Save & Splurge: BOOTS

Save & Splurge: BOOTS

♡ Save & Splurge: BOOTS

1.) Steve Madden ‘Gorgeous’ Over the Knee Boot French Connection ‘Calina’ Over the Knee Boot
2.) Esme High Ankle Boot Giuseppe Zanotti Suede Square-Toe Ankle Boots
3.) Sam Edelman Riding Boot Tory Burch ‘Derby’ Riding Boot 

Whether you’re a babe on a budget looking to save, or totally ballin’ & ready to splurge, I’ve got you covered!

Above are some *almost* identical boots. One pair is just really budget friendly, the other is definitely a bit of a splurge.

REGARDLESS, you can be completely chic no matter what you’re willing to spend.



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22 replies to “Save & Splurge: BOOTS”

    1. Hi Tila, definitely! I almost included the Stuart over the knee boots but they are SO expensive. I was shocked. xx

    1. Hi Pia! Eeek glad you like this post concept. I am planning to do a few more like this. Any specific category you want to see? LMK! xx

  1. I actually really prefer the cheaper version of the riding boot. I actually got some that were very similar from American Eagle during their sale for $28 but I think they’re all sold out now 🙁

    1. Hi Meg! I agree, I like the less expensive versions better. I can’t believe you only have to pay $28! Such a great deal! I’m jealous. xx

    1. Will definitely post more Save & Splurge items! What do you want to see next? Jeans? Jewelry? LMK!! xx

  2. Those riding boots are so cute. My brain is such a diva… you can show me two boots and I’ll always, even without knowing the price, pick the most expensive pair.

  3. If i learned anything in my years working in NYC and having to walk everywhere, it’s that investing in high quality shoes is the BEST thing you can do for your wallet and your look.. buying really nice high quality shoes actually is a smart investment because they LAST! these boots are all gorgeous! Wish I could buy a pair of any of these gorgeous looks!

  4. Those are identical!
    The boots are almost the same, it’s like why not save than spend when the saving can go to smoothie ingredients 🙂