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‘Tis The Season for Presentssss: Three Sisters Jewelry Design Giveaway

Lauryn Evarts and Jessica Kitty team up to bring you a Three Sisters Jewelry Design giveaway.

Lauryn Evarts and Jessica Kitty team up to bring you a Three Sisters Jewelry Design giveaway.

Yay! – – – It’s Friday!!

I have I mentioned how amaze you all are? Your continued support/readership is what makes this blog- so thankyouthankyouthankyou. To show how grateful I am, every Friday of December I’ll be hosting a giveaway on the ze bloggy de blog.


And boy oh boyyyyyy, do I have some goodies for you babes…

So!!! To kickstart the month full of giveaways is Three Sisters Jewelry Design. These ladies make rad custom hand stamped jewels; each piece is extremely personal & dainty.

They designed me a necklace [ in the 1st & 5th photo ] exactly how I wanted it: rose gold, supa, supa long, w/ a tiny feather. I love.

Anddddd the lucky winner will receive this necklace [ w/ whatevs you want it to say ;p ]:

Lauryn Evarts and Jessica Kitty team up to bring you a Three Sisters Jewelry Design giveaway.

To win, make sure you: 

+ ‘Like’ Three Sisters Jewelry Design on Facebook

 + ‘Like’ The Skinny Confidential on Facebook

 + Leave a comment below & tell us how you’ll rock your sexy ass necklace.

Lauryn Evarts and Jessica Kitty team up to bring you a Three Sisters Jewelry Design giveaway.

Lauryn Evarts and Jessica Kitty team up to bring you a Three Sisters Jewelry Design giveaway.

+ For questions/comments about Three Sisters Jewelry Design, e-mail Jessica at

+ Giveaway winner will be announced Wednesday, 12/19/12.

  1. Relaxed Boyfriend Jeans with a simple gray/white tee and sexy colored ankle boots – this hot necklace would finish the look!!!!

  2. This jewelry is rockin my world, it would go with everything! Looks like I just found my sisters christmas present! I LOVE THESE

  3. I would love a piece like this to have an inspirational notion on it to keep me focused in life! I’m a pretty casual person, so it would def be paired with jeans and some basic tees! Love how dainty and subtle they are!

  4. Im going to rock that nameplate necklace post cleanse in my LBD sporting my beige/gold heels while on holiday in Chicago!!!

  5. Just recently found your blog and love it.
    I would love to wear this gold chain with bronze plate necklace as the perfect accessory when going to lunch with friends.

    It would wonderfully with a white ryan tank from Everlane, a great navy oversized boyfriend blazer with bronze/brass accents, some cute black skinny jeans and my DV by Dolce Vita Jamison ankle boots in Natural Suede.

  6. I would make this necklace the focal point of my outfit with my Miss Me’s and a blue v-neck to make my blue eyes pop! The gold would add just the right touch! I’d maybe even let my mom borrow it 🙂

  7. Since it is chilly out now I can rock these adorable necklaces with a chunky sweater that hangs off my shoulder and skinny jeans with cowboy boots 🙂

    In the summer though, I’ll be wearing them with a bikini and shorts!

  8. I will rock the necklace with my festive dresses this holiday season! Plus my name is Jessica, as in the sample picture…so I think it is meant to be 🙂

  9. I would so rock my jewelry with a smoking hot new outfit to show off my hard earned weight loss 🙂

  10. Their stuff is soo pretty!
    I would definitely rock this necklace with a low knotted scarf, loose shirt, skinny jeans and boots!! A perfect outfit for the cold winter it looks like we’re going to have in Canada!

  11. I have been following your blog to get in shape for my 8 week trip to Asia in January! So what better way to rock this necklace than with my new bikini ready bod on the beach in Thailand!!

  12. I love this necklace! It is so unique! Because of its simplicity I would be able to rock it at school while I teach And…. Out and about with the hubby! It’s seems so versatile! What a great giveaway!!

  13. I LOVE Three Sisters Jewelry! I have a necklace and earrings already but could always use more for layering. The adorable designs go with everything and are so much fun.

  14. I will pair this fab Three Sisters necklace with my favorite, peplum style, LBD with some sky high black platform pumps at the holiday festivities to come! Happy Holidays <3

  15. I already bought 4 necklaces from TSJ for me and my sisters for christmas (all with our initial to match!) I would give this necklace to my mom, she turns 50 on the 18th and she’s the best in the entire world. all she wants for christmas is to spend time with her girls once a week[we do yoga and lunch ever thurs, check] and she made us PROMISE not to buy her anything–which drives me crazy every year [since home made noodle necklaces went out about 20 years ago for me-I’m 22-] BUTTTTTTT if I WON her a necklace…

  16. I would love a Three Sisters piece of jewelry because I have many friends who have pieces of Zoe. ‘s jewelry and I absolutely adore it! So adorable and fashionable all at the same time!

  17. Love Three Sisters Jewelry! I would rock the piece in my everyday look… casual skinny jeans, boots, plain tee, and a chunky gold watch! <3

  18. With all my super cute winter clothes over the holidays!! All those necklaces are gorgeous! 🙂

  19. I’m feeling this super long like yours with a nice big v neck sweater (one of my million vs super soft ones) with skinnys and boots. Yes please!

