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Why Your Skin Needs Baby Wash Cloths

You guys.

Today I have the hottest skin care tip to share. But first, I’ll tell you how I found out about this amazing hack.

I was listening to Jule of the Jule The Bee on the Hashtag No Filter with Julie Lauren podcast & Jule gave the most amazing recommendation. She discussed how instead of using a dirty, nasty-ass cotton polyester towel on your face she uses another very specific towel & not only is this a towel for your face, it’s actually a towel meant for newborns so it is better than regular washcloths.  These softer towels are not only meant as baby cleaning products anymore.  Let’s start.

Why Your Skin Needs Baby Wash Cloths


Now, this is a good idea for so many reasons. These baby washcloths have safer materials for sensitive skin.  These are going to be gentler, softer & just better overall for the fragile skin on your face, better than a cotton washcloth.  Since it is so gentle on your baby’s skin, these baby wipes are great for preventing ailments like eczema rash and baby acne. It can be used during bath time or after you bathe your baby. The ones Jule uses are pre-rolled with these cute little ribbon soft washcloths so they’re perfect to have on display in your bathroom & they’re ready to go for when you want to take your makeup off.


♡ easy to use & wash.

♡ won’t pull the skin down.

♡ made of organic bamboo – 100% muslin washcloth.

♡ antibacterial & hypoallergenic.

♡ free from chemicals & dyes.

♡ super soft because they’re meant for a newborn’s bum.

In Korea, people are very specific about this. They all use super soft cloths on their face. & we all know Koreans know what they’re doing when it comes to skin care.

I thought this hack was genius because washing your face is hopefully something you do every single night. You know I’m a huge fan of this cleansing balm because it’s so buttery- so when I take off my makeup I throw some of the balm on my face, do a little facial massage, leave it on for 10 minutes, & then gently take it off by patting upward with this baby wash cloth.

I feel like everyone who reads The Skinny Confidential cares about their skin so they need to use these baby wash cloths. I display mine in a tiny white box with the cloths nicely wrapped in their bows.

Because let’s be honest…there’s nothing worse than using the same white towel that you just used on your butt hole ( or that your husband used on his ballsack ), on your face. That’s gonna put bacteria & nasty-ass germs all over your face. & since these cloths touch my face, I love to wash them with Honest laundry detergent.

With that, get yourself some baby washcloths & keep them away from your husband. You know those MFers rub the same towel down there that you put on your face. Am I right?

Thanks to Jule for this insane hack- I’m obsessed. Don’t worry, she’ll be back on the blog soon ( winky face ).

Peace, love & baby wash cloths,

x, lauryn

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  1. i seriously love this hack! thank you for continuing to post on your blog (even though i’m sure engagement is down). its one of my favorite parts!!

  2. I use baby washcloths ALL the time! They are the best, and I first started using them after I had my daughter and realized they were actually the softest thing ever.

    Stephanie | A Learning Story

  3. I LIVE for your tips like these!!! Baby wash cloths?! Genius ? – ordering asap! Thanks for always sharing all of your secret tips! Xx

  4. Awesome tip! I think this would be good since baby skin is sensitive as your face is, too. So washing with a baby washcloth is the best way to go. Thanks for this valuable hack. I’ll include this in my skincare.

    Much love.

  5. Is there a specific way to wash these clothes ? Will they become ruined if used in washer machine with tide ?

  6. What’s your process for washing them? Do you wash them with your regular towels? Regular laundry soap? Thank you!

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