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Save VS Splurge: Badass Motorcycle Jackets

save vs splurge: badass motorcycle jackets

Who doesn’t love a good Sons of Anarchy fashion moment?


There’s really only one thing you need in my opinion: A BADASS motorcycle jacket.

Motorcycle leather jackets should be a staple in your closet because honestly, they’re just so easy to throw on over literally whatever.

Not to mention they’re also timeless. Motorcycle jackets have always been in, & will always be in.

You can throw them over your favorite vintage tee, a sexy black dress, or a simple white tank & jeans. No matter what, you’ll always look ON FREAKING POINT.

I personally like my motorcycle jacket a little bit oversized, but honestly they look good no matter what.

ANYWAY, since I’m always adding to my leather collection, I figured I’d do a little save VS splurge: BADASS MOTORCYCLE JACKETS theme.

BOTH of these are available at Nordstrom. I’m obsessed with BOTH of them because they’re very similar to this seriously rad designer motorcycle jacket by Saint Laurent. The Saint Laurent motorcycle jacket is literally TO DIE FOR. These two are the save & splurge version of the seriously ballin’ designer version.

Okay so here we go.

SPLURGE: The ‘Orbit’ Jacket

This jacket is REAL leather, fully lined, & has a quilted design on the arms that gives off the moto-vibe. It’s totally Sons of Anarchy chic! If you can spend the $320 for this jacket, it’s definitely worth it.

SAVE: The ‘Biker’ Jacket

For babes on a budget, you just can’t beat this price. This seriously HOTT leather jacket is just 90 bucks, it has the same quilt detailing as the Orbit jacket, but it’s faux leather. The greatest thing about this jacket though, is that you can wash it yourself! You won’t have to dry clean it. How convenient is that??

So which would you choose? The save jacket or splurge jacket?

ALSO: it’s the LAST WEEK of the Nordstrom Sale so make sure you’re stocking up on everything your heart desires!

You can find my favorite items on sale HERE.


  1. Totally agree that motorcycle jackets are a staple. They’re one of those things you just throw on & look good in, ha!

    As a college student, I’d prob pick the save for now. Later, though? Definitely may have a little splurging going on … 😉

  2. Oh my god, my faux leather jacket recently started flaking. I didn’t even know that was a thing! Sigh. Shopping? I think so. Thanks for the post on these guys!

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    1. These are jackets that are the most important thing to wear while riding. It has padding and protection inside that helps to prevent burns which commonly happen to the riders who are not wearing any type of protective clothing.

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