost out of it so this would be perfect timing to win 🙂

    1. I would love to win this because I just got married and am on my honeymoon in Kauai but I am still checking daily for my TSC fix!

  12. OMG!! This would be such an amazing gift basket to win. This is actually one of the best giveaways I have ever signed up for. It has all of the essentials. I work full time, write a blog, and always busy on the little free days I have. I seem to forget to take care of myself. Winning this would allow me to have a little “me” time. Good luck to everyone!

  13. Without trying to sound cheesy, you have really supported me and inspired in the past few months as I passed and crushed my halfway mark weight loss goal.

    I have been actively losing weight for the past two years after I damaged my body by giving it the wrong food and hit a point where I had two paths to go down, one of continuing to abuse my body by overeating and putting the wrong food into it, or by making an active change and taking my body back to where I had been before I entered college. Over the past two years I have lost 100 lbs. by eating clean, practicing yoga, running and getting my mind in a better place. 40 of those pounds I lost in the last four months. As I said earlier, it was due in part to you. Reading your happy, sassy, real and entertaining blog re-energized my mind and my spirit as I hit a roadblock during my weight loss journey. You never shame anyone on here for who they are, but you support clean, active and fun lifestyles filled with beautiful fashion and fantastic how-tos. That is what inspired me. It made me realize how many wonderful things there are in the world, and that while I still have 40 pounds to lose before I meet the goal that I have placed for myself, I need to stop and take life in. I needed to recognize that a number on the scale is not the only thing in this, but that the journey my mind has taken and the perspective I have because of it is equally important.

    I have wanted to get your book and have had it on my Amazon wishlist. Having a signed copy from you would be amazing, and the extra swag that is in there is a nice perk, and perfectly embodies the mindset of sassy and sexy that your blog has helped me achieve, and will continue to inspire me.

  14. OMG….. who wouldn’t love to get this goodie basket with all that awesome stuff in it and also your new book! Love your style and such an inspiration!

  15. I should be the winner because I’m sweet and Cute .Also I’ve never had a basket filled with such nice things.I’ve had a few nice Easter Baskets..which where GREAT! But, yeah I’m going to LOVE this here Basket. Toodles!

  16. I absolutely, without have to win because for one all of those things are just amazing! Those Victoria Secret sprays are my favorite scents!! I was going to try and comment saying which one was my favorite but I honestly couldn’t choose. But seriously, I would love to win this because I have always had trouble with my looks and confidence and I have been wanting this book because I would love to see all of the tips that you have on how to feel more confident, on different diets, etc. I would just love to hear your opinions, thoughts, and tips on everything that you talk about in the book. But anyway, even if I don’t win thank you so much for having this giveaway, I’m sure you will make two people very happy!!

  17. i would love to win your book! I’ve been a loyal reader for 3 years now and love all of your advice!

  18. Oh, oh! Pick me, pick me! I’d love to try out some new sexy scents! And, if I win an autographed copy of the book, I can give my other copy away as a fab gift 😉

  19. Love all these products! I just became a mommy and want to spoil myself with all of these! 🙂

  20. Lovvvvve TSC. This goody package would be the best way to relax during a crazy fourth quarter upcoming at work! Plus… I’ve been meaning to purchase the TSC book but this would save me a trip:)

  21. I absolutely adore everything in this basket! It would make my entire year, && my birthday is in less than a month and would be a wonderful surprise especially since I’m obsessed with 120% of the contents!

  22. I am a preschool teacher and the skinny confidential helps me remember to be the best I can be and inspire all the little lovies I take care of to be their best as well

  23. I would absolutely LOVE to win. All of that stuff is right up my alley (I’m a nerd when it comes to notepads and pencils) and new perfume? Hello! I’ve been in the market for a new one. I’ve also had your book on my wishlist forEVER. This is a sign. Definitely. 🙂

  24. I just love your blog, I have tried so many of your ideas. I use coconut oil and bee pollen every morning. I would love to try these wonderful products that you love too! Keep doing what you are doing! I love looking for your posts for new great ideas! I have to win, I live the color teal and the products you have chosen just look amazing! Amazing!!

  25. This give away looks amazing. So many great products I’d never think to buy but would love to try! Not to mention I’d love a chance to read the book.

  26. All of the items in these baskets are amazing! I’ve been following you for a couple years now and would love to win a copy of you book!

  27. Because I’ve been a freaking die hard obsessed fan since day one!!! I have totes gotten friends HOOKED as well!

  28. I really would like to win this because it is amazing! I’m working really hard to put myself through school right now, and I’m moving out on my own for the first time this week so I’m feeling kind of iffy and this would be the best pick me up ever!! I love the VS products, and teal is one of my favorite colors.
    Thank you for your consideration!! <3

  29. The basket is filled with amazing items that I would love to try…..I really would like the book!

  30. Awesome prizes!! I love reading your blog, you always post things I’ve been curious about or find extremely useful 🙂

  31. I think I should win because after coming out of a 5 year relationship, basket looks like the perfect little pick me up!!! Good luck everyone

  32. Love!! You’re so sweet. I’d love to win because I’m a poor college student & it would be like Christmas in September 🙂

  33. Not only do I absolutely love skinny confidential, but this basket is…I die. Everything’s perfect. From the perfect beauty products to try, to the cute office supplies for my home office for my new at home job, to the cookie that I can eat while I sort through it all. Would LOVE love love to get my hands on this basket 🙂 🙂 🙂

  34. I think your style is so awesome! I work a lot and to relax I like to keep up on “The Skinny” ☺️
    It is ALWAYS a positive, day brightening time to read your blog! It’s like walking out of a boutique with new shoes or the perfect blow dry kind of feeling. Thanks for making my days! Love it

  35. Lauryn, as a fellow Pure Barre teacher, foodie, fit lovin’, Skinny Confidential followin’ chick, I ABSOLUTELY freakin’ have to win! I love all your posts and praise your healthy lifestyle! Thank you for inspiring me and my fellow Pure Barre gals at my studio!

  36. Here’s to all that karma from all those bingo losses in elementary…ha 🙂 It’s all so lovely and gorgeous – you have impeccable taste. I’ve been pining for a bar necklace just like that for ages. This poor college student could use a kickass goody basket right about now!

  37. I have to freaking win because I’ve been following you for years and I never win anything!! To win this would be amazingggg!!!

  38. Love your blog! It helps motivate me throughout my day when sometimes I have little motivation, I love your fitness tips, and fashion advice as well. Thanks for being such a positive read! I’d love to win 🙂

  39. Hi Lauryn,

    I’m a huge fan, I definitely love everything you post, and have checked out and bought more than a few of your recco’s! I love dry brushing now, decided to try decorating with gum balls after reading your post, and definitely talked my stylist into giving me a few alligator clips… 🙂 A self proclaimed style blogger lover you are one of my absolute faves! I’m friends with Jordan and Nico too, but don’t expect any special treatment due to that… 😉 Thank you for giving us access to your awesome secrets and for providing lots of inspiration… I would love love love to win! XO, Sarah <3 P.S. This might be the first contest I've EVER entered in

  40. If its international id love to win! Would love to read your book and well dr pepper and teal are two of my favorites 🙂

  41. I love following you are on facebook I would love to win the gift basket I usually don’t do this but I would really love to have a copy of the book and the other things are just a plus 🙂

  42. Your sassy blogging is the most perfect motivation to really have a personality when blogging — soo inspiring! TSC is also the best non-judgy but totally motivating fitness/lifestyle blog. Love it! Fingers crossed to win the super awesome basket!

  43. I’m going to win because you are one of my fave bloggers.. I read your book in like an hour.. Front to back. I’d love a signed copy!! Plus OMG dying over that S U P E R cute necklace. Your taste is impeccable. Also I’ve been looking for a really good dry shampoo. So there…it’s settled. I need that basket of goodies. 🙂

  44. I love your blog! I love leading a healthy active lifestyle and winning this would allow me to continue to discover your favourites! I am also starting a new business venture so the notepad, file folder and pencils would be perfect, they are adorable!!! 🙂

  45. I would love to be pampered with some of those incredible prizes. I’m a new mommy after 13 years. Good luck everyone

  46. I’d like to win because I believe that beauty begins from the inside out and the skinny confidential blog has helped me believe that with every new post and every little piece of inspiration. It’s helped me along my road to self-confidence and helped me believe that the more I take care of my body and health, the more confident I can become!! I love the tips so much, especially about coconut oil, and I really really enjoy the interviews you do with fitness gurus. It reminds me that hard work is never easy for any of us, but it’s always rewarding, and this basket would be one way to reward myself as I’ve followed the posts and learned how to accept myself more!! 🙂

  47. Have the book on my kindle and would love a signed one for my coffee table!!! I have to say, your tips and go to advice for women is what it’s all about to me-women helping women! You are an inspiration!

