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Skin Care 101: Tips on Organizing Your Bathroom During Quarantine

By now you probably know Ria: the master organizer to celebs & influencers.

She very much knows her shit when it comes to home organization & I thought it was the perfect time to continue posting her tips & tricks. We’re all in quarantine & need some stuff to keep our minds occupied so keep reading to get your home nice & organized with a minimalistic feel.

In this post, you can expect all of Ria’s tips on bathroom organization, the best hack for your AM & PM skin care, & her favorite organizational products for your bathroom . We’re diving deep.

If you read Ria’s other posts on general home organization tips & streamlining your morning station then you’re going to love this post on how to organize your skin care products.

Ria has the best tips for getting started in any room, tried & true favorite organizational product recs, & just this energy about her that will inspire you to purge things that you don’t absolutely LOVE.

Organizing can truly add years to your life when it’s all in order & works for YOU!

Without further ado, let’s welcome back Ria…


Describe the goals we wanted for my bathroom organization?

Ria Safford: Our goals were to 1. Assess the inventory, 2. Make sense of the inventory, 3. Prioritize the inventory.

A ruthless purge was absolutely necessary. In your profession you’re sent so many goodies, & you want to try every product under the sun, so we really had to analyze what products pass the test & were going to be part of your regular routine. Then we wanted to make sure those products were accessible & obviously super cute to look at.

You color-coded my skin care on my bathroom wall. What shelves did you use & what are some tips for doing this?

RS: Shelves were necessary for creating storage where it didn’t exist. The left wall was vacant & begging to be used to help showcase your adorable product collection. We used 3 floating shelves from Amazon. Basically, this was kind of a two-fold project. Picking items that are used regularly, but more so ones that were going to fall in line with your oh-so-perfect Skinny brand.

We were organizing products but it also served as a fun addition to your wall. We were sure to keep with a certain color scheme for a fun daily routine, & to keep things cohesive on your Instagram feed.

You divided my AM & PM skin care. How can someone do this at home? Can you talk about your label maker too?

RS: If you’re someone who has a ton of different items, it’s best to go through them & pick out the items you use every day. We have our absolute obsession items, things we use every day, & ones we want easy access to, but not necessarily every day.

Some of those are ok to have on your counter because they’re going to be used & look cool too. We love the iDesign turntable for this. A lot of the time we divide AM & PM skin care on one turntable, but for someone like Lauryn, we did a whole turntable for AM & a whole one for PM. We also put some fun labels on the turntables for an added touch.

The P-Touch cube Plus is my new obsession. The biggest difference from other label makers is that it allows you to make a 1 inch label instead of the usual half inch width. It also has 200 fonts so it allows us to customize labels for clients. It has a ton of different tape color options too. We used the white font on black tape for Lauryn’s goods.

What did you do with hair extensions, hair brushes & other hair products?

RS: Hair extensions we stored in an under the sink clear drawer. Regularly used hair brushes were stored with daily essentials in the top drawers & hair products were stored under the sink in a deep bin that helped take advantage of the cabinet depth.

What does the drawer situation look like in my bathroom?

RS: The biggest thing with your space is that there were obviously a lot of different products & you switch up your everyday essentials. We were granted the ability to use your counter space to hold a lot of those items, whereas normally we are trying to clear counter space. We used the counter space for essentials & used the drawers for some not so essential things like face masks & certain serums. Especially during pregnancy, there are a lot of products you aren’t ‘supposed’ to use, so we could put a lot of those things under the sink.

How can someone minimize the clutter in their bathroom?

RS: Get rid of items you know you aren’t going to use. You need to let go of the idea that you’re throwing away money because your items are not gaining value by taking up space in your bathroom. So purge ruthlessly! Get rid of anything you don’t use, you don’t want, that is old, or that you’re just ‘over.’ You’ll see that you’re left with only things that you love!

You organized Michael’s bathroom too. What are some tips & tricks for keeping your guy organized?

RS: Men are simple. Michael is a bit more complex than the average guy as far as the hair & skin care that he uses–but like, come on, it takes a killer routine to keep those good looks am I right? But in general men are set in their ways with the products they use which makes it easier to organize their space. When you know the absolute dos & don’ts, it makes it easier to create a space for their everyday items.

What’s something you often find in a client’s bathroom that doesn’t belong there & how do you clear space?

RS: It’s not really the same items with every client, but more often than not there are items that also exist in other spaces of the home. For instance medicine, tools, batteries, sunscreen. Most of the time things like that have another home where they originated like the hallway closet, or a utility closet, or the laundry room. So we really try to keep all the same things in one place.

What are 3 bathroom products you can recommend everyone has in their bathroom?

RS: Drawer organizers,  iDesign turntable , & under the sink drawers. All of these will help make things items more accessible while keeping your space organized & maintainable.

What’s the best skin care organization tip?

RS: Lazy Susans or divided turntables…. whatever you wanna call it! Skin care is done in a routine type way, whether it’s daily or weekly. AM & PM is a great way to organize your skin care, but if you don’t have too many products you can do whatever works for you. Incorporate masks, eye patches, oils, cleansers, whatever! Just make sure it’s placed somewhere that works for you. That might be on your counter or under your sink.

Where can everyone find you? 

RS: Instagram @riorganize |Our website at


Hope you guys loved this post & it inspired you to organize your skin care! Be sure to follow Ria on Instagram for a giveaway announcement coming soon. In the meantime be sure to stalk her other TSC posts here & here.

You should also know Ria will be back for 2 more posts on home organization so stay tuned.

x, lauryn

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  1. I learned so much about organization from this post! & also added like five items to my Amazon wish list. Can’t wait to completely throw out items I don’t use (so true how they aren’t gaining value in your drawer!) & organize my bathroom!

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