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My Guilty Pleasure ( Especially During The Holidays )

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So I have a very expensive habit.

And it’s not exactly a shopping habit.

Actually, quite the contrary.

…this little habit of mine, well, it’s FOOD.

Caviar, if we’re getting specific.

holiday caviar 7 | by the skinny confidentialholiday caviar 5 | by the skinny confidential

Here’s the thing, there’s just really nothing better than a tiny crunchy blini with a little crème fraîche topped with diced red onion, tomatoes, & chopped egg…topped with a scoop of delicious caviar.

Of course I cover each little delight with Meyer lemon…& finish the bite with a sip of dry champagne ( or a little vodka, if I’m feeling rebellious ).

Something about all those tastes together are just my idea of pure heaven.

If you haven’t tried this whole experience, don’t judge. Typically people hear “caviar” & think raw fish eggs. And while YES, IT IS raw fish eggs…it also happens to be a rare, delectable delicacy…& it just might surprise your taste buds.

caviar | by the skinny confidentialholiday caviar 0 | by the skinny confidential

Preparing caviar in this specific way kind of tastes like lox, capers, onion concoction ( but 10373726 times better ).

All of the flavors just GET IT. They compliment each other in the best way possible.

Anyway, so why am I telling you this?

BECAUSE. I found a new brand called ROE Caviar that would make an insane holiday treat. I would say caviar is for special occasions so with the holidays coming up— I had to share. & no, this isn’t sponsored, I just really enjoyed this particular caviar.

holiday caviar 9 | by the skinny confidential

So how did I enjoy it? Easy! I invited The Nanz over with some girlfriends & just lived it up ( hey, it was a Friday! ). We all got buzzed, listened to smooth jazz, & stuffed our face with caviar.

KIND of epic.

Basically we had a caviar party. SO fun. And of course Boone, my chihuahua, ended up finding caviar bits on the floor…when he smiled he had a tiny egg between each tooth. My grandma was also a real hoot— she adapted an English accent & lifted her pinky while sipping her champagne. Apparently caviar means she’s royality. LOL.

Are you guys caviar fans? I feel like you either ARE or you aren’t?

Ok goodnight, off to dream about crunchy blinis & caviar, lauryn x

{ PC }

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  1. I’ve never tried it! I’m always too icked out by the fact that it’s blini topped with eggs… Should I give it a try?

    Nicola, xo

  2. can’t wait! I love caviar too but I have never had it at home- sounds like a really fun holiday party.

    thanks for the suggestion


  3. It looks so good!! This holiday season I have been craving it as well, although I don’t know if I’ve ever been a huge fan. Maybe my taste buds are changing?

    xo Annie

  4. I grew up eating red caviar (we seriously had jags full of red caviar at home and my mom would make me eat it every morning “because it’s good for you” lol) , but I don’t think I ever tried black one. I never seen tiny little blinz like that either, it looks more like crackers, since blinz actually more like crepe (o:

  5. I Love Caviar too!! Always have… I have turned on a lot of my friends to caviar. I enjoy it in the same way except I don’t squeeze any Meyer lemons on it. Maybe I’ll try it next time!

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