  48. I am new to your blog/life. Well…last couple months new and you’re SO addicting! Teach me your ways!! ha 😉 I would freak out if I won (a good freak out) xoxo

  49. You are seriously my most favorite blog(person). Following the skinny confidential has given me a great platform for getting healthy and becoming me again. After having my baby, almost two years ago… I haven’t felt much of myself, but reading you blog & book has Telly inspired me to start taking better care of myself. So thank you for that!

  50. I have started walking/running 3 miles 5 days a week. And I’ve started losing some weight! This prize would be awesome to win to really make me feel good for all my hard work.

  51. Hi My dear friend from The Skinny Confidential. My name is Eshima, I’m 18 years old and I think, I should win this giveaway because I really love your blog. And I’m so gratefully for your al recipes you’ve shared with us. Everytime i meet My freinds we read blog. You teach us so many ways to live in a healthy way. Am also excited to read your book in Perú. Which is the country were I am writing to you. Well I hope I could win. And also want to tell you, if you need something from here, justo let me know because I’m finishing My career of International Bussines and by nos I’m working on organic cocoa, quinoa, chia and coffee from My homeland. It would be a pleassure for me If I can meet you. Thanks a lot!

  52. Your fitness goals, inspire me to always be the better version of myself. I also love your instagram quotes of the day. They really make me smile and make my day! You and your partner are so cute <3

    Always love going on your blog and instagram to find different recipes!!

  53. I’m having a crazy stressful time in my life which means the gym etc comes last and Now it’s caught up with me. Could really use a boost.

  54. Would love to win this. This would be great for me to use the makeup, perfume, and the awesome beauty products for my wedding. 🙂

  55. I would love to win because I’m obsessed with your blog! And would love to read your book! All the goodies are pretty amazing too!!!

  56. I should win because I am a broke college student who just wants to try to keep off the weight I lost this summer. I want your book so bad because I want to live a healthier and better lifestyle. With a sampling of the products you use, I believe it will be easier for me to do so. I read your blog every day and I do try some of the routines and products that you post about! I look up to you in terms of fashion, beauty, health and wellness. I think you’re perfect and I would just love to learn more about how you lead such a healthy and awesome life!

  57. This is so great!! I would pee my panties if I recieved such an amazing basket full of insane awesome product from a babe every girl would love to be more like! Thank you for the opportunity!

  58. I really want to win because im a new subscriber and im interested in tge skinny confudential sigbed book. I also want to win because this prize will help me continue on my weighlost journey so far -60 i have more to go im feeling happy and motivated unstoppable 😀

  59. I absolutely love your blog, I even have the app for it! I just had a baby and can’t spend money on beauty products right now and need a perk! I’m a beauty junkie

  60. Seriously there isn’t even a reason why I want this, I NEED it! Not only am I obsessed with you this basket is everything. Ive been wanting the book for so long, and was so sad I couldn’t go to the launch party. Point blank. Im. Obsessed.


  61. I recently have been losing weight and working really hard eating clean and working out! I feel like this would be a great reward for my hard work <3

  62. I am currently finishing my hardest exams in my final year of school and am in major need of some loving! All of these goodies would be such an incredible prize and help to take my mind off some of the stress I’m dealing with atm !! xx

  63. Omg where do I ever start?!?!?! You are a HUGEEE inspiration to me and I love your blog and i know for a fact you’re a rock star of a person. I love how your blog is so real and its literally like we’re having a conversion, I love that, and it motivates me to do the same in my blog. But anyways, to receive a personal box filled with goodies hand picked especially by you?!!? it would be AMAZING and a huge honor, i can’t even begin to explain how excited i would be. Everything in that giveaway is absolutely stunning and i can tell you put so much time and love getting it all done and ready for us. You’re such a wonderful person I have always been a such a fan of yours, and one day i hope my blog will be as popular as YOURS!

  64. Hi Lauryn!! I think you inspire girls greatly and definitely have made a positive impact on my life and I’m sure many others! I literally wake up hoping to read a new post in your app and i think what you do is so inspiring! I love your book I’ve read it more than once (having a signed copy would be so dope) and use your recipes weekly! LOVE your style and health/wellness tips are so amazing! Regardless if I win or not, you should know how much of a positive impact you’ve made on me and making a healthy lifestyle change and I’m sure tons of girls out there as well! I’d love to win, but that would just be an added bonus! I’m still a winner on the daily getting your fab lifestyle tips!! Thank you for sharing all that you do!

  65. I loved reading about how you don’t count calories and how you just try to eat as healthy and as raw as you can. I used to be so caught up in my calories , but when i started reading your blog is around when I started the BBG or Bikini Body Guide and I was able to lose fat and eat super raw. I’m now on week 8 and i see your recipes and her guide and it’s really working well for me, so THANK YOU! 🙂

  66. I absolutely love your blog. I read it on a daily. I follow it threw both Facebook & instagram. As a mommy of a beautiful 2 yr Little girl and of a puppy. Most if not all of the excessive money goes to the two of them. I have also been trying to find your book for a little bit of time now and everyone else sold.

  67. Your book looks like an awesome read! I’m getting married and I think it would help me on my journey!

  68. The basket looks fabulous! I need pampering being seven months pregnant, and having to chase after my 2 year old, I need some Momma time!

  69. I really hope I win. Im a fan all the away from Denemark. I used to visit San Diego (Del mar) time to time, but have not been in 2 years, and i so deadly miss my friends and the sun for Cali’..

    Please send

  70. This basket is definitely amazing. It would be great to give me a bit of swag to go along with the new move to the golden state (just moved to San Diego! Yay!).

  71. I am coming off the hardest two years of my life…I have struggled with a rare autoimmune disease and lost my boyfriend of 7 years while he was on the waiting list for a double lung transplant. At this point I need just about anything to make me feel normal and beautiful again.

  72. I would absolutely love this. My birthday is Oct 14th this would start the month off right. Libras!!! So many great products in basket just can’t afford.

  73. I HAVE TO WIN!!!! College girl on a budget, plus, I mean, come ON I want every. single. thing.
    Love your blog it’s inspiring, raw, and real and my personal favorite. Thank you thank you thank you!

  74. I love these goodies!!! I should win because I’ve recently made a huge change in my life. I’ve started regularly working out and have done a complete overhauled of the way I eat!!! Green smoothies and raw almond butter are two new staples in my life!! this would make an amazing reward!!!

  75. I absolutely freaking have to win because I absolutely LOVE everything pictured here, and have been dying for a copy of the TSC book!

  76. I love reading your blog, it has been so inspiring on my health journey! I would totally love a signed copy of your book, I need to win! 🙂

  77. I would absolutely love everything in this basket. As a senior in college I have followed your blog since the beginning and have used it as a guide to remain healthy and avoid those freshman 15!

  78. First, I absolutely love how you keep it real! There is so many people that try to be something they aren’t or tell us what they think we want to hear. You tell it like it is and you rock the world for that.

    I think I should win because I have bought two copies of your book and given them to friends as gifts but I have yet to get one for myself, say what?!? Plus, this mama could use a little pampering with all those goodies!

    Keep it real TSC!!!

  79. I want, no NEED to win this basket for three reasons1. TSC book. Need I say more? 2. This basket is the definition of fabulous 3. I’m in dyre need of a first-semester-of-law-school pick me up! 🙂

  80. This basket is a must-win because all of the lovely goodies and a real copy of this fabulous book! (Lime scented candles and pixy straws??? Too excited)

  81. I think I should win because when i’m not working, I’m at school and vice versa. And the only time I have some time to relax, I come to your blog to do so. All of these goodies will be useful to me. ALL of them. lol. I’m also really interested in the book! 🙂

  82. I want to totally win this so I can give it to my brothers fiancé who he just asked to marry him yesterday!!!!

  83. Say whaaattt?! Thats an amazing giveaway basket! Your blog is the shiz and I would love to win! I have been on a tight budget (just got married) and this would be a wonderful surprise 🙂

  84. I would love to win because everything in the basket looks amazing and I would love to try everything out. I would also like to win because i love reading new books ! Thankyou for this giveaway, it’s very generous ! Good luck everyone !

  85. This contest encompasses all my favourite things! I am starting a new chapter in my life and I think this would be a great package of positive things to compliment that.

  86. I would literally be so super pumped to win your cute basket! I need to win because it would seriously make my month. September has been such a bust!

  87. Omg I’m dying over this give-a-way!! Like obsessed. I already have your amazing book, but I would love to try everything else in the basket!! I just found out I’m preggs and this would be the greatest surprise to get to celebrate!

