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Cinco De Drinko Giveaway {!!!} w/ Three Sisters Jewelry

The Skinny Confidential giveaway with Three Sisters Jewelry.

The Skinny Confidential giveaway with Three Sisters Jewelry.

Ok, so you guys know I’ve teamed up with Three Sisters Jewelry before ( remember this post? ), & the giveaway was been a huge success…so!!!

They’re back.

& seriously we’re giving away some badass goods.

Like what?

Glad you asked:

The Skinny Confidential giveaway with Three Sisters Jewelry.Three Sisters Jewelry is gifting one lucky B with an initial necklace ( it can say whatevs you want it to say ; ] ) & a coordinates bracelet ( again, whatever your heart desires for the text ).

My choice? The initial necklace has a little coin that says Michael’s nickname for me ( ‘Womz’ ) with his initial ( M, duh ). My gold coordinates bracelet ( which I’m seriously in lurvvvvve with ) has world coordinates of a very special, secret spot.

What I love about Three Sisters is that their jewelry is different & creative…the originality shines through each piece & when you wear it, you feel special/hot/sexy. So if you’re looking for a Mother’s Day gift, check out TSJ site here. I’m sure all mom’s out there would love a pieces with their kid’s initials. Right?!

The Skinny Confidential giveaway with Three Sisters Jewelry.

To win, make sure you:

+ ‘Like’ Three Sisters Jewelry Design on Facebook.

+ Follow The Skinny Confidential on Bloglovin’

+ Leave a comment below & tell us how you’ll rock your sex kitten jewels.

The Skinny Confidential giveaway with Three Sisters Jewelry.

+ For questions/comments about Three Sisters Jewelry Design, e-mail Jessica at

++ Giveaway winner announced 5/12: Sarah Adams || anyone is eligible to participate.

  1. I would love to win this because I’m horrible at finding jewelry I really love/can afford and I’m absolutely obsessed with three sisters!

  2. I absolutely LOVE three sisters and have been wanting to get my hands on some of their pieces recently! I am graduating college this month and winning this would be the cherry on top of a great month!

  3. I love love love the idea of a special message on jewelry that only you know about (which is why I can’t share what I’d put, duh!). But needless to say, I’d rock it!

  4. I’d rock these baubles with a pair of frayed AG crops, gold snakeskin gladiators and a ribbed white tank.

  5. So precious! absolutely love these pieces from three sisters. Perfect for light breezy summer outfits, boyfriend jeans and a white tee over a bikini top! Very nice very much want.

  6. I love these pieces and the personalization! I would get my last name initial and wedding date and special lovely-dovey wording! XOXO

  7. I’m def guilty of being a “workout clothes stand in for regular clothes” mama, but these gorg pieces could def spruce up my look!! Simple, organic looking, original and so beautiful! Love, love, love! I never enter things like this, but these pieces are so pretty and thoughtful, I an throwing my hat in the ring! 🙂

  8. Hey lovely!!!
    I would love to win this amazing giveaway and rock some gorgeous Three Sisters Jewelry! I am definitely guilty of sporting the same jewellery day to day, and would love something so beautiful, customized, and one of kind to change it up! I am usually jewelry shy but these pieces are absolutely amazing.I would love to glam up my accessories the right way! I’mm a huge fan and will continue to follow/read even if I’m not the lucky winner!

  9. I have been following Three Sisters Jewelry for awhile now. I live in Encinitas and have been inspired by the story of Zoe and how she began this venture with her jewelry line. I am the youngest of three sisters and I am inspired by my sisters daily. It is a special thing growing up with sisters and I would cherish this necklace in honor of that 🙂 Her jewelry is so damn cute!!!

  10. I’d love to wear these with a white tee and and some jean cut offs. I have a hard time finding accessories that I like and can afford and these are perfect.

  11. I’ll wear these precious prices everyday to remind me of the ocean and where I’m from. A gypsy at heart from the 805

  12. I actually wouldn’t be the one rocking it…I would give it to my sister (1out of me and my 3 sisters!) who is preggo. She’s giving my family our first nephew/grandson, so she would be more deserving of the necklace than I would be! She will be a beautiful momma and needs a beautiful necklace to match!

  13. I would love to win this little jewelry goodie basket because I am in love with unique pieces. I adore accessories that feel like treasures to me, & that is exactly what the initial necklace & coordinate bracelet would be! I’d love to have my boyfriend’s initials on the necklace, too cute. Checked out Three Sisters Jewelry for the first time after reading this post & am obsessed. Already pinned to Pinterest! xo.