  20. With one of my VS v neck oversized sweaters skinnys and boots! Yes please:) and super long like yours!

  21. Nothing says style like confidence. I would rock this necklace confidently without whatever I wore!

  22. I cant wait to rock this gorg jewelery with plain white Ts, dresses, leather jackets and jeans!!

  23. With a cute plaid flannel, skinny jeans, and lace up boots. 🙂 But it would really be perfect with any outfit!

  24. Oversized flowy white blouse + washed out denim shorts + straw cowgirl hat + hippie rings/bracelets/chains (and hopefully this gorg necklace!) = simple, laid back and stylish – the perfect look for a long hot summer!

  25. I definitely need this gorgeous necklace to bring me luck for my Student Teaching next semester! It will look so pretty when I’m teaching all the kiddies!

  26. I will wear the necklace with ether a relaxed v neck T or a silk blouse with open buttons, to be honest it would look amazing with any outfit – very versatile!!!

  27. Black skinny jeans, a black top, sky high ankle boots, a black boyfriend blazer and of course the fablous necklace!! 🙂

  28. I would wear it with everything. It is a great piece as a danity statement or layered piece!

  29. These are amazing! I would rock this with everything. I am pretty laid back and casual though. so with a vneck tee and some skinny jeans w my high top converse!

  30. I actually want to give this to my friend for her birthday. She turns 21 on the 30th and this necklace would be something special for her that she can have beyond that night.

  31. Oh my gosh! I saw this on your blog before and I lovedddd it! I’d totally wear this necklace to holiday parties with all of my cute dresses. xox

  32. I’ve just recently discovered your blog and I LOVE it! Thank you for all the great inspiration. I’ve been trying to stay focused on my weight-loss and getting-healthier goals, and your blog motivation is just what I needed. – I’m not sure exactly how I would ‘Rock’ this necklace just yet, but I’m sure I could find dozens of ways. Thanks for the opportunity!

  33. i’m thinking a pair of high waist levi’s cutoffs with a loose tank and a pair of of minnetonka fringe shoes… or a maxi dress with flats.. 😉


  34. I would rock my Three Sisters Jewelry with a casual day outfit. Jeans and t-shirt or leggings with a tunic and some amazing boots!

  35. I would wear it layered with my other pieces. I’d also contemplate giving a piece to my mom, as she loves jewelry too!

  36. Love it! I would rock it with white tee (or white shirt), black jeans, and my booties! such a great necklace!

  37. definitely with everything — but if i had to choose just one my favorite outfit though simple white t shit with tan leather jacket skinnys and motorcycle boots 🙂

  38. I would wear a light colored tee with some dark denim skinnies with dark brown boots and I think this necklace would be the nice finishing touch.

  39. Something so cool yet delicate needs to be offset by some leather skinnies, distressed booties, and a flowy tee. Oh and some big sunnies 8) I don’t think I’d ever change…

  40. Love this necklace! I would wear this on christmas morning with a big comfy sweater and leggings! 🙂

  41. Black skinnies and ankle boots with a burnout gray v-neck, winged liner and red lip 🙂

  42. I will rock this necklace on the beaches of Mexico in a bikini for my wedding/honeymoon!!

  43. I’d rock my necklace with dark skinny jeans, sky high heels, and a loose tee and cardi. <3

  44. I would rock this adorbs necklace with chunky-knit over the knee socks, cut off jean shorts, flat ankle boots, and a cozy sweater! It would be the perfect accessory. (Though in the summer it would be with a bikini and wedges!)

  45. I would LOVE to rock this necklace with a cute winter outfit this season! (and with basically any other outfit…)

  46. Love love love this necklace!! I’d wear it on a casual date with my man with destroyed jeans, pumps and a v neck to show it off!!

  47. I would actually like to have my mother rock it 🙂 A the most hard working, loving, selfless, compassionate, fit, healthy women I know, who inspires & teaches me every day (to one get off my booty one way or another & to be a better woman) and blesses me far more then I could ever re-pay her. so Id like to repay her in some way by a thoughtful gift I know she’d adore! xo

  48. This necklace would work with every outfit! I would wear it with boyfriend sweater and leggings, classic v-neck and skinny jeans OR I would use it to accessorize my post-cleanse (almost done!!) bod in my LBD for new years 🙂

  49. I love the boho chicness of these pieces, I would rock this jewelry with some skinnies a plain v neck tee to show off the jewels and some black combat boots.

  50. So excited for the chance to win this gorgeous necklace! I would rock it with everything–dressed up or dressed down. Thanks for the chance to win! (:

  51. Where do I begin…? I could totally rock this necklace with my new oversized, chunky sweater, hudson jeans, a cute tank under, and brown boots. OR white shorts, a free people top, a cute cardi and some sandals OR a long gray tank with a cross on it, some pleather leggings, and the right black wedge booties (HOT ;))….the possibilities are endless! This necklace could add the perfect touch to almost any outfit!

  52. Would love to rock this with a big comfy knit sweater… tights and over the knee boots:) don’t forget the hair in a bun haha
    Its so dainty and darling… love it!

