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Shed That Winter Coat!

[ Detoxing on the go…ten things in my hand, per usu ]

How’s it cleansin’? I hope you’re all excited to shed the winter coat…

I certainly am.

First day recap:

Annie ( the owner of Suja Juice ), Samantha & Casey ( Suja’s PR team ), Weslie ( blogger @ Love Chugs ), Cody ( co-founder of People Water ) & I started a lil group text to document our 3-day detoxย experience. Between LMFAO at all the absurd text messages ( << when I didn’t check my phone there wereย 52 from this wild/hilarious group {!!} ) & an unhealthy overuse of Emojis, Annie ended up sharing some real swell information with us weirdos…

& I learned:


+ It’s not weird to NOT be hungry. Why? That happens to most people because you’re really hydrated & getting the nutrients it needs. Hydration is key.

+ The first juice ( ‘Glow’ ) is great for your tummers in the AM. The mint in the green drink soothes the stomach.

+ Drink the last juice three hours before bed.

+ No nuts. The little suckers don’t digest well.

+ If you’re hungry…then EAT! Fruits, greens, sweet potatoes, avocados, Dijon + apple cider vinegar ( for dressing ), broths, & soups. Stay away from animal proteins ( < in the DIY cleanse animal products are ok ). Nix dairy & grains too. Tons of green tea is encouraged.ย ย Juicing is alkalizing. Don’t let certain foods screw that up.


Ok. Spill- if you’re cleansing too, what’s your experience been like so far? Tell, tell.

I hope you’re not late to the party. And if you promised yourself to detox for the NY, don’t be a Flaky McFlakerson & back out. Follow through with what you said you were going to do.

To join in e-mail me for instructions at


( P.S. all this info is for the Suja Juice Cleanse, not the at-home, DIY cleanse ).

Lauryn Evarts talks skinny tips, juice cleanse tricks, and how to lose weight quick.

[ Weirdest/coolest peeps on earth ^^ ]

  1. Ah! I wish I could get these juices in Canada, do you know of any Canadian juice companies? Also wondering if you would ever consider cutting out dairy/meat completely, since you do during a cleanse!


    1. I wish Suja was more accessible to us Canadians … but I’ve heard great things about Raw Raw Cleanse, who are based out of Toronto. I do NOT want to take business away from Suja AT ALL, but I think it’s good to know there are options so that us Canadians can cleanse as well! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Its the end of the work day and i’m only on my 4th drink.. I really haven’t been hungry all day. And these juices taste amazing! I can’t wait to try the “dessert” coconut-almond one ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I started mine on Sunday due to travel obligations tomorrow (not sure Suja meets TSA guidelines!!) so I’m almost done with day 3 and am feeling amazing! Super energetic, lean and motivated to continue the clean eating. Thanks for encouraging this cleanse!! Love it!

  4. Hi! I just started reading your blog and I really like it!

    I was wondering, I’m only 15, would it still be okay for me to do this cleanse? I don’t know much about it and was wondering if you could e-mail the details? Thank you!

  5. This is my 3rd Suja Cleanse…started today so I can say I’m virtually part of the group:)
    Feel great as usual, the only thing is that instead of drinking the Vanilla Cloud (it’s delicious but I find it hard to digest – yep, I’m a delicate flower) I take another Fiji or Green Supreme…
    Only cons of Suja …JUICES ARE ADDICTIVE!

    1. If you’re on the 3 day juice cleanse that is made from home or at Whole Foods, animal protein is fine. Suja’s cleanse is no animal protein. Every cleanse is different. You’ll experience the same results. XO.

  6. I’m making my own juice with my juicer, and today has been great! I’ve been running around, NO HUNGER, which is so surprising, and so much energy! I was just thinking, I may have just discovered that I eat out of boredom and dehydration! Because if just this amount of liquid is keeping me sustained, then a lot of my hunger is most likely dehydration usually.

    One bad thing….as I am reading this, I was some baked chicken breast and a handful of chopped bell peppers. When I read that 6oz of protein was allowed each day, I didn’t realize that it wasn’t supposed to be animal protein ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ Guess I’ll nix that one tomorrow. But thats okay, what I’ve done is better than nothing at all! So far so good…Onward and Upward!