  14. I would like to win this because it’s so beautiful! It’s perfect to wear everyday and very easy to dress up, and I love the fact that it represents sisters. I also adore the coordinates bracelet- I really want to travel and it’d be a lovely little reminder to strive for my goal!

  15. I would diiiiiiiie for this jewelry set! Seriously, though… I’m on my study break from my finals tomorrow and this totes made my day like I want/need/have to have these! Can’t wait to wear them with my bikinis on the beach or on that fun casual saturday brunch with my girlfriends! Eeep! Hope I win (fingers crossed!)

  16. What a fabulous giveaway!!! I’m in love with their jewelry! I am expecting my first any day now and would Love this for my push present!:) crossing my fingers!

  17. I would rock this beautiful and amazing jewlery literally with anything and going anywhere! To the beach, or to work it is so stinkin’ perf! I would definitely get the coordinates of my HighSchool, because that is when my man and I started dating 6 years ago!

  18. I absolutely love every item from Three Sisters Jewelry! Love the product so much! I would love a piece of jewelry from them!!

  19. Hey! What a great prize! Id rock these super cute sex kitten jewels with my big pregnant belly! Anything to draw the eye AWAY from my enormous boobies!! Ha ha 🙂

  20. I would definitely make a necklace of my husband’s and my year in Europe. Scotland was our home base but we traveled all over the continent and I’d love to commemorate it with something near my heart.

  21. I work as an RN in an urban hospital so obviously I have little room for sexing up scrubs *ew*
    My hospital is a major player in the fight against cancer and I live to wear personalized jewelry at work to inspire my patients and bring a little happiness to myself.
    The kicker? Personalized, inspirational pieces can come off totally tacky. But the three sisters pieces are amazing! I would rock those boys not only at work but with my street style. They’re gorg!

  22. I would love to win this giveaway! I’ve been trying to find authentic jewelry like this for a while…winning this would be just lovely!

  23. I love three sisters and how sweet the customization option can make their jewelry! I would get something that my mama and I could share together because I’ve been stealing her jewelry since I was little. Plus she has been recently styling very cute and bohemian outfits for herself and I want to help her spice it up with some new accessories <3

  24. Ahhhh so flipping cute. I used to be seriously obsessed with monogram everything but once I got older it was harder to find cute but mature things to wear. These are adorable! Would lovey.

  25. I would love love love to win this amazing giveaway! TSJD’s jewelry is beyond adorable. But since I live in Germany shipping is so much, that ordering their products gets really expensive. But I would be so happy to have a cute necklace with my boyfriend’s initials and the day we met.

  26. These pieces are so pretty and feminine! I want to win so I can pair them with leggings and a flowy top to dress up a pretty and comfy look!

  27. Three Sisters Jewelry is just wayyyy took cute. Because so simple and yet creative, I’d rock these new jewels either to add a little spice to a casual outfit, or to complete a more elegant look. And what girl doesn’t love secrets, especially engraved on her jewelry?!

  28. I’m SO obsessed with these!! My husband is away at Basic Training for the Air Force and it would be amazeballs to have these with his mark on them 🙂 Esp during the next 6 months he’s away from me!! Xo

  29. These are adorable! I would rock these with my new Bahia Hydrangea Gypsy 05 dress and my koolaburra Kanita laser sandals that I ordered after I saw yours because they are simply just amazing! Fingers crossed!

  30. I would love to win these because I am always on the lookout for unique pieces and I love simple elegant look.
    I would wear them on the weekends and to events.:) thanks for the opportunity .

  31. These great pieces caught my eye! I already have the sun dress & shoes, just need the bling Beach vacation all summer long!

  32. I love anything I can have my uncommon name on. This jewelry is adorable! I can see myself wearing these items all summer.

  33. I’d LOVE to get one of these bracelets. I was just looking for one for a Mother’s Day present for myself, so this would be perfect! I dig the stamped jewelry the most!!

  34. I’d LOVE to win these! I was just looking for a piece of stamped jewelry for myself for Mother’s Day with my son’s name on it! I dig these the most!

  35. This jewelry is seriously bad-a and sentimental with an edge, just how I like it! I love the idea of a secret message in a piece that only you can know. I know my mom would find this oh-so-special too <3

  36. I would love to wear the coordinate bracelet at my wedding so I could have the location of where I was born and where all my extended family lives, New Zealand, with me on my special day.

