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RICH GIRL | POOR GIRL: Fluffy Sliders For The Win

rich girl poor girl: fluffy sliders by the skinny confidential. givenchy black sliders, inexpensive black sliders

As you guys know, I LOVE some good white marble.

The floor in our house is white marble. It’s great for bright light, it’s chic, &……..SO HARD ON YOUR FEET. Like it’s BAD, highly annoying. And of course, I refuse to wear shoes in my house because I’m weird? So lately I’ve been looking for ideal slip-ons to wear while I’m cooking, cleaning, & just doing whatever.

Mimi bought me THE CUTEST pair of handmade (!!) red slippers for my birthday, & since then I’m looking to add to the fluffy collection.

Anyway, why splurge on SUPER EXPENSIVE sliders when you can find affordable ones. In my opinion, the second pair wins.


These are pretty badass, however I’m not really feeling the stripe. The stripe is a little skunk-ie. These sliders also come in BRIGHT PINK. Festive.


Loving the exaggerated, EXTRA puff & fluff of these sliders. They’re all black, which is just more fun, you know. The fur is FAUX which is way better. They’re totally budget friendly & provide the appropriate arch support. Ideal for hard floors. To be honest, I prefer these over the Givenchy sliders any day.

OK GO: which do you prefer? Happy Sunday!


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  1. Yup, this proves it yet again that sometimes the cheaper stuff is just better, or at least as good. I’m all about the savings, not brands. Have a beautiful week Lauren! Hello from SF!

  2. I think these are all hideous. Reminds me of the Adidas sandals from the 90s with fake fur glued on them.

    I do bet that you could easily make your own though

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