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  1. We actually never had an engagement party. We didn’t want to spend more money on another party when the same people were invited to our destination wedding. It sounds strange but we just didn’t see a point.

    1. Hi Jessie! So true! I still want to have one though. Are you glad you skipped it? Where was your destination wedding? Thanks for reading! xx

  2. I like the stack-able wedding band idea a lot. My engagement ring is really bling-bling, a large diamond in white gold. For my wedding band, I just wanted a simple gold band. They don’t “match” in the classic sense, but for every day I just wear my wedding band. It’s so much more practical, and I love regular gold too. And then I can wear the engagement ring for going out, having fun. I like having two separate rings. Also, I live in the Bay Area and take public transit to work, so a simple gold band is a lot more discreet.

    1. Hi Jesse, your wedding band sounds so gorgeous! I think simple is chic and elegant. I’d love to see a pic! Send me on snapchat? un: @laurynevarts

      Thanks for reading

  3. We didn’t have an engagement party either. Or showers, or bachelorette anything. One day of attention was enough for us.

    However, this rough draft party looked like a good time! Super chill.

    1. Hi Emily, yes it was super chill. But I totally feel you on the one day is enough thing. Thanks for reading

  4. Hi Lauryn!

    I wore white to EVERYTHING before my wedding. I figured this was my time to be a bride, so I had to take advantage of it! We were engaged for 2 years when we got married, so your not alone! My biggest advice is to do what YOU want and keep things as stress free as possible. It is YOUR engagement, and everyone celebrating with you only wants to see you happy! Nothing else matters I promise!!

    1. Hi Lydia, your comment is seriously EVERYTHING. Sometimes it’s hard to remember our wedding is OURS. Everyone is so excited, which is great and I appreciate it, but I don’t want to feel rushed or stress. We’re doing it in our own time. It works for us. Thank you!! xx

  5. My advice: Do whatever the heck you want! It’s your engagement, your wedding, your marriage. Do what makes you happy – have fun – have a great marriage! 🙂

  6. We didn’t have an engagement party at all – I hadn’t actually been to one before, so it didn’t actually cross my mind as a “thing” to do before the wedding at all. I love that you guys threw a chill party as practice though – I love excuses to have friends over for some drinks & good food and hang out.

    I LOVE Hearts on Fire – both my engagement ring & band are from them. I love how much they sparkle and how short the diamond is – the ones that are really tall always seem like such a nuisance!

  7. I was engaged for 15 months. Wish we would have gone even longer. Never had an engagement party but drank lots of bubbly over those months to celebrate. Every trip we took we said we were celebrating our engagement because well we were and the hotels always hooked us up with well more bubbly….

  8. Clueless about wedding planning but this is a nice low-key option that your guests can really get excited about, since all things wedding are pretty taxing money-wise on your supporters but this is just a fun night to get together and worry about nothing. I support this.

    Dana – a success blog

  9. Hey! I am so happy you are posting about wedding planning! I got engaged in July in Hawaii and recently had an engagement party. The party was Luau themed, and was so much fun! I wore all white, matching crop top and skirt, even white heels! My fiancé and I wore white leis, and everyone got colored ones. Our backyard was filled with tiki torches and the bartender made tropical cocktails. It was really fun!! I would wear and do whatever you want! You can make it personal and relatable to your engagement, or just throw a fun party! I would love to hear more about your wedding planning! I’m also planning on having my bachelorette in Cabo! ?

    1. Hi Tali, your party sounds so fun. Do you live in Hawaii?? Sounds like your party was a blast. Congrats on your engagement! Thanks for reading

  10. I was wondering where your rock was! LOL. The bands are beautiful, I really am into doing a band just everyday with my (future) rock on special occasions.

    Glad to see you’re celebrating! Guac is a must at any party.


    1. Hi Krista, I totally agree: Guac and hot cheetos. Lol, kind of a strange combo but still, they are a must for me! Thanks for reading

  11. I wore a teal pair of heels on my wedding! So definitely a bright green pair of pumps is OK for an engagement party!

    Love the bands!



  12. I think you are too special to worry about “what is proper.” You do you BOO! That’s what makes you so flippen fabulous — you march to the beat of your own damn drum!

  13. We didn’t have an engagement party at all, now I am wishing I had thrown a rough draft engagement party 😉 xx


    1. Throw a rough draft anniversary party?? LOL! Or a rough draft holiday party?? Just pick any occasion really! xx

  14. I believe you should wear whatever color you want!! I think it’s fine to wear white to all of the parties that kind of naturally happen once you’re engaged and going to get married but totally a personal preference. For my Bridal Shower I wore a D&G colorful floral silk dress paired with a white tulle skirt over it to feel Bridal-y and it was a huge hit (so not all white).

    For my 2 night Bachelorette party wore one white For Love & Lemons off the shoulder dress & one D&G sexy cheetah print dress.

    Then for our rehearsal dinner the night before we got married I didn’t want to wear white (to my mom’s dismay at first!) as I would be wearing a white gown all day the following day/night so I wore a fab black and gold embellished Alice and Olivia party dress instead and loved it!

    Do whatever makes you happy! The idea that “you must wear white to all bridal events” is a suggestion not a rule ;)!

    1. Hi Sera, your bridal shower outfit seriously sounds SO fab. Actually, all of your wedding event outfits sound AMAZING! Did you take pics?? Send me on snapchat? un: @Laurynevarts

      I need inspiration! Thanks for reading! xx

  15. Yep, being a bride to be is a ton of work. I can’t wait to see the full party and of course would love to see more posts about your wedding prep
    Dresses & Denim

  16. I mean, practice makes perfect, right? So I think that means you should have many more rough drafts just to be sure. 😉 From this though it looks like whatever you put together will be fab!


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