  37. I would totally rock this!!! I think this would go with just about any thing….it’s beautiful!!!

  38. I would love to win because holy fabulous giveaway! That necklace though. Taking a minute to appreciate how freaking gorgeous it is. The craftsmanship is unreal on all of the jewelry. Thanks for the giveaway!

  39. My boyfriend lives 3 hours away right now. I would love to have the bracelet with his coordinates, a daily reminder where I left my heart. 🙂

  40. What an amazing giveaway! I love their jewelry and would rock it with a maxi-dress and a floppy hat for my summer trip to Seattle or even just brunch with the girls on a beautiful day! Thanks for the awesome contest!

  41. I would be so happy to win the giveaway! My sister and I are best friends. I would do anything for her and she would do the same. I also love Three Sisters jewelry and have looked at everything forever and have wanted something from them. So cool.

  42. It’s hard for me to find jewelry pieces that are timeless and also trendy – I just got a new job so need to add some accessories into my life (without the paycheck yet)

  43. omg OMG these are gorgeous. I especially love the concept behind the coordinates bracelet; so subtle but so chic. I have two sisters and I would get our initials on the necklace, together they make “Smak” (Stefani, Michaela and Kristi). and the coordinates bracelet for my childhood home where I grew up. This would be so perf right now because in a month, I am graduating and moving to New York City to pursue my dreams as a designer! But it means leaving my family and home behind and this would be a lovely way to keep them with me!

    fingers crossed 🙂

  44. This giveaway is so generous and I would be so happy to win one of these amazing pieces of jewelry! I am a sucker for handmade, OOAK stamped jewelry! 🙂

  45. I love that their name is Three Sisters, because I’m the first of three sisters too! That said, I would get my sisters initials on a necklace so that I always feel close to them now that I live 700 miles away from home.

  46. Love this! I would love to rock these at brunch or while out with friends! They’re awesome and would definitely fit in with the SoCal vibe I’ve been getting since moving here.

  47. Ooh why oh why…. These are wonderful.In my current life as a student, this would defs give my boring, all-white uniform an extra oomph <3.

  48. This Cinco De Drinko Giveaway would make my finals week go by that much faster 🙂 After the rough weekend of studying/ celebrating Cinco De Mifflin(Madison Style) these new accessories would be a great addition to my summer wardrobe.

  49. I would give my jewelry to my badass mom that always goes above and beyond and recently made my wedding season the most special. She deserves a piece of sentiment and style as part of a huge thank you!

  50. I love personalized jewlery! It’s so easy to dress up or wear everyday for a more casual look. I’d rock these jewels everywhere! 🙂 Great giveaway!

  51. Love their jewelry! I am looking for an everyday necklace to wear. This is simple enough to be worn as an everyday piece, but it will still add a little something extra to dress up an outfit. Love!!

  52. I would love to win the three sisters goodie box! I love supporting local businesses and Three Sisters seems like a great company to support. I already found like ten things I need and plan on ordering. So thank you for posting about them! 🙂

  53. I will rock mine with everything I can match it with I don’t know! Lol which seems like pretty much anything-perfect because I have a lot of oddball jewelry but not much that matches anything. And then I can be all ~” it’s local to california”~ at everyone who looks

  54. These pieces are to die. I have been trying to incorporate more delicate pieces into my collection. I would legit wear these with everything!

  55. first of all, TODAY’S MY BIRTHDAY! So I should automatically win right? I’m in L.O.V.E. with Three Sisters Jewelry because of its simplicity and ability to layer. Please, please pleas pick me so I can rock this jewelry at Lollapalooza and Outside Lands this summer!

  56. I love Three Sisters and have a few of their pieces but would love these as well. I think I personalize the bracelet with a saying and the necklace with my wedding date and husband’s initial.

  57. I would actually love to win the three sisters jewelry for my mom! She has been wanting a great initial necklace for a while now & I know this would be the perfect (a little) Mom’s Day gift for her!

  58. I absolutely looooove personalized jewelry…especially in the form of mixed metals and semi-precious stones. It just adds a unique and special flair to your bling, which is something I always go for. I would rock my Three Sisters bling all day errryyday…both dressing it up, and dressing it down. Love love this brand!

    x, Lexi of

  59. I want to win because I absolutely love the simple, dainty jewelry designs of Three Sisters! I would wear them everyday if I had one of their pieces. 🙂

  60. I would give these beautiful pieces to my BFF, my momma! She works so hard and is so deserving and never buys anything for herself!! She could definitely use some pretty jewelry. : ]] xx

  61. I have been in love with the Three sisters pieces for so long! I just moved to the area and the vibe of San Diego has completely changed my style. I am a blend of laid back black and whites with pops of bad ass jewelry. When I don’t know what to wear I love to wear all black and pile on the accessories. I need this because I love unique different pieces, I would rock them often and with my PR background I would practically be a walking billboard! If I win or not I love your blog and your amazing attitude! You inspire me to follow my dreams of owning my own business one day too!

