Rich Girl // Poor Girl: The Skinny Conf x Fashionlush

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and diet blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.

So, um, I’m SWEAT-sessed.

Because what’s better than a hot, little pair of sweatpants?

ESP a pair that can be played up or down {!!!}.

And surprise! Sweats aren’t for just lounging around the house like a lazy slob anymore.

They can be worn anywhere, anytime. Fun shit, right?! So comfortable too.

Love this trend x a mil.

Like, sorry I’m not sorry that I don’t want to squeeze into some mini dress that’s riding up my ass & pushing my tits up while I gasp for breath all night.

Thanks, but no thanks.

These cool-ass sweats pair well with a plain white v-neck tee with some sky-high pumps. But at the same time they’re also to-die worn as the homeless chic look.

So. When Erica ( from Fashionlush ) & I found these sweats for $60 bucks it literally made my year.

Birds sang & rainbows formed.

Because when I first saw the more expensive ‘rich girl’ version by Rag & Bone, I was seriously drooling.

But $350 for sweats? Ya, um…not so much.

Anyway I probably wear them three ( or four ) times a week. They’ve become a new bestie.



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10 replies to “Rich Girl // Poor Girl: The Skinny Conf x Fashionlush”

  1. When I go out, the last thing I want to wear is a pair of sweatpants, but only because I work from home and spend literally all day, every day in sweatpants, so I am more than happy to squeeze into that tiny, little dress. That being said, though, these sweatpants are CUTE!! I am definitely going to put a pair on my Christmas list!

  2. Love this post! Do those adorable $60 sweats stretch out (sag butt gross) or do they hold their shape pretty well?