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New Series: The Best Damn…

The Skinny Confidential best damn...shower gel.

The Skinny Confidential best damn...shower gel.

Because of you guys I’m now feeling allergy-free. I bought some nettle leaves, invested in a Neti Pot & essential oils, upped my local/raw honey intake, AND checked out Standard Process Antronex.

Hells ya.

So THANKS guys— you rock. These allergies better back the F up because I’m putting up a mean-ass fight.

Anyway every Wednesday for the next couple of months I’ll be posting a series called ‘The Best Damn…’

…shower gel, jeans, lip liner, white tee, mascara, high heel, phone case, perfume, etc.

Here’s the deal: none of the products will be sponsored or product reviews. Basically no one is paying me to say anything— this series will just showcase my serious, balls-to-the-walls favorites that I use/wear on a daily basis. Very few products rock my world, so I gotta share the ones that do, right?! Pretty much these are products I absolutely can’t live without/TSC-approved.

Each one has a story…so let’s start with the best damn shower gel: Fresh Sugar Lemon Bath & Shower Gel.

This sugar lemon shower gel was on my radar for months. First I spotted it at Nordstrom…& then while online shopping at Sephora…& finally when Sports Illustrated model, Gigi Hadid ( AKA Yolanda from Real Housewives of Bev Hills daughter ) raved about it in a recent interview.

The supermodel says: “the only product I’ll spend money on is Fresh Sugar Lemon Bath & Shower Gel. It’s my favorite thing in the world, it just smells so good.”

And not sorry…after reading that I caved.

Aside from the fact that I am OBSESSED in the most bizarre/creepy way with lemons ( like lemon on berries, pizza, pasta, spaghetti squash, yogurt, water, alcohol… ), I also LOVE sugar ( but let’s be real, who doesn’t? ).

I’m a total lemon/sugar whore. Seriously though.

Secondly, lemon & sugar have antibacterial properties…so ummmm der, it’s perfect to bathe with.

None of that chemicall-y Sun Ripened Raspberry Nasty-Ass Bath & Body Works shit, thanks.

The Skinny Confidential best damn...shower gel.

This shower gel is described as “a gentle foaming body cleanser enriched with skin softening glycerin, restorative shea butter, mango seed oil, and soothing comfrey extract. The brown sugar formula restricts the growth of bacteria, and soothes and rejuvenates dry skin.”

Ummmmm. Lemon x sugar x shea butter in the shower & you can find me making Herbal Essences commercial noises…”AHHH OHHH, YESSS, YESSS!”

I feel like it’s kind of difficult to find a good shower gel in general— it’s kind of slim pickings…but this one, this one is yummy.

And let the record state: I always use a good, ole bar of natural soap…but for sexy, frisky date night this lemon-y gel is the perfect fresh/sweet smell. Add a little lemon lotion & you’re golden.

What product do you guys want to see next week?

x. Lauryn

{ Off topic, but I’m also in love with their ‘Sugar Lip Treatment’ }.

The Skinny Confidential best damn...shower gel.

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  1. I have been obsessed with their products for years and if says lemon, I will of course have to buy it. Obsessed is an understatement with anything lemony. LOVE LOVE.

    How was the neti-pot experience? I am scared to do it!

    as for the next best damn…. Face scrubs please!

  2. I looooove Fresh products! I’ve been using the Sugar Lychee perfume for years. But, are you comfortable with the ingredients in the bodywash? Some of them are a little questionable, so I’ve never tried it. I know you are careful about what you use, and if you are ok with this line then maybe I’ll try it out!! Thanks!

  3. I would love to hear your pics for body moisturizer, perfume, and mascara. I’ve tried this sugar lemon shower gel and trust me, it doesn’t suck.


  4. Will have to look into the sugar lip treatment! Gets so cold in London, sounds perfect. Tara xx

  5. I love this series! I am also lemon-obsessed. And sugar obsessed. And TSC obsessed! So this just made my day. I will have to try it out and try not to drink it…

    The Accidental Mama

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this little product, it sounds amazing! I just want to thank you Lauryn for your amazing blog, it’s always very refreshing and put a smile on my face 🙂
    I’m from France but live in LA, I wish I can meet u somedays, you’re very inspiring and always put some joy in my day!
    Xoxo, Jodie

  7. love this new series! And esp love that it’s not a sponsored post so I can trust your genuine opinion about a product<3

  8. You should try out Sabon products. They have small boutique stores which are perfect for me here in NYC and their stuff is seriously amazing. My favorite in the whole world. They are all naturally made and smell FAB. I recommend their scrub my skin has never felt better. i LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  9. I LOVE the fresh shower gel. You should check out the fresh life fragrance…if you were obsessed with the shower products the fragrances are to die for! 🙂 Would love to hear about your thoughts on any face masks in an upcoming post too!

  10. Lauren, I love the fresh brand! The ingredients seem so simple, sometimes I think I should just make my own versions of their products to ensure it’s organic! Do your recommend??

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