  88. I would love to win because it looks like a ton of awesome stuff to help you look and feel your best and pampered. Been super stressed in my life and would love to just feel pampered! 🙂

  89. I would love to win this! I am in-between medical treatments and am using this time work on my overall well being and this basket would give me just the pampering I need!

  90. I would love to win this! I am in-between medical treatments and am using this time to work on my overall well being…this would give me just the pampering that I need!

  91. Say Whaaaatt?!!! That is an amazing giveaway basket! I think your blog is the shiz and cant get enough of it. I have been on a tight budget (just got married) and this would be such a fun surprise!! 🙂

  92. I need some sunshine and glitter in cold, rainy Denmark! Also, would very much like to look at hot as I can for worlds best boyfriend 🙂
    This goodybag would def be helping me big time!

  93. I love all of these goodies! I would love to win this because I am starting a new healthy life style (thanks to your blog). Your blog has motivated me so much to live more healthy and make better choices for my overall well being. thank you for the constant inspiration!I would die to have your book, Ive been wanting it ever since I found your blog!

  94. As a full time student also dealing with newly diagnosed arthritis this perfect wee pamper pack would be amazing!! Hopefully they go to people who really deserve them!! So generous!!

  95. Because you’re an amazing blogger and I have no ragrets discovering you or spending late nights reading your blogposts! Not even a single alphabet!!

  96. I have to, without a doubt win this basket because I have struggled with body image and my weight all my life. I was finally able to get things going for myself after I found your blog through “Simply Taralynn”. You’ve given me so much of confidence. I absolutely adore you and what you stand for and love your advice, especially for 17 years olds like. I can totally relate to you 100%.

    I would love to have your book and everything else looks great!

  97. As a mother of 5, you are the guilty pleasure in my day. I try to live a simple, healthy and FUN life and all of your tips and thoughts add to that. I love sparkles and all things girly that make a mom feel young and beautiful! Thanks for your little contribution to my life.

  98. Because I absolutely adore you and must have your book! Duh!!! 😉 hehe

    I just started blogging and I seriously love your style. Your basket represents you very well 🙂

  99. I might be participating without a chance to win, because I live abroad. But being a total office supply fetishist I need those pencils. And I would love the straws for the pictures I take of my smoothies (and cocktails) and since I’m still scrubbing my lips with a toothbrush The lib scrub will come in handy. Love your blogs!

  100. I should win because this basket is screaming my name 🙂 thanks for the inspirational blog lauryn 🙂

  101. I’ve discovered your blog in the last month, and I’m obsessed! I’m comment almost daily. I really enjoy reading it and would love to read your book too. Would be a wonderful welcome to my new found fandom x

  102. I absolutely without a doubt reaaaalllllyyyy want and NEED to win that basket because I need a jump start on the positive changes I’m trying to make within myself and that basket holds things that will encourage me to put treaty self better especially the book. Serious confidence booster.

  103. Um, I demand that I win because everything in that basket is 1000% perfect, and I’m a poor college student whose life lacks luxury, hahaha.

    Seriously though, this is amaaaazing.

  104. Because I’m kind of obsessed with you and everything you’re giving away. Plus I really want to read your book! Xxx

  105. I should DEFS win this because I have been in France & Italy for the last 6 months… And have been looking for dry shampoo the entire time with no success, and I will be home in a few weeks and cannot wait for all the things I’ve been missing… like English books, Victorias Secret goodies and LipSmackers!!!

    Hilary x

  106. I would absolutely love to win this basket!! I think everything that you love I will love also. Definitely one of my style inspiration and would loove to have a copy of your book!! Absolutely love reading your blog and following you on insta!! 🙂

  107. Absolutely HAVE to win because why the hell not??! This giveaway is SIKK and so it TSC.

    PS. Thanks for sharing the FRESH body wash on your latest post. My skin is craving some TLC in this California drought. xo

  108. Wow what a giveaway! I’d really love to win as it’d make me smile so much! Work is super busy at the moment and I’m still 6 weeks away from my ‘summer’ holiday. i’m in a desperate need of a pick me up. I”d also share it with my bff as there is stuff in there I know she’d love!

  109. I absolutely freaking have to win because instead of writing my Master Thesis or looking for a full-time job I spend my time checking TSC website 2-3 times a day for new updates and reading random older posts 🙂
    so it would be great if, as a consolation prize for a highly probable low grade on my diploma (only your fault TSC!!), I would win the bad-ass basket 🙂
    (plus: most of the products are not available in Europe, so you know ..)

  110. Being a bigger girl my whole life, I never really got any inspiration until I found your blog. Since following your website, I have lost 30 kg, and changed my over all look using your fashion, beauty and fitness posts. Since following your blog, you’ve changed my mind on being a women, and how easy it is to look after yourself in this busy world. I think winning this, will continue to boost my self esteem, and I mean, who doesn’t love new goodies? 🙂 xx

  111. I absolutely have to win because of the lack of TSC books at my local bookstores. Every time I go back, all copies are sold out! 🙁 Sure I could order it off of Amazon.. but why not try and win a copy from you? Even better signed by you

  112. I’ve been on bloglovin’ for almost a year now and been following you ever since! Would love to win this basket because as a high school (going to be college) student, I’m always on a tight budget so its really cool win those goodies! (:

  113. I need to win because I’m currently a broke-ass student trying to be as chic as possible & am totally obsessed with TSC. I’ve been dying to read the book and the incredible extras would help make my mundane, study-filled life so much better.

  114. Love following you and all the products you have suggested so far. I am already addicted to Whispering Angels and Mermaid perfume now. Would love to try more of the products you use and this mama definitely needs some TLC.

  115. I have to win, because I live in The Netherlands and we don’t have Victoria Secret, which I absolutely love. Also I really want to read your book!

  116. The whole time I was reading this post I was chanting ‘please let this be international’. As an English TSC reader, it’s difficult to get my hands on a lot of these goodies, so winning these prizes would be amazing! Plus I’m already an avid TSC reader and recipe/tip trier-outer- (I snapped a photo of your skinny sprite on my insta). Please consider me, this would make my return to uni so much better! Thanks Lauryn 🙂

  117. Okay so before I go on as to why I think I should win [multiple rad reasons!] I didn’t follow you on Instagram because I don’t have an Instagram. Hell, I still have a flip-phone with no internet on it, I suck and I’m broke haha. So I hope that doesn’t lessen my chance of winning this crazy incredible collection of goodies!

    Moving along. We’re both Gemini’s, yay for all 4 of us! I also didn’t know what Bloglovin is, but I signed up and followed you, just for you – cause you’re that awesome. Your blog honestly helps me so much and it’s so much fun to read. I’m not the biggest fan of reading blogs, unless it’s really interesting, but I get heavy into what you’ve gotta say. Oh and the pictures, too, all proper looking. Love it all!

    I’d be extremely thankful and stoked to have the honor of winning this. Pick me, pick me! <3 xo

  118. Because TSC has the absolute best advice for living a healthy physical, emotional, and fashionable life! I’m in love! ❤️

  119. I would love to win. I love everything you love and I think you are a genius when it comes to fashion and being healthy. Not even knowing you I definitely look up to you and have mad respect for you. I’ve been wanting your book, its actually on my Christmas list. If I could win it instead, along with all the other amazing goodies I would be over the moon. Your blogs are amazing and I look forward to reading them everyday. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world.

  120. Noir tease is my absolute fave perfume! My little sample has been dry for months- this would be perfect to re-stock!! I also love the necklace and of course am so excited to read your book!! xo

  121. Today is my 40th birthday and I awoke at 6:20 am to read your blog and discover your giveaway. Loving everything you’ve listed! I’m a mom of 2, and work full time, so I don’t really get the chance to treat myself. Winning a basket would be the perfect belated birthday present! Btw I used to use Dr Pepper Lipsmacker all the time! Thanks for reminding me how awesome it is. 🙂

  122. I should win because I’ve been following you on BL forevssss! I’ve told so many of my besties about how amazing your blog is! I already own your book (which I pre-ordered and LOVE), but think one of my GFs would die for it! You’re amazeballs, keep it up !

  123. I would love to win one of the baskets because they’re full of awesome goodies and I’ve never won any giveaways! (Might as well try my luck, right? Haha)

  124. I neeed to win because a signed copy of your book on my coffee table would be the bomb! And those sparkly pencils are perfect.

  125. I absolutely have to win because this week is my birthday week (I’m officially middle-aged) and I need this basket to make me feel and look great!! I’ve been following you for the past 4 months and am down 34lbs! Would love to read that book!!!!

