Rich Girl // Poor Girl: Insane Two-Toned Penny Loafers

The Skinny Confidential x Fashionlush.


I was casually drinking my iced coffee with cinnamon last week & Erica from Fashionlush sent me a picture text.

Literally…I almost spit the coffee all over my keyboard.

In the pic, she was rocking these two-toned black & white loafers that seriously look EXACTLY like the Celine loafer ( & Saint Laurent has a similar pair for $675 too ).

I immediately said “WTF did you get those?”

Her answer?

Oh, no big deal: Forever21.

I was on the site faster than lightening…& now I’m the proud owner of these black & white penny loafers.


I couldn’t not, not show them to you…so ta-da: a little rich/girl post with Fashionlush.

The Skinny Confidential x Fashionlush.
Celine loafers? $500 dollars…


Forever21 look-alikes? $27.80 bucks.


Hurry though, they’ve sold out twice!! More here.

If you’re anything like me, these shoes made your Monday. x. Lauryn

P.S. if they don’t have your size, check out these Sam Edelman ones ; ).

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24 replies to “Rich Girl // Poor Girl: Insane Two-Toned Penny Loafers”

  1. I am always tempted to buy oxfords or penny loafers, but have no clue what to pair them with? Can you post some potential outfits?? 🙂 please and thank you!

  2. I love the looks of it, it really does look comfortable.ill surely consider having one especially when traveling cause I really love walking and looking and taking pictures of the places that’s why I need a comfortable shoe .thanks for sharing this!

  3. Hey Lauryn,
    Thanks for sharing lots of information about loafers. After reading your post, I surprised! Really awesome!!
    Please, keep sharing.

  4. Beautiful shoes! there are versatile and can be used for many purposes. I think it is soft and safe to wear. Thus, it won’t make my feet hurt. Great job with this sharing idea.