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How to Set Up a Smoothie Station During Quarantine

Ria, my professional home organizer, organizer to the celebs, is back on the blog to tell you guys all the specifics on organizing a smoothie station. But not only a smoothie station- like a whole morning situation, but streamlined.

Today we’re getting into organizing the fuck out of your coffees, teas, & witch doctor powders & potions.

Because we’re in quarantine right now, it’s just the perfect time for this post. If you missed Ria’s first post all about organization in general, check it out here. She gives tangible tips on how to streamline any space in your house.

I particularly enjoy these posts with Ria because anyone can do this & it really helps streamline your life. & Marie Kondo from the show Tidying Up With Marie Kondo says that de-cluttering:

♡ raises your self-esteem & shifts your energy.

♡ opens you up to change & to reach your full potential.

♡ helps you gain inner peace by outer order.

So get ready, because in this post you can expect links to her favorite products, how to get started & learn about little details that make all the difference. I love a detail & know you guys do too.

Let’s welcome Ria back to The Skinny Confidential.


What’s the best way to streamline vitamins?

Ria Safford: If vitamins are a big part of your morning routine we like to create a ‘wellness station’ or ‘morning station’ as we like to say. With anything that you use every single day, you want them to be accessible. If you have an overflow of vitamins that you don’t use every day, they can be put in clear bins & put on a higher shelf to make room for other, more accessible things. 

Depending on placement, I would give 3 product ideas: divided turntable, turntables or a tiered shelf. A drawer is also a great place for vitamins too and we love to use spice organizers for those.  

Hanging Cabinet Pantry

What do you recommend people do with all their powders & potions?

RS: Decant. Decanting is a huge part of what we do, especially for regularly used items. But we also do this for items not used often enough. Decanting basically means to take something out of its original packaging. The best thing about decanting is that you can put items in clear containers so you can easily see your inventory. You immediately know when it’s time to restock & most of the time, the container can hold more than one package, so it really saves space. 

I especially love decanting for protein powders. I like to use a tilted canister for these because it looks cute & is super functional.  

Where can we find the coolest label maker?

RS: The P-Touch cube Plus is my new obsession. The biggest difference is that it allows you to make a 1 inch label instead of the usual half inch width. It also has 200 fonts so it allows us to customize labels for clients. It has a ton of different tape color options too. We used the white font on black tape for Lauryn’s goods. 

What containers do you recommend?

RS: We love the OXO tilted canisters & for any large quantity items, like big protein boxes, we like to use the larger OXO canister options. For smaller things like hemp seeds & chia seeds, we love the iDesign canisters like the ones we used for Lauryn–they are sleek & stack really nicely. 

What should we do with matchas & coffees?

RS: If these are items you’re regularly using, they should be decanted so they’re easier to scoop during your morning routine. If you have a ton of different coffees & you like to dabble in different ones, then it’s not necessary to put them all in canisters. You can sort them into bins by category or if you have an extra deep drawer in your kitchen, like Lauryn did, then that is a great place for them. If you don’t need access to them every day, then I would put them up higher & a little more out of the way, or in your pantry. 

Is there a cute way to display straws?

RS: We often add a drawer organizer to a utensil drawer to create a home for reusable straws–just like we did for Lauryn. Another cute option to display your straws is to use an old fashioned straw dispenser

How do you lay out a smoothie cabinet or drawer?

RS: Everything is going to be based on the space that we have to work with. Not everyone has extra space like Lauryn & Michael, where we were able to designate 2 large cabinets to smoothie items. Sometimes we have to use lower cabinets & we use deep clear bins to take advantage of space further back. So like anything, it’s not ‘one size fits all.’ Everything depends on the client, what they use & the amount of space we have to work with to create a streamlined system for them. 

What’s a hot tip that people wouldn’t think about when streamlining their smoothie, tea or coffee storage?

RS: Something as simple as labeling adds a fun & aesthetic touch to the space, but also holds you accountable for what’s in there & allows for easy restocking. If anything requires special instructions that you don’t want to forget, we will sometimes use paint pens on the back of the containers to jot them down. Another little hack is to put tape on the bottom of the canister & write the expiry date with a sharpie. 

Where in the kitchen should your smoothie cupboard/drawer be?

RS: Obviously during the whole process of organizing, you are evaluating your routine. You need to figure out all the steps in your day to make it run smoothly. So if making a smoothie or tea or coffee is a big part of your day, then you need to decide if that takes priority over other things. Would you rather work harder to get to your Tupperware so that you can have your smoothie items close? Where is your blender? Where is your tea kettle? You just need to work out what makes sense.

Any other tips to streamline smoothie, tea or coffee drawers?

RS: I love a coffee/tea drawer. We love to use drawer dividers which are different from organizers. They just create a very clear division along the front & back of the drawer. It allows us to make them as close together or far apart as we like, & it creates all these beautiful aisle ways for coffee pods & teas bags. You can go extra & create a color-coded drawer too. It will make you feel so happy to open up a drawer like that every morning. 

Describe how my smoothie cupboard organization went.

RS: It was the worst. Just kidding. It was a dream! This cupboard, along with everything else that we were able to do with you, was an absolute dream. It was very clear what was important to you & what you wanted to have accessible. You also completely trusted us which is hard to do for some people, so we really appreciated that. The cupboard we used was originally full of cups & water bottles, & the smoothie stuff was in this awkward corner cabinet. I love that you let us do our thing & take your smoothie situation to its fullest potential! 

Where can everyone find you? 

Instagram @riorganize | | TikTok @riorganize


Hope you guys loved this post & it inspired you to streamline your morning beverage situation. Be sure to follow Ria on Instagram & check out her other posts on how to get started organizing your house & how to organize your skincare.

x, lauryn

+ why I’m obsessed with matcha lattes & all the benefits. 

++ scope my psycho-specific smoothie order.

{ pics }


  1. I love the idea of “decanting” packaged products into clear containers! Except, I count macros and regularly weigh out powders, seeds, etc. on a food scale so I need reference the nutrition label for the serving size in grams. Any suggestions on how to decant while retaining the nutritional information?

    1. Cut off the nutritional label and tape it to the container with clear tape over it. ?

  2. I have been obsessed with making smoothies every day lately. But to be honest, my smoothie supplies are everywhere. I love how beautiful and organized this looks just by decanting and labeling each product. A much better display than what I currently have going on.

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