  53. I’m pretty sure Three Sisters jewelry is exactly the designer I’ve been looking for to custom make my ‘everyday’ wear statement necklace! Ideally with my babies’ initials and perhaps a few personalized accents! LOVE this classy/classic jewelry! Hope I win!

  54. What wouldn’t I wear it with. Necklaces have a way of finishing any simple look off. I love love love it!!!!

  55. this necklace is so great!!! I’ve been looking for a long necklace to wear all the time that would go with my wardrobe and this would be perf!

  56. I would totally rock this with my other new obession, CHUNKY SWEATER SHORTS! Paired with sweater shorts and loose casual blouse, this necklace will bring my casual look to a whole other level!


  57. I would rock this necklace with some leggings, an oversized cozy sweater and boats! Anddd basically any other outfit : ) So versatile!

  58. I’d rock this necklace everyday! It would match the first present (a gold chain) my boyfriend ever gave me!!

  59. I’d pair one of their cute necklaces with a JCrew tweed coat, white tee, jeans and some cute boots (i’m from NY and its freezing here!).

  60. Adorable ! ~ Three Sisters Jewellery has wow’d me with their peices – especially this one! Perfect for casual yet chic outfits <3 Absolutley adore. Rockable night & day! XO

  61. i love the necklace and this mom of three will rock it!! 🙂 skinny jeans, boots and a v-nvek sweater are what i’m thinking….

  62. This necklace is ridiculously simple and perfect. If I won it, I’d want it to say “Laugh everyday” because we all know that NOTHING is sexier than a happy girl 🙂

  63. Well considering the picture you posted has my name on the necklace I think that’s a good sign : ) I love monogrammed necklaces and the like! Can never go wrong!! xoxo

  64. I’d love to wear my name engraved on a necklace to work everyday! I work with brain injured individuals and this would be a fun way for them to remember my name!

  65. Ooooh it just makes me wanna go back to summer! I’d definitely wear it with a seeeexy bikini, a light dress and a hat in a beachy outfit..but in my opinion, it goes with everything, don’t you think? So I’d also wear it during winter, to cheer up despite of the cold!!

    Thanks Lauryn, hope you’re enjoying Christmas a lot:) Kisses

    PD: I’m from Spain, I can’t see any warning about this giveaway being only for US citizens, right?

  66. Would love to pair it with a double-scooped black tank, ripped boyfriend-style cropped denim, and camel-colored ankle boots!

  67. Love there style. I would rock it with black ripped skinny jeans and a cute flannel – perfect for christmas!

  68. Not only is 12/12/12 my boyfriend and I’s two year anniversary! We will be having dinner at on of Seattle’s finest Steakhouses this coming weekend to celebrate! This necklace would be so perfect paired with this Free People Slip and Cardi that I will be wearing on our special date!! 🙂,544776ee-00ae-4386-a1cc-eb88aa2e9cb4/

  69. I am just dying to have this necklace! My sister comes jewelry shopping in my closet quite frequently and says I have too many accessories to choose from. Is that REALLY possible? I would have it say “let it be” and I would rock is with jean shorts, a tee and wedges for sure! But, what I’d really love is to get it with my four-month-old niece’s name on it and give it to my sister. She’s a new mom and a totally hot mom who deserves a few extra accessories. Believe me. She’d rock it.

  70. This necklace is gorgeous! I would wear it with my dark wash skinny jeans and Urban Outfitters black kimono and flat boots.

  71. The pieces are so versatile!! It could be an everyday piece or a great accent piece with a sleek blazer and skinnies. I LOVE the simplicity of it.

  72. Omg will totally rock it at the farmers market or other events i head too. On campus and out with the friends..

  73. I’ll rock this sexy ass necklace with my skinny jeans and a simple, but sexy vneck. love!

  74. I would dress it up with a black sweater dress and boots or could make it more casual with jeans and a solid top. So cute love it!

  75. Such a fun giveaway! I’d totally rock that necklace with a fitted white v-neck, dark wash high rise jeans, and a cute card!


  76. I’d love to layer this necklace with some of my other Three Sisters Jewelry Designs necklaces! Their necklaces are so unique and beautiful. I always get so many compliments when I wear them!

  77. I would rock this with the year 2012 on it to commemorate the year my life changed for the better, and I’d wear it with everything!

  78. I would rock this necklace daily with comfy casuals or night-out-on-the-town outfits (chic tops, plain t’s, leggings, jeans, whatever I’m feeling). I’m a flight attendant by trade so my jewelry gets a lot of mileage!

  79. i will totally rock these out all the time. I love to layer necklaces and i know a couple that would look great with these… or just by themselves 🙂

  80. Rocking new mom. I will rock my new favorite necklace at the Pink concert for my first night out in months as a first time mom.

  81. I would get it for my mom for her birthday which is next month, and then make one matching for myself. My mom and I are best friends and anything to show her love I do! I LOVE HER and have been wanting to make one of these for her for so long.. win or loose im getting one for each of us 🙂


  82. I would rock this jewelry naked and with every outfit I wear into visiting the CA State Prison so all the girls can see it.

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