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Ring Popsicles

Weight loss
Frozen ring pops

When I bought these Jewel Pop Molds, I experienced major nostalgia. They reminded me of the many pink princess party that filled my childhood; these pop’s would have definitely enhanced the party’s theme. The added plus is they’re reusable [ I am dying to try Pom Juice, grapefruit juice & maybe even eggnog & cinnamon during the Christmas season ]. For my first trial, I used low calorie lemonade with organic lemon juice from Trader Joe’s & threw them in the freezer. These are perfect for parties, summertime or just a quick sweet, thin treat.

low calorie dessert
Jewel Pop Molds
Low calorie lemonade
Low calorie pink lemonade from Trader Joe’s
low calorie
The rings come in different shapes
weight loss tips
Let freeze overnight
Weight loss
Ready to wear rings





  1. Jill – I love your piteand pumpkins! I may have to try some myself! I really love the tallest white one and the vines on the one black one. Very nice!September 29, 2011 – 7:18 pm

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