  126. Hi! I would love to win this amazing basket. I live in Sweden so it’s difficult for me to get my hands on your book. All the other goodies in the bag are some serious fall essentials that I feel I need to survive the really dark and rainy fall we have waiting over here in Sweden. Like who doesn’t need a scented candle, pretty staws and some new make-up to brighten the day. Oh and the notepad, a must for all my to do lists!

  127. I have been following your blog for over 2 years now and always love the content. Love how this have evolved from fitness and style tips to overall TSC lifestyle. Would love a copy of the book because I know the content in there will be amazing and I am looking for a new coffee table book (as well as a new go to for inspiration, insights, and tips). Ready to start living a TSC life!

  128. It would help me keeping fresh and healthy as i’m back to uni to study for a master degree ! It will be a huge addition to my student budget ! 🙂

  129. I love reading your posts on FB! I’ve lost 63lbs (so far) and I don’t reward myself with food anymore! So winning this amazing basket would be an awesome reward!

  130. You’re so inspirational and amazing! I learn something new from you and it definitely has helped me to live better!

  131. I need to win this because I rarely do anything for myself. I’m a single mom of two young children under 5, and I am always busy and on the go. This would be a nice win.

  132. Love it! I am a recent follower and don’t have Bloglovin so please don’t count me out! Love all that swag and have enjoyed your posts!!

  133. I would love LOVE to win this basket! I mean, really…who wouldn’t?!? Amazing! I would love to be able to enjoy your book smelling gorg, looking pretty, and eating yummy. I need your signed book on top of my {gold} coffee table!

  134. Hi! I am senior in high school that is absolutely inspired by you to live a clean healthy lifestyle. I read every post and tell all my friends about you. In college I want to study nutrition and just these tips from you really help me with balancing being healthy and keeping up with school work and even the latest fashion trends. I just want to thank you so much because you have no idea how much your blog helps me. I really would love to win that basket, it would mean everything to me!
    Thank you,

  135. This looks like an absolutely amazing giveaway. I would love to win because I recently found your blog and have gotten really into it, so winning some of your favourite products would be awesome!

  136. I absolutely would love love love to win!! I love the blog and always take your suggested products and healthy habits to heart! (Buying most of them and trying everything

  137. pick me! pick me! i recently found your blog and love your style. you’re a no nonsense girl and i appreciate that. i especially loved your post on why you and your fiance do not live together– i was the same way 😉 excited for your book and all of these amazing goodies <3

  138. I would love this basket because I never get to buy myself anything anymore & with so many things inside each item would be a Christmas in itself for me.

  139. I really want to win this because I have been reading The Skinny Confidential for some time, and it has always been so informative and inspiring to me. I have been struggling with the concept of weight loss but I think reading blogs like TSC has made me more open and more keen on pursuing a healthy lifestyle, and feeling better from within. Adding on, winning such an awesome book basket would definitely be great (and one of the best gifts I will receive) especially since this year for me, has been the roughest. I would really really really love to win this. Thanks for organising it!

  140. I confess, I already own your book, however I would totally keep the signed copy *swoons* and pass on my copy to a friend that I know would enjoy it as much as I have. Since I began following your blog, I have been able to reconnect with my inner girly girl that loves sparkles and pretty things. I love your workouts and I have started to slowly change my lifestyle and focus a little more on me (being a mom of three that gets a little tricky at times). So thank you for the inspiration and the sparkles!

  141. I absolutely have to win because I’m welcoming my first little on on October 1!! I’d love a little something for myself to help me feel like a beautiful momma during the crazy early weeks. And to help me regain my former self. Xo

  142. I would love to win this prize as I’m currently trying to lose some weight and tone up and would love a little something to spare me on!

  143. There are some great items in the basket that I would love to try out! I just finished my 3rd week as a special Ed teacher and could use some pampering 🙂

  144. I would love love love to win this amazing basket! I love everything that you style and this basket would be my own little slice of the skinny confidential. I adore your book and would love a signed copy. I have given your book to several friends and they are obssesed!

  145. It’s been too long since this new mommy has pampered herself! I need and want everything in this basket! Especially the book!

  146. I would love to receive a gift from you because you’re the only personal I follow religiously via fb and blog. You’re my inspiration and I am dying to read your book 🙂

  147. I have recently made my transition from a desk job to opening my own Lagree Fitness studio in Palm Beach, FL (I know you’re familiar with what an incredible workout this is!)! I am so grateful that I had the chance to follow my dream of helping other get in shape and take care of themselves, as you do as well. Of course being new to this industry I look to the professionals for some guidance, and that is how I came about finding you! Not only will winning this basket help me become a more well rounded lady in the health and wellness industry, but I will be able to pay your knowledge forward to my clients! This is why I absolutely have to win this basket!

  148. I absolutely, without a doubt have to win because this amazing basket is something I would love to have in my life right now. I can’t name one thing I don’t absolutely adore, it’s overwhelming how perfect all these things are. This is the perfect pamper-yourself-basket and to be honest, without going into the details, I could really use to be a little spoiled right now. You’re also my favorite blogger ever, I’ve been reading your blog for ages and you’re definitely someone I look up to and aspire to be like – you’re hard-working, creative, unique, a succesful blogger and someone’s who not at all ashamed to be herself. I would be the luckiest gal in the world to receive this basket on my doormat!

  149. I MUST have everything in this basket because I have absolutely NOTHING in this basket! It would all be a new and exciting treat for me!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  150. I absolutely should win because I’m happily pregnant with my first child (yay!) and would love to win this amazing giveaway giftbasket! It just sounds too luxurious to pass up and I’d love to read the book while enjoying all of the awesome goodies you picked out (: with amazing taste I might add!!
    – sincerely, hoping to win! (;

  151. This basket is amazing. I love everything from vs and a personalized copy of the book would be awesome!

  152. I should win the basket because:
    I have never won a book basket, I know how to read, I have been wearing the same scent for 4 years, would love to wear dr pepper on my lips since I don’t drink it and would love to send my teenage boys to school with sparkle pencils!!!

  153. I should absolutely, without a doubt win because I am in a really good mood right now! I feel the energy to start with something fresh and fun, maybe start up with yoga, eat more healthy and just focus on myself. I feel it is the need for a new chapter. Maybe that basket with your book could give me the push to start this new event in my life? And I have just started college and those glittery pencils would be p.e.r.f.e.c.t. Who doesn’t like glittery things huh?

  154. I would love to with this basket because I just had a baby 3.5 weeks ago. It seems like a great basket to make a new mom of 2 feel great!

  155. I should win because I am a huge fan of yours living in Spain (not even spanish) and you have inspired me to concentrate on doing things that I love and blog about (huge-ass planning going on right now, perfectionist like I am and won’t be happy with less than perfect). Plus I would also like to have a chance to read the book, living here, okay. And just because of loving girly stuff! xx

  156. Having just immersed my entire life into the Clean Living lifestyle 6 months ago I am down over 100lb and feeling more like myself than I ever have! I am unstoppable! Clean living saved my life! This basket would just help celebrate my accomplishment and reaffirm that I am worth it 🙂

  157. I’m about to turn 30 and I have just embraced ready for pleasure. I love to indulge in all things pretty, sparkles, trendy but I always come back to classic looks. I love to cook and create. The basket will basically celebrate the delightful experiences of the senses. I sure do love yor blog and your realness.

  158. I totally HAVE TO win because I’m an emerging artist who needs your help looking & feeling good for my art exhibition openings next month! I’m so stoked to read your book!

  159. Not only do I love Victoria’s Secret products and also trying out new products, but I look forward to your posts, totally trust your product recommendations and absolutely, without a doubt have to read The Skinny Confidential Book!

  160. I’ve been following your blog since 2012 but somehow still don’t own your book and I NEED IT. I just quit my job and moved across the country to follow my dream of working in policy and making a difference in people’s lives. I’ll know next week if I got the job I’ve been interviewing for this past month. This basket would be the perfect way to kickstart my new career in my new city!

  161. I have gained weight and I haven’t felt pretty in awhile and just knowing that I won a basket full of beauty supplies that I normally wouldn’t and couldn’t afford would be amazing and would just lift my spirits up about my appearance.

  162. the basket looks amazing – especially the VS self tanner and bronzer. It’s the end of summer and I need the color!

  163. I really really love health, fitness, and nutrition. Receiving this gift would make me so happy! I love reading your posts and I’m getting married in a few months so these goodies would be perfect to use for wedding festivities!

