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PROBIOTIC TALK- we’ve discussed the importance of probiotics in the diet for years. I still get so many questions about

At-Home Workout Equipment I’ve Been Loving

In 2020 I started working out at home, like a lot. Just like most of the world, I’m sure. In

How To Stop Overthinking After Being Cheated On

Did you know that around 10-25% of married couples in the US have been going through the aftermath of being cheated

Creating a Self-Care Routine with Ashley Tisdale

A few years ago Ashley Tisdale was on The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER Show to talk about her acting

7 Benefits of Burning Palo Santo Before Bed

Listen up, because we’re about to change the energy of your bedtime routine forever. Because you KNOW Lauryn is all

How To Invest In Your Health (It’s About Way More Than What You Eat)

We talk a lot about preventative beauty, but what’s most important is actually the way you FEEL. Nothing should take

3 Important Questions You Need To Ask Yourself To Create The Life You Want

EVERYONE WANTS A LARGER PLAN, RIGHT? But really, life is full of decisions- so many forks in the road. What

How Naomie From Southern Charm Lost Weight, Toned Up and Her Body Transformation

This post is everything all TSC readers want more & more of. The details, the specifics, the nitty gritty, on how Naomie

Mauricio Umansky On Marriage Rumors, Housewives, Business and Success

Have you listened yet? The CEO and founder of The Agency, cast member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,

How To Deal With Social Media Anxiety

Let’s talk about social media anxiety disorder. We’ve all had periods in our lives where we spend every single day

How To Debloat Puffy Legs For Sculpted, Sexy Stems

Are you tired of feeling like your legs are two overstuffed sausages? We’ve all been there, and it ain’t cute.

My Specific Routines, Habits and Hacks

We all love a good routine. More specifically, a morning and nighttime one to really set the tone of our

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