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Q & A Sesh: Part III

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and diet blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

Here’s the third week’s post of a Q & A ; ).

I’m going to extend this to six weeks ( instead of four ), so if you have any other questions, ask them here!

1.} Tysha asked:

Hi : ). I have recently made the decision to commit to a healthy lifestyle (thanks to your blog!). I would like to learn a little more about the basics of nutrition, what the body needs, why that is and the most efficient way to obtain these nutrients. Are there any books/websites that you would recommend for the best information?

Also, I’ve found that I usually get bored with a workout quite easily, so I have been switching it up based on what I feel like doing that day. Are there any tips you could offer to keep motivated? Thanks!

Three women/authors that have taught me how to eat: Bethenny Frankel, Kimberly Snyder, & The Skinny Bitch girls.

I switch up my workouts weekly. One week I’ll do Pilates, heavy weights, running, & yoga. And the next week I’ll do asymmetric weights, the Elliptical, hiking, & barre classes. Switching it up is vital— you want to be constantly surprising your body. Don’t let your bod know what to expect. Hope that helps babe!

2.} Lydia asked:

Your blog is incredibly inspiring and so are you! I would love to know tips about how to get into blogging! Also, what is your sign??

Hi Lydia! All my blogging tips can be found here. I’ve also started a blog consulting & designed company called Blog-Doo. We ( << Erica & I ) basically re-vamp blogs or build blogs/websites.

My sign: Gemini. I couldn’t be more of a Gemini. I’m totally the sign of the twins AKA two personality/bi-polar…JK. But when I’m home, I’m a true blue homebody but when I’m out, I’m a social butterfly.

3.} Hope asked:

Random Q: but how tall are you? Just for comparison with all the fashion posts you do!

I’m 5’7 : ).

4.} Anon asked:

Can you please do a ‘where to start’ post? For someone who is new to clean eating and daily exercise? Also is it a good idea to cut bread/carbs out altogether straight away?

I would start with thirty minutes of exercise every day. I know every day sounds extreme but most likely you’ll miss one or two, so setting an every day goal is perf. Move up to forty five minutes after three weeks.

For clean eating, see below for some food options. Portion control is EVERYTHING ( a post on that found here ). I would drink at least three liters of water a day, get a lot of sleep, & drink veggie juice in the mornings. If you can’t make it yourself, I recommend Suja– it’s cold pressed & they have an amazing juice cleanse that helps kickstart healthy eating!

5.} Kayla asked:

What is the lunch or dinner you eat most often? What is your go-to ab routine (exercises please!)? Thanks, Lauryn! Can’t wait for the looooong Q & A post : ).

I’m a snacker. I real, real snacker. I graze like a sheep. For lunch & dinner I love: eggs, quinoa, avocado ( on everything ), this salad ( my fav, lately ), berries, homemade green juice, fresh hummus, cabbage salads, Ezekiel toast, unsalted nuts, pineapple wedges, sunflower seed butter, garlic cloves ( ya, I eat um like apples ), arugula on anything, kiwi slices, oysters, tabbouleh, sprouted rice cakes, kale salad, green smoothies, Suja Juice, bananas dipped in almond butter, dark chocolate, &/or anything from Tender Greens ( << their ‘Happy Vegan‘ salad is my lover ). I’m not big on meat & dairy. It kinda grosses me out. For dessert, I’m lovvvvvving this little sugar mama lately.

The best quick snack in my opinion is an apple. Yup. An apple. Eating one makes me realize if I’m Hungry Mungry or not.

As far as my whole ab routine, it will be found in my book ( pre-order here )! Stay tuned.


C’est fini!

Ok, so do you guys like this segment or is it boring? Should I have it every week? Is six weeks enough? Longer? Shorter?

Geez- I’m like totally Quincy Question over here, so I’ll stop!


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  1. Keep the Q&As coming, I love them! You literally listed my 3 healthy idols in your answer to the first question!! 🙂

  2. wowwwww, i love these Q & A posts about food and diet and exercise and how simple and straight forward your advice is. thank you!!!!! you’ve inspired me to start eating differently.

  3. I vote every week!! I have really been enjoying this post on wednesdays! You already do so much though! SO only if you have time.:)

  4. Can you elaborate a little on how YOU specifically manage your portions, how much food, how often during a day? I read where you wrote “portions are EVERYTHING” and I want to implement that for myself. Wondering just approximately, how often you eat during the day and about how much/what are the sized of the portions? Thanks so much!

    1. Something that’s helped me is a bento lunchbox. I like Laptop lunchbox because each container has a measurement associated with it (2 cups, 1.5 cups, etc) and they give recommendations for what food group should go in each ( Planetbox is another one I found but it’s more expensive and not microwaveable. I use this just for lunch/dinner though, my snacks are aside from that (usually apple midmorning and 1 serving unsalted nuts in the afternoon + veggie juice).

  5. Just pre-ordered your book, and wish it would come out like NOW. I have the hardest time resisting unhealthy snacks and soda (I have zero self control). But I’m going to scour your blog for some major inspiration today, you have the best tips! Thanks 🙂

  6. I’m loving the Q&As! I’m wondering (I hope this isn’t too personal) what kind of birth control, if any, you take. I’m hating that I put all those chemicals and hormones in my body daily but I’m not sure of a reasonable alternative. I was wondering what your opinion about this was. Thanks!

  7. I agree! Love the Q&As! I’ve learned a lot reading your blog! I was born and raised in the South and grew up on heavy “comfort” food. I now live in a larger city away from home and my family thinks I’ve become a “hippie” because I exercise a lot and, thanks to you, I read the ingredients list on everything I buy at the store, I juice 4-5 times/wk, focus on good fats instead of low/no fat and eat healthier/less processed in general. Plus I dropped 3 lbs almost immediately after I started incorporating intervals into my running routine after you posted about it. You’ve inspired me to do research on what I put in my body and how I treat it. Now if I can just be a good influence on my family 🙂 Just thought you’d like to know! Thanks!

  8. love this!! would love to see it every week! and, we have the same skinny idols! you are one of mine as well 🙂

  9. Lauryn,

    I read your blog everyday. This segment is one of my favorites – please don’t stop!!

  10. I know there are more significant pieces I could comment on after reading this post, but the only thing I’m really thinking is…you seriously eat raw garlic cloves straight up?! That’s incredibly healthy, but I don’t know how you do it. I love roasted garlic. I could eat cloves of them. But even as much as I love garlic and garlicky food, I don’t think I could pop raw cloves like candy. Kudos to you. Your boyfriend must love that, haha!

  11. LOVE your Q& As- keep them up!

    However, I’d love a post or even an answered question about your thoughts on protein since you don’t eat much meet. Also would love to know how many calories you eat a day (how many of that comes from protein) since you did a post on how to include more protein!

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