Fitness and Weight Loss Tips From a Celebrity Trainer (Plus a Quick Full Body Workout)


Happy Sunday guys.

It seems my last few posts have started with “random discoveries,” so surprise, surprise…here’s another one for ya.

Jenna Willis is a trainer who I heard about through watching Vanderpump Rules. Lala Kent had just gotten in such good shape, even though her body was bangin’ before. So, as I do, I stalked Jenna on Instagram & started working out with her for the first 5 months of my pregnancy.

She’s a professional ( & celebrity ) trainer & now that I live in LA ( & can’t workout with Kim Kelly anymore ) I needed something.

Jenna works with a lot of the same moves that are in the TSC Body Guide, but I wanted a pro to help me through them when I was pregnant. She has an amazing ebook coming out soon on fitness & she’s tight as fuck. Not only is Jenna cool, she’s super knowledgeable when …



beauty industry favorite products by the skinny confidential

I feel like you guys really loved it when the team posted their favorite gifts so I went back to the drawing board with them & we sat down to brainstorm their favorite skincare items. You’re gonna find everything from the best serums to the best oils.

Since the TSC team is in the beauty industry, I feel like they definitely know their shit when it comes to skincare. I know I picked up a bunch of tips from them & added my favorites of the moment for you too. Let’s get right to it.

♡ eye cream

This eye cream is my go-to before makeup ( I talked about the other eye creams I use in 
this skincare post ). But this one is perfect for a quick fix. I can feel my skin tightening beneath it. The sensation is similar to if you have ever done a clay face mask- when it begins to dry, your skin tightens underneath. It’s the same feeling but on your under eyes, so it makes me look like I’ve basically had an eye lift.

Finding an eye cream I love has been a challenge for me. Our eyes are delicate and



how to edit your instagram feed branding by tschow to edit your instagram feed branding by tsc

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FANCY seeing you here.

This post is one I have been meaning to do for a very long while. INSTAGRAM! We all love Instagram & it’s something I use daily and I’m sure you do too. As you can imagine I’m very fucking specific about my filters ( but who isn’t? ). Today Instagram is like a résumé- it needs to look fleeky, you know? I think of Instagram as a huge extension of my brand. For more real life, I use IG Stories. And then all the pretty, Instagrammy life goes on my IG feed.

I think the point of this too is KNOW YOUR MEDIUM.

MEANING: Snapchat is like raw, real BTS. Instagram stories: are a day in the life ( keep your fonts & colors cohesive here ). IG feed should be branded & thought out. FB is more for distributing your content so people can read it. Podcasts are about sharing your personality! And blogging needs to be quality all around. Every medium is different- use it to your advantage.

Anyway, I will let the video speak for itself because it really goes through the whole process. I …



Remember that one time I made my whole family reshoot my wedding photos?

Who does that, you ask? Me. No shame here at all.

I was late to the wedding so the light wasn’t where I wanted it.

Plus if we’re being totally honest my vision was a black background & Cabo’s blue ocean & green grass just wasn’t cutting it.

So I did what I do best & set out to create the vision I had in mind- HA.

This included an annoying group text to my entire family. What do people hate more than having to get dressed up on a Thursday in wedding clothes to take pictures? Group texts. But I digress.

They’re both pretty bad.


Just can’t help myself.

ANYWAY! I should mention: YES, it IS a week-ish after my anniversary but this post has been on my to-do list because why not? I like to bring you guys along & feel like you got the experience of the wedding reshoot on Snapchat & IG Stories but not on the blog.

So here’s a post showcasing just how crazy I am!! TRUE COLORS ARE OUT. Michael, of course, complained the entire fucking time & then …

Your Badass Guide To Essential Oils


Guide To Essential Oils. An OIL BREAKDOWN 5 | by The Skinny ConfidentialOIL BREAKDOWN 13 | by The Skinny Confidential

GUYS! Today my younger sister Faye is going to talk about something she lovessss: ESSENTIAL OILS. You may remember Faye from a vintage TSC feature OR from the podcast where she so bravely opened up about her struggle with addiction– either way, my sister knows her shit when it comes to oils. She also knows me better than anyone, so when she recommended I clean my kitchen with Theives & diffuse Tangerine every morning ( like I said, she knows me well! ), I listened. Definitely my two favorites right now.

Anyway, I’m obsessed with essential oils & you should be too. They’re something that sets the ambience, you know? They create a mood. Moods that can be relaxing ( hi Lavender! ), uplifting ( talking to you, Eucalyptus! ), or even invigorating ( why I love Tangerine! ). Mood is so important, in my opinion. A little Bossanova, some candles, a warm cup of tea, & oils diffusing really sets the scene. I love a good scene.

SO! Faye is going to breakdown some of her favorite oils & show you how she uses them. Once you commit to oils, you will never go back!

As you know, …