  62. love three sisters jewellery they’re so lovely! these pieces look so cute and would definitely match any outfit in my closet 😉

  63. I absolutely love the design and aesthetic of The Three Sisters jewelry!!
    I really love the coordinates bangle, but would love any of their beautiful pieces, especially the stamped pieces, so personal!

  64. I really enjoy this set!! It is unique like my style so it would go with a lot that I wear. I would like to buy more quality jewelry, but many times it is a little out of my budget (too much $$ hahaha). Well, I’m keeping my fingers crossed, I’d like to get my late mother’s initials on the necklace- perfect way to remember her (:

  65. I love these two pieces. I am studying for finals right now and can’t wait to start shopping again and have free time! This would be a perfect gift to get me though finals!

  66. I’m a first time mom my son is 6months and I would love to have personalized jewelry with his name. This is something I can pass on to his children.

  67. I would wear these lovely pieces with a simple outfit or maybe with one of my skirts + nice blouse! Thanks for this chance! <3 🙂

  68. I love jewelry and love the simple, yet unique and personal aspect to these pieces. Seriously lusting over the coordinates bracelet!

  69. My husband and I married in December, and weren’t able to honeymoon because he’d torn his Achilles Tendon a few months earlier (he’s a college football coach). We were planning to take our trip this summer; however, some amazing opportunities have come his way. We don’t have the money to spend on a honeymoon, and we’re going to be living apart for awhile due to our careers; however, we’re planning a “stay cation” and these pieces would be the perfect accessories to make my looks “stay cation special” 🙂

  70. I would love to win! Personalized things are unique to each person, so I would rock these jewels everyday with anything & everything

  71. I love this blog #1! After reading the book and following The Skinny Confidential my life has just positively blossomed! I would love to win this beautiful jewelry because it would remind me of my hard work and determination. I love unique and handmade pieces that are not mass manufactured and have a true intention:)
    Sarah <3

  72. I love this blog #1! After reading the book and following The Skinny Confidential my life has positively blossomed! I would love to win this beautiful jewelry because it would remind me of my hard work and determination. I love unique and handmade pieces that are not mass manufactured and have a true intention:)

  73. Amazing giveaway! I love pieces that I can add my own personal touch to. The added sentiment makes it extra special every time you wear it! Winning would also be a fabulous bonus to finishing finals week 🙂

  74. Wow love Three Sisters Jewelry! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Customization is the best detail since it makes the item sentimental and unique. I would have “L’amore vince sempre”, which is Italian for “Live conquers all” engraved on the necklace and bracelet. I would give one to my mom and wear one myself. We’ve both been struggling with different challenges this year and I think it would be a good reminder for us.

  75. I’m horrid at picking jewelry for my mom but this is personal and feminine. It would be great.

  76. I would love to win these for myself as a mother’s day gift! I love jewelry (it’s beautiful and unique) and the idea of having my kids names or initials on it would make it extra special!! Definitely something I would wear proudly each day!

  77. I ALMOST done with my final exams for the semester so this would be an amazing little treat post-exam stress! I’d obvi be pairing my new jewls with all my summer attire no that i’d be all done with the semester!

  78. I would love to win a necklace because a) i have three sissies b) I have a new baby boy which would be so rad to have his name on and c) I LOVE three sisters jewelry like no other!

  79. I’d wear these little gems with almost anything. They’re great for a casual outfit, or even something a little more dressy. Love it! xx

  80. I love love love supporting smaller businesses. I feel like there is a ton of potential in Three Sisters and I would love to take part in their journey up! <3
    I love urban jewelry and I wouldn't be able to keep it off! I don't have many pieces, but when I get them I wear them a lot! I get a lot of compliments from my friends on unique pieces like this, and I would love to add The Three Sisters' jewelry to my collection and tell all of my friends! Thank you <3

  81. I have been trying To pick out a necklace by three sisters jewelry many times but there is so many beautiful choices and so little money for a fulltime working mom, that I haven’t yet completed my purchase. I want to carry my babies names close to my heart on a stunning necklace when I am at work showing everyone my pride and love for my kids and trendy-beautiful jewelry. LOVE everything about these jewelry and the art they represent!

