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Sex Kitten Mani/Pedi Colors

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and lifestyle blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

Ok, so what girl on earth doesn’t love a good mani/pedi?


Having my nails perfect makes me feel like a million bucks.

Even though I chip them in like .08 seconds.


When it comes to the shape, I’m not a big fan of ten foot long acrylic nails ( remember circa 1991 when fake nails were the hottest things ever?! LOLZ )…I prefer more of a super squared, shorter look. BUT! Pointy nails are kinda starting to make a comeback too.

Ultimately, I think everyone should do what works for them because everyone’s hands are different sizes/shapes.

Anyway these are the colors I can’t live without ( FYI: my absolute favorites right now: stark white and the blackest of black ):

1.} Essie’s ‘Bahama Mama’

2.} Essie’s ‘Fiji’

3.} Essie’s ‘Bikini So Teeny’

4.} Essie’s ‘In The Cab-Ana’

5.} OPI’s ‘Black Onyx’

6.} OPI’s ‘Alpine Snow’

B T dubs: I love nail polish so much that I even paint my dog’s nails. Weird? Check out Pawlish. Pixy’s favie color is ‘Bow Wow Teal.’


Side note: I try to stay away from chemicals where I can, but sometimes it’s not possible ( I haven’t found an organic nail polish I like yet ). Former Victoria’s Secret angel, Miranda Kerr said it best, “I’m really a freak about my nails. I like OPI’s Koala Bear-y on my nails. I’m not against non-certified products, obviously– I use them all of the time for my job– but I try to minimize my exposure to chemicals. It’s a balance.”

Yup. Balance is key. With everything.

What’s your favorite polish?? Tell, tell.



  1. Essie’s Cocktail Bling and Ballet Slippers & OPI’s Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It…. Awesome colours!
    A good non-toxic polish brand is Butter London. Their polishes contain no Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP or Parabens. I’ve tried a couple of their colours and the quality seems to be pretty good!

  2. I love Essie’s Ladylike or Ballet Slippers for a classic, clean look but also like OPI’s Wanted Red or Alive and Koala Bear-y for bright red and pinks! I have always shied away from really dark reds, purples, etc but I might have to try the Bahama Mama – seems like such a glamorous color!

  3. You’re not the only one who chips their mani in .08 seconds! but my all-time fav is OPI because I do find that any of their polishes takes a lil better hold and chips less 🙂 I’m really loving pale pinks and pearl whites right now!

  4. So my favorite more “natural” nail polish is Zoya. They have awesome polishes and deals all the time. I’m obsessed with this hue. It is not only a stellar shade of deep red, but also shares the name with moi ;]

  5. Great picks Lauryn! I’m currently obsessed with Essie’s Butler Please, Bikini So Teeny Mint Candy Apple, and Blanc, and Urban Outfitter’s Freakin’ Pink for summer…an insane neon pink! I also never match my nails to my toes…mismatched is my fave! XO


  6. Try SpaRitual! They are vegan lacquers and use 70% organic ingredients in their products. Great colors too!

  7. Julep is a great 4-free polish. Zelda is my favorite right now, it’s a great rose gold color.

  8. there are so many great non-toxic polish lines now! one of my faves is Jenna Hipp. She has incredible colors and they really last. Lauryn, if you’re ever in LA, come get a mani with me at Nitespa in Venice 🙂

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