  164. This basket is full of everything lovely that this teacher and soon-to-be bride can use for a relaxing weekend!

  165. I would LOVE to win this Basket. I already own the book and I have made so many positive lifestyle changes after reading it and blog posts. I love TSC for the honest, no holding back, lay it out there vibe. I would love to pass a copy along to a friend, so they can become more in tune with a healthy life style. Also who doesn’t LOVE Dr. Pepper lip balm… 🙂

  166. The basket is amazing! I already have TSC book and absolutely love it! If I won my copy would go to my bomb baby sis who is working her buns off at the University of Illinois (She’s double majoring//volunteering//working//teaching a class and she’s only 19!) We both love TSC and it would be such a treat for her to receive this giveaway! All the tips and tricks in your book make it so easy to be healthy and stunning! xo A

  167. Because some struggle has been going on my life and it would be a perfect present to cheer up my mom, I know she would love it <3 and I am absolutely in love with your blog 😀

  168. Hi Lauryn! I hope I can still enter to win even though I’m living in Canada! I should win because I’ve followed your blog for a couple years now and it is my first destination when I wake up in the morning and sit down with my cup of coffee. Your lifestyle is inspiring and always gives me the motivation I need to keep on track with my exercise and healthy eating. I am very passionate about holistic health and nutrition, as well as Ayurvedic medicine, and would love to have a blog and book out one day that is doing even half as amazing as yours. Also…I just moved to a cold ass polluted city in Northern Alberta from my amazing, clean aired, warm and sunny hometown in British Columbia and my skin and hair is not doing so great after the transition. I need those products to help save it!!

  169. I absolutely have to win this because I love reading your blog!! Totally a bright spot in my week 🙂 And your product suggestions are always spot-on so this basket would basically be perfect

  170. As a 33 year old mum of two, I’m trying to find a way to get my abs back…and my style… and 4 years of missed sleep. I think I need to accept the sleep is long gone and the abs won’t happen over night, but a touch of TSC in my life would be the magic that is needed! Oh and I’m getting married next year so I’m a woman on a mission to be dazzling for a day and I think this basket of loveliness would help me on my way!! Wasn’t aiming for a rhyme there but, hey, I’ll go with it! xx

  171. I absolutely HAVE to win because I’ve been stuck in the house with two sick kids for the past week and need a pick me up! Some sexy treats and a fab book to read would do the trick nicely!

  172. I absolutely MUST win this ahhh-mazing basket because I: read your blog first thing over a glass of hot water and lemon (I love lemons, too!), I think your beauty tips are the best and so simple, I am dying to read your book, and I love all of the products in the basket. And last but not least, I think those glitter pencils and notepad would be the perfect addition to my little desk 😉 I hope you pick me!
    Thank you!

  173. Because I would love to read your book and see what other life changes I can learn from it. Because of following you and trying your recipes I have lost 10 pounds. Winning the book and other goodies would be awesome too.

  174. I love every post of yours, and everything in this basket looks fabulous! I would love to win, because I’m getting married in November, and can see myself using everything in this basket to de-stress during all the planning, and to even use to beautify for the wedding! Plus, I revived my instagram just so I could follow you! And a signed copy of your book would be amazing!

  175. I’m kinda new to your blog, but fell in love with it immediately! So having your book would be perfect! I also love the necklace, its adorable! And lavender cookies are my fav! <3

  176. I absolutely HAVE to win because I’ve started reading your blog in my attempt to make myself over! I’m a new mommy and your book and goodies will help revamp my new lifestyle!

  177. I’m recently engaged and this will get me sweating for the wedding!!! Any inspiration and motivation is Needed!!!!!

  178. Lauryn, I would LOVE to win because your tips aren’t the same regurgitated shit I see in magazines and elsewhere on the internet. I’m sure there are many more in the book, and what girl wouldn’t want all those extra goodies to pamper herself? Especially that gorg necklace 😉

  179. I have been so inspired by your blog. I look forward to reading your posts every day, and when I log into my bloglovin to see my daily feed, if there isn’t anything from Skinny Confidential I find myself obsessively checking your website. Gotta stay up to date! Thanks for all you do <3

  180. As a future registered dietitian, I love what you’re doing here at TSC. You bring complicated terms and topics and bring them down to Earth for everyone to understand. I have to say that the best part of TSC is your personality. I love that I can relate to you and you’re real. Anyways I had to add that in because I don’t normally comment and I figured I could use this time to share my thoughts about TSC. Now I have to win because I am too broke to buy such a pampering box! Hashtag college student Hashtag mom.
    Keep up the great work you’re doing here!

  181. I absolutely would love to win because I am a fashion student who has just decided to start a fashion/style blog and when I came upon yours I absolutely fell in love with everything about it! The basket would be a great start to helping me on my way to developing my own blog! Xoxo

  182. Wow! I just fell in love with your blog! And I can tell that you put a lot of thought into these prizes, so that’s really great.

    PS. I just love your video about Skinny Confidential.

  183. Frankly, you are my white, skinny “Oprah”! You write it, I read it. You did it, I do it. Every once in a while I look under my chair to see if I have new car keys but no such luck. I’ll settle for the basket though. Winner or not, I’ll still follow you because you help us feel better about being fit. You make it look so easy and natural. It was always a struggle, a chore, to maintain skinny. Now, I kinda feel like there are more choices and options out there if you focus on the skinny side of things rather than the ‘not so skinny’ forbidden ones. Thanks for TSC…keep ’em coming 🙂

  184. Oh my gosh! All of those “things” sound amazing and self-indulging! I need to win because we just bought a fixer upper first home and we have hit literally everaaay speed bump possible! Plus is love to go out and buy some things that are in your basket but can’t validate the money… Slowly learning; house paint before nail paint LOL!

  185. I never won anything some can say unlucky but for me it’s more about hard work then luck in life. My journey with health it’s only beginning and it would be amazing to learn it from You. Your book is an inspiration to many girls that everything in life is possible !

  186. Besides the fact that this is an absolutely amazing prize pack, I feel like winning this would beagreat way to celebrated defending my thesis!!!! Oh and I am totally dying to read the TSC book 🙂

  187. I would love to win because this would be just for me! In a house with 2 stinky teenage boys, Ttripping over football helmets and stinky cleats, I could lock my bedroom door and indulge in girly things! It would be heavenly!

  188. Ok, there’s three reasons I have to win!!: One, I’m obsessed and check your blog for new posts at least twice a day, two, I’ve been dying to read your book and three, I’m in love with everything in this basket including Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers which I just ran out of. It’s meant to be.

  189. Lauryn, thanks so much for doing this! What a wonderful idea 🙂 I would love a chance to win the basket because I see your book is in there and I would love to read it! I am obsessed with your blog and often read the articles multiple times. Thank you for influencing my life in a positive way! I am getting married and would love to use the items in the basket on my special day!! Thank you so much for this opportunity! 🙂

  190. WOW! I absolutely love this giveaway! 🙂 Things are a little tight this year, but it would be so much fun to have some goodies to put some cheer into my day! 🙂

  191. Everything in this basket is amazing! I would love to win, because I have homecoming soon and winning this would, definitely help me look 10x better with the tanning lotion, perfumes, necklace, lip gloss, etc. This is just such a cool giveaway. I hope I win this year. *fingers crossed*
    Much Love, AnnCates

  192. Your blog is pretty much the greatest thing ever, and that’s quite the compliment coming from someone who spends about an hour a day scouring a variety of fashion/lifestyle blogs! So obvi I’d die if I won 🙂

  193. I would feaking love to win bc I have never freaking won anything! And the fact that it is a pretty awesome basket!

  194. I absolutely, without a doubt have to win because I’ve never won a giveaway… ever. And because I just love you and your blog so so much, and I’ve been thinking about reading your book, but I haven’t bought it yet, so if I won, I could read it. So yeah, I absolutely, without a doubt have to win. By the way, I think it’s great that you do so many amazing giveaways.

  195. Hey! I would love to win this basket!!! I’m having my first baby any day now… pregnancy has been rough and I could really use some beauty pick me ups and your awesome health inspiration read! Please pick me!!

  196. I absolutely love TSC so much that it inspired me to build and write my own blog! I’ve read your book too but I got the Kindle version (silly me). Would love to have one on my coffee table to browse through for daily inspiration 🙂

  197. I’d love to win this basket, mainly for the signed book. I’ve had my eye on it for a while, and now that I am back into blogging, it would be a great paper-mentor 😉 Also, Ive been following TSC for several years, so that would be quite the surprise. Sparkling goodies are the perfect touch. Thanks!

  198. Hi Lauryn!!!

    You and your blog are amazing! I love all the passion you put into your work and how you stay authentic to yourself.

    I’d love to win the gift basket for a couple reasons 🙂 I recently lost a pretty big/huge chunk of weight a several years ago when I was 18, now 25 I’m recently engaged and have yet to share my weight loss journey with the fiance. I would love to doll myself up and pre-pamper myself with all the exciting goodies you put together before I get the courage to tell him soon 🙂 #2- I just recently started a new blog- all on life after weight loss from everything from beauty, self confidence, to how life changes after you lose weight in regards to relationships etc and i feel this basket would compliment everything perfectly!

