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lauryn evarts talks to gary vee | by the skinny confidential

Part of the reason for the New York trip was to be on The Gary Vee Show.

Now, if you know me, you know I LIVE & FUCKING DIE FOR GARY VEE.

He has been such a gnarly influence throughout my blogging career…that it’s kind of ridiculous.

Basically the story here is my dad ( shoutout to Brad, love you Dadzy! ) gave me CRUSH IT!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion, as a Christmas gift.

& this my friends, is what started my relationship with Mr. Gary Vee.

If you haven’t read CRUSH IT! & you’re a bossy business babe, come out from the rock you’re hiding under. This isn’t sponsored, this isn’t bullshit, this is the real deal.

And when you read CRUSH IT! you will get it. And you will get me. I literally feel like I could have written the book.

Michael is obsessed too.

Anyway, I started following Gary on all his social platforms & became ACTIVELY interested in everything he was doing.

Not because I want to be like him ( I mean he’s a man & his demo is certainly not my demo ) but because I completely 100% respect every piece of business advice that comes out of the man’s mouth.

So yes, I’m a total super fan of Gary Vee.

People think this is weird maybe because he’s a male but I would go as far to say he’s been sort of an online mentor. He’s helped in every aspect of my business through a computer screen.

So Michael & I read all of Gary’s stuff ( I even did a post on him last year ) & just truly consume everything he says.

My Gary Vee obsession is so real guys. I have listened to all 191 of his shows. I would never dare drive up to LA without Gary’s podcast playing. AND I’m almost done with all his books ( reading this one at the moment, mid-flight ). In fact, when I work on my computer, I even play his YouTube videos to gain business advice.

I’m even going to say I’d leave Michael for him. Sorry babe.

( Is it ODD my inspiration is a male? )


Basically? I fainted.

But seriously I was having rapid heart palpitations.

Gary is to entrepreneurs what Oprah is to celebrities.

This is a life goal. It made every minute of hustle pay off.

SO we went to his company VanyerMedia & met the whole crew. His team is unbelievable. Shoutout to India & DRock. We also shot with YouTuber, Sara Dietschy ( << so sweet! Check her out ). Anyway, Gary’s office is literally goals. It’s a casual 12 stories. And the man HUSTLES HIS ASS OFF.

Ok so we get there & immediately we are taken to his podcast room & he comes in ready to kick some ass. No prep, just threw us on the show. Badass because it’s 100% authentic.

You can view the episode here.

Gary talks about sacrifice a lot.

Typically people never see the sacrifice(s).

But sacrifice is very, VERY real.

In fact, it’s so real that it’s like a tumbleweed. It’s typically going on in many different areas.

Nobody wants TO TALK ABOUT SACRIFICE. I want to hit on this for a minute: what have you sacrificed for your hustle?

I’ve sacrificed 6 million happy hours, weekend shenanigans, sleeping in, sleep— in general, parties, events, date nights, holidays, birthdays, family time, gym time, kitchen time, me time, meeting new people, RELAXATION.

But it’s all been worth it. Every second. & for the record, my way isn’t the right way. Do what works for you. You know you better than anyone.

Honestly what some people may consider sacrifice, I consider a habit. A habit to focus, buckle down, & hustle. If you want something bad enough you will always find a way.


& if you don’t, you’ll always find an excuse ( isn’t that a Nike quote? If not, it should be ).



& with that I’ll leave you with a very appropriate Gary Vee quote:

“The best way to become something is to do something. “

What ‘something’ are you doing today? What are you sacrificing for that ‘something?’ Would love to hear.

Watch the episode & let me know what you guys think!

Live from NYC, lauryn x

+ Also, I did a Snapchat giveaway for 3 of his NEW books & 3 of The Skinny Confidential Books. Winners will be announced tomorrow on Snapchat.

++ & lucky you, I have 2 more copies to give away on TOP of that, simply write why you liked the podcast on the picture of me & Gary on my Instagram & TAG @garyvee. His book(s) will change your life!

  1. I watched the show the other day and discovered this blog through your appearance on Gary’s show. You gave a really good impression and clearly are very switched on with your business. Loved the show and you was a great guest on there 🙂

  2. Love GaryVee!! I’ve been following him forever as well and recently had the opportunity to interview him for my Youtube channel and not only is he brilliant, he’s incredibly humble and kind too. Total class act. Watched your interview, you guys were great! Thanks for being such an inspiration 🙂

  3. I can totally relate to having mentors and role models who are male.

    I’m getting my MBA with a concentration on media and entertainment. I met Thomas Staggs, the COO of Disney, at an event and instantly related and admired what he was saying. I got his vibe, his drive, and everything about him instantly. Even though I’m a woman I felt like this is someone who gets the path I’m on to change and evolve film and entertainment in Hollywood.

    Totally feeling this post and can’t wait to read Gary Vee’s stuff, and listen to his podcast on my commute.

  4. First, dad’s rule, right? Always ahead of the game!

    Second, was so good to see you SUPER jazzed and excited about something. You’re always upbeat positive and happy, but this shit you could tell were PUMPED about. So exciting!

    I loved how he talked about knowing your audience, and it’s definitely something that Michael has been preaching for a while! Having a loyal audience, is key.

    It’s good to hear about the real work that goes into everything. I love it!

  5. Hey Lauryn! I’ve been following you on your blog and snapchat for a few months now and LOVE IT. Obsessed with your snapchat and look forward to your stories everyday. You turned me on to Gary and his books a few months back when you and Michael recommended Crush It! It has totally changed my life and perspective on my personal brand and just wanted to say thanks for all the great advice and recommendations. It was so sweet seeing you with Gary totally rocking the room on his podcast! I’ll reach out again when I have more content online, but would love to get your advice on my brand down the line. Thanks for being you!!
    xo, Cadence

  6. absolutely loved listening to this podcast. Seriously great advice in there. I love love love the authenticity of sticking to your audience and to what is good for YOU and your brand…not doing anything even if it will make you a lot of instant money, if it’s not brand right. Such great advice! Thanks for sharing! XO


  7. OMG I’m so excited about this. The show is GREAT (you look beautiful ps) and I immediately ordered the book Crush It!. Can’t wait!

    xo Annie

  8. Loved that episode! Congrats on the milestone! You guys killed it! 🙂

    PS: Have been silently creeping on you for a bit but really love yours and Michael’s work ever since following you guys on snapchat! Keep them coming xx

  9. I am literally in the middle of listening to the Crush It audiobook and WOW! THANK YOU for the recommendation – JUST what I needed!

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVED this episode. Gary V is so inspiration. Talk about dedication Lauryn. You go girl for pushing through with a rough voice. I hope that gets better soon. Loved Gary’s advice about pushing on Snapchat and continuing to blog. I used to hustle on my blog daily and have just given up home on it. I’m so inspired to get back into it. Also, super easy to just record a snapchat… Save it and post the same videos to Insta story. Win win? Thanks guys. Appreciate your hard work and knowledge.

  11. Just getting around to seeing this… so much solid advice. I like when he mentioned making moves that will allow you to control. “The place where you want to make the most $$ is where you have the most control” I love this, it could be cause I’m a control freak. hahaha ;P

  12. Let me just say, this bitch GIVES ME LIFE !! I am not one to fan girl but I’ve followed Lauryn over the last couple years and I can say there is no other “influencer” that hits every cylinder like she does. Raw, real, no bullshit just the real shit, unapologetically herself, and to the fucking point. Lauryn is the only female who’s info I consume, keep killing it babe!

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