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Hi, hi, hi!

Recently I started working with the online company, Tradesy. It’s pretty much a site that allows you to sell your clothes & accessories with absolutely no hassle.

It’s the…honestly. Don’t believe me? You can see their super easy selling/buying process here & you can shop my closet here.

Oh, & you can definitely expect more clothing/jewelry from me. I’ll be cleaning out my closet monthly & will keep you guys updated when more items are added.

Because one thing I’m so, totally, NOT: a hoarder.

Hoarders give me severe anxiety {!!!}. I’m constantly cleaning out the closet/bathroom/house/car trunk/Pixy’s closet ( << LOL ).

Oh & P.S. this black number ( because seriously, it really resembles the black Helmut Lang version ) & this vintage crop ( perf for a concert ) are DEF my two favorite pieces for sale.

Happy shopping!


  1. This website is GENIUS! How does it work with the photography? Do you send them the stuff and they do the photos or how does it work?

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi! I am Sam, I work at Tradesy and the process is super easy! You can use our iphone app to shoot photos of your items and then we clean the backgrounds to make them look pretty! The whole listing process takes under 60 seconds! Hope you love it as much as we do. xoxoo!

  2. Hey!

    Was wondering if I wanted to sell something on the site and post it up. How do I take pictures of my item to make the backround all white and just display the item?

    Thank you

    1. Hi lady! E-mail me at & I’ll put you in touch with their team so you can sell clothes too! x

  3. Aw this seems like such an amazing site! I definitely love the ease of access and the way they handle the cleanup of pictures and work on making your online closet pretty! Thanks so much for sharing, love your closet!

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