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Ride Or Die Hair Tools No One Should Be Without

hair tools | by the skinny confidential

Drybar Hold Me Hair Clips Moroccanoil ® Tourmalite Ceramic Hair Dryer Wet Brush Detangle Hair Brush T3 Single Pass X Straightening and Styling Iron | T3 Twirl 360

These hair tools are 100% essential.

Think of them as your ride or die hair tools. They’re always there for you, and are capable of getting any job DONE.

No woman should be without these hair tools. Here’s why I’m obsessed:

Alligator Clips: I’ve talked about these little guys A LOT. Alligator clips are an essential tool for the sleep bun, AKA  the best way to attain soft, pretty, kinda unwashed hair curls. I always have an alligator clip handy. They’re probably my favorite hair tool of all time honestly.

Morrocanoil Hair Dryer: This isn’t your average hair dryer. This little baby packs a serious punch. This hair dryer is professional-level and allows for maximum absorption of water to minimize static and leave your hair smooth and shiny from root to tip. AKA, less fly aways & healthier, longer hair!

The Wet Brush: If you don’t have a wet brush, GET ONE NOW. I’m not kidding. This brush is a total game changer. It miraculously detangles the biggest, dread lock knots, without doing damage to your hair. As soon as I got my hands on one of these, I ditched all of my other brushes. Once you go wet brush, you never go back.

T3 Single Pass Straightener: This tool will save you SO much time. Especially if you are someone that straightens your hair often. The single pass straightener is all about being quick. You don’t have to straighten the same clump of hair 50 times, only once.

T3 Twirl 360: When I say this curler is unlike any other, I mean it. It’s patent-pending because it has a built in motion-sensing technology with a barrel that spins with the flick of your wrist. It makes curling EASIER because you don’t have to move and twirl the curler yourself. I’m into it!

Well there you have it, the hair tools that are absolutely ESSENTIAL.

What are your favorite hair tools? Share them below, I’m looking to add to my list!


  1. Love the post! One questions, though. Have you ever gotten your hair stuck in the spinning curling iron? I’ve hear horror stories. I’m so scared of getting my hair stuck and having to cut it out! Advice on keeping it from getting tangled in it?

    1. Hi Chelsea! No thats never happened to me. I always hold the end of my hair so it stays away from all the cracks!! Also as long as they can unwind you should be fine!!

  2. That brush is out of this world…no rippage, even when your hair is soaked and tangled! Phenoms. I have a mini one that comes everywhere with me. I also used the Moroccan oil hairdryer the other day at the spa and was surprised that it worked as fast as my hardcore looking Sedu dryer. Two thumbs up!

  3. Love the recommendations. I think I need to try the wetbrush because I literally get dread locks in my hair after not washing it for a week. Also just wanted to let you know that I bought alligator clips after reading your sleep bun post a while back and I am now literally obsessed with them. I can’t tell you how much advice you have given me over the years! haha. So thanks!

  4. Do you have a friend with short hair that styles her hair like you do- the gorgeous natural looking waves? If so, would you please have her do a guest tutorial post? I recently chopped my hair and would love to have your curls on my slightly-longer-than-a-bob hair!!

  5. Great Post! I just uploaded my first blog today and it would be highly appreciated if anyone could check it out x love ya x

  6. LOVE the Bombay curling iron… clampless (so no dents) and even comes with a little glove so you don’t burn your hands. It gets HOT and curls so quickly and smoothly.

    As far as a good straighter, I’m checking out this single pass straightener you speak of!

    Thanks for the info… wet brush? Who knew.

    xx, jen

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