  82. I just love how unique and creative this jewelry is! I rarely wear jewelry unless it’s meaningful and/or FAB. This would be perfect 🙂

  83. I would love to win this as I am still mourning the loss of sentimental jewellery unfortunately stolen by a previous housemate. My everyday outfits are lacking in a serious punch of accessory class. Please help 🙂

  84. I would like to win this giveaway because:
    1. I’m a broke college student that won’t buy this jewelry otherwise (as much as I would want to, because it’s gorg)
    2. I never, ever win things and am curious to see how it feels
    3. I’ve recently become obsessed with the skinny confidential and it’s AWESOME! I read it like the morning paper
    4. This jewelry looks a heck of a lot prettier than the cheap jewelry I usually buy
    5. I share my jewelry with my roommates so technically three people would be winning instead of one, WOO HOO!

  85. What a great idea ! I love anything that’s personalized. It really brings out the creative side in all of us. If I won this giveaway I wouldn’t want to do anything crazy with my outfit .. A cute tee ripped jeans hair in a cute pony and all the focus on my stylish new jewlery !!!

  86. You can rock this on a simple white blouse/tshirt and a good denim. It’s just amazeballs. Absolutely beautiful attention to details in a delicate simple way. Crossing fingers! Xxx

  87. Love your blog and love Three Sisters Jewelry! I’m getting married June 24 in Hawaii and it would be perfect to have custom jewelry for the occasion. 🙂

  88. I love ALL of the jewelry from Three Sisters Jewelry! I love that they can personalize your jewelry pieces to fit your specific styles and wants. I would definitely rock their pieces with my every day outfits as I feel like they can mesh with any outfit, regardless of what it is! Some of my favorite pieces are:
    – The venice beach personalized necklace
    – The classic disc charm necklace
    – The double rim charm necklace
    – The classique personalized name necklace
    – The west end personalized gold necklace
    … and so much more.

    Their stuff is amazing and I hope I get a chance to win! I’m dying to have that coordinates bracelet and that sweet necklace!

    Thanks for having this giveaway! <3

  89. I’m completely inlove with Three Sister’s Jewelry innovative modern designs & offering so many different personalized options. I see them as not only mommy jewelry but also chic fun ways to show your personality making you feel so very special. For example: Sassy Chick or whatever makes you feel special!!! I would be so exstatic if I won because I have been eyeing their stuff for a while! Thanks so much.

  90. Oh my gosh, Three Sisters Jewelry is to die for!! The necklace and bracelet are both so “me” and I would rock them every. single. day. I am so in love with both of these pieces and would love to win!!

  91. This could be that signature something I’ve been looking to have that could define me. That’s why I want to win.

  92. What beautiful jewelry! I would love to win, how romantic to wear your own secret message on a bracelet!

  93. I would definitely rock this jewelry. It is amazing. I would put the nicknames of my two daughters “Buddy” (for Lila) and “Tank” (for Sophie). Even at 11months, and 3 years old you can already tell these two have major sass….future SC babes perhaps 🙂

  94. I want to win bc I’m always looking for cool jewelry that i can wear all the time… Also, it would make a good late mother’s day gift (;

  95. I love their jewelry and would wear it everyday. I am busy mom with an active toddler son, so I don’t usually wear much jewelry, but this necklace would be my go-to daily wear!

  96. I’d love to win this because the jewellery is so unique! Would definitely wear them on an understated outfit to let them be the statement:)

  97. I’m horrible at getting jewelry for myself – it’s always been easy for me to pick out pieces that suit my friends and family! When I saw this post, I knew I had to give this contest a try, because it’s rare when I see something that I would like for myself! Three Sisters Jewelry is divine. I hope I’m picked! xo

  98. I’m absolutely in love with Three Sisters Jewelry!! So chic and classic!! My birthday is the 22nd of May and this would be so amazing to wear for my celebration and graduation on the 21st of June!!! xoxo

  99. omggggg I LOVE the look of their jewelry and I love the idea of it being customized! I would love to rock these beautiful necklaces on a daily basis!

  100. Love this jewelry its so unique and beautiful. I love the giveaway and supporting three sisters jewelry. I think it would be great for mother’s day also. Sooooo awesome!

  101. When you have such a wonderful piece of jewelry it’s easy to imagine how to style it: a white boho summer dress, leather sandals and beach waves – maybe some flower in my hair – seems, to me, the perfect combination. Plus, I really really love this brand, everything they do it’s just perfect <3

  102. would love to win! I have about 2 pieces of jewelry that i wear so i could use a couple more staple items in my life! Their pieces are just amazing!

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