  7. Have you ever tried Kombuca Drinks? I am doing the Paleo Challenge, and was recommended to try it, but couldn’t find any detailed information on it.

  8. This is the best tasting cleanse ever! I haven’t felt hungry all day and feel super hydrated and have lots of energy. Loving this, L ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. 2nd round with Suja’s 3-day cleanse!! Day 1 down!! Definately feeling apart of the group virtually via blog, fbook & instagram. Love the juices and looking forward to the amazing feeling come Friday! Xx Ashely ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Hey Lauryn do you know if Suja ships to Canada or is that impossible? haha
    I REALLY want to try their juices– they look/sound so good!

    1. E-mail Annie at – she will give you shipping rates ; ). Also you can make them from home! XO.

  11. I posted on my Facebook about the cleanse so that I could rally up all my girlfriends near and far to do this with me too! We’re all posting pics and talking about it, amazing experience so far – thanks for the inspo girl ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Day 1 down and I’m starting Day 2 feeling great! I’m on the east coast so no Suja around for me … I’m rockin’ the DIY 3 day cleanse. Haven’t felt much hunger at all, only a tad in my 3 hour gap between my last juice of the day and my protein/veggie dinner. Keep up the good work!!

    1. Im 99% positive its a Lululemon. I have the same one!!! Super cute and comfy.

  13. In some of your previous posts, you said lean animal protein (chicken, turkey burgers, fish, etc) was ok, along with a few almonds for a snack. Is this not the case anymore when doing the Suja cleanse? Also, they are all out of the vanilla cloud in the whole foods in my city. Would unsweetened vanilla almond milk be an acceptable substitution? This is my first cleanse so I have a lot of questions! Thank you for all you advice.

    1. Animal protein is a part of the DIY cleanse. The Suja cleanse says no animal protein. Some cleanses it’s ok and some it’s not. Almond milk is fine as a substitution. LMK if you have anymore questions :-). xx.

  14. I am virtually doing the cleanse as well! I love feeling like I am connected to you guys through Instagram, Blog, etc! I have not been hungry, but definitely have to fight the urge to eat (out of habit, i think!).

    I am making the juices from home and made it through day 1! I did have nuts though (I thought you could have a few nuts during lunch time if feeling hungry! Oh well… no nuts today! Thanks for the inspiration! Happy to kiss that extra “holiday layer” goodbye!

  15. Question …

    Wouldn’t you feel great during a Suja cleanse, for one reason, because your heart is not processing daily food — like, bread, salads, chicken & other healthy proteins?

    I would think the after affects of the cleanse are key vs added benefit of … feeling clarity during — > result of lower heart rate. Thoughts? Would love to see a post about what I have described. : )

  16. I started a three day cleanse by nekter on Monday. Today is my last day and I feel amazing!! I highly recommend everyone try it at least once. It kick starts your path to eating healthy!!

  17. Today has been a little more of a struggle for me. I didn’t like the taste of my green drink as much as yesterday’s kidney cleansing juice. So I started drinking it a little later in the day, and then halfway through my workout I thought I was gonna die of hunger/faint. Sooooo needless to say, I came home and had a small sweet potato and half an avocado. I also had a small piece of salmon and a handful of steamed zucchini. Even though the DIY cleanse allows for some protein, I feel like I failed today a little bit. I’m feeling slightly hungry right now and I’m trying to get through it by drinking some herbal tea. Hopefully tomorrow is easier! I am still proud of myself though for only breaking for good nourishing additions (the sweet potato and avocado) instead of grabbing something that would be completely counterproductive. 1 more day!

  18. Can you email me details/recipes on the DIY home version of the Suja Cleanse?? I’m really looking into juicing at home and I think this would be a GREAT way to get into it!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. started the cleanse a few days late due to a cold but .. happy to say it doesn’t taste awful!! (the diy cleanse) but, am i supposed to feel like puking? >,<

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