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Shop My Amazon Store: The Newborn Essentials You ACTUALLY Need

The Newborn Essentials You ACTUALLY Need

So here we are.

Just a few weeks out from the arrival of baby #2. Well, let’s hope it’s a few weeks. Zaza came 2 weeks past her due date so?

Let’s not even go there actually.

A few weeks ago I mentioned that this pregnancy had me going nuts on Amazon buying some weird ass shit. LOL. But I’ve been buying normal stuff too, newborn essentials if you will.

Man oh man, nesting is so real. You guys know by now I went nuts with pantry organization thanks to Teresa Caruso. She is such a pro & such an inspiration.

So as I check things off of my long to-do list before the baby comes, which involves purchasing everything I can think of so I can just soak up all my new baby love ( like, never took a mat leave with Zaza & I regret it so much ).

When you have your second kid you really know what works for you, what you have space for & what you ACTUALLY need. These are some things I’ve purchased lately that I know will be so useful for us.

The Newborn Essentials You ACTUALLY Need

The Newborn Essentials You ACTUALLY Need:

bottle dryer & sterilizer

black & white rattle, pacifier clip & teether

♡ Munchkin change table organizer

BIBS pacifiers

Barefoot Dreams baby blanket

Ubbi diaper pail

organic cotton hats

infant gown

Gryph & IvyRose bubble bath

Nanobébé bottles

Be sure to stalk my whole store & keep checking back because the team & I are always updating it. What am I missing? Tell me below so we can add it.

x, lauryn


  1. All good stuff except the bottles and pacis- just because your baby liked them doesn’t mean other babies will, no one says this and just recommends what their baby liked, but babies are picky about things like pacis, bottles, swaddles, even baby swings.

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