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Very Much Vibing Saint Tropez’s Style

st tropez style | by the skinny confidential

OMGGGG, Saint Tropez is goals everywhere. Retire here? I wish!

We are IN LOVE. Michael & I are just loving the vibe. Firstly, there’s Bossanova playing at every restaurant & an endless amount of rosé. Let’s just say the energy is working for us.

The style is also so chic & very pastel-y in the best ways possible. The people here definitely know what’s up. Picture summery, pastel colors, bright white decor at every restaurant, casual, & very bougie. Again, in a breezy way.

If you’ve been following on Snapchat, you’ve seen some of the outfits. I’m going to do a full-fledged blog post on all looks but in the meantime I’ll do a few teasers.


st tropez style - pastel off the shoulder tops | by the skinny confidential

REPEATING MYSELF HERE, but pastels are EVERYWHERE in St. Tropez.

Both the men & women.

The off the shoulder look is also everywhere. Very flirty & chic, right? I feel like if you’re doing either you have to put your own spin on it. I never focus on trends, just what works for me, HOWEVER I DO PAY ATTENTION TO THE CULTURE.

This salmon off the shoulder top & this light blue top would be very ideal. I rocked something very similar to LE CLUB 55.

st tropez style - bikinis | by the skinny confidential

As far as bikinis go, Saint Tropez is all about the effortless.

This black bikini isn’t over the top, but has some edgy mesh details to spice things up. It also has a little bit of a push up bra to keep things sexy.

White is DEFINITELY a festive option in Saint Tropez. This little white bikini by Kendall + Kylie Jenner has a unique cut with a little bit of pastel orange detail. HOT!

st tropez style - dresses | by the skinny confidential

Saint Tropez life basically consists of beaches, pools, boats, & parties so opt for dresses that can go from day to-night. Again, the vibe is beachy, effortless, & SEXY so both of these dresses 100% work. Also, you can of course rock all these looks to any beach!

LIVING for the pretty sheer fabric on this little halter dress by Kendall + Kylie Jenner. The slit in the front is SO sexy & effortless. Throw it on over a bathing suit for the beach or out to lunch.

I wore this exact white dress out at night in Saint Tropez. Michael loved it! If you’re going for a super sexy vibe, throw this on with a pair of pumps & you’re good to go!

st tropez style - boat shoes & hat | by the skinny confidential

Loving a Panama hat moment.

Honestly, a lot of people were wearing boat shoes in Saint Tropez. Michael, me, & literally every other person we saw. They’re definitely a staple.

These white, pointed toe boat shoes are TO DIE FOR. How cute would they look with a little white dress or shorts & a tank top? Obsessed. I wore my Tod’s everywhere too. They’re more of a driving shoe but they are so, SO comfortable plus they’re vintage-ish in the way where they have that place for the penny. I really never take them off.

You DEFINITELY need a hat in Saint Tropez.

The sun is STRONG. Protect your face & look cute while doing it! This hat has a wider brim so it’s ideal for extra coverage.

Do you guys want to see more European style posts? Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend.

Okay off to eat some ( MORE ) pasta now.


x lauryn


  1. I am LIVING for your snapchat right now. I love St Tropez so much it’s one of my favourite places to visit! Your outfits have just been ??? And…. brim down for sure haha!! I saw something called DMK Enzyme therapy on Instagram the other day and it’s all to do with increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage… Thought of you straight away with the mention of the lymph system haha! Would love to know your thoughts on it or if you’ve tried it!! Seems like something you would love! Enjoy the rest of your trip!! X

    1. What are some of your favorite spots in St. Tropez? I can’t wait to go back. I’ve never heard of DMK Enzyme therapy. I will definitely check it out! Thanks for sharing C : ) xx

  2. love love every single item :p love love the St. Tropez style. so effortless 🙂

    Xoxo Jessy

  3. Omg love love LOVVEEE all these outfits, and accessories! Yes please do more posts on St. Tropez style! I absolutely am dying at how inexpensive everything from your posts were. I need everything! Love you, Michael, your blog, Snaps, Poscast, etc. etc.
    You could say I’m “obsessed” 😉

  4. Ugh so annoyed that white sheer dress only has a few sizes left 🙁 your outfits in St Tropez were amazing!!

  5. I’m loving the chic and practical look of the white Tod’s, but the price tag is a bit scary! Any look-alikes you’d recommend?

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