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How to Reclaim Your Life After Addiction

Today on the blog we have Tara Mackey. She’s here to tell us about her road to recovery after being

Addiction, Wellness & How To Get 1% Better Every Day with Khalil Rafati

Just SO excited for my friend Khalil to be on the blog today. He is fun, witty, thoughtful ( recently

A Grateful Alcoholic: Trauma, Addiction & Recovery with Tess Annique Souray

I love bringing you guys, the community on the blog to tell your stories. Today we have Tess Annique Souray

Arielle Lorre on Addiction, Weight Loss & Plastic Surgery

I met Arielle Lorre when we were both guests on Alexis Haines’ podcast Recovering From Reality ( Arielle’s episode here,

Alexis Haines On Addiction and Reality TV

Alexis Haines! You guys may know her from The HIM & HER podcast ( here & here ) or from


I work well under pressure. Which is why I waited until the last second to write this post. If I


This week on¬†THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL HIM & HER PODCAST… ( 0:25 ):¬†Greetings from France everyone! We’re in a small town

Kathy Griffin on Choosing Your Battles, the Trump Scandal and Surviving Cancer

Last week, the one, the only Kathy Griffin was on The HIM & HER Show. For anyone who doesn’t know,

How To Go From Blonde to Brunette And All My Favorite Hair Products

First things first. THANK YOU ALL for your sweet comments about my new hair color over the last year. I

10 Marketing Tips and The Future of TikTok With Coco Mocoe

What a treat today. Coco Mocoe is on the blog to give us her top 10 marketing tips for 2024.

Affordable Fashion Items Everyone Should Own

One of our favorite guest posters is back to share more easy fashion tips with us. Brittany Ricketts is the

Candice Barley on Why She Got Her Breast Implants Removed

If you’ve seen Lauryn’s Instagram Stories over the last few days you know that she recently had her breast implants

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