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Rocking Hottie Fitness Wear for 2014

Lauryn Evarts talks diet and fitness for 2014.

1.} Sunnies like these mirrored lens aviators are perf for hiking, running, &/or running errands.

2.} I’m literally IN LOVE with this lace yoga tee. Anything brand that mixes fashion x fitness rocks my world.

3.} This Forever21 numba kills me. I would throw this on before or after a workout. Love.

4.} I’ve been trying to keep my water BPA-free & Lifefactory water bottles have been a real lifesaver.

5.} Boxing is always fun. ESP if you’re pissed at your BF. But naturally, I’ll need cute, pretty gloves. Duh.

6.} This sky blue yoga mat is right up my alley. It’s understated & chic.

7.} I’m always looking for a workout bag that isn’t overly douche-y ( <—- is that a word? If not, it should be ). This quilted tote is gorgeous & won’t break the bank. I just bought it & I’m obsessed x a mil.

8.} This Free People sport bra needs to get in my closet. Like, ASAP.

9.} I just got this wool, AMAZING hat at Target; people have stopped me to ask where the hell it’s from. And nothing beats Target. Oh, P.S. it’s from the Target men’s department—! Die.

10.} Just my favorite leggings…ever. I live & die in these.

What’s on your 2014 fitness wear list? SPILL.

  1. The Free People Sports bra is amazing….I would wear that even if I wasn’t working out. I am absolutely obsessed with the tights from Athleta…the bottom has extra fabric so you can pull them over your heels and they are so comfortable. Plie Tights

  2. Great picks!

    I’m still really into the Victoria’s Secret VSX Sport line for 2014, so those products are top on my fitness wear list.

  3. Having just said sayonara to my lululemon addiction, I might try Athleta or design my own yoga clothes!!!!!!!!! I want something that nobody else is flaunting! Need boxing gloves! And boyfriend. 😉

  4. lululemon leggings are VERY overrated compared to the Zella live in leggings. I could wear them everyday and still be happy.

  5. Cute/hot/sexy/pretty workout stuff is a MUST! You feel better in your own skin, ya know? Motivation to work harder. Even just being happy from looking at your fave color yoga mat. It all totally counts.

  6. #8 is TO DIE FOR like MUST HAVE! Juicy Couture came out with an adorable fitness line as well! I am so happy brands are starting to set trends in fitness fashion just goes to show how impactful fitness has become! Lots of Love C

  7. My 2014 fitness gear budget needs to get bigger ASAP! I’m obsessed with my Armpocket iPhone arm band. It’s the only one big enough to fit my phone, in it’s normal case, plus keys/cash/chapstick/tissues/whatever else is essential on my run. And it’s SO comfy!

  8. I just got some new Nike ankle length leggings from Luke’s Locker.

    Um. Yes. I do not want to take them off. To make them extra amazing, they have a zipper at the ankle so that you can fit your foot through easily and then sip them tight!

  9. I absolutely love the fitness gear at Marshalls or TJ MAXX.. It’s not always a steal, but when I do find something it’s easily become my favorite sports gear. They have some of the really cute running jackets and tank tops that won’t break the bank!

  10. I’ve always gone cheapo on workout clothes because I just keep thinking that I’m going to sweat in them and wear them out but I’m thinking I seriously need to upgrade. I’ve heard about the Zella live in leggings before so I’m going to have to try those! And I’m a little obsessed over my bkr bottle. The shape of the mouth makes it super easy to drink from while moving on a treadmill. I have 3 different colors and carry one everywhere! They used to just sell 16 oz sizes but they just came out with a liter size and that’s on my list!

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  12. Love these fitness outfits and accessories, specially yoga leggings its both combination of fashion and fitness. Thanks for sharing.

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