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Favorite Nail Polish Colors

best nail polish | by the skinny confidential

Fresh nails are A MUST.

There’s something about chipped nails that just weirds me out. I don’t know why. It’s just a thing.

Getting your nails done doesn’t have to be a chore, time consuming, or something you need to scratch off your to-do list. You can try to make it fun, productive, or into a kill-two-birds-with-one-stone situation.

FOR EXAMPLE…get a manicure with a girlfriend to catch up. Or find a salon that has WiFi ( YES I DO THIS ) & work while getting a pedicure. I go once per month with The Nanz to catch up. We love it.

To be honest, we get ‘paint jobs’ or ‘polish changes.’ A manicure usually takes too long so I just pay like $5 bucks to have them file my nails & paint them! Also, tipping is important— 20% is key, in my opinion.

Either way, you should definitely have your list of GO-TO polish colors. You can keep your eye out for new trending colors, but sometimes the staples are the easiest & look the best.

Here are our favorites:

best nail polish 2 | by the skinny confidential

Alpine Snow by OPI:

Just really the PERFECT white. White is a staple color for Summer. Lately it’s The Nanz’s first color pick too, so we’ve been matching!

Wicked by Essie:

This color goes with anything. You should definitely choose it during winter months, or if you have a night out on the town planned. Opting for darker colors during summer is different, & being unique is ALWAYS a good thing.

Cake Pop by Orly:

Ideal for spring. Wear it when you’re feeling girly & flirty. It’s an off-white, pinkish color which actually goes well with a lot of outfits. This is kind of my go-to.

So Hot It Berns by OPI:

Sometimes you just need a good, solid, HOT HOT HOT RED nail. This color is great for holiday parties, or even Summer & Spring months. Is it weird that I feel like HOT red is great for nights in the city?

Borrowed & Blue by Essie:

Another off-white shade, this color is great for work because it’s surprisingly super calming. Is that weird? I swear by it. You’ll be typing away & catch a calming blue hue in your peripheral. It’s pretty if you’re engaged too ( weird, but it flatters a diamond ).

Black Onyx by OPI:

If you’re going for an edgy look, Black Onyx is YES PLZ. Wear it with all black & a touch of leather or high boots, chic. Very Paris-vibey.

What’s your ride or die polish?


  1. I just discovered the line Smith & Cult. It’s eight-free with totally chic packaging, great names and gorgeous colors. I went with Ghost Edit which is a perfect nude.

  2. i’m obsessed with getting my nails done. seriously. i go every other Saturday @ 3pm. in my opinion, Deborah Lippmann makes the BEST polish. I only like neutrals, so i either do black (fade to black) or nude (naked) which is the absolute best nude! & literally. i’ve tried every nude.

  3. Hi Lauryn,
    What top coat do you recommend as my nails chip so fast when working!
    Christie x

  4. I am about to change your life…you must try the brand Caption. Their topcoat is ridiculously long lasting. I personally like all their polishes but you can get away with using other polish (especially a 3-free polish as your base coat) and just their topcoat. I am talking painted my nails, had a baby, nail polish was still on 3 weeks later good.

  5. seche vite wuick dry top coat is the best IMO! and i have tried almost every top coat. you can litterally put hte top coat on and go to bed 5 minutes later and your nails are dry.. its perfect for a girl on the go like you !. i have the CND top coat but have only used it with the CND polishes ill have to try it with my other brands as well.. but seche vite is LIFE CHANGING

  6. I’m loving the “borrowed and blue.” I think I definitely have a thing for off white nail polishes.

    x, Sam

  7. “Hutch” by Olivia Palermo x Ciate because obviously. And my signature color for years has been “Lincoln Park After Dark” by OPI. Loving the colors you chose too. “Wicked” is so on point I love this one.

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