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A Sex Kitten’s Guide to Home Accessories

Lauryn Evarts teams up with Anthropologie to show all her favorite home decor pieces.
Lately I’ve been real into home decor. I almost like it more than shopping for clothes/purses/shoes.


But honestly, staying in is probs my most favorite thing in the world. And since I’m an OCD neat freak, having my home organized & properly decorated makes me feel peaceful.

Normally I’m prettttty private with my room & home, but today I’m sharing a peak inside my living space. All of these accessories are on my shelves & in the kitch. Each of the pieces make me happy because of their ability to brighten up my house in a simple/sexy way.

I die over these items:

1.} White Coaster Set

2.} Gold Rimmed Highball Glasses

3.} Portion Controlled Art Bowls

4.} Measuring Hedgies

5.} Vintage Cakes Coffee Table Book

6.} An Enormous Gold Wishbone ( my personal favie )

7.} Lavender Tumblers

8.} A Turquoise Egg Crate

9.} Love Notes

10.} Gold Dipped Utensils

11.} Voluspa Candle Tin in Mokara

Wellllll, what’s your favorite home accessory? Tell, tell.

Because let’s face it: there’s nothing better than lighting a few candles, curling up on the couch, & enjoying the comforts of home.

Happy Super Bowl, sex kittens!


  1. Starting to think we’re the same person. Anthro is my favorite place. I also love love love Voluspa candles. Santiago Huckleberry and the pink coconut one are my faves. I like to light a few and take a bath salt & bubble bath. Put my hair in a mask. Make some tea. The best on lazy rainy days! Haha, sorry to babble, but I’m obsessed.

  2. Similar to your hedgehog measuring cups I have an owl one that is adorable! I also loooove Scentsy stuff!

  3. Love your blog!!!! So glad I found it. I also love Voluspa candles. Mokara is gorgeous – a perfect Voluspa floral – clean, youthful and contemporary. They have a new collection coming out (L’Florem) that is amazing!!! All beautiful, perfectly Voluspa florals. You may like Fleur di Mare. The vessels are also gorgeous with iridescent beading. Really pretty. Anyway…. on to checkout the rest of your blog and to look as skinny as you!!!

  4. I have the anthro egg crate and their ceramic basket and I love them! Now my eye is on the butter dish and spoon rest; I have a serious housewares problem 😉

  5. Your selection of home accessories are beautiful. I particularly love the Lavender Tumbler with a soft romantic, French style.

  6. OK, looking at your 10 things I am going to agree on the gold wishbone as my favorite and most likely to end up showcased for everyone to see. I really loved the white coaster set as well it looked amazing and would pop on a wooden or dark counter top or coffee table. Thanks for the article it made my imagination start running.

  7. Your collection shows how choosy are you!! I love to have all of these,but I like Measuring Headgies most.Thanks for the post! It will help me a lot in selection of my home accessories which I am going to buy in next week.

  8. Thanks for this great post, I find it very interesting and very well thought out and put together. I look forward to reading your work in the future 🙂

  9. Home is that bit of living space which you can call our own. You spend your leisure time there and share the most intimate and loving moments with your family. Therefore, it is important to decorate and embellish your home in the best manner.

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