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Skinnista of the Month: Jordan Bosstick

Jordan Bosstick from Arizona State University

[ Jordan from Arizona State University ]

Jordan Bosstick has been my workout partner-in-crime for the past three years. There’s something entirely more motivating about working out alongside a friend than alone. It keeps me accountable to maintain my workout commitments. Also, she is a killer chef; her amazing omelette, named The Skimlette, is a must-try.

Jordan Bosstick from Arizona State University

[ Cilantro & organic tomatoes ]

+ What is a quick skinny trick?

JB: Working out!!! EXERCISE is best!

+ What is your weekly workout schedule?

JB: I work out at least five days a week & I mix it up so I never get bored of my workout routine. I get my cardio in by hiking Camelback Mountain with friends. If I feel like stretching and calming my mind I head to Summit’s Yoga at McCormick Ranch, and when I need to feel the burn I head to Pure Barre Scottsdale. My favorite way to sweat is when I ride my horses- it’s very therapeutic & relieves stress. I also will workout at my apartment & I use my at home Pilates Machine!

+ What is your favorite go-to healthy food?

JB: My favorite go-to healthy food has to be Barlean’s Flax Seed. I put it in everything! It’s great blended in the Yogi Green Smoothie or sprinkled on steel cut oatmeal. I even love putting it in my Greek yogurt for a snack in between classes. Barlean’s Flax Seed is 100% organic, contains the recommended daily value of omega-3 & omega-6, is full of essential fatty acids, helps keep your digestive tract healthy and regular and reduces appetite! YAY!

+ What is your motivation to stay in shape?

JB: I’m a Theta at Arizona State University and I love being the girl my sister can look to for food mods and workout tricks. But my greatest motivation comes from the way I feel. Nothing is better than that yoga buzz or runner’s high I get from hiking. After a morning work out I feel amazing & can get so much accomplished! My workouts are sacred to me, it’s the time I have to myself to focus on nothing but sweating out anything I’m holding on to. Fitting in to the clothes I love is just an added bonus.

Jordan Bosstick from Arizona State University

[ Homemade Pico de Gallo: tomatoes, onions & cilantro ]

Jordan Bosstick from Arizona State University

[ Fresh spinach leaves with tons of antioxidants ]

Jordan Bosstick from Arizona State University

[ Egg white omelette ]

Jordan Bosstick from Arizona State University

[ Making the Skimlette ]

The Skimlette

4 egg whites

1 small handful of fresh spinach

2 spoonfulls of organic Pico de Gallo [ Jordan made her own by chopping onions, cilantro & tomatoes up and mixing them together ]

½ avocado

1 spoonful organic, reduced-fat cheese

Whisk eggs and slowly add in to a pan. and add ingredients. When you flip your omelette, watch so the omelette does not over-cook. Pinch a little black pepper on top and enjoy with a glass of fresh tangerine juice!

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