    Goodluck girls!!


  199. I would love to win to get organized and smell delicious all while working out to your workouts in the book!

  200. I need to win because I absolutely adore your blog, and this basket contains so many awesome items! Thanks a bunch for the giveaway!

  201. This blog has changed my entire outlook on life!! I check it daily and am constantly looking for new ways to destress my life and be healthy. Keep doing what your doing :))

  202. I can’t tell you just one thing I love I need all this for my hospital bag in the delivery room I NEED IT

  203. I absolutely have to win because I am currently a biomedical engineering undergrad who is trying to still live a beautiful, healthy life while intensely studying and doing work. Having this beauty basket in my dorm room will make those super busy days when you don’t have time more anything more bearable!

    Thanks a bunch <3

  204. I love everything in this basket! I work with special needs preschool children and would LOVE to be able to come home to some pampering after a long day with my kiddos!

  205. I want to win this as I am new to the blogging world and I adore your blog! Plus it’s full of girly glittery things which I lurrrvee 🙂

  206. I would love to win this basket because I literally love all the things you put in there they are so cute! Plus, I would love to have a copy of awesome & amazing book! All the precious items you put in the basket are cute and adorable! Thanks for the opportunity! Continue all the awesome things you do! always loved your blog <3

  207. I absolutely would love to win. You have helped me so so much through the nightmare I have been going through the past 8 months. My x husband kidnapped my kids and I have been in and out of court since fighting for them. It’s a mothers absolute worst nightmare. You have helped me stay strong, and as positive as I can through this. I have started to find me again. I was in a mentally abusive marriage for 12 years he always threatened me if I left he would take my kids. I didn’t think he would do that to our children but he did. I look forward to your posts every day as they really help. So even if I don’t win thank you so very much. You rock! 😉

  208. Lauryn,
    I have been following your blog for a year and a half and have loved watching your progression as a blogger. I wake up every morning and check your blog to get more lifestyle tips while I drink my morning coffee. (I’ve been dry brushing every since you blogged about it–obsessed) I know there are many others that are probably more deserving than I am of this give away basket. I am a full time graduate student in Florida who cannot work due to the rigorous nature of my program. I would love to be able to splurge on all of these items–especially the book–but my budget is incredibly tight. I hope you consider me to win this gift basket! It would be amazing. Thank you for the opportunity!

  209. I just recently discovered the skinny confidential and I quickly became obsessed- sharing it with all of my friends and picking up dry bar alligator clips immediately to try to recreate the soft curls! I love everything in this bag- teal is my favorite color, I’m in love with stationary and notepads, statement necklaces and glitter- and I will Instagram everything I use in this basket and tag the skinny confidential in all of it!!!! Pick me pick me!!!!

  210. I just love the skinny confidential! Lauren has helped so much with her advice and info on the blog!! Plus I mean who doesn’t love a basket full of goodies hand picked by her?!

  211. I read your blog daily and follow a lot of the tips! I love recommending your blog to all my friends because you keep it real, i.e. you say things how they are, and I love that. They always thank me for it. Your book is the next thing on my “To Buy” list and I would love to have it in my possession 🙂

  212. I would love to win this giveaway because I would greatly benefit from learning how to balance my life, fitness, work and overall wellness. In addition, the prizes would boost my confidence and self-esteem by making feel and look pretty.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  213. I absolutely NEED to win because first and foremost, I have been dying to read your book since it came out! I’m a huge fan of your blog and I without a doubt am going to fall in love with your book once I get my hands on a copy. As far as the other products, they are all such a great added bonus to the giveaway and I would definitely use them on a daily basis! I mean come on, what kind of girl doesn’t love some VS perfume?!?!

  214. I would be so happy to win this giveaway! I’m a mom of a 1 1/2 year old little dude and I actually just found out 2 days ago that we are expecting our second child! About a year ago we moved from California to a small little town in South Dakota out in the country due to my husbands job, all our family and friends live back in cali and any decent shopping is about 2 hours away 🙁 I recently found your page through a friend and started reading your blog and I LOVE it!! I’m hooked!! Lol Since we moved out here I’ve felt like I’m out of the loop of all the fashion and things going on, so I love reading your blog and being up to date on all your beauty fashion and health posts! I have been wanting to get a copy of your book for a while now, so winning this giveaway would just make my day and be a total blessing!!

  215. I have to win because I love your blog and the lifestyle it represents and would love to finally read your book, plus who doesn’t love lip smackers?

  216. Lauryn, I absolutely freaking have to win!

    1. I love fruity candles
    2. Skin care is my obsession and I’ve never tries lip scrubs before.
    3. I’ve never read your book before but I’ve been interested in reading it for awhile!

  217. Because you’ve definitely inspired me to blog. You’ve shown me that blogging is not only informative on various lifestyle topics but that it can be colorful, fun, and entertaining. I’m an avid fan- I bought your book already from B&N..and if I win the package I plan on passing along the book to a friend who’s been eyeing mine. The other goodies- I’ll keep 😉 Even if I don’t win- thank you for all time and effort you put in to inspire us through TSC! xoxo

  218. I have loved following your blog & Instagram-you are such an awesome person!! You’re an inspiration to every go-getter out there! I can’t wait to see how you grow even further with TSC! I love being a part of the success by following along 🙂 VS Noir Tease is absolutely THE best scent that they sell, well & maybe Bombshell too!

  219. What this giveaway is amazing! I’m seriously in love with everything in it- which makes sense because I love following you! Crossing my fingers!

    1. I would love to win this basket! It is the perfect finish to my new redecorated house, and my new like thanks to your blog!:) Thanks to you I no longer drink nasty fraps, sugary alcohol drinks and so much more <3 Thanks L!

  220. Amazing giveaway… I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to enter yourself 🙂 Anyway… I would love to win since where I live I don’t have the chance to buy any of these thing.
    But most of all, a signed copy of your book? That would be just amazing!

  221. I just love your whole approach on life & how to live, happy, healthy & sexy! Thank you for sharing your knowledge so the rest of us can lead better lives! 🙂 i would be soooooo excited to win your signed book & this goody bag!

  222. Ohh, please pick me! Reading TSC has become part of my every day routine. I thoroughly enjoy reading everything that you post and I would just LOVE LOVE LOVE to get my hands on a signed copy of your book! Over the past few months, I’ve been dealing with a lot of changes and going through a lot of struggles (like most people). But reading TSC has honestly inspired me to change my lifestyle to become a much healthier and happier version of myself! You have even inspired me to create a blog of my own <– That's definitely a work in progress though. I have to start small, BUT I know that if I work my ass off, I'll definitely reach my goals. Thank you for all the work you put into TSC and for inspiring myself and others to reach their full potential. I'm sure you have a lot more planned out for TSC and I can't wait to see it. 😀

  223. I’d absolutely love to win this basket, because on October 1st, I’ll be ringing in my 28th birthday… along with celebrating losing 30 lbs this past year, which is definitely thanks in part to you, Lauryn!!!! I’ve been following your blog for a couple years now and will finally be celebrating the next year of my life as the happiest and healthiest ME I’ve ever been. You’re one bad ass babe… Thanks for all you do!! xx

  224. I would love to try all those amazing products!!! The lime candle sounds to die for! Having your book would definitely be a motivation to stay fit and eat clean in new ways! Love your healthy takes on old (but bad for you) favourites!

  225. I absolutely, without a doubt, have to win because those goodies are freaking awesome and so are you! I have entered all your giveaways since starting to read your blog a couple of years ago and I am determined to win one! Because October is my birthday month I am hopeful that the odds will be in my favor this time around. 🙂

  226. I have been a huge fan for years and would love some TSC goodies! Even though my job has been super stressful lately, I’ve been trying to stay focused on my health. These goodies would really help!

  227. I would absolutely love (!!) to win my own copy of your book, as I have thumbed through it so many times at Barnes & Noble that the clerks now shoo me out the door when they see me walk in. This health-conscious college student *really* wants to read your book, because your story of becoming a self-made woman and a #ladyboss really inspires me, but organic kale and bee pollen eats up all of my spending money. 🙁 Forever a fan!

  228. I started following you on Instagram through Kayla Itsines. I am in love with her workout and glad it’s TSC approved! 😉 I fell in love with your blog instantly! You have truly inspired me to get into blogging. I am only 22 years old and suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and celiac disease. My body attacks itself. About a year ago I decided ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH.. I could either sit there and feel sorry for myself (which I was) or I could take matters into my own hands. I have been on a health and wellness journey ever since. I finally feel in control of my life and my health (to the furthest extinct possible with the diseases). Your blog adds to this journey immensely!! I would LOVE to win the AMAZING basket and use it as inspiration to get my little booty blogging about my journey!

