Shed That Holiday Winter Coat

Holiday parties by: The Skinny Confidential.

{ last year’s Christmas party }

If you’ve never had a holiday hangover well then gee whiz, aren’t you a lucky cat.

I’ve definitely had my fair share of holiday hangovers…

Because honestly? Indulging can be fun once in a while ( especially during the winter season. )

Life’s all about balance, balance, balance so during the holidays I feel like it’s my time to, I dunno, fully just relax & chill.

Butttt now it’s time to get real.

January 1st hits & I’m like, ok let’s GET MY ASS IN TO GEAR.

And when I decide to cure my holiday hangover- I REALLY COMMIT TO IT. I’m so committed that I’ve made a list ofmy personal tips for curing a festive food hangover for you guys:

+ Lemon water: I’ll say it one million times— lemon water is the shit. I literally cannot say enough good things about the magical potion. Pour it all over your body & just bask it in. Kidding. But really. Drink up!

+ Proteinnnnnn. I like to add more protein to my diet because it kind of pushes out all the bad stuff while filling you up. My favorites includes salmon, tuna fish, lots of kale, nuts, raw almond butters, hemp milk, & eggs galore.

+ Say buh-bye to alcohol. I’m going to fulllllyyy avoid alcohol like that asshole jock who dumped me in high school. I’ve seriously drank way too much bubbly so a little break from drinking won’t hurt a flea. Bring on the water, 2015!

+ Fiber gummies. I LOVE fiber gummies when I’m trying to shed a few LB’s.

+ Other tips to help shed a winter coat? I’m big on antioxidants. Not necessary vitamins but specific supplements. You can find my list here. And obviously I’m all about the amino acids. Activated charcoal pills are also a great holiday hangover cure (

+ Green juice is just kind of a no-brainer & totally 2013 but I swear it’s liquid gold. I think one green juice a day is perfect. My favorite mixture is celery, kale, lemon, & ginger. Sometimes I also take shots of oregano oil, lemon, ginger, & turmeric ( it’s called a ‘wellness shot ).

+ Moveeeeeee. Moving is key when trying to get rid of a holiday hangover. Some ways that I’ll be moving my post-holiday ass? Yoga, beach walks, Pilates, spin, Pilates on the Reformer, & hiking. In fact, I honestly have a calendar written out that showcases my daily workouts. For some reason having the workouts on paper actually motivates me to complete them!

THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL SUBSCRIPTION…COMING SOON…& lemme tell ya: this will be a great tool to help you get your ass in to gear. I’ve been using it as a guide for the last two months & it’s made all the difference.

+ I’m also a fan of B12 shots. They reallllllly work for me. ESPECIALLY WHEN I’M TRYING TO GET BACK ON TRACK!! They help keep me energized & focused.

+ Lastly I LOVEEEE bone broth. I started drinking it in college & lately I can’t get enough! It’s seriously fab for filling up & packed with nutrients!! Some of you may have seen on Instagram yesterday that I made Michael some when he was sick ( it’s the BEST to cure sickness ).

Clearly I’m not going for a lot of fun on this post. I’m going for authentic, real deal holiday hangover cures to nip that festive bloat in the bud.

So buh-bye November/December, come back soon— Lauryn xx


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32 replies to “Shed That Holiday Winter Coat”

  1. Hello!
    Love love your blog! I discovered it recently and it’s my fav site to read during my lunch and coffee break. I’m trying to catch up on all your posts ! Your new year posts are so motivational and I’m definitely going to incorporate them in my lifestyle.
    Have a wonderful New Year !


  2. Loveee this post!! I also totally swear by lemon water and bone broth (and totally know what you mean by getting weird looks when I say I’ve worked out in my hotel rooms).
    Can’t wait for TSC Subscription!! xx

  3. I am just the same. I need to plan my whole week’s worth of workouts to ensure I actually get my butt moving. And I prescribe to the same shoot for 7 days of workouts, get 5-6 days mentality. And thanks for the reminder for lemon water! I am going to make some right now!
    xoxo, Laura

  4. This may be done, but how much lemon do you put in your water? Do you just put slices? Do you squeeze half a lemon? I tried drinking some lemon water this weekend and I honestly felt like I was drinking lemon juice! hahaha PLEASE HELP! 🙂

    1. I love the taste of lemon so I drink iced water and squeeze half a lemon in it : ). I hope that helps. Not dumb at all! x

  5. I neeeeed to try bone broth like asap. What brand do you buy?? I saw you said it was in the frozen section. Lmkk!! xo

    ps. the blog looks as amazing as ever!!

  6. Lauryn, from which grocery store do you purchase your bone broth in the frozen food ?
    Please let me know.
    Thanks doll!!

  7. Great tips, as always! Love your blog. I’ve never really heard or read much about fibre gummies? What brand do you use and how often do you eat them? <3

    1. I’ll do a post on these : ) they’re gummies filled with fiber! Will take pictures too. I like to eat them daily. x

    1. Yes; I saw a specialist & I’m actually going to see an herb doctor next week so I’ll let you guys know how that goes too! x