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Rosé Skinny Sangria Bar

The Skinny Confidential and Rosé Sangria.

The Skinny Confidential and Rosé Sangria.

The Skinny Confidential and Rosé Sangria.
In my experience, Sangria has always been meh.

( ‘Meh’ is my new word, by the way. Definition: Indifference; to be used when one simply does not care. A: What do you want for dinner? B: Meh. )

But honestly, it’s never really done it for me.

I mean, ya there’s fruit ( love ) & wine ( double love ), but I feel like it typically contains way too much sugar, unnecessary alcohol(s) AKA liqueur, & the wrong wine ( no one wants Merlot in summer— just saying ).


What’s a girl to do?

Make her own skinny Rosé Sangria, naturally.

Presenting…skinny summer sangria:

The Skinny Confidential and Rosé Sangria.

The Skinny Confidential and Rosé Sangria.

Rosé is summer water.

It’s light, dry, & crisp-ish.

P.S. don’t confuse Rosé with white Zinfandel— they’re completely different.

Just trust me & give Rosé a try. Just PLEASE. One try; you won’t be disappointed because it’s literally insane. ESP Whispering Angel ( << this isn’t a sponsored post, I just really like WA Rosé ).

Anyway. Back to the skinny Sangria.

Shocker, but I kind of winged it. First I started off with the ingreds:

The Skinny Confidential and Rosé Sangria.

The Skinny Confidential and Rosé Sangria.

And then I incorporated my new patio bar.


I have an inside bar cart and outside bar cart. Although this may sound somewhat alarming, it’s not because the cute carts can be used for parties/entertaining/vanities ( not just for alcohol ).

Side note on the bar’s design: I bought this Target bar cart ( << which is on sale!! ) & had it hand painted to match my patio’s aesthetic ( if you’re interested in a similar bar cart, e-mail me at & I’ll hook you up with the painter ).

Diet and fitness and health.

Ok, so first off, I filled a Mason Jar pitcher with tons of ice ( like, TONS of ice ).

Then I added two bottles of Rosé, 1 bottle of Perrier, & a little bit of Lemon Love Suja ( if you don’t have LL Suja, add fresh lemonade, sparingly ).

Again, I’m totally not a measuring cup kind of girl, so bear with me.

After adding the liquid I threw in my favorite berries ( raspberries & boysenberries ), Meyer lemon wedges ( DER! ), a couple apple slices, a handful of chopped mint & CHIA SEEDS ( yessss, chia seeds AKA one of the healthiest foods on the planet— they’re full of protein & benefits…& oh-so-good! ) AND then…I kind of churred the mixture ( like butter circa 1800 ) with a wooden stick.


Soooo delicious & literally the perfect summer cocktail because who the doesn’t love a Rosé Sangria bar?

If you’re not a fan, you’re totally killing my summer vibe.


x L

The Skinny Confidential and Rosé Sangria.

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  1. Waah! This looks delicious. I need to throw a BBQ so I can make this. Or maybe I’ll just get drunk in the sun this afternoon.

  2. Rose and white zif are not the same!! i like anything sort of sweet though. this is such a health and refreshing, summery bar! love it.

    xo Julianne

  3. I completely agree that Sangria can be overloaded with juices and unnecessary liquors, which is why I prefer it broken down like you do with wine, fresh juice and sparkling water.

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. Rose is my absolute favorite for summer. Sangria has always been meh to me as well. If you’re looking for the most perfect rose there is, try this baby out:


  5. I’ve never been the biggest fan of sangria either, but this seems like a way better, lighter option. Adding chia seeds seems..interesting? lol
    Bar cart is super cute tho. I need one!

  6. What a lovely yummy and healthy option !! I don’t mind Sangria but I always get so fearful with red wine and my teeth, so this option I am all for and definitely going to be trying this out 🙂

    Thanks for sharing ! 😀

  7. I’m from Paris and spend a lot a time in South of France, I don’t know if you can find French rosé easily in the US, but if it’s easily available, it’s totally worth it. I especially recommend Bandol or Côteaux d’Aix ! Being French and all, I’m always a bit confused when people go crazy on wine cocktails, but this definitely seems nice. Quick tip though, try and replace lemon with grapefruit, that’s the way we do it in Aix-en-Provence, it’s to die for !
    Love your blog btw, pretty hard to find this kind of stuff on french websites 🙂

  8. Love this recipe! I’ve been searching for the perfect sangria recipe all summer long – I completely agree with you, a lot of them are wayyy too sweet. Can’t wait to give this one a try!

    1. The link is above : ) and I had it hand painted by a friend. I can send you her contact info. Just e-mail me at x

  9. love this recipe!! totes trying it out. i also love adding kombucha to wine to make a healthy spritzer – gives it the sweet flavor without adding all those sugars & cals of regular sangria!! guava kombucha + sauv blanc = heaven!!!

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