    I’m grateful for your blog and lucky I found it off of Kayla Itsines insta!! 😉

    <3 Britt Nicole

  229. I need need need to win this because I’ve been obsessed with yout blog ever since I found it! I look forward to every single post! Your blog is so inspiring and I really love your honest take on different subjects – So nice to read 🙂
    And I absolutely need to have the book + all the amaze extra goodie stuff that’s in the basket!

  230. I would LOVE to win because all the goodies in the basket are SO cute! I already own, and love, your book so having a signed copy would be amazing! I’d love to be able to share the book with a friend as well since I’d have 2 copies 🙂

  231. This basket is fun, sexy, & everything needed to look ahhhmazing! Plus, I really want that lemon lavender cookie 😉

  232. I think I should absolutely win because I am a huge fan of your blog (I read it every a.m. with my coffee) and have been DIEING to read your book!! I have shared your blog with many of my fellow army wives here in Hawaii and have learned so much about being healthy and aware of what I am putting in my body and on my body from you! The book would be enough to win but all of the AMAZING products in the giveaway are to.DIE.for!!! I have never won anything and winning your book and basket would totally make my whole month!!

  233. I read your blog all the time. It is so helpful for everything in my life. Winning this basket would be so fun. All the items in it, I use. I want a copy of your book so bad.

  234. I don’t really spend a lot of money on products for myself, and if I did, i wouldn’t really knkw what to buy, so it would be super fun to try everything in the basket. I’ve been a loyal reader since 2011/12 and would loooove to have a copy of the book!!!

  235. I have been following your blog for a long time now and not only is it my favorite, but it is my daily “must read”.



  236. Becuase it’s all amazing and I need a little pick me up this week! Plus I work hard! :p please!

  237. I have to win because I don’t think I can live without this basket now that I’ve gazed upon it’s beauty!!! <3 amazing!

    p.s love the blog, recently discovered it a few week ago and have become OBSESSED (not in a creepy way, in a read every post and make every recipe way 🙂

    Thanks for all the posts, I love them all!

  238. Hello 🙂
    Just because you are such an inspiration and you would make me a very happy girl and it will be a pleasure to try all of this products 🙂
    Thank you for the time you spend to share everything with us.

  239. Hi Lauryn!

    I would love to win the basket, but I am even more excited about your book! I have been wanting to get my hands on a copy so I can learn all about your make-up routine. You are such an inspiration and really motivate me to improve my overall health. The basket is so thoughtful and I absolutely love Victoria’s Secret products. I have not tried actually tried any of these products so it would be great to review them. I would be honored if you picked me!

  240. 1. I would love everything in this basket. 2. I am driven and like to win. 3. I preordered your book MONTHS in advance AND got your app the day you announced it bc I believe in you so hard, girl, and love to support badass female entrepreneurs I believe in x

  241. i followed on insta: couponingprincessss
    followed on bloglovin: alyssabubbletea

    i would love to win because i am a girly girl at heart and absolutely love and would use everthing in that basket!

  242. I’m obsessed with your blog and can’t afford to buy your book (post college grad problems) so I’ve been dying to get my hands on it! Plus everything in that basket is amaze and just looking at it makes me a little bit happier 🙂 Please pick me!

    P.S.- the Dr.Pepper chapstick will also make me feel young again and who doesn’t like that?!

  243. Lovely basket! So many of these items would be awesome to try (like the perfumes!) but ones that I might not go out and purchase myself yet.

  244. Hi Lauryn!
    I would love to win this giveaway! I recently just got engaged to the man of my dreams and I am realizing how much I need to start pampering myself! Beauty is truly an investment isn’t it?? AN EXPENSIVE ONE. I just got my very first facial today– I loved it but I may wait to make some more money before I do that one again! If you picked me to win this basket I would be so happy and thankful! It would definitely take some of the burden of stress that comes with planning a wedding, which I’m sure you know all about 🙂 Congratulations on your engagement!

    With love and light


  245. I would love to win this because I have been dying to get my hands on your book and read all of your recipes and what not! Being a college student I’m always on the go so I’m sure you have amazing tips that I can use to make my life easier! Also the goodies in this giveaway are ahhhhmazing I love all of them! Thanks for doing this giveaway Lauryn!

    <333 Sarah

  246. I am all about anything lemon & lime or victoria’s secret!! I need to win this to inject a little fun into my life before: the coldest/longest winter here in Montreal.

  247. I should, and must, win because I represent how The Skinny Confidential can help an ole gal like me keep it real! Snap! When anyone says how good I look I tell them “snap, get on with The Skinny Confidential”! That’s what I talkin bout.

  248. I’ve been going through a really tough time lately because I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to do career wise…it’s been a tough transition and this basket would totally cheer me up and inspire me! I’ve been wanting to get your book for forever but have been a bit short on cash! I would LOVE to win!!!

  249. I would absolutely, without a doubt LOVE and adore to win this basket!!!!! I’ve been so proud to follow your blog since you first started and were writing for Healthy Bitch Daily. I’m so proud to see how far you have come! I’m happy for you and everything your blog has done. The fitness tips are always my number 1 stop for all things healthy and work out. I fail in that department and enjoy being able to reference to your tricks and advice.

    Oh and I loved seeing you in barre class finally! Can’t wait to take again. ❤️ Have a wonderful day!

  250. I love your blog, and as an unpaid intern paying my dues to get the job of my dreams I don’t have the money to buy ANY of the things in that basket right now!

  251. Hi!!
    I absolutely love your site. I downloaded the app so I could follow more closely!!!
    I believe without a doubt that I should win your basket give away because recently I have been living by your tips and I would love nothing more than to get more guidance and products you recommend!! I’ve been taking the magnesium daily, and absolutely love your green smoothie you posted. Living healthier has become a lifestyle choice for me and I would just love to continue it!! Please pick me!!

  252. I love love love your blog! I have to check it at least once a day, and I’m always inspired by what I see! You broaden my fashion/wellness horizons and make me laugh. Thanks for having such a beautiful blog. This basket looks aMAHzing! With fall coming up, I could really freshen some things up! It’s been a hot summer down in the south!

  253. Because teal is my color! I actually just love following you and look forward to reading all of your posts, so why wouldnt I look forward to a TSC basket?!

  254. Because you’re the best, I’ve been following your blog since you started and I’ve had a bummer of a night and could really use some cheering up

  255. This is an amazing basket! I haven’t been folklorist you for super long (about 3 months), but I’m head over heels! I hope my blog will ever get like this 🙂 I’d love to win because the basket is filled with a lotlotlot of stuff I can’t get in Belgium, so this would be amazing to all try out! Ahh and I love stationery sooo much!

  256. Your blog is such an inspiration to us! As new bloggers, we love seeing the fun, quirky things that you post about! Most importantly, we love the way that you really CARE about your readers – from promoting a healthy lifestyle to “appreciating the little things” it really seems like you’ve got a happy balance figured out!! We’d love this gift basket primarily because we really want to read your BOOK <33 not to mention the little trinkets and goodies are all ADORABLE and would be such a fun way to feel more involved in the blogger community! We would share the basket with our blog team as a reward for all the hard work we put in!!

  257. I’d freakin love to win this. Been a long time follower and Evarts gives the best advice on anything that’s cute chic and healthy related. I love her style. This basket is going to give me a taste of her lifestyle. Her book is def the highlight. like her I am a huge sucker for my dog and school supplies. I’m all about fresh pretty pencils and notebooks! Pick me pretty please

  258. Life has been pretty cruddy lately and it would totally bless me to receive this basket! It’s just one of those seasons in life when you need a little something extra to make you smile. Lauryn, you’re amazing. Thanks for giving us this opportunity!

  259. I just moved into a new apartment thousands of miles from home (Cali to Philly)… It’s so cloudy here and winning this basket would just brighten my day!!!!

  260. Because it’s all SOOO cute!! You find the most unique items that really brighten up the day!! I love the little unicorn that you use in a lot of your posts… this basket reminds me of that — cute little things that make you smile 🙂 Love it! Great taste!

  261. I feel it is kismet that I win. I love your blogs and insight to amazing products and healthy alternatives, enjoying some of finer things in life. Would love to try em’ out! Thank you for all you do!

  262. I would love to win the goodie basket! I have been studying for my LSAT and could use the items to relax and have cute study materials!

  263. I want to win this goodie basket because I religiously check TSC everyday and I look forward to all your posts. They always are filled with useful information that makes you stop and think. Please oh please pick me!

