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Skinnista of the Month: Bride To Be Lisa Hendrix

Lauryn Evarts talks with bride-to-be Lisa Hendrix about her upcoming wedding and skinny tips and tricks.

Meet my pretty, pretty, pretty friend, Lisa Hendrix [ note: pretty inside and out ]. She’s a total babe & a definite 10. But sorry {!!!} boys- get your mind out of the gutter— she’s taken ; )! Below we discuss how Lisa is working her butt off & eating clean for her upcoming nuptials. This girl also knows a thing or two about how to whip up a skinny omelette. Rusty, her fiancé, is one lucky guy:

Lauryn Evarts talks with bride-to-be Lisa Hendrix about her upcoming wedding and skinny tips and tricks.

+ Tell us allllllll about your wedding & how you’re going to get into tip-top shape:

Lisa Hendrix: We are getting married in La Jolla in early October…I truly can NOT wait for the day to finally get here. Planning the wedding has been an unbelievable amount of work & I can not wait to just enjoy the day with all of my friends and family, finally be able to call Rusty my HUSBAND, & last but not least…go on our honeymoon!!!

Thankfully, I had already had a pretty steady workout routine before we got engaged, so I haven’t felt a ton of pressure to ‘lose weight.’ However, I’d like to feel my best on our big day, so of course I am extra motivated. I plan to lengthen my runs, keep attending my yoga classes, do at home workouts when time permits, & start attending Bikram yoga classes as well.

+ If you’re going to flaunt, what body part is most flattering in a LBD?

LH: I have always felt comfortable flaunting my shoulders, arms, & my butt ; ). A little bit of work to tone my arms goes a long way, & they’re almost always an appropriate body part to bare.

+ Favorite trends this season?

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE wearing white- any fabric is better in white! White has been everywhere this spring/summer. White dresses, white tops, white shorts…I love it all. Needless to say, I am excited to finally wear my favorite color to a wedding.

+ Natural beauty product you swear by?

LH: I always try to prioritize a good nights sleep! I like to get a minimum of eight hours a night, if I am able to get nine or ten, even better! Getting an extra hour or two of sleep is so much more beneficial than staying up late to watch TV. I’ve also been known to wash my face excessively, but I’ve really found that simply washing my face anytime it feels dirty, has really helped to maintain good skin. It sounds so simple, but many people forget. The first thing I do after every workout is wash my face. I even bring a travel size face wash to the gym. And always apply a moisturizer afterward.

Another quick fix to looking & feeling more beautiful [ in the summer ] is swimming in the ocean! It works wonders on your skin and will make you look and feel refreshed the rest of the day : ).

+ Quick skinny tip?

LH: #1…don’t stress about being ‘skinny’! And if I do start having a ‘not-so-skinny’ moment, I put on my running shoes & go! I also make sure to eat a smaller dinner before 6 pm, & TRY to cut down on the salt [ very difficult for me, but it works! ]. By the next day I will feel great again.

Lauryn Evarts talks skinny tips and tricks with Lisa Hendrix from Encinitas, California.

[ Elena, Lisa, & I <3 ]

Weekly workout?

LH: I was never very athletic in high school, so feeling the difference of finally being active six or even seven days a week is unbelievable. Through college, I started becoming gradually more active; jogging, a yoga class here & there, etc. It wasn’t until a little over two years ago I really started prioritizing my workouts; it has changed my life. I have more energy, I eat when I am hungry & never obsess over food/how much I eat, I feel more balanced & happy, but most importantly I’m completely confident/happy in my body.

I run about six days a week, usually about thirty minutes; whatever I feel is best for me on that particular day. And I absolutely swear by yoga. I try to take classes as much as possible. With my schedule I can usually fit it in two to three times a week. It’s beneficial in so many ways, & completely changes your body. I also like to squeeze in a spin classes &/or at home abdominal workouts when I have the time.

+ Favorite healthy snack?

LH: Organically grown, frozen grapes! I also love tomatoes with a slice of baby mozarella. I’m a believer in satisfying cravings…but doing so in MODERATION! It’s so much more important to stay away from ‘fake foods’ & chemicals, then to avoid calories & fat, just make sure you’re getting your fat/calories from the right place! Spend the extra money  & buy organic; it’s so worth it in the long run. However, I can’t stay away from my french fries, so I get them from In-N-Out ; ).

+ Cocktail of choice?

LH: Vodka, soda water w/ a slice of lemon & lime!

+ Pick five things essentials for summer:

+ Neutrogena SPF 50

+ This White Dress

+ Tory Burch Emmy Gold Sandals

+ This Black Bikini

+ J Brand White Shorts [ only a few left in stock! ]

+ Quick, easy recipe:

++ Lisa’s Egg White Omelette:

+ 2 tablespoons of salsa

+ Handful of spinach

+ Sliced mushroom

+ Chopped green onions

+ A few slices of avocado

Perfect for breaky, lunch or dinner. I usually include a pice of whole grain toast, especially if I am eating before a workout. It’s quick, easy, filling, & most importantly, you really can’t mess it up.

Lauryn Evarts talks with bride-to-be Lisa Hendrix about her upcoming wedding and skinny tips and tricks.

Lauryn Evarts is a fashion blogger, health blogger, fitness blogger, and skinnista! Check her blog out for skinny tips and tricks.


  1. She’s gorgeous! She is so right about getting at least 8 hours a night. What a difference it makes in your appearance, not to mention your health. You have the most gorgeous friends!!

  2. Where is the white lace dress in the 1st pic from? Could you please ask Lisa bc i really need a white dress!

    1. Hi lady! I asked Lisa & she said the white dress is from Urban Outfitters in 2010. She said there’s another one on Revolve Clothing which is found here: Hope that helps! xx.

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