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Revamp!! The Skinny Confidential Had a Makeover!!

The Skinny Confidential's makeover.

The Skinny Confidential's makeover.


The Skinny Confidential revamp is finalllllllllllly here…!

Ok, first things first: I totally, seriously missed you guys. It’s a lonely world out there ( at least for me ) without TSC. It was super weird not blogging for five whole days…so it’s good to be back. I feel like I’ve been totally removed from my friends…AKA you guys. Weird??

Anyway, let me back-up: about four months ago I decided to kick The Skinny Confidential up a notch. I wanted to make the site as user-friendly as poss. Soooo I put together a list of all your questions, e-mails, etc. & started the re-design.

Re-designing a website is sort of like, umm, giving birth to a child.

I kid, I kid.

But really, on a serious note I put my damn heart & soul & OCD-ness into this makeover.

The Skinny Confidential's makeover.

Basically I’m a big fan of evolving. Here’s the deal: if I don’t evolve, I get stagnant.

& sorry but stagnant sucks. Like, seriously, seriously sucks.

I gotta change it up every once in a while or I’ll be bored to death.

I mean, you know how on Facebook whenever they re-design the layout everyone FREAKS the F out like they’ve been told they’re not going to see daylight for months? Their status updates threaten “moving back to MySpace.” But then after a few weeks everyone forgets there was even a re-design in the first place? & oh, & BTW now everyone kinda loves it & it’s more user-friendly because they got used to it? Anyone know what I’m talking about??

Ok, so what I’m trying to say, is every little nook and cranny of TSC now, is way more user-friendly— I know it’s different, but it’s more organized. Trust me!

So WTF’s different? Check it:

The Skinny Confidential's makeover.

Some other changes are: the ‘About’ page, the ‘Press’ page, & the ‘Contact’ page. You can view a mini Instagram slideshow at the bottom the site too. I also added a ‘FAQ’ section & a ‘Collab’ form and TSC Tumblr has been changed up.

& let’s not forget what went on BTS ( behind the scenes ):

Site design: the blog was crafted by my blog design company, Blog-Doo that my best friend Erica ( << of Fashionlush ) & I founded. Basically Erica is a f-ing rockstar. I had a very, very, very ( very x 100 ) clear idea of what I wanted the new site’s aesthetic to be ( like, I annoyed her bad with my vision she told me today she wanted to punch me in the face- whoops ). Erica has worked her magic via Blog-Doo & always makes my visions come to life with her own touches. She’s the ying to my yang. Love you boo!

To the lil, sexy team of people who helped with the design: Katie from The Fashion Bite works with Blog-Doo & she’s been insane helping me with little loose ends like the newsletter & graphics ( << if you want to subscribe add your e-mail to the ‘subscribe box’ on the right hand side of the site ). A big shout-out to TSC web/backend guru, Chris Keach too– you’re amaze as always! Also, a huge thanks to Jackie Becerra who’s helped keep me on track with all things work-related. Honestly my brain has been so scattered between the book & the relaunch & life & blah/blah/blah. Basically Jackie has been there to gently remind me not to squirt toothpaste on my hairbrush…frazzled much?! FML. Hey, I guess that’s part of being an entrepreneur though…#whatssleep, #whatsahairbrush, #whatssunlight.

Photos: I def wanted a lot of new, fun photos on the site. The goal was to have pretty, clear images & that totally came to life with Katherine Rose & Chris Tran.

Video: ahhh! My favorite part. The main reason I wanted to redo the site was to add video ( I promise, there will be some future ‘vlogs’ too ). I literally could not have done this video without Chris Tran— he’s a genius when it come to videography. I had this clear vision of sharing ‘blogger life’ via video & Chris made the concept perfectly come to life. He’s hands down the best videographer ever. Also, Chris’ Instagram is probably the coolest Insta ever, check it out here.

So, ta-da. Hope you all heart the new & improved Skinny Confidential.


{{ Check out the video below & enjoy! }}

  1. Hey there
    I am a silent fan of your blog and couldnt wait for the blog to be back 🙂 Love the new look… !!

  2. I have been so excited waiting for this makeover and I love it! Can’t wait for more posts on the new layout xo

  3. Your new blog looks bee-utiful!! I love reading your blog and you are always insightful and adorable – thanks for sharing yourself with us 🙂

  4. SO glad you are back and love the changes!! The video is going to be a great addition to your blog and I am super stoked for the Home Decor section. I was literally just thinking yestrday how I wanted to read about your home decor suggestions 🙂

    Thank you for such a heart warming first video, brought tears to my eyes!!

    And can we talk about the gold chain on your camera??? TO DIE! <3



  5. The new site re-vamp made me smile and feel really involved in your life, as a blogger! Thank you for always putting your best work into the “food” we absorb every day via your website – I never want to diet from the Skinny Conf.

  6. OMG…..I die, love the makeover!!! Soooo pretty!! Totes missed you these past few days lol….weird? Na, I just freaking love your blog!!


  7. Hi Lauryn,

    I love making things simpler and cleaner. The design is great, and I especially like the easy to navigate menu sections.

    The video is great too. Oh the life of a blogger (whether you are a big one, or just starting out), it sure is hard to explain to people who don’t do it. But so worth their wondering, for your own satisfaction.

    Congratulations on all your success with the blog and book. I’m glad to be along for the ride as a reader.


  8. LOVE the revamp! And love learning about your journey and watching you follow your dreams. It’s inspiring to someone like me, who is kind of just getting started. I kind of half assed it for awhile, and reading about your patience and perfectionism has really inspired me to really do this! Thanks!

  9. yes PLEASE do more videos!! i love your style kittens channel and I think youre really great on camera as much as off-camera 🙂

  10. Currently my favorite blog ever! So grateful that I found it. I love your natural and holistic approach to life- I have gotten so much information and inspiration! Thanks! Keep it coming 🙂

  11. Awesome job. I’ve been a TSC fan and have turned my girlfriends to this site simply because it’s such a refreshing (and hello, honest) account of what to eat/your style/etc. What is coolest about you is how you actually compliment and feature other gorg women on here. What a thought that is–to actually give other women compliments! Pretty rare. Keep doing you, girl-I’ll be reading. Xo

  12. I love the makeover! One of the things I love about following you is that what you put out there is quality stuff but you don’t take yourself too seriously. You make everything simple and understandable. Web design is chaos for me and I recently started a blog and am learning so much. I used to get so off kilter when change came along but now I welcome it! Keep doing what you’re doing! It’s quite inspirational and FUN!!

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