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The Skinny Confidential on Bloglovin’

Lauryn Evarts, fashion blogger and health blogger collaborates with LuLu*S clothing company.Hiiii!

I hope you’re all having an amazingly, relaxing day—!

A little reminder: Google Reader was shut down ( a few months ago…I know, I’m a tad bit late on this post, but hey what’s new?! I’m always late…FML. ) so if you’ve been following The Skinny Confidential on GR, switch over to my favorite platform: Bloglovin’.

It’s easy to follow all my favorite bloggers on BL & it’s super user friendly : ).

Oh, & FYI: I’ve found so many interesting/inspiring bloggity blogs on Bloglovin’…that it’s difficult to navigate off the site— it’s that good. Be prepared to become addicted.

Anyways, follow The Skinny Confidential here!

Happy Sunday babe kittens,


  1. I’m reading this post through bloglovin’ right now. 😉
    Love your blog & bloglovin’!

  2. Also, I would loove to know which blogs you follow on bloglovin’! I’m always looking for new blogs. 🙂

  3. I initially found your blog thru bloglovin a while ago! yay love that site! Hope you’ll follow me back 🙂

    1. No much to do with this but this is the best mix you’ll ever hear. My brother made it and you can download it to iTunes straight from Soundcloud (amazing for a run because its about 30 minutes)

  4. I love bloglovin! I discovered it a while ago and its amazing. It makes finding new blogs a complete breeze and reading the one’s you already follow really easy!

  5. I love bloglivin too! I found your blog on there. Not sure how I kept up to date with all the blogs I follow before it!

  6. Hi there! what an amazing blog- I am fairly new to this blogging world – I am currently writing about going on thirty blind dates set up by 30 wannabe matchmakers. Check it out! xx

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