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Q & A Sesh IV

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and diet blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.


Here it is…part four of ask me anything ; ) —

1.} Miranda asked:

Love your blog! I’m also curious about what kind of sunscreen you use. I just can’t find one that I am willing to use everyday. The smell makes me gag, plus who wants to smell like you spent all day at a water park? Haha.

I use this sunscreen under my makeup & this sunscreen daily ( on my face, neck, hands ).

2.} Maddy asked:

Hey Lauryn! I’m a junior and studying abroad next semester. Do you have any advice on keeping thin and eating while traveling? I’m in a wedding next summer so I want to keep in shape while traveling. Thanks!

All my travel tips can be found here & here & here. Have fun at the wedding you’re in!

3.} Morgan asked:

Also, what are your tips for being productive while living such a hectic life!? So much to do in so little time! I’m dying to know how you do it all and keep your cool. You’re so inspiring and motivating.

This is hard. I mean, honestly. Productivity is hard.

Like, I’ll be filing paperwork & think “oh gee, my closet needs organizing.” And start organizing my closet.

Paperwork sitting there, & all.

Let’s just say I get distracted— so sometimes it’s difficult to be productive.

Anyway, back to your question…here’s how I’m the most productive: I make lists…everywhere. Lists on my phone, calendar, e-mail, notepad, etc. I write stuff down. A scroll of a to-do list keeps me productive. LISTS > than anything.

Also, an iced espresso shot or two certainly helps. Preferably with cinnamon & nutmeg.

4.} Dana asked:

You actually are the cutest! You have inspired me so much! What is your drink of choice at bars? I do vodka sodas is that a good healthy choice??

Def dry champs! I love, love, love a delicious, chilled champagne. Lately I’m loving Rosé wine too ( sooo European, right?! ).

I’m not too big on hard alc but I like this skinny grapefruit marg or this version of a vodka/water.

Why no vodka/soda? Welp, the soda bloats me & the water with a squeeze of citrus tastes better.

5.} Violet asked:

Do you want kids? What’s the main goal on your bucket list?

Yes- eventually. But for now Pixy is my baby-lover dozy beauty girl.

Main goal on bucket list: to be the best version of myself.

+ Since you guys seem to like this segment, I will def keep it up twice a month. Oh, & tell me if I ever need STFU on these posts- I won’t be offended!!

Ask anything below & I’ll address any questions in the next couple weeks! x.L

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{{ Photo by: Carlo Alberto Orecchia }}

  1. just found your blog and i love it so much! you’re so inspiring and real. i appreciate SO much that you put a link to EVERYTHING. every necklace, cleanse, hotel, ha everything! just wanted to let you know i love it and thank you! xo

  2. Hey hey,
    Got any tips on saying no to food/ someone’s cooking without offending them? I find it so hard to say no to people because i’m scared they’ll think i’m being rude! Especially when they’ve gone to a lot of effort.
    Thanksss 🙂

  3. Ahh! I’m a little crazy about my lists! It’s the only way I can get everything done though! I have lists on my phone, I e-mail them to myself while at work and I usually have 5 different paper lists in my purse. I’ll be laying down at night and think of something I need to do the next day and then cannot go to sleep until I write it down or put it in my phone! Love the feeling of crossing something off though when it’s accomplished!

  4. Hey Lauryn, I miss when your blog focused more on different types of workouts- I want specifics girl! What size weights do you use? Free weights, bar, etc…

    Thanks! 🙂

  5. Good to know I’m not the only list-obsessed person out there 🙂

    I think the list feature on my phone takes more room than most my apps! I definitely agree it’s a key way to stay organized and not forget anything. How do those people operate with only mental notes…?

  6. Obsessed with this segment!!! Thank you for the sunscreen recommendation!
    Been looking for one to use on my neck/hands!

  7. Lauryn,

    I’m really interested in switching over to a more natural approach to skin care, and it seems that you implement a lot of vitamins and oils into your regime. But there are so many that have amazing benefits that its hard to pinpoint which ones to use, how many you need, for what purpose etc. in a daily routine. Could you do a break down on what you do on a daily/weekly basis? Cleanse, moisture, mask, breakout tricks? What do you use topically or take as supplements on a regular basis to stay glowing?!

    Thanks so much xoxo

  8. Hi! Love your blog! I have a question for you: I know you like to stay away from chemicals, so how do you handle the chemicals in spray tan? Have you found a non-toxic alternative? I obviously don´t want sun damage from tanning, but covering myself in dye freaks me out too. Thanks so much!

  9. Hi Lauryn! I heart these Q&A posts!! I’m also obsessed with lists, and my favorite app is Paperless. I HIGHLY suggest it because you can make unlimited lists, its adorable, and you can assign cute icons to each list. i have a list for everything… To Do’s, Weekly To Do’s, Monthly To Dos, recipes to try, blog post ideas, gift ideas, shopping lists, future dog names… you name it.

    Anyways, as for my question:
    I am absolutely dying to try a juice cleanse before my honeymoon this December, but my hubby is in the military so we are currently in the UK. I WISH i could get my hands on the SUJA cleanse but unfortunately it can’t be shipped over here. I haven’t found anything comparable price or quality wise here, so I was wondering what your recommendations would be if I were to make my own juices for a cleanse. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks so much! 🙂

  10. First of all I love your Q&As keep them coming please!! Also, I was wondering how your organize/store your jewelry? Do you recommend a cute organizer or have an ideas??


  11. Hey Lauryn!

    What do you do on days when you just can’t seem to pull yourself out of a slump? On days when you’re feeling down, depressed, or unmotivated, how do you snap out of that unhealthy mindset and back into the land of positivity and productivity? Days when I’m feeling down it’s just so hard to get going… any tips or tricks?

    Love you girl <3

  12. Hi 🙂 So I live in Albuquerque, have you been here? I know you would find some awesome jewelry here. ok so I go camping a lot during the summer here and I never know what healthy food items to take. Its hard because I go with a group of people that like to eat whatever and I have to create something healthy for myself. I dont know if you camp over there haha but if you did go camping, what food ( or any camping items haha) do you think you would take that would keep you full and energized with days of being in the sun and / or wake boarding. Thank You L

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