  264. I love and I have tried several of the products you use yourself and would love to discover all that this basket has to offer. And, I absolutely want to read your book!

  265. I really freaking badly need this basket! It has so many different things, so many that I wouldn’t find them at the store! I really trust you Lauryn and your picks! The giveaway is just ssooo perfect..I’d be willing to do a fistfight for earn this!!

    Love you lots and lots! Love from Canada! I really really really hope I WIN this basket!!!

  266. I’d love to win it because you’re a kick-ass-glam-warrior and everything in that basket have that vibe! So from that point I think there’s no other reason needed! I’m a total fan of TSC!! 🙂

  267. I would LOVE to win because I’ve been a TSC reader since the beginning!! I’ve watched it transform from a fitness blog to a lifestyle blog! I read your blog daily and absolutely love it! I’ve never won anything from the blog! Boo 🙁 And of course if I did win I’d probably make my friends jealous on insta! Best blog out there and can’t wait to watch it continue to grow!

  268. been following the skinny confidential for so long and dying to read the book and of course these goodies are amazing!!! that necklace wow!! perfect for my birthday coming up soon:)

  269. I think you’re awesome. Plus you share all your beauty secrets unlike those selfish B#tches. 🙂 Thanks! x

  270. I absolutely have to win this because I am a huge fan of your blog! I love your style and everything in this basket is right up my alley! I already own your book, but I would love to have a signed copy! 🙂

  271. Love alil gift every now and then n pregnancy is perfect gift time and everything looks awesome GOT TO WINN PLEASE

  272. The Skinny Confidential is my new favorite iPhone app, and I’m quite certain this goodie basket is the APP COME TO LIFE! Need!

  273. Hi Lauryn, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your website. It is honestly the best fitness and lifestyle blog out there. Your tips and tricks for fitness , eating, beauty and lifestyle are incredible! I stalk your website constantly for posts and was so excited to see this competition. Everything looks amazing and I would love to win it! Xo

  274. I NEED everything in this basket! I read and loved the book, would love to have a signed copy

  275. I would love to win! I am a broke college student and I would absolutely LOVE all of the stuff in the basket! Plus it just looks so pretty 🙂 I have been following you for awhile and really been dying to get my hands on your book!

  276. Why the hell wouldn’t I want to win this basket, But i want to win it especially for the Victoria’s secret perfume that stuff smells so good.

  277. Dear Lauryn!

    My Name is Flora. I am from overseas. Germany. I enjoy reading your blog, your sense of beauty, your directness and honesty. I am in training to be a physician and life is crazy but my passion for health and sports rules through my life like the blood through my veins. I run long distances, box, do pilates and make sure to move my body and strength my mind every single day. Your blog is so great because it gives all these women out there a platform and a way to see that we are not alone out there trying to do our best in life. To be lucky enough to hold the gift basket packed with so many beautiful things I could never purchase in Germany would be an honour. I always wanted to try the tans and bronzers from VS can not be bought here. However, still I like to tell you: keep on rocking and inspiring others 🙂 Have a beautiful day!

  278. love your blog Lauryn! Perfect combo of health, fashion, beauty, confidence, and wit. Would love to win, as I am in dire need of some beauty pick-me-ups 🙂

  279. Its so cool that you put together giveaways like this–everybody likes a little extra TLC once in awhile <3 Long gold necklaces are my jam right now! I've been pining for longer than I care to admit 😉

  280. I would love to win!! I’m stylistically challenged so I think I could definitely learn a thing or 2 from your book 🙂 I love your genuine and hilarious voice and know the basket will be amazing!!

  281. i would love to win because i have never ever won anything ever. (i have extremely bad luck) i love your book use the recipes religiously lauren but a signed copy would be awesome 🙂 your amazing!

  282. I absolutely freakin love your blog! You’re on my daily read! I just wrote a blog about my fave instafaves and you definitely made the list. I could totally use this basket because I’m an overworked mama trying to make a name for myself. I need to get some sexy back!
    The Accidental Mama

  283. You were my inspiration to have a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. I love your fashion and everything you post makes me happy 🙂

  284. The basket looks perfect! I am completely inspired with every blog post from wanting to follow through with a kind deed dream catcher becoming a fitter – better – healthier version of me! My own blog style has come on leaps and bounds since discovering yours so thank-you thank-you thank-you!! xo

  285. I think I should win because I’m at home with a cold and this would be a great pick me up! 🙂

  286. What an amazing giveaway! I absolutely HAVE to win because I just got out of a long relationship and really could use a fresh start – all this great things would be the best confidence boost and make me feel beautiful. Xoxox

  287. I absolutely, positively need to win because I am seriously so inspired by you & would totally adore being able to use some of the exact products and things that you personally do! Your kick-ass work ethic, no bs attitude, and laid-back yet OCD personality is such a breath of fresh air! Love your daily posts–love the recipes, make-up tips, and rants on nasty ass, unnatural products! Plus, you totally turned me from a Lulu snob to a die-hard Zella legging & Split59 tank supporter! 🙂

  288. I deserve to win this because the skinny confidential helps me and motivates me to try and be the healthy version of me. I would really love this and everything looks amazing as is your blog. Pretty pretty please?

  289. This is the most amazing gift set!! I am redoing my office and can use so much of the cute stuff in there so I would love to win!

  290. I have been a TSC fan forrrreeeevvvverrr and would DIE to win this! Need to get my hands on a copy of the book ASAP!

  291. I would ab-so-lutely love to win this basket! I am obsessed with your blog and would be so happy to receive this basket. Reading your blog gets me through each and everyday. It’s like adding some sparkle into my daily life. 😉

  292. I have to win because I LOVE your blog and I’m dying to read the book! All of the goodies look amazing too!

  293. I would love win this pack to share with sll my friends who have gone through a really tough time and bring a smile to thier face.

  294. i should absolutely, withOUT A DOUBT win because……this basket is incredibly cute and thoughtful and so am I?? Just kidding (mostly). I hope I win because I though am a recent follower of your blog, ever since graduating college and starting a work grind, your posts motivate me to continue working hard, being fabulous, and most importantly, strive for a healthier lifestyle! I can not wait to read your book and am def going to check out Kuba Kreations cause, damn…that cookie sounds amazing!! 🙂

  295. I love all of your posts and ideas. They are very cheerful, beautiful and uplifting. It makes being a woman fun and exciting. I can’t get enough of your blogs. You do a great marketing job on the placements of everything in the staging and descriptions. 🙂

  296. You are my absolute favorite blogger! I would love to have a signed copy of your book and all of your favorite products to try. Please pick me. <3

  297. I would absolutely love to win this basket! I started following you about a month ago and you have already inspired me so much! I got the app just so I always have my skinny confidential on hand. I would love to have the book on hand to inspire me even more! I love that you share your favorite things and tips but you also encourage others to be the best version of themselves and also to not be a mean girl. I love your approach to beauty, fitness and life! More women need to have that positive, encouraging, honest mindset. Thank you for all the advice and tips you offer, you help so many women more than you realize.

  298. I NEED THIS!! I just moved and am ready for a fresh start and new goodies to pamper myself!! what better way to relax after a big move than with beauty products and The Skinny Confidential book full of healthy ideas, recipes and tips!! I absolutely love your style and the personality of your blog and trust your lifestyle reccomendations.

  299. ::the skinny confidential is so inspiration, keep doing what you’re doing!!! I would LOVE a signed copy of your book to share with family and friends!! (;

  300. I would love to win because I really want to read your book! Your recipes and tips are awesome and I’d love to see more. The basket looks amazing!

  301. I have been following you guys on Instagram forever and you have provided lots of inspo! Ps I’m a broke college girl that would absolutely love everything in this basket and would love to promote lots of great things to my sorority sisters!!!

  302. ::the skinny confidential is so inspirational, keep doing what you’re doing!!! I would LOVE a signed copy of your book to share with family and friends!! (;

  303. Found your blog after reading a profile on you in The Daily Aztec a while back…as a current SDSU student I agree with you 100 PERCENT that its hard to find healthy and yummy options on campus. Thanks to your blog I’ve been inspired to cook more on my own+find healthy alternatives to my favorite treats (lavender lemondae=my fav) Need your book so I can have more of your amazing tips! xoxo

  304. Absolutley loving the skinny confidential after discovering her on instagram and would be incredibly blessed to win this pack- you inspire me to be beautiful every day 🙂

  305. I would love to win because I just started university and got my own appartment so these gorgeous products would be really helpful!

  306. I want to win this so bad because I am obsessed with every single thing in this basket. I neeeed it in my life. These are hands down the best giveaway items I’ve ever seen. 🙂