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Shop My Amazon Store: Kitchen Must-Haves

Shop My Amazon Store: Kitchen Must-Haves

This second pregnancy has me discovering & buying a lot of random shit. I don’t know what’s going on, but that’s what’s happening. It comes down to things that make the pregnancy easier & streamline my life.

Yes, it’s random, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not useful. To be honest, everything I’ve gotten from Amazon lately I LOVE.

This post is a kick-off to a new series I’m doing where I round up my favorite of-the-moment Amazon finds & share them with you. You can go shop my Amazon store anytime you want for clothing, home decor, baby stuff, food, things for your pets, etc. And we’re always adding to it so be sure to keep checking back.

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Anyway, you guys know by now that we wanted to make our home in Austin very grounding, natural & earthy so when light wood or bamboo is an option I’m all about it. So here are the favorite things I’ve gotten for my kitchen that help me stay organized & really elevate the calming vibe I’m always going for.

Let’s get into it:

Shop My Amazon Store: Kitchen Must-Haves:

♡ spice jars – these & these

LOVE the simple vibe they bring to my spice drawer.

butter dish

Super sleek.

zipper bag dispensers

These are great because you won’t have ugly, ripped up boxes flying out of your cabinets.

tinfoil & plastic wrap dispenser

Same as above. These keep things discrete & sleek.

food storage containers

Make your fridge or cabinets look organized AF.

bamboo caddy

Showcased this recently on Instagram story. I got 2 & filled them with tea, liquid IV, feel free ( listen to the podcast episode with the founder here ), & other wellness favorites.

TSC Kitchen Must-Haves

bamboo expandable drawer organizer

You can use these in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, junk drawer, where ever. Such a good buy.

glass tumblers

Cause we like to keep things earthy & grounding, even on the go.

bamboo & coconut fiber dishbrush set

This is so cute you’ll want it on display.

egg storage container

Zaza loves to help me fill this with eggs. I like this because I feel like it’s way more sanitary than a soggy egg carton.

page holder – so good for cookbooks

This little paperweight type thing holds the pages of your cookbook open so it doesn’t flop all over the place.

mini chopper

So good for shallots, garlic, ginger, onion

fridge organizer bins

Perfect for soda cans, pouches, random snacks.

over the sink colander

Love to use this to rinse fruit for Zaza, but also it’s kind of a good drying rack for small items too?

There you have it. Those are all my favorite earthy, grounding, bamboo accents that keep my kitchen vibe CALM & some other gadgets I’m just so happy I bought. For all my favorite kitchen finds on Amazon you can check out this list.

What are some gems you guys have found on Amazon lately? Tell me below so I can add more to my cart asap. Like I said, I’ve been on a bit of an Amazon spree.

x, lauryn

+ for more wooden gems, scope the best bamboo bathmat.

++ check out all the benefits of connecting with nature


  1. Shame on her for her actions during recovery. She’s the kind